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Patch Notes - 03/12/2014 - Winter Beta 4 Warmageddon

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Patch Highlights
    • This is the last patch before pre-order begins for WildStar! For those who wish to continue playing after March 19th, check the website to pre-order WildStar and get access to all the remaining beta weekends before we launch on June 3, 2014!
    • No new content for this patch, but thousands upon thousands of bug fixes and polish!
    • Due to the fast-moving nature of beta development, these patch notes are likely missing some changes. If you find anything important we missed, let us know on the forums and we will investigate!
    • Adjusted player collision boxes to reduce clipping into other players.
    • Players can now dye all armor pieces.
    • Visual improvements have been made to the skies across Olyssia, Alizar, and housing plots.
    • Improved lighting in Everstar Grove and Walatiki Temple.
    • Prestige and Renown are now using more distinct, unique icons.
    • The beta NDA watermark has been disabled!!
    • Fixed a bug where a player’s position was not being saved immediately after using a teleportation device.
    • Bot and pet names are now restricted by the profanity filter.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented players from changing realms once they were placed in the login queue.
    • Players should now be able to resuscitate other friendly players in group PvE instances (Adventures, Dungeons, and Raids) once out of combat/encounters.
    • Fixed an issue where the player could be stuck in a loading screen if they tried to join a dungeon or adventure through the matchmaking tool.
    • Fixed an issue where players would be stuck at the loading screen when entering a cross realm world.
    • Fixed a bug where player positions might be reverted to an older location after a server crash.
    • There is now a half-second cooldown when swapping costume sets to prevent crashing your client.
    • Inviting a player who has just exited the game, to join a group, will no longer disconnect the player sending the invite.
    • Fixed a bug where items retrieved from the mail, would be missing the next time the player logged in.
    • The GM support chat window will no longer steal keyboard focus, thus preventing players from playing normally while a GM is contacting them.
    • Fixed a bug where the camp timer would incorrectly display when trying to camp in combat.
    • Pressing “ALT-X” on a loading screen will no longer disconnect players from the world.
    • Fixed a bug where targets were not deselected if players went beyond the max distance vertically (rather than horizontally).
    • Reduced damage players would take from the terrain when sprinting or moving fast.
    • Fixed a bug where the /resetinstances command could result in your group being split up the next time you entered a dungeon, adventure or raid.
    • Level-up notifications can now be clicked for more info.
    • Fixed a bug which allowed players to jump up steep slopes.
    • Improved art representing prestige and renown.
    • Players now receive more creature kill XP while grouped. This should fix an issue where it was more productive to play ungrouped alongside another player than to group up.
    Installation / Launcher
    • Game Installer now has a dropdown menu that gives the option to either select an existing installation to play, or run an update.
    • WildStar.exe now brings up the install dialog if it's run from a directory where WildStar is not installed.
    • Installation type (All Users vs. Current User) is now explicitly set by user during the install.
    • On the Installers EULA window, the 'Autodetected' language radio button is no longer selected by default.
    • The Installers red EULA close button now works.
    • The WildStar Launcher will now attempt to retry to download a file from where it last left off if it encounters a network error, rather than trying the file again from scratch.
    • The launcher now supports the limiting of simultaneous download threads. Add "-downloads #" to the launcher shortcut if you wish to limit your simultaneous network connections.
    • Trying to install WildStar to a FAT32 drive now displays an error message with appropriate text.
    • The WildStar Launcher will now inform players when patching has failed because of an inactive/nonexistent internet connection.
    • The Installer should now warn you that you do not have permission to install to a directory before reporting back a failure
    • Guild Perk buffs will now properly display their remaining duration.
    • Guild Ranks can no longer have duplicate names within the same guild.
    • The Guilds ‘Message of the Day’ will now be sent to the chat log whenever a player logs in, and when it is updated.
    • Guild bank tab visibility will now be properly determined based on the current rank of the character.
    • A guild's name can no longer be changed after creating it.

    • Fixed a bug which caused disconnecting on the character select screen.
    • Adjusted camera so that players can now zoom in and see their characters from the front better.
    • Players will be properly disconnected when idling for 10 minutes on the character select screen instead of being put into a state where they can no longer enter the world.
    • When a character is deleted on the character selection screen, it now displays the correct effect.
    • Added several new Chua animations.
    • Player characters can no longer unsheathe their weapons while sitting.
    • Esper and Spellslinger starter shoes no longer have a purple high heel icon.
    • Gallantry Shoulder Plates now have an updated display with a proper texture.
    • Merciless Pauldrons now have an updated display with a proper texture.
    • Mechanist's Coretech Great Helm and Mechanist's Core-Reactor Great Helm have had their appearances updated.
    • Vitalium Shawl now has an updated display with a proper texture.
    • Liquid Confidence's icon now displays a ‘mai-tai’ instead of a ‘donut’.
    • Items with expiration times and/or zone limitations now display the relevant text in their tooltips.
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    Aug 9, 2011
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    • Steamgliders no longer stretch in weird ways when attacking.
    • Players now take more damage from monsters which are higher level than them.
    • Wind Elementals will now explode into rocky bits when killed by a critical hit.
    • Fixed a visual effect scaling issue with Humanoid 2H rifle spell, Arc Thrower.
    • Fixed lingering telegraph decal for Malverine spell, Primal Claws.
    • Adjusted visual effects on Malverine spell, Whirlwind Strike.
    • Adjusted timing of the snare debuff for Malverine spell, Slashing Blizzard.
    • Fixed missing impact visual effect for Malverine spell, Savage Shred.
    • Adjusted Malverine spell, Vortex Surge, so that the caster cannot be made vulnerable if stunned immediately after casting.
    • Tornados created from Malverine spell,Vortex Surge, will now occasionally do critical damage.
    • Fixed an issue with Malverine Spell, Super Spin Cycle, that prevented the Small Twisters telegraph from critically hitting.
    • Razortails now pause momentarily after attacking with their Charged Assault’spell.
    • Rockcall Howl now has a tracking telegraph before dropping the spheres on the ground. Additionally, the creature now only shouts twice during this spell.
    • Shadow Peep spell, Spike Damage, will now follow up with Event Horizon properly.
    • Adjusted visual effects for Skeech spell, Insanity.
    • Adjusted telegraph damages for Orbitog spell, Double Belly Flop.
    • Pumeras will now stop casting Clowder Clout, and die immediately if they're killed while attempting to cast it.
    • Pumeras will now stop casting Blood Sport, and die immediately if they're killed while attempting to cast it.
    • Increased the time between Stunning Swipe and Life Siphon on the Pumera.
    • Dagun will no longer slide following the dash.
    • The Dagun will no longer slide following the ability, Gnashing Jaws.
    • Frenzied Howl now displays the proper tooltip on the caster.
    • Charged Maul's center area damage effects now sync with damage application.
    • Girrok will now cast ‘Hurl Shard Boulder’ immediately after casting Boulder Paw.
    • Energy Leap's damage areas have been better defined. There is now a gap between the two areas, both to signify that there are two areas of damage, as well as allowing for the possibility to avoid damage by maneuvering into the gap.
    • Adjusted hit animations for Girrok spell, Rumbleclaw.
    • Adjusted visual effects for 1H Sword Moodie spell, Sweeping Strike.
    • Fixed the Snoglug’s Drag and Drop, pull and snare now apply correctly.
    • Hoarding Stemdragon’s Pollen Cloud no longer persists after Zone Boss death.
    • Moltan’s Lava Mitosis is now able to critically hit.
    • Humanoid Attack ‘Branching Growth’ will now end prematurely if the caster is "interrupted" after casting the spell.
    • Fixed an issue with Humanoid 2h Staff spell, Firestorm, where the Visual effects would continue to play if the caster was killed.
    • Buzzbings will no longer slide along the ground after getting interrupted while casting ‘Stinger Blast’.
    • Erupting Fissure will now properly apply the Melt Armor debuff to all targets.
    • Adjusted telegraph decal and spell cast time for Humanoid 2H Staff caster spell Firestorm.
    • Humanoid 2 Handed Staff Enemy Attack effects for Microburst are better synced with the casters animation.
    • Fixes to World Boss: Zoetic
      • The summon swarm spell should now cast more reliably.
      • Infested Rootbrutes will now die more quickly following a successful cast of Infest.
      • Renewing Growth should now have a tooltip when applied to Zoetic.
      • Infested Root - These creatures can no longer be interrupted.
      • Lightning Strike - Adjustments have been made to make this spell function as intended.
    • Life Elemental spell Swarm Seed will now correctly follow up with spell Angry Swarm.
    • The fire field for Humanoid Pistol spell, Napalm Spray, will now persist if the caster is killed.
    • Humanoid Pistol Life Support kits will now properly cast Plasmatic Inductance Field during normal course of combat.
    • Adjusted telegraph decals for Humanoid Pistol spell, Plasmatic Inductance Field.
    • Adjusted damage visual effects and telegraph decals for Humanoid Pistol spell, Tazer Barrage.
    • Humanoid Pistol NPCs can now be properly interrupted when casting Pistol Whip.
    • Fixed animation for Oghra Pistols spells.
    • Fixed Humanoid Pistol NPCs visual effects for Humanoid Pistol spell, Chain Energy Drain.
    • Fixed an issue with Humanoid Pistol spell, Deploy Buff Bot, where the healing visual effects weren't playing properly.
    • Humanoid Two Handed Staff NPCs Flash Freeze ice block no longer erroneously spins right before it goes away.
    • Fixed Humanoid Two Handed Staff NPCs final area of damage for Hurricane. Player now correctly takes damage anywhere inside the final telegraph.
    • Visuals for Humanoid Two Handed Staff NPCs Hurricane now end correctly if the caster is interrupted.
    • Razortail Mobs’ Aerial Bombardment has been overhauled. The total time has been lowered from 6s down to 4s, and instead of increasing rings of telegraphs, the creature will pick players at random to hurl missiles to for area damage on impact.
    • Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs Scatter Energy has had its damage reduced and the timing before the initial hit increased.
    • The time between Dawngrazer’s Ram of Fury and Furious Charge has been increased.
    • There is now more time between Humanoid 2H Staff NPCs Overheat and Erupting Fissure.
    • Strain Corrupters - During the ‘From the Depths’ spell, the creature will now only burrow once.
    • Fixed Humanoid 2H Staff spell Slick Footing. It now remains if caster is killed.
    • The Humanoid 2H Staff spell Slick Footing telegraph appearance has been updated.
    • When Logic Staff Humanoid casts spell, Logic Bombs, the caster will now turn towards target.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs spell Leech Power visuals have been fixed.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs, Capacitor Grenade extra impact effects were removed from end of spell.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs Warped Energy effects now more reliably play.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs Buff visuals now scale correctly for Warp Energy.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs Pure Force now shoves players backward.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs Impact have had effects changed to be better synced with telegraph timing.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs Strike Armor now properly stacks.
    • Adjusted caster animations for Humanoid 2H Staff caster spell, Ever Dark.
    • The Humanoid 2H Staff Dark Enigma's cast bar no longer resets.
    • Fixed a typo in the tooltip of Align.
    • Corrected the tooltip for Align.
    • The Humanoid 2H Staff Autonomous Support now has a properly timed telegraph wave.
    • Adjusted impact visual effects for Humanoid 2H Staff spell, Tombstone.
    • Fixed a caster animation issue for Resonator Humanoid spell, Unstable Charges.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs Creature now correctly faces the target when casting Unstable Charges.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs cast bar for Unstable Charges now lasts through the entire cast time.
    • Killing a unit with a transference spell effect (such as DNA Siphon) will no longer cause the caster to take damage instead of getting healed.
    • Adjusted telegraph decals for Humanoid Resonator spell, Channeled Capacitor.
    • The Humanoid Shock Paddle NPCs interrupting Explosive Strike will now also stop the creature's movement.
    • Fixed caster animations for Humanoid Resonator spell, Controlled Overload.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Metal Maw Prime to slide after casting Tri-Plasma Beam.
    • Adjusted telegraph decal and fire visual effects for Metal Maw spell, Plasma Beam.
    • Defender Drones no longer slide while casting their auto-attack.
    • Synced damage tags with hit animations for Metal Maw spell, Afterburner.
    • Doomthorn's hallucinations will no longer occasionally stun players.
    • The Power Depletion debuff, applied by the Stemdragon's Pollinate attack no longer persists through player death.
    • The Allergic Reaction debuff, applied by the Stemdragon's Pollen Cloud attack no longer persists through player death.
    • Adjusted center visual timing on Hoarding Stemdragon’s Net of Thorns.
    • Stemdragon Zone Boss no longer grants Moment of Opportunity when Pollen Cloud is interrupted.
    • Stemdragon Zone Boss no longer grants Moment of Opportunity when Spore Pods is interrupted
    • Clone of Stormtalon will no longer slide after casting Storm Surge.
    • Added a tracking telegraph decal to Stormtalon spell, Lightning Storm.
    • Field Generator Deployment can now successfully be interrupted when stunning the creature.
    • Crystallize Energ’ now has a longer cast time before the damage field appears.
    • Nerid Shock Paddles spell, Poison Cells buff and debuff now remain when caster dies, and buff effects scaled correctly.
    • Nerid Shock Paddles spell, Shatter Mass no longer dispels when the creature dies.
    • Nerid Shock Paddles spell, Bio Burst now has an accurate tooltip.
    • Nerid Shock Paddles spell, Brain Bash’s effects will no longer scale with the size of the creature.
    • Fixed critical hit impact visual effects for Buzzbing Zone Boss spell, Mending Swarm.
    • Removed Moment of Opportunity from Buzzbing spell, Honey Blast.
    • Removed Moment of Opportunity from Buzzbing spell, Wandering Swarms.
    • Removed Moment of Opportunity from Buzzbing spell, Stinger Flurry.
    • Adjusted telegraph decal for King Honeygrave spell, Wandering Swarms.
    • The Focused Fire telegraph wave should now reach the end of the telegraph.
    • Pyre Everflame’s telegraphs now more accurately represent the actions of the spell.
    • Pyre Everflame’s lava pools no longer stop dealing damage when the creature dies.
    • Fried Circuitry no longer ends prematurely when Pyre Everflame is killed.
    • Pyre Everflame’s areas of fire no longer disappear when stunning the creature.
    • Pyre Everflame’s Solar Flare now has a cast bar.
    • Steamgliders now have new combat spells.
    • Rat’s Plague spell effect can now critical hit.
    • Rat’s Plague spell Contagious is no longer dispellable
    • Rat’s Rabid Frenzy should no longer hit outside the telegraph range.
    • Shadow Peep’s spell, Feeding Frenzy’s buff will be removed from caster when no longer in the telegraph.
    • Shadow Peep’s Event Horizon visuals have been updated so the Shadow peep jumps up and transports through the portal.
    • Shadow Peep’s Evil Eye beam will now appear if the player enters the telegraph after its cast.
    • Pumera no longer slides after pouncing.
    • Pumera’s Blood Sport now works correctly for all affected creatures.
    • Buzzbing’s Stinger Blast no longer loops the explosion effects after the first cast.
    • Buzzbing’s Honey Bomb will no longer disappear when the caster dies.
    • Spikehorde’s Repugnant Flow will no longer cancel if you dodge the initial telegraph.
    • Makeshift Merfee should now more reliably cast Fiery Temper once at each health threshold.
    • Humanoid Launcher NPCs casting animations now match the spell effects.
    • Moltar’s Volcanic Ash now displays the cast bar.
    • Moltar’s Breath of the Core's cast bar is now displayed.
    • Moltar’s Breath of the Core now has tooltip text.
    • Moltar’s Volcanic Ash now has a tooltip.
    • Makeshift Merfee’s Molotov Cocktail now properly applies the Fire Sheen debuff on initial explosion.
    • Squirg Draken’s Double Kick will no longer immediately remove the debuff from the player.
    • Fixed Odd Glob creature animations to sync up with the spell.
    • Yeti’s Jump Shot will no longer cause damage even after dodging the telegraph.
    • Spikehorde’s Furrow and Fling thrown rock impact effects are no longer delayed
    • Moodie’s final hit of Organic Assault now hits all targets.
    • Housing Protostar Hazard Training Course: Expanded the bounds of the central gas telegraph to remove unintended 'safe zones'.
    • The areas in the raid attunement quest in Kel Voreth now contain 1839% more cauldrons and other spooky props. Percentage may not be accurate.
    • Humanoid Pistols’ Wide Shot no longer hits friendly creatures.
    • Humanoid Pistols’ Flak Shot should no longer hit you if you dodge the telegraph.
    • Stemdragons, Boulderbacks and Gronyx should no longer become invulnerable when they are un-burrowing.
    • Humanoid Pistols’ Wide Shot is now properly interruptible.
    • Oghra Pistols’ Anti-Ballistic Sheath was buffing significantly more armor than intended - this has been fixed.
    • Oghra Pistols’ Anti-Ballistic Sheath will no longer be removed if the caster dies.
    • Oghra Pistols’ Kinetic Ammo will no longer be removed if the caster is killed.
    • Humanoid Pistol spell, Quick Taze will now follow up correctly with the spell Wild Barrage.
    • Humanoid Claws’ Slice and Dice claw visuals now properly stop when the spell is interrupted
    • Humanoid Claws’ Furious Strikes cast bar now lasts the full duration of the spell
    • Strain Corruptors Persistent Power will no longer disappear if the caster dies.
    • Strain Agents Annihilate Essence no longer disappears if the caster dies.
    • Fixed Snoglug’s telegraph wave for VTOL.
    • Snoglug’s Odd Glob now has a tracking telegraph to show how long it lasts.
    • Fixed Razortail’s spell so that Players who successfully dodge this spell should no longer be hit by it.
    • Fixed visuals and timings of telegraphs for Mammodin spell, Stomp, Smash, Slam.
    • Adjusted Razortail spell and telegraph timing on Static Barrage.
    • Fixed Moodie’s telegraph timing of Totem Weapon.
    • Garr’s Bilge Bile will no longer disappear if the caster dies.
    • Garr’s Bilge Bile will now properly display visual effects.
    • Adjusted telegraph decals for Orbitog spell, Hunter-Seeker Plasmoids.
    • Fraz - Fixed telegraph timing of Ethereal Emission.
    • Boulderback - Fixed telegraph timing of Violent Roar.
    • Boulderback - Fixed timing of telegraphs for Quake Drop.
    • Fixed telegraph decals for Girrok spell, Rumbleclaw.
    • Adjusted impact animations for Eldan Augmentor spell, Saw Punch.
    • The Eldan Augmentor spell Shield Beacon will now scale with creature size correctly.
    • Adjusted the reflect damage hit visual effect (on player) for Malverine spell, Shock Hide.
    • Adjusted Malverine spell Slashing Blizzard so that the damages are in sync with the telegraph decal and visual effects.
    • Adjusted the telegraph timing and the amount of telegraphs in Seismic Trample.
    • Phage Lord - Adjusted the telegraph for Sunder Earth to keep it in sync with the spell's damage application.
    • Hammer Vortex - fixed center telegraph wave timings and added visual effect for final center hit
    • Strain Mauler - Fixed timing of Blind Rampage telegraph.
    • Strain Corruptor - Fixed the wave on Circumvention.
    • The telegraphs for the spell Cold Snap should now more accurately represent the nature of the spell.
    • Baneful Jab's telegraph should no longer start halfway through the spell.
    • Napalm Spray's telegraph should no longer fill from the outside in.
    • Earth Shaker's telegraph should now start with the casting of the spell, and fill more evenly.
    • Adjusted telegraph timing of Leaping Swipe to better coincide with damage output.
    • Slicing Winds now has a telegraph wave.
    • Adjusted telegraph decals in Life Elemental spell, Grasping Vines.
    • Adjusted telegraph decal for Buzzbing spell, Stinger Blast.
    • Adjusted telegraph decal for Humanoid Pistol spell, Deploy Buff Bot.
    • Adjusted telegraph decals for Orbitog spell, Tectonic Trample.
    • Fixed the animation for The Eldan Protector spell, Energy Storm. It should no longer hitch.
    • Gronyx - Better synced damage with when the rocks jut up from the ground.
    • Life's Siphon's tooltip text no longer contains invalid string syntax.
    • Scorching Laser - Updated Spell effects and added a tracking telegraph
    • Adjusted impact visual effects for Malverine spell, Double Leap Shift.
    • Fixed an issue where the telegraph for the Squirg ability, Baneful Jab (among others) wasn't displaying correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where the telegraph for the creature ability, Napalm Spray (among others) wasn't displaying correctly.
    This patch comes with numerous updates to Ability Mechanics for the Engineer, Medic, and Stalker. Those class changes can be seen in their individual patch notes. Additionally, we have performed a major pass on the AMP System that includes a reduction to the total number of AMPs by “trimming the fat” and removing AMPs that were deemed lackluster or redundant. AMP Trees and Branches now have a consistent layout to assist both in balance and in user flow. These updated layouts should have more logical sense in terms of what sort of AMPs are placed where. Additionally, these updates required the introduction of some new AMPs for places where none of the previous AMPs fit properly.

    Moving forward, the Class Team is going to be focused on bug fixing and balance. That focus goes beyond just the classes, and will include Items, Gadgets, and Food balance.

    • Limited Action Sets can now be switched while mounted.
    • Tank stances have had their threat bonus raised from 150% to 200%.
    • Healing has had its threat reduced considerably.
    • Reduced health regeneration rates on levels 10+ (Starting at +5s from empty to full at level 10 and ending at +10s to full at level 50).
    • Classes now unlock tanking stances at level 10.
    • Stalker now unlocks Agile Stance at level 15.
    • Classes now unlock their second action set at level 15 (down from 20).
    • Fixed an issue causing shield visuals to not display in Beta.
    • String updates for PvP Offense and Defense.
    • The Elder Game AMP Unlock item now properly says you can only earn up to 55 AMP Power.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing some stacking buffs and debuffs to suffer unintentional diminishing returns.
    • Dash tooltip now properly tells you it takes you 8 meters instead of 10.
    • AMPs should now show up on the commodities market.
    • Resolved a number of issues related to Ability Points not updating correctly.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing Deflect Critical to counter Critical heals.
    • Ability Tooltips will now list the first decimal place of ranges.
    • Fixed issues with some telegraphs not showing their timing properly.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Stun breakout gameplay to not occur when suffering multiple. Crowd Control Abilities.
    • Casting the same spell a 2nd time should no longer interrupt itself. It will be queued instead using the ability queuing rules (ignored if queuing is turned off).
    • Amps - the points spent on a tier in a hybrid category cannot be used to unlock a lower tier of a base category. The UI will no longer tell you that the base tier is unlocked when it isn't.
    • Changing action sets will now despawn any pets, as well as, kill any player-initiated spells that were active.
    • The change to perform a Critical Heal on a target is no longer reduced by the target's Deflect Critical stat.
    • Players no longer regenerate sprint energy while jumping.
    • Fixed some issues with pets not properly attacking the player's target when set to Assist.
    • Clicking the "Clear All" button in the Abilities Builder now clears the ability in the path slot.
    • AMPs that were previously available via the Adventure Reputation vendors are now available at the relevant Zone Reputation vendor.

    More Consistent AMP Tree Layouts
    • All classes now have 15 AMP Series in Rank 1.
      • All AMP Series now start in Rank 1.
    • All classes now have 39 total Inlaid AMPs
      • All Inlaid AMPs are found in Rank 2 and Rank 3.
      • Inlaid AMP Power Cost has been increased.
        • All Rank 2 Inlaid AMPs now require 4 Power.
        • All Rank 3 Inlaid AMPs now require 6 Power.
    • Primary Branches now have 3 AMP Series, 7 Inlaid AMPs, and 1 Ability Unlock.
    • Hybrid Branches now have 2 AMP Series and 6 Inlaid AMPs.
    Clearer AMP Tree Progression
    • Unlocking AMPs in one branch no longer contributes to unlocking adjacent branches.
      • Hybrid branches now have Rank 1 AMPs and no longer require points to be spent in adjacent branches.
    • Rank 2 of all branches now requires 3 Power to unlock.
    • Rank 3 of all branches now requires 11 Power to unlock.
    Individual AMP Adjustments
    • A significant number of AMP Series and Series Caps have been removed.
      • These were AMPs that we deemed lackluster or redundant.
    • A number of Inlaid AMPs have been replaced (or redesigned entirely) by other existing AMPs that were not previously Inlaid AMPs.
      • Again, these were AMPs that we deemed lackluster or redundant.
    • AMP placement has been adjusted to make more sense logically.
      • For example, most AMPs that required you to be low health were moved to the Hybrid/PvP Trees.
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    The Engineer received a number of updates to AMPs, Bots, their Innate, and their ability usage. Bots now have better damage output, increased usability of special abilities, and improved survivability. ExoSuits have received a pass to increase the Engineer’s mobility, rather than the opposite, and they now have shorter cooldown to increase their frequency of use. Finally, we have made many adjustments to how abilities work both through, updates to base spells, and Major Tiers.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented Engineer Bots from being summoned in some PvP instances.
    • Tooltips added for the pet command buttons.
    • Fixed an issue where Engineer Pets wouldn’t respond immediately when issued a command.
    • Eradication ExoSuit
      • Cooldown 60s , down from 120s.
      • Duration 10s, down from 20s.
      • Removed Movement speed decrease while in the mech suit.
      • While in the ExoSuit, cast time ability movement penalty is removed.
      • Eradication ExoSuit - Proc
        • 10.65 damage per level, down from 11.85.
        • 33.65% Assault Power, down from 37.42%
    • Provocation ExoSuit
      • Cooldown 60s, down from 120s.
      • Duration 10s, down from 20s.
      • Removed Movement speed decrease while in the mech suit.
      • Removed Endurance Drain while in the mech suit.
      • Removed Dash Token removal in Mech Suit.
      • While in the ExoSuit, cast time ability movement penalty is removed.
      • Damage reduction increased to 55%.
    • Artillery Bot
      • Rocket - Base
        • 4.77 damage per level, up from 1.83.
        • 15.09% Assault Power, up from 5.81%.
      • Rocket – Minor Tier Bonus
        • 3.86% Assault Power per tier, up from 1.52%.
      • Barrage – Base
        • 15 second cooldown, down from 30s.
        • 5.04 damage per level, down from 6.
        • 15.89% Assault Power, down from 18.95%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • 6.5% Critical Hit Chance, replaces 25% Critical Hit Chance Rating buff.
    • Bruiser Bot
      • Crush - Base
        • 2.7 damage per level, up from 1.01.
        • 8.51% Assault Power, down from 3.18%.
      • Crush – Minor Tier Bonus
        • 0.85% Assault Power per tier, down from 2.4%.
      • Blitz – Base
        • 15s cooldown, down from 30s .
        • 3.61 damage per level, up from 3.26.
        • 11.41% Assault Power, up from 10.33%.
      • Blitz – Minor Tier Bonus
        • 13.61% Assault Power per tier, down from 18.4%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • 3.5% Deflect Chance, replaces 20% Deflect Chance Rating buff.
    • Diminisher Bot
      • Strobe: Place the Bot at a targeted location before it casts.
      • Beam - Base
        • 4.63 damage per level, up from 1.93.
        • 7.32% Assault Power, up from 3.05%.
        • 7.32% Support Power, up from 3.05%.
      • Beam – Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.60% Assault Power per tier, up from 0.75%.
        • 1.60% Support Power per tier, up from 0.75%.
      • Strobe – Base
        • Cooldown 25s, down from 30s.
        • 3.46 damage per level, down from 4.57.
        • 5.45% Assault Power, down from 7.22%.
        • 5.45% Support Power, down from 7.22%.
    • Repair Bot
      • Activating Shield Boost will now summon your pet to you if within 50 meters and then it will start healing shields.
      • Javelin - Base
        • 5.52 damage per level, 2.77.
        • 8.71% Assault Power, up from 4.38%.
        • 8.71% Support Power, up from 4.38%.
        • 6.78 Shields per level.
        • 10.01% Assault Power (Shield Heal).
        • 10.01% Support Power (Shield Heal).
      • Javelin – Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.26% Assault Power per tier, up from 1.31%.
        • 2.26% Support Power per tier, up from 1.31%.
        • 2.6% Assault Power per tier (Shield Heal).
        • 2.6% Support Power per tier (Shield Heal).
      • Shield Boost – Base
        • Cooldown 25s, down from 30s.
        • 8.21 shield per level.
        • 12.95% Assault Power, down from 26.8%.
        • 12.95% Support Power, down from 26.8%.
      • Shield Boost – Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.74% Assault Power per tier, up from 1.6%.
        • 1.74% Support Power per tier, up from 1.6%.
      • Shield Boost – Tier 8 Bonus
        • Grants 17% Technology and Magic Resistance, up from 15%.
    • Bio Shell
      • Telegraph Timing should now display properly.
      • Base
        • 20.18 damage per level, down from 34.23.
        • 63.76% Assault Power, down from 108.06%.
        • 2s cast time, down from 3s.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 8.35% Support Power per tier, down from 13.4% per tier.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed previous Tier 4 Bonus.
        • Grants 100% chance to make Bio Shell instant cast while between 30 and 70 Volatility.
    • Bolt Caster
      • Base
        • No longer charge and release.
        • Consumes 25 Volatility on use.
        • Instant cast.
        • 4.92 damage per level.
        • 15.51% Assault Power.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.26% Assault Power per tier.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed old bonus of decreasing Charge time.
        • Each Shell that hits a foe will now reduce the cooldown time on Bio Shell by 0.5s.
    • Disruptive Module
      • Base
        • 5.01 damage per level, up from 3.6.
        • 15.85% Support Power, up from 11.34%.
        • 5.01 health per level, up from 1.38 (Healed over Time).
        • 15.85% Support Power, up from 4.36% (Healed over Time).
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.61% Support Power per tier, up from 1.06%.
        • 1.61% Support Power per tier, up from 0.4% (Healed over Time).
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer reduces cooldown.
        • Increases your Shield Mitigation to 75% for 6s.
    • Electrocute
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer reduces cost.
        • Now grants a Technology damage buff each tick for 5% for 5s. Stacks up to 6 times.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Deals 54.47% Assault Power damage per tick, up from 20.18%.
    • Energy Auger
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer increases duration of the field.
        • Now places a damage over time spell that deals 6.7% Assault Power damage every 1s for 3s to anyone in the field.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Snare duration 3s, up from 0.75s.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • Fixed the Field damage per tick so it properly scales up by 1% per tier after Tier 4.
    • Feedback
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer reduces the cooldown.
        • If between 30 and 70 Volatility, gain 15 Volatility on cast.
    • Flak Cannon
      • No longer has a startup cast.
      • Channel 1.25s, down from 3s.
      • 3 ticks in the channel, down from 7.
      • Base
        • 3.57 damage per level, down from 4.57.
        • 11.25% Support Power, down from 14.42%.
        • Builds 5 Volatility per tick, down from 6.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.1% Support Power per tier, down from 1.31% per tier.
        • Threat Generation 2% per tier, down from 5%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed 6.6% strikethrough buff.
        • Grants an Additional 5 Volatility at cast start, if used between 30 and 70 Volatility.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • 50% Armor Pierce, down from 63.4%.
    • Hyper Wave
      • Now can be cast while casting other spells.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer reduces cooldown.
        • Generates 17 Volatility on cast.
    • Mortar Strike
      • Mortar Strike will now fire a projectile that can detonate on a target from 7m to 17.5m away.
      • Now available at level 13, previously level 24.
      • Base
        • Inner Ring 2.5m, down from 3m.
        • Outer Ring 6m, down from 9m.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Increases inner ring to 3m, down from 4m.
    • Obstruct Vision
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed Destroying 2 Interrupt Armor to blinded targets.
        • Grants 1 Interrupt Armor to yourself and 4 allies within 10m for 10s.
    • Personal Defense Unit
      • Reduces damage from all damage types now.
      • While the buff is up; if you take a hit that would normally kill you, you will now survive it for 2 seconds and auto trigger the Absorb.
      • Removed instant heal after 5s.
      • Upon Expiration of the damage buff, Grants an Absorb for 5s.
      • Changed targeting on the ability, now uses Ground Targeting method instead of offset summon.
      • Base
        • Absorbs for 5s.
        • 53.24 absorb per level, down from 56.14 health per level.
        • 84.06% Support Power, down from 88.66%.
        • 84.06% Assault Power, down from 88.66%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 4.01% Support Power per tier, down from 6.3%.
        • 4.01% Assault Power per tier, down from 6.3%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • 24.4% Support Power per tier, up from 22.5%.
        • 24.4% Assault Power per tier, up from 22.5%.
    • Pulse Blast
      • Base
        • Builds 15 Volatility, down from 20.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer always builds extra Volatility.
        • Grants an Additional 5 Volatility, if used between 30 and 70 Volatility.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • No longer deals damage over time.
        • Grants Empower increasing damage output by 9.5% for 6s.
    • Quick Burst
      • Can now fire Quick Burst while casting other spells.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Armor Pierce 40%, up from 10%.
    • Recursive Matrix
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed previous Heal Shield effect.
        • Now if between 30 and 70 Volatility, grants an 87.5% Assault Power and 87.5% Support Power Absorb to yourself and allies within the Recursive Matrix.
    • Ricochet
      • Base
        • 18% Endurance Drain, up from 4%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 4% Endurance Drain per tier, up from 1% per tier.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed increased Volatility gain.
        • While between 30 and 70 Volatility, Ricochet is instant cast.
    • Shatter Impairment
      • Base
        • Removed Critical Chance increase.
        • Can now use anytime, replaces only use while affected by Crowd Control abilities.
        • 84% Assault Power Absorb, up from 0%.
        • 84% Support Power Absorb, up from 0%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 3.5% Assault Power per tier, up from 0%.
        • 3.5% Support Power per tier, up from 0%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer adds Critical Severity buff.
        • Now grants 5% Critical Chance for 10s when used.
    • Shock Pulse
      • This is now a Support skill, previously was Assault.
      • Base
        • 3.52 damage per level, down from 6.04.
        • 11.1% Support Power, down from 19.06% Assault Power.
        • Snare now stacks at Base, up to 3 times.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 0.23% Support Power per tier, down from 1.33%.
        • Snare 1% per tier, down from 2%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed Previous 40% chance to reset cooldown.
        • Upon getting 10 stacks of Shock Pulse token, reset the cooldown.
        • Mortar Strike grants 5 stacks.
        • Electrocute and Particle Ejector grant 1 stack.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • No longer adds stacking.
        • If you hit the target with all three stacks of snare, you root the target for 1.25s at the end of the snare duration.
    • Target Acquisition
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Volatility from generating each tick.
      • Fixed an issue where players received two chances to deflect the ability. Players can now only defend the application of the marks. Fixed the tooltip to reflect the range of damage that can happen to targets.
      • Placing Marks no longer place foes into combat.
    • Thresher
      • No longer a charge and release skill.
      • Base
        • 0 cooldown.
        • Costs 50 Volatility.
        • 18.39 damage per level.
        • 58.04% Assault Power.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 6.31% Assault Power per tier.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Grants a buff that reduces Volatility cost of Thresher by 50%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Pierces 60% Armor on Taunted targets.
    • Unstable Anomaly
      • Base
        • 11.68 damage per level, up from 8.51.
        • 36.91% Assault Power, up from 26.88%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.98% Assault Power per tier, up from 0.5%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Duration 4.5s, up from 1.1s.
    • Unsteady Miasma
      • Base
        • 2.24 damage per level, up from 2.03.
        • 7.07% Support Power, up from 6.38%
        • Duration of field is 6s, down from 8s.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 0.7% Support Power per tier, up from 0.65%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • No longer increases duration and reduces tick time of the field.
        • Applies a 16% Crowd Control Ability Resilience debuff for 3s.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Fixed the tooltip to reflect the proper bonus.
    • Urgent Withdrawal
      • Found a bug that allowed this ability to stack. Reduced the value of the snare to something appropriate for a stacking snare.
      • Base
        • Added a cooldown of 0.5s, up from 0.
        • All charges are refilled every 20s, up from 1 charge.
        • Increased telegraph size to 15m.
        • Snare 24% base per stack, down from 40%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • Snare 1% per tier, down from 2%.
    • Volatile Injection
      • Base
        • Removed Interrupt Armor.
        • Critical Hit Chance 10%, up from 0%.
        • Gain 5 Volatility per second, up from 0.
        • Buff Duration 10s, up from 8s.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • 1 Interrupt Armor, replaces gaining 1 additional interrupt armor.
    The Esper received a major update to AMPs along with ability bug fixes and balance tweaks.

    • Spectral Form
      • Fixed a bug where Psi Points weren’t being generated if the Absorb Shield was depleted.
    • Concentrated Blade
      • Now persists through caster death.
    • Fade Out
      • Now available at level 15 down from level 31.
    • Illusionary Blades
      • Now available at level 18 up from level 11.
    • Meditate
      • Cooldown reduced to 45s from 90s.
      • Base now refunds 40 Focus and 4 Focus per tick over the duration.
      • Now heals for 8.25% Assault/Support power and 8.81 Health per level.
      • Tier 4 now generates 2 Psi Points on end.
    • Mental Boon
      • Now available at level 31 up from 24.
    • Mind Over Body
      • Cast time reduced to 1.5s down from 2.25s.
      • Spectral Lantern has been removed from the base.
      • Spectral lantern is now the Tier 8 bonus that spawns the Lantern at the target's location increasing their incoming Healing Received.
      • T4 Bonus now heals at 107% Support Power at all levels.
      • Base Heal reduced 64.71% Support Power and 34.51 Health/level down from 73.63% Support Power and 39.27 Health/level.
    • Mirage
      • Fixed a bug on Tier 6 so the cast time was appropriately 2.2s (down from 2.5s).
      • Base Focus increased to 68 up from 58 at base.
    • Phantasmal Armor
      • Base Focus cost increased to 69 up from 30.
      • Absorb Shield increased to 320% Support Power up from 270% Support Power.
    • Psychic Frenzy
      • Now available at level 11 down from 15.
      • Now has a .75s cast time (down from 1.25). The second two uses fall into and the second two uses now are restricted by GCD and trigger a .5s GCD.
      • Damage increased to 17.5% Assault Power and 9.35 Damage/level per swing up from 11.8% Assault Power and 6.29 Damage/level.
    • Pyrokinetic Flame
      • The amount healed and damaged has been increased to 7.79% Support Power and 4.16/level up from 6.36% Support Power and 3.39/level.
      • Fixed a bug that was causing Pyrokinetic Flame to heal enemies.
    • Restraint
      • Damage increased to 7.17% Assault/Support Power and 7.66 damage/level up from 5.31% Assault/Support Power and 5.67 damage/level.
      • No longer builds psi points.
    • Reverie
      • Reverie Mana Reduced to – 1 PP 6 (11), 2PP 12 (14), 3PP 18 (18), 4PP 21 (24), 5PP 31 (25)
    • Shockwave
      • Now available at level 24 up from level 18.
    • Soothe
      • Base Focus cost at C1 increased to 8 up from 4.
      • Base Focus cost at C2 increased to 12 up from 8.
      • Decreased range to 30m down from 35m.
    • Spectral Swarm
      • Reduced damage to 5.3% Assault Power per hit and 4.73 damage per level down from 8.86% Assault Power and 2.83 damage per level.
      • Fixed a bug with Spectral Swarm casting on zone in and log in when the AMP was activated.
    • Telekinetic Storm
      • Increased the T4 Bonus Ignore Armor to 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% up from 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% (1PP/2PP/3PP/4PP/5PP).
      • Increased damage on all Psi Point to the following:
        • 1PP: 3.58% Assault Power and 1.91 damage/level per tick to 4.89% Assault power and 2.6 damage/level per tick.
        • 2PP – 7.17% Assault Power and 5.21 damage/level per tick to 9.77% Assault power and 3.82 damage/level per tick.
        • 3PP – 10.75% Assault Power and 5.73 damage/level per tick to 14.66% Assault power and 7.81 damage/level per tick.
        • 4PP – 14.34% Assault Power and 7.64 damage/level per tick to 19.54% Assault power and 10.42 damage/level per tick.
        • 5PP – 17.92% Assault Power and 9.55 damage/level per tick to 17.92% Assault power and 13.02 damage/level per tick.
    • Telekinetic Strike
      • No longer plays a hit sound unless you hit an enemy.
    • Warden
      • Base Focus cost increased to 51 up from 42.
    The Medic has seen a lot of changes this patch including changes to AMPs, ability usage, fields, probes, their Innate, and a substantial visual update to animations and effects.

    The ability changes focused on speeding up the Medic’s rotation a bit by increasing the tick rate of basic abilities, and adding potential Actuator generation into other abilities, either on the base level or via tiers. Medic fields have seen a pretty good boost, and now all have faster tick rates for more responsive damage. The Probe mechanics have seen some serious overhaul to make them more impactful at the base level, and adding the detonation mechanic in via tiers.

    Lastly we’ve added in a passive Shield Mitigation mechanic into the Medic’s direct shield heals, via their Innate, to add back in the “ward” healer mechanic, while still maintaining the overall balance on shields that we have shifted to.

    • Added several new Medic skill animations.
    • Annihilation Tier 8 and Flash Tier 4 Bonuses are temporarily disabled and display a cooldown reduction of 0s.
    • Fixed a bug with ability training costs being higher than intended on Triage, Flash, and Barrier.
    • Fixed a bug where Nullifier, Field Probes, and Restrictor had one less tick than intended.
    • PvP Offense and Defense AMPs no longer reference Rating in their tooltips.
    • Fixed several tooltip errors.
    • Energize
      • New Passive component. Now grants Buffer to allies for 6s, increasing Shield Mitigation by 25% every time you land a direct shield heal.
      • Cooldown reduced to 30s, down from 90s.
      • Offensive Buff
        • Assault and Support Power buff reduced to 17%, down from 30%.
      • Defensive Buff
        • Now restores a large amount of shield.
          • 60.24 shield per level.
          • 69.185% Assault and Support Power shield.
        • Now increases Shield Mitigation to 100%.
        • No longer increases overall damage mitigation.
    • Annihilation
      • Visual Update
      • Now ticks every 0.25s, down from 0.5s.
      • Base
        • 4.6375 damage per level per tick, down from 7.2.
        • 10.6525% Assault Power per tick, down from 16.53%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 0.6875% per tick, down from 1.26%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • The tier 8 bonus has been swapped to the tier 4 bonus.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Now causes each tick of Discharge to reduce the cooldown of Annihilation by 1.25s.
    • Antidote
      • Animation update.
      • Focus costs adjusted (slightly higher base, major tiers do not increase costs significantly).
      • Now removes 2 debuffs at Base.
      • Cooldown increased to 8s, up from 5s.
      • Base
        • 3.39 health per level, down from 12.4
        • 3.88% Assault and Support Power health, down from 14.235.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now refunds the Focus cost of using Antidote, to dispel a debuff.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Now removes 2 additional debuffs, up from 1.
    • Atomize
      • Visual and Animation update.
      • Cooldown reduced to 8s, down from 10s.
      • Increased the window to trigger Atomize to 5s, up from 3s.
      • Base
        • 26.89 damage per level, down from 31.67.
        • 61.77% Assault Power, down from 72.77%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 4.63% Assault Power, down from 4.99%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Armor Pierce increased to 18%, up from 9%.
    • Barrier
      • Animation update.
      • No longer applies the Spell Touched debuff.
      • Focus costs adjusted (lower base, major tiers do not increase costs significantly).
      • This ability is now a GTAE that affects 3 targets.
      • Cooldown reduced to 45s, down from 90s.
      • Base
        • 39.43 shield per level, down from 56.48.
        • 90.55% Support Power shield, down from 129.77%.
        • 13.4 health per level per tick, down from 19.18.
        • 30.82% Support Power health, down from 44.1%.
    • Minor Tier Bonus
      • 1% Support Power health per tick, down from 1.12%.
    • Tier 4 Bonus
      • Now only grants an additional Interrupt Armor to allies below 70% health.
    • Tier 8 Bonus
      • Now always affects the caster in addition to allies in the targeted area.
    • Calm
      • Now breaks the Medic free from all Crowd Control Abilities.
      • Tooltip updated to clarify the effect of Pacify on NPCs.
      • Increased range to 15 meters, up from 8.
      • Base now restores shields instantly rather than over time.
        • 22.31 shield per level.
        • 25.64% Assault and Support Power shield per level.
      • Minor Bonus
        • 2.33% Assault and Support Power shield.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now grants a buff for 5s that restores 24.54% Support Power shield when you take direct damage.
    • Collider
      • Animation update.
      • No longer ignores the GCD and now triggers a 1 second GCD.
      • Now has 2 ability charges at the base level and both charges recharge every 10s.
      • Increased range by 2.5 meters.
      • Bonus damage is no longer applied to enemies above 70% health at the base level.
      • Now hits twice per cast.
      • Base
        • Normal Damage
          • 10.6 damage per level per hit, down from 13.47.
          • 24.34% Assault Power per hit, down from 30.93%.
        • Bonus Damage
          • 13.99 damage per level per hit, down from 18.47.
          • 32.11% Assault Power per hit, down from 42.41%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.53% Assault Power normal damage, up from 1.82%.
        • 3.33% Assault Power bonus damage, up from 2.56%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now applies bonus damage to enemies above 70% Health.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • The tier 4 has been swapped to Tier 8 and now has a 100% chance to grant an actuator on a low health enemy.
    • Crisis Wave
      • Fixed visual issues.
      • Focus costs adjusted.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed the Tier 4 and Tier 8 bonus to work with lower tiers.
      • The buff that grants the Tier 4 and Tier 8 bonus no longer persists out of combat.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • The instant cast no longer triggers a GCD.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Fixed a bug where you could not cast the free Crisis Wave if the medic had no Actuators.
    • Dematerialize
      • Increased the telegraph width by 2 meters.
      • Now removes 2 debuffs at Base.
      • Cooldown increased to 8s, up from 5s.
      • Base
        • 2.94 damage per level, down from 10.78.
        • 6.78% Assault Power, down from 24.76.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now grants a 20% chance to build an Actuator if you purge a Buff.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Now applies Overload for 8s.
    • Devastator Probes
      • Visual and Animation update.
      • Fixed a bug where Probes were only being applied to 4 foes instead of 5.
      • Can no longer be detonated at base.
      • Damage over time duration reduced to 12s, down from 14 seconds.
      • Base
        • 7.4 damage per level per tick, up from 5.04.
        • 16.96% Assault Power per tick, up from 11.64%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.64% Assault Power per tick.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Probes can now be detonated by landing a hit with Collider and Fissure dealing 50% of the total Damage over Time damage.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • In addition to the Area Effect detonate, Probes will now auto detonate if the enemy they are attached to dies.
    • Discharge
      • Visual and Animation update.
      • Cast time reduced to 1.25s, down from 1.5s.
      • Base
        • 4.26 damage per level per tick, down from 5.51.
        • 9.8% Assault Power per tick, down from 12.65%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.1% Assault Power per tick, down from 2.52%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now deals 25.25% Assault Power damage instantly if you hit an enemy with all 3 ticks rather than applying a Damage over Time.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Increased chance to generate a second stack of Power charge to 100%.
    • Dual Shock
      • Visual update.
      • Focus costs adjusted.
      • Tooltip updated to clarify that this ability can be used following a Critical Attack or a Critical Heal.
      • Base
        • 25.52 damage per level, down from 27.531.
        • 58.65% Support Power damage, down from 63.231%.
        • 35.23 health per level, up from 27.531.
        • 80.95% Support Power health, up from 63.231%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 3.26% Support Power damage, down from 3.5%.
        • 4.48% Support Power health, up from 3.5%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now grants a 25% chance to build an Actuator.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Lifesteal increased to 25%, up from 16%.
    • Emission
      • Cast time reduced to 1.25 seconds, down from 1.5 seconds.
      • Base
        • 4.41 health per level per tick, down from 5.07.
        • 10.14% Support Power per tick, down from 11.63%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.18% Support Power per tick, down from 2.32%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Focus cost reduction is now limited to when the Medic is below 250 Focus.
    • Empowering Probes
      • Visual and Animation update.
      • Tier 4 Bonus:
        • Now increases Critical Hit Chance by 3% and Strikethrough Chance by 3%.
    • Extricate
      • Animation update.
    • Field Probes
      • Animation update.
      • Increased the size of the Field by 2 meters.
      • Tier 4
        • Now deals 19.47% Assault and Support Power damage to enemies that deal direct damage to allies standing inside Field Probes and to enemies that get healed while standing inside of Field Probes.
    • Fissure
      • Visual update
      • Fixed a bug with the animation.
      • Base
        • 10.51 damage per level, up from 9.68.
        • 24.17% Assault Power, up from 22.26%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.21% Assault Power, up from 1.12%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now causes your next Gamma Rays or Quantum Cascade to refund 1 Actuator if Fissure is used at full Actuators.
    • Flash
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Causes each tick of Emission to reduce the cooldown of Flash by 1 second.
    • Gamma Rays
      • Visual update.
      • Cast time reduced to 1.25 seconds.
      • Range increased by 2.5 meters.
      • Each beam now has the same width and deals the same amount of damage.
      • The base level no longer has a chance to build an Actuator if you hit enemies with all 3 beams.
      • Each beam can now only hit a single target.
      • Base
        • Each Beam deals 14.89 damage per level.
        • Each beam deals 34.21% Assault Power damage.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.11% Assault Power damage for each beam.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now causes every third cast to be instant and have no GCD.
      • Tier 8
        • Now grants an 100% chance to grant 1 Actuator if you hit with all 3 Beams.
    • Magnetic Lockdown
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • If used within 5 seconds of being Critically Hit, Magnetic Lockdown has no cast time and triggers no GCD.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Now grants 2 Actuators.
    • Mending Probes
      • Animation update.
      • Focus Costs updated.
      • Can no longer be detonated at base.
      • Damage over Time duration reduced to 12 seconds, down from 14 seconds.
      • Base
        • 7.66 health per level per tick, up from 5.22.
        • 17.56% Support Power health per tick, up from 12.02%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.7% Support Power, up from 1%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Probes can now be detonated by landing a heal with Flash and Triage, restoring 50% of the total amount healed over time.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • In addition to the Area Effect detonate, when allies with Probes attached take damage that would kill them instead cause the probes to automatically detonate.
    • Nullifier
      • Animation update.
      • The field can now be cast behind the Medic.
      • No longer Snares enemies.
      • Now has 2 charges on Base and both charges recharge every 15 seconds.
      • Now deals damage every 0.25 seconds, down from 0.5 seconds.
      • Increased field size by 1 meter.
      • Base
        • 1.46 damage per level per tick, down from 2.35.
        • 3.35% Assault Power per tick, down from 5.13%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 0.29% Assault Power per tick, down from 0.39%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now grants a bonus causing enemies standing in either of Nullifier Fields to take damage as if they were standing inside both fields as long as both fields are placed.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Now deals 78.1% Assault Power damage to 5 enemies in the targeted area when the field is created if the Medic is at full Actuators.
    • Paralytic Surge
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now effects enemies under Devastator Probes.
    • Protection Probes
      • Visual and animation update.
      • Swapped the Tier 4 Bonus to the Tier 8 Bonus.
      • Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
      • Base
        • Increases Resistances by 17%, down from 24%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now increases Dash Regen by 35%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • 14.11% Assault and Support Power shield per tick, up from 5.454.
    • Quantum Cascade
      • Animation update.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Fixed a bug where the extra tick would not trigger if the cast of Quantum Cascade started with less than 4 Actuators.
    • Recharge
      • Animation update.
      • Now a regular cast ability.
      • Can now be cast on the move.
      • Now increases Assault and Support Power by 15% for 10 seconds at base.
      • Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds, down from 2 minutes.
      • Fixed a bug where the Tier 8 bonus could affect NPCs.
      • Base
        • 30 Focus instantly, down from 80.
        • 6 focus per tick, down from 16.
    • Rejuvenator
      • Animation update.
      • Focus costs adjusted.
      • Field size increased by 2 meters.
      • No longer requires allies to be injured to trigger the field.
      • Now ticks every half second instead of every second.
      • Base
        • 4.36 health per level per tick, down from 7.86.
        • 10.01% Support Power per tick, down from 18.04%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 0.44% Support Power per tick, down from 0.9%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now grants 1 Interrupt Armor for 8 seconds. Allies can leave the field and still retain the Interrupt Armor.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • 52.2% Support Power, up from 45.45%.
    • Restrictor
      • Animation update.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now restores both charges every 18 seconds.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • The Snare now lasts for 2.5 seconds after enemies leave the field.
    • Shield Surge
      • Animation update.
      • Focus costs adjusted.
      • Base
        • 33.48 shield per level, up from 29.113.
        • 76.9% Support Power shield, up from 66.864%.
        • 29.11 shield per level, down from 29.113.
        • 66.89% Support Power damage, up from 66.864%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 6.09% Support Power shield.
        • 5.3% Support Power damage.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now grants 25% Shield Mitigation for 8 seconds.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Now restores 135.84% Support Power bonus healing if you do not hit enemies.
        • Now deals 118.12% Support Power bonus damage if you do not heal allies.
    • Triage
      • Focus costs adjusted.
      • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds, down from 10 seconds.
      • No longer is targeted, instead heals the lowest health ally in a cone in front of the Medic.
      • Base
        • 13.95 health per level, down from 17.26.
        • 32.03% Support Power health, down from 39.63%.
        • 13.95 shield per level, up from 9.3.
        • 32.03% Support Power shield, up from 21.35%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.31% Support Power health and shield per level.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now causes every third cast to build 1 Actuator.
    • Urgency
      • No longer breaks Crowd Control Abilities at base.
      • No longer does damage or healing.
      • No longer blinks to allies or enemies and instead simply blinks the Medic forward 20 meters.
      • Now increases Movement Speed by 40% for 5 seconds.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.5% Movement Speed .
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Breaks Roots, Snares, Holds, and Tethers.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Now deals 20.625% Assault and Support Power damage and healing to 5 enemies and 5 allies within 8 meters after you blink.
  4. Zap-Robo

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    Youngstown, OH
    The Spellslinger received a major update to AMPs along with ability bug fixes, balance updates, and some ability tweaks. The tweaks include adjustments to some healing ability values, increased mobility at the spell level, and increased Spell Power regeneration out of combat.

    • Known Issue: True Shot T8 does not currently give the extra shot.
    • Spell Power
      • Will regenerate twice as fast out of combat.
    • Affinity
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • 45.5% Support Power, up from 30%.
        • 45.5% Assault power, up from 30%.
    • Charged Shot
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Added can be cast while moving.
    • Flame Burst
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed increased width.
        • Moved the Tier 8 bonus to tier 4.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Moved Tier 8 bonus to Tier 4.
        • If target has your Ignite on them, deal an additional 35% Assault Power every 1 second for 2 seconds.
    • Gather Focus
      • Base
        • Cooldown 45s, down from 120s.
        • Regain 60 Focus, down from 160.
        • Regain 3 Spell Power every 1 second for 6 seconds.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 4 Focus, down from 10 Focus.
    • Healing Torrent
      • Base
        • Can be cast while moving.
      • Surge Base
        • 90.17 health per level, down from 108.2.
        • 157.96% Support Power, down from 202.87%
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed can be cast while moving.
        • If target is affected by Voidspring or Healing Salve, Healing Torrent will add an additional 41.65% Support Power Absorb.
    • Ignite
      • No longer is removed on caster death.
      • Fixed an issue causing it to not deal burst damage if you were sent running by Crowd Control abilities for further than 35m away.
      • Now checks for crit on each tick. Previously, it would crit all ticks or not crit all ticks.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • GCD reduced to .5s as well.
    • Quick Draw
      • Base
        • 4.94 damage per level, up from 4.41.
        • 9.26% Assault Power per tick, down from 8.26%
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.47% Assault Power per tier, up from 1.46%
      • Surge Base
        • 13.47 damage per level, up from 12.94.
        • 25.27% Assault Power per tick, up from 24.27%.
      • Surge Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1.47% Assault Power per tier, up from 1.46%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Chance 100%, up from 10%.
        • Movement speed 20%, down from 45%.
    • Runes of Protection
      • Base
        • 181% Support Power, up from 158%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 3.5% Support Power per tier, down from 3.52%.
      • Surge Base
        • 402% Support Power, up from 350%.
      • Surge Minor Tier Bonus
        • 3.5% Support Power per tier, down from 3.52%.
    • Sustain
      • Base
        • 37.38 health per level, up from 26.34.
        • 70.09% Support Power, up from 49.39%.
        • Now hits 5 targets, down from 10.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 8.19% Support Power per tier, up from 8.18%
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Increases target count to 10 and increases the range.
    • True Shot
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed increased casting speed.
        • Moved the Tier 8 bonus of 50% Armor Pierce to Tier 4.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Moved Tier 8 bonus to Tier 4
        • Can now cast True Shot one additional time and it is instant.
    • Vitality Burst
      • Base
        • Can be cast while moving.
      • Base - Charge 3
        • 53.29 damage per level, down from 57.71.
        • 99.91% Support Power, down from 108.18%.
      • Base - Charge 2
        • 20.52 damage per level, down from 22.22.
        • 38.47% Support Power, down from 41.16%.
      • Base - Charge 1
        • 13.32 damage per level, down from 14.43.
        • 24.98% Support Power, down from 27.06%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Removed casting while moving.
        • Grants Outgoing healing buff for 5s. Charge 1 increases by 2%, Charge 2 increased by 4%, and Charge 3 increases by 6%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • 45% Support Power per tick, up from 30%.
    • Wild Barrage
      • Surge Base
        • 8.69 damage per level, up from 5.
        • 16.28% Assault Power, up from 9.39%.
    The Stalker received major updates to AMPs and ability mechanics. The adjustments to ability mechanics were done to both base ability and major tiers and are designed to help improve rotations and/or increase build variety.

    • AMPs should no longer break Stealth.
    • Flagged Hall of the Bloodsworn buffs/retreat to not break stealth.
    • Cost on Unfair advantage increased to 4 and now reduces suit power cost by 12 up from 8.
    • Stealth
      • Can now be cast while casting another ability.
      • There is no longer a cooldown when toggling Stealth on and off out of combat.
      • Increased resistance on exit stealth for Nano Skin: Evasive to 15% up from 7% and reduced duration to 5s from 6s.
    • Amplification Spike
      • Cooldown increased to 18 seconds up from 10 seconds.
      • Now grants a flat 11% Deflect Critical Hit at Tier 4+.
    • Analyze weakness
      • Visual effects now only attach to the target briefly.
      • Increased the duration to 15 seconds up from 10 seconds.
    • Bloodthirst
      • Reduced duration to 8s at all tiers.
      • Lifesteal is now 50% at base and increases 2.5% per tier.
      • Tier 4 now increases Assault and Support by 7%.
      • Cooldown reduced to 30s from 45s.
      • Tier 8 now deals 50% Assault/Support Power in damage to nearby foes and transfers it as health.
    • Clone
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Clone from dealing damage every 1.25s.
      • Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 45 seconds.
      • Reduced duration to 10 seconds down 15 seconds.
      • Increased damage on Slash to 5.27% Assault Power and 2.3 Damage/level per hit up from 2.3% Assault Power and 1 damage/level per hit.
      • Increased Damage on Precision Strike to 40% Assault Power and 17.4 Damage/level up from 40% Assault Power and 10 Damage/level.
      • Fixed a bug where Clone was breaking Stealth.
    • Collapse
      • Tier 4 now roots for 1.5 seconds.
      • Damage reduced to 27.75% Assault/Support Power and 24.17 Damage/level down from 36.56% Assault/Support Power and 31.84 Damage/Level.
      • Tier 8 now snares Foes Movement Speed by 35% for 4 seconds.
    • Concussive Kicks
      • Fixed a bug with Tier 8 not properly reducing Assault cooldowns.
      • Cooldown increased to 8s from 6s.
      • Now hits 1 Foe down from 5.
      • Tier 8 no longer requires an interrupt to reduce ability cooldowns.
      • Removed interrupt entirely from Concussive Kicks.
      • Increased damage to 38.43% ap per kick from 37.64 and increased per level to 16.74 up from 16.4.
      • Tier 8 no longer requires interrupt.
      • Tier 4 makes Concussive Kicks Suit Power cost free on it first use with no cooldown. The 2nd use triggers the cooldown and Suit Power cost.
    • Cripple
      • T8 Snare is not reapplied if the player is rooted by Cripple.
      • No longer a Multi-Tap ability.
      • Cripple now has 3 ability charges, all charges are recharged after recharge time is met.
      • Now has an 8 second Recharge time.
      • Tier 4 bonus now always applies speed buff.
      • Tier 4 Bonus now grants speed bonus even if you don’t hit a foe but you must be in combat.
      • Damage reduced to 43.96% assault power and 22.8 damage/level down from 52.4% Assault Power and 22.8 damage/level.
    • Decimate
      • Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds from 10 seconds.
      • Increased Debuff duration to 10 seconds at all Tiers.
      • Now only usable after Deflecting.
      • Removed Suit Power cost.
      • Debuff now reduces damage dealt instead of an Assault/Support Power debuff.
      • Damage reduced to 16.82% Support Power and 11.14 Damage/level down from 40% Support Power and 25.62 damage/level.
      • Amount of foes hit reduced to 5 down from 10.
      • Tier 4 bonus now generates 10 Suit Power when used.
      • Tier 8 now grants 25% Support Power.
    • False Retreat
      • Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds down from 35 seconds.
      • The amount of time to leap back was increased by 1 second.
      • Tier 4 Bonus now sets the Cooldown to 10 seconds if the 2nd press is not activated.
      • Damage reduced to 9.4% Assault/Support Power and 8.19 damage/level down from 18% Assault/Support Power and 15.18 damage/level.
    • Frenzy
      • The Absorb on the Stealth Bonus has been reduced to 46% Support Power down from 48.15% Support Power and 21 Absorb/level.
    • Impale
      • Tier bonus now ignores 45% Armor up from 15% but must be used from Stealth or from behind to get the bonus.
    • Nano Dart
      • Increased damage to 35.1% Support Power and 15.27 damage/level up from 23.32% Support Power and 10.15 damage/level.
      • Is now an instant cast.
      • Now uses 3 ability charge that all refill on recharge.
      • Now hits 1 target, down from 5.
      • Cost 10 Suit Power per hit.
      • Increased Lifesteal to 100%, up from 40%.
      • Tier 4 bonus threat generation reduced to 20% down from 40%.
    • Nano Field
      • No longer displays the incorrect target count.
      • Now has a 250s pause before the 2nd press can be activated to prevent prematurely activating the collapse.
      • Now Tier 4 reduces the cost to 0 if used within 2 seconds of the 1st press.
    • Nano Virus
      • Suit Power cost reduced to 10 from 25.
      • Cooldown Reduced to 6 seconds down from 10 seconds.
      • Debuffs Critical Hit Severity at base and no longer increases deflect chance.
      • Damage reduced to 55.01% Support Power and 23.94 damage/level down from 83.68% Support Power and 25 damage/level.
      • Tier 4 now spreads to nearby enemies when used.
      • Tier8 increases Deflect Critical Hit by 3.5% and stacks twice.
    • Phlebotomize
      • Cooldown decreased to 10 seconds down from 15 seconds
      • Increased Healing Reduction to 60% at all levels up from 35%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus now overloads shields.
      • Damage reduced to 29.4% Assault Power and 12.8 Damage/level down from 48.6% Assault Power and 21.15 damage/level.
      • Tier 8 now adds an ability charge to Phlebotomize.
    • Pounce
      • Tier 8 charges now both recharge after the charge time ends.
      • Removed damage from Pounce.
      • Now grants the caster Swiftness for 4 seconds. Increases movement speed by 15% at base.
    • Preparation
      • Channeled time reduced to 3s from 4s.
      • Now granted at level 21.
      • Can be used while Sprinting.
      • Now increases Critical Hit and Deflect Critical Hit at base (removed Critical Hit Severity).
      • No longer increases Suit Power per tier.
      • The buff is no longer removed on hit and lasts for 4 seconds.
      • Stack cap reduced to 7, down from 10.
      • Suit Power regen per .5 second tick is now 2, down from 5.
      • Tier 4 bonus now heals the Stalker for 25% Assault Power and Support Power per tick.
    • Punish
      • Now triggers Suit power regenerate when below 35 Suit power instead of 25%.
      • Regenerates 30 Suit Power, up from 15.
      • Damage increased to 54.55% Assault Power and 23.74 damage/level, up from 36.03% Assault Power and 15.7 damage/level.
    • Razor Disk
      • Armor debuff increased to 10% at base, up from 5%.
      • Damage reduced to 40.44% Support Power and 17.6 Damage/level, down from 54.2% Support Power and 23.6 damage/level.
      • Razor Disk Tier 4 now recharges both charges after the recharge time ends.
    • Razor Storm
      • Is now in the Support set.
      • Damage now scales off of Support Power.
      • Damage at base is now 22.22% Support power from 11.11% Assault and Support Power.
      • Tier 4 now regenerates 10 Suit Power and reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds.
    • Reaver
      • Is now in the Utility set.
      • Damage is now split between Assault and Support Power.
      • Damage at base is now 13.61% Assault/Support Power from 27.22% Support Power.
      • Increased range to 20 meters, up from 15 meters.
    • Ruin
      • Now will persist through caster death.
      • Fixed a number of issues that would prevent it from dealing damage (Line of Sight, Distance, Crowd Control Abilities)
      • Tier 8 now overloads shields for 6 seconds up from 1.5 seconds, now must be used from stealth.
      • Base duration increased to 10 seconds from 8 seconds
      • Tier 4 bonus now generates 2 Suit Power every tick for the duration.
      • Base damage reduced to 5.43% Assault Power and 2.36 damage/level down from 6.07% Assault Power and 2.65 damage/level to account for the duration increase.
    • Shred
      • Fixed a bug where Shred was breaking stealth if the Stalker wasn’t detected.
      • Tier 4 and above now Ignores 60% armor but must be used from Behind or in Stealth to trigger.
    • Stagger
      • Tier 4 now must be used from Behind in order for the cooldown to be reduced to 18 seconds.
    • Steadfast
      • Cooldown on Steadfast increased to 10 seconds.
      • No longer requires the Stalker to Deflect an attack before being usable.
    • Stim Drone
      • Now granted at level 31.
      • Now recharges both charges after the cooldown.
      • Tier 4 bonus now heals for an additional 25% Assault/Support Power.
    • Tactical Retreat
      • Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds down from 45 seconds.
      • Tier 8 no longer reduces cooldown.
      • Tactical Retreat now transitions into Stealth after duration of “improved stealth” is over.
    • Tether Mine
      • Base Duration reduced to 7.5 seconds.
      • Recharge time reduced to 30 seconds, down from 45 seconds.
      • Recharges both charges after the cooldown.
      • Tier 4 now creates a snare field at its explosion location.
      • Deploy Range increased to 20m, up from 15m.
      • Increased the cost to train up to 72s and 87c, from 10s.
    The Warrior received a major update to AMPs along with ability bug fixes and balance tweaks.

    • Fixed a bug where Polarity Field and Defense Grid had one less tick than intended.
    • Fixed several tooltip errors.
    • Onslaught
      • Reduced the Incoming Healing penalty on Overdrive to 10%, down from 40%
      • Reduce the Damage Taken penalty on Overdrive to 10%, down from 15%
    • Atomic Surge
      • Fixed a bug where this was still hitting 10 enemies rather than the intended 5 enemies.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Increased damage bonus per tick to 7.35% Support Power, up from 6.135%.
    • Augmented Blade
      • Base
        • 16.31 damage per level, up from 8.29.
        • 51.52% Assault Power, up from 26.17.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 2.95% Assault Power, up from 2.54%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Fixed a bug where many direct heals would not trigger the proc effect.
    • Bolstering Strike
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Increased bonus shield healing to 22.77% Support Power, up from 18.9375.
    • Bum Rush
      • Fixed a bug where the buff would not refresh if the second charge was used before the initial buff wore off.
      • This ability still ignores the GCD but both charges can no longer be used in the same GCD.
    • Emergency Reserves
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Increased Outgoing Healing buff to 7%, up from 5.4%.
    • Flash Bang
      • Fixed a bug where the Blind would not be applied to enemies if you hit them directly with the Telegraph.
    • Grapple
      • Fixed a bug where this was doing more damage than intended.
      • Base
        • 5.8 damage per level, down from 8.79.
        • 9.16% Assault and Support Power, down from 13.865%.
    • Leap
      • Removed the Line element from the Telegraph.
      • Fixed a bug where occasionally the ability would not activate where it was referencing the old tier 4 bonus.
    • Menacing Strike
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Increased heal to 87.1% Support Power, up from 84.5%.
    • Plasma Blast
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Increased healing to 14.1% Assault and Support Power, up from 12.27%.
    • Plasma Wall
      • Fixed a bug where the Tier 4 bonus tooltip was still referencing the old Tier 4 Bonus.
    • Polarity Field
      • Fixed a bug where only 1 Warrior could attach a Polarity Field to an enemy.
      • Fixed a bug where enemies could only take damage from one of the fields created by the Tier 4 Bonus.
    • Ripsaw
      • Fixed a bug where Tiers 1-8 would sometimes not hit any enemies.
      • Fixed a bug where the Damage over Time was being treated as Direct Damage rather than periodic damage.
    • Savage Strikes
      • Updated the tooltip on all tiers for clarity.
    • Sentinel
      • This ability's usage has been re-designed. Now sentinel targets the lowest health target in-front of them and grants them the Sentinel buff for 18 seconds. This ability is now on a 10 second cooldown.
      • Fixed a bug where the damage proc was triggering off of periodic damage.
      • Base
        • 20% Guard Armor, down from 24%.
        • 10% Armor sacrificed, down from 12%.
        • 2.21 damage per level per attack, up from 2.02.
        • 3.505% Assault and Support Power damage per attack, up from 3.205%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 1% Guard Armor, down from 1.5%.
        • 1.19% Assault and Support Power damage per attack, up from 0.565%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Now reduces Armor sacrificed to 5%, down from 6%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Clarified the tooltip to indicate the Lifesteal is applied to the entire party.
    • Tether Bolt
      • Fixed a bug where enemies outside of the telegraph were being tethered.
    • Unstoppable Force
      • Fixed a bug where this ability could be used to break spells intended to hold the player during Cinematics and Adventures.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause the 'Temple Teamwork', 'Top Killer' and 'Top Damage' PvP achievements to be incorrectly awarded. This fix will not affect achievements that players have already been awarded.
    • The PVP scoreboards for arenas and battlegrounds now properly show the stats for all members of the team.
    • Fixed an issue where breakout gameplay would not occur in high-volume Crowd Control situations.
    • There is now visual and sound effects for the winner of a duel.
    • Both the winner and loser of a duel will now hear a voiceover when the fight is over.
    • You will now receive a loot bag upon losing a PvP match. This bag gives less rewards and has a lower chance to reward items.
    • Fixed an issue preventing crafted schematics from being obtained in Walatiki Temple and Bloodsworn Halls.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in too many masks spawning in the Walatiki Temple.
    • Fixed an issue where upon forfeiting a warplot match Players couldn't do anything until they pressed escape.
    • Warplot Deployables are now filtered into Turret or Trap categories in the Vendor menu on the Warplot Build Map.
    • Decreased prestige earnings from all PvP instance sources (objectives, win, and match complete).
    • The Explorer path ability, Translocate Beacon, can no longer be used in PvP instances.
    • Mask carriers in the Walatiki Temple can no longer use spatial shift.
    • There are more objects that block the view in Halls of the Bloodsworn.
    • Spellslingers will no longer be able to interact with the mask totem in the Walatiki Temple while using Void Slip.
    • Fixed or improved several art issues in the Walatiki Temple
    • Match ending Cinematics will no longer play unless the match officially completes.
    • In a Warplot match, the hazmat suit effect for hazard plugs is no longer dispellable.
    • Warplots Defense Cannon abilities now properly show cooldowns.
    • Fixed or improved several art issues in Warplots.
    • Players can no longer stand on the cameras in the Arena.
    • PVP hoverboard customizations now cost 4,000 Prestige tokens.
    • The Warplot Boss Trogun's area of denial spell will no longer end when he dies.
    • Kel Voreth and Stormtalon dungeons no longer appear in Group Finder until the Player discovers the dungeon entrances.
    • Fixed issue in Warplots where Players would be teleported to invalid locations when placing plugs on the Warplot Build Map.
    • Fixed an issue in Warplots where parts of the Reinforced Furnace plug did not line up properly.
    • If a player leaves the Housing 'Dueling Pit' public event while the duel is in progress, it will restart and the doors will reopen.
    • The Rated Arena matches are now set to min/max level 50.
      • Level 50 battleground brackets are now available for Walatiki Temple and Halls of the Bloodsworn.
      • Warplot PvP matches are now available in Group Finder for level 50 players.
      • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden is now available in Group Finder for level 50 players.
      • The Veteran modes for Skullcano, Stormtalon's Lair, Ruins of Kel Voreth, and Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden are now available in Group Finder for level 50 players.
      • The Veteran modes for The Malgrave Trail, Crimelords of Whitevale, The Siege of Tempest Refuge, War of the Wilds, Riot in the Void, and The Hycrest Insurrection are now available in Group Finder for level 50 players.
    • Items from Warrior weapon lockers can now only be used during a Warplot match
    • In Warplot matches, the Gas Processing Plant, Furnace, and Nuclear Plant plugs are now longer hazardous if the plug is destroyed.
    • In Warplot matches, turrets available in the vendor window now have updated hologram art.
    • Soldier weapons locker items can only be used in a Warplot match.
    • In Warplot matches, Scientist path hazards now function as follows:
      • The hazard will be triggered immediately after scanning
      • The hazard will only effect enemy players
    • Fixed an issue where the player wasn't always being teleported off the platform in arenas.
    Walatiki Temple
    • Walatiki has received a map update!
      • There are now two exits for each team’s spawn room.
      • There are now two ways to get into the flag room: either through the front entrance or through a cave entrance. The new caves can be found on opposite sides of the map.
      • There is no longer a mid-level ring to get into the center area.
      • The size of the bridge has been increased.
    • Fixed an issue where the Moodie Masks in the Walatiki Battlegrounds would float up and away into the sky.
    • Fixed a height issue on the Dominion Gate in Walatiki Temple.
    Halls of the Bloodsworn
    • Added line-of-sight blockers throughout the map.
    • Resolved an issue where collision was blocking players paths when spawning in on the Halls of the Bloodsworn
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Resolved a missing collision issue on a statue in the Halls of the Bloodsworn PvP battlegrounds.
    • Metal Maw - Reckless Bombardment "crash" tracking telegraph no longer has a wave.
    • Mordechai - Vicious Barrage channeling telegraph waves now properly move inward instead of outward during cast.
    • Murderbot - Kinetic Slam telegraph wave timing now matches the impact timing.
    • Defense Cannons: Fixed an issue where Mancannon would occasionally not launch the player after firing.
    • Defense Cannon abilities now properly show cooldowns
    • Sonic Cannons now have 100% chance to knockback on hit (up from 50%). Knockback distance reduced from 8m to 5m.
    • Trogun no longer has a delayed death when killed during Meteor Hammer
    • Updated the Aggressorbots, balancing them as a melee puller / area denial archetype.
    • Telegraphs that indicate the maximum range a Deployable plug may be placed are now displayed when the Player is in edit mode.
    • Characters below level 50 can no longer join a Warparty by invite.
    • If a player is removed from a warparty they are now removed from the Warplot Edit Map as well.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented visibility settings from applying to Warparty Bank Tabs.
    • Warplot deployables (e.g. the Sniper Turret) can no longer be placed in walls or be made to float above the ground.
    • Fixed a frequent crash that occurred when leaving a warplot match.
    • Invalid Warplot names are now rejected properly instead of resulting in a LUA error.
    • Waiting for the end of Warplot match cinematics to complete will no longer prevent the player from interacting with the game.
    • Players are now prevented from removing a Warplot building before it is fully loaded. Previously, if this occurred, it would prevent any more buildings from being placed in that area.
    • Players can now teleport to their Warplots from Illium/Thayd
  5. Zap-Robo

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    Youngstown, OH

    • Shade creatures now despawn properly when destroyed.
    • When re-logging after completing a challenge the challenge log will no longer show a negative percentage for progress of a completed tier.
    • Quests which grant reputation (such as the Wilderrun Quest "Big Game") now tell you which type of reputation you will gain when they list the quest rewards.
    • The quest progress percentage displayed by the update floater should now always match the percentage displayed in the quest tracker.
    • Ongoing widespread art optimizations are taking place throughout the world. This will have effects on various prop details, or vista compositions.
    • Fixed several areas in mountains all over Nexus where Players could get stuck.
    • Eldan Exo-labs all over Nexus now have some swanky new interior decorations.
    • Trade skill-related quests will no longer grant experience.
    • The Chest of Crafting Components and Satchel of Scavenged Supplies no longer reward items based on your character level. They now reward items based on the level and location of the Challenge.
    • PvP Rating Achievements for Arenas, Battlegrounds and Warplots now award titles at 1500 and 2200 rating.
    • Duplicate unlocks for Warplot Plug destruction have been removed.
    • The Seven Years Bad Luck kill achievement in Wilderrun now displays an in-progress description.
    • Algorac Achievement 'Serve and Protect' has been removed from the 'Episode Completion: Defend Tremor Ridge' achievement checklist.
    • Hedge Defender is now hidden until unlock since some players may not want to place the Hedge Maze in their housing plot.
    • The reputation achievements for Wilderrun now refer to the zone instead of just Popularity Contest
    • The Headhunter achievement text has been cleaned up a bit for consistency between the 5 tiers.
    • The multiple With Influence Comes Power Guild Achievements are now set as Tier 1 and Tier 2
    • Beta Reward: Flux Hoverboard has been added as an achievement as a Closed Beta reward.
    • All three tiers of the guild achievement 'Torine Tamers' now use the plural form instead of 'Torine Tamer'.
    • Tiered achievements now use a uniform notation for displaying the level of each tier.
    • The guild unlock for Tier 1 of 'Spider Fighters' no longer displays 5,000 as 5,00.
    • The Bad Medicine achievement in Northern Wilds Adventure now lists the amount of times you need to kill Adora (10) before unlock.
    • Path Mission achievement descriptions have been updated to use the current style guide format (complete x missions and you completed x missions)
    • The following tiered achievement target numbers have been updated to better fit the available missions of each type.
      • Knowledge Cubed
      • Flagpole Setter
      • Key to the City
      • Path Finder
    • Tier 3 in-progress description for The Steamglider Sacrifice is no longer written as if you already completed the unlock.
    • Tier 2 'The Girrok Grappler' in-progress text will now display the 250 required for unlock.
    • Shiphand achievement descriptions have been standardized to use the mission display 'Shiphand: Mission' and no longer contain ending punctuation.
    • The Cozy and Spacious House achievements no longer have their descriptions reversed for in-progress and completed.
    • The Home Sweet Home achievement is no longer valid since The Plot Thickens already covers housing plug placements.
    • Multi-Kill achievements have been updated for both Guild and Player unlocks.
    • Description numbers above 999 now have commas and some typos were corrected for a few count targets.
    • The sign post near Kriston’s Command Post has been damaged by war.
    • PvP Player Kill achievements are now all visible before unlock.
    • PvP Titles have been added for player kills at 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, and 250k.
    • FX-241189 the Stormtalon's Lair: Silver Medal (Normal) unlock is no longer incorrectly labeled as (Veteran).
    • The Firestorm Defeated challenge is now only visible for Exile players.
    • The 'Woodhaven Water Ride' achievement will now unlock after you ride the Celestial Gondola in Celestion.
    • Achievement, 'Celestial Hunter' now lists the creature targets in a checklist.
    • Fixed an issue where Bride Osprea could attack other Falkrin in her area
    • The text in architect work order quest 'Bramble Basics' has been corrected.
    • Kraggar's damage effects now more clearly match animations.
    • Kraggar will no longer stand still for a period of time if Earthquake is interrupted.
    • World Boss Kraggar’s Rock Toss will now properly target random players.
    • Rock Toss will no longer prematurely end if Kraggar is killed.
    • Bot Saboteur’s Bewildering Blow should now deal damage when cast as the follow-up to Stunning Blow.
    • Players should no longer be able to get stuck between some rocks near Rockridge Hollow.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck under the foot of the Annihilator bot in Algoroc.
    • Player should no longer be able to get stuck under a root in Blackheart Village.
    • Datacubes in Algoroc will now correctly appear as friendly.
    • Barricade near Gallow will no longer clip underground.
    • Players working on the Algoroc quest 'Finish Him' will now be able to enter the Skull's Eye with their group.
    • The Snatching Snoglug Eggs challenge in Coldwater Gulch of Algoroc no longer provides the player with a consumable item. Instead, the challenge items are placed in the player's quest items bag.
    • While on Algorac quest, Emergency Extraction, players will have a more clear objective arrow pointing at Troka' Ra's general area for the Save Botsmith Redfield objective.
    • Quest objectives for the quest Rotten Roan in the Gallow Fields of Algoroc now display correctly.
    • Darkspur Cartel outfits and displays have been updated in Algoroc.
    • Additional Peacekeepers have been added to guard the rear entrance of the Gallow Chronicle House.
    • SURVEILLANCE: Demonclaw Pass - Dominion Explorers will no longer receive this mission.
    • OPERATIONS: Rockridge Hollow -Dominion Explorers will no longer receive this mission.
    • The quest direction arrow now correctly points to Chronicler Herrick Grenfell in Gallow when the quest Lurking Terror is completed.
    • Updated map locations for Biology: Soulcore Monstrosities Scientist path mission.
    • Dominion players can no longer receive the communication call from Deadeye Brightland anymore. It's now set to be allowed only to Exile Players who enter the area.
    • Fixed Soldier mission, Mastering the Magnetron, where if a player completed a specific quest, the mission was no able to be completed.
    • The Algoroc Survivalist Expedition turn-in location to Architect Kaspmara now points players to the proper location.
    • While on quest A Call to Arm in Algoroc, players will now be properly guided through First Strike Mine.
    • Work order boards and bounty boards are now named consistently.
    • Crafting townspeople in the Gallow crafting area in Algoroc will no longer annoy anyone with their excessive laughter, nor will they repeatedly talk in a hyperactive manner.
    • All Settler depots and resources throughout Illium should now be accessible.
    • While on quest 'DRED Reckoning' in Algoroc, players can now open their maps to see where the opening of DREDplex Skyhammer is.
    • The drop pods for the 'Stone Compatriots' quest in Algoroc should no longer become permanently busy and not able to be activated.
    • If players manage to attack and kill Captain Thokov aboard the Skull's Eye ship without entering his chambers, they will still get credit for quest 'Finish Him!' for finding him and killing him.
    • Explorer Loot Secret Stash loot chests are no longer visible for the opposite realm in zones controlled by one faction.
    • The asset used for the Experimental Loftite Gun for the quest 'Up, Up, and Away' in Algoroc has been replaced with a functional version.
    • The Dismount ability will now work consistently while riding on Lucy, for the quest 'An Equivar Named Lucy'.
    • Slanks should no longer be visible through the ground in Hycrest.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • A certain pipe in Auroria should now let you exit. If you want to, of course.
    • Improved visual performance throughout Auroria.
    • Fixed several Terrain issues throughout zone.
    • Removed a hole in the Fires of Kel Voreth where players could get stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where the outside world would flicker into and out of view as the Player left Blackheart Hollow.
    • The waterfalls in the Vibrant Ascent will try to murder you a lot less than before.
    • Players should no longer be able to get stuck on a bush in Woodhaven .
    • Players working on the Auroria quest, 'Not Fit For Consumption' will now be prompted to use the Cloning Controls instead of talking to them.
    • Accelerated Plague scan spell in Auroria now works.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission, 'Starving the Flame' issue where players were not getting resources for attacking the embers that spawned flames.
    • Players will no longer see Toric's response to other players when they turn down the invite to begin the ‘Assault on Kel Voreth’ in Auroria.
    • Scientists in Greystone Cavern in Auroria will no longer see floating Eldan Fragments.
    • Protostar Bots in Mozyk Quarry of Auroria no longer clip into terrain.
    • XT-9 Servitors in Auroria's Windfall Digsite will no longer randomly have empty text boxes and instead have new flavorful text.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission, 'Blow up the Bugs' issue where the demolition target was not spawning upon relogging.
    • During the Assault on Kel Voreth Public Event, Toric and his followers will now move at the appropriate speed.
    • The citizens of Hycrest in Auroria should no longer be talking to thin air, walls, rocks, or other inanimate objects.
    • Fixed issue with Soldier Mission, ‘Spider Scorcher’ where the telegraph was displaying hostile to the player and other players.
    • The icy cage around the Voreth Flame no longer has its name visible to players.
    • The zone boundaries of Fort Glory in Auroria have been pulled back closer to the actual fort in many areas.
    • Failing the memory interaction on the quest, ‘Loading Zone: No Landing’ has a harsher penalty.
    • The Bingberry Toss spell used for the quest, ‘Vital Harvest’ in Auroria now uses a non-placeholder icon.
    • Millenial Sidus is now dressed like other millenials.
    • After players turn into a Blackheart Detonator for quest ’Detonator Duplicates' in Auroria they will be directed to where they need to go via a blue circle that becomes visible during the detonation step of the quest.
    • While on quest 'Reporting In' in Auroria, players will observe that the Protostar Molecule Dispatcher is now called the Protostar Hycrest Dispatcher. The quest has additional information about using it to teleport back to Hycrest as well.
    • After achieving the quest 'Extreme Prejudice' in Auroria, Mondo Zax will call the player using the correct voice.
    • Quests 'Marvelous Mimicry' and 'A Remarkable Discovery' will no longer break if players enter stealth inside the Sim Core.
    • Fringe Pack Alphas now count toward BIOLOGY: Scavenger Studies scientist mission.
    • Area east of Fort Glory and the Forge of Kel Voreth now has ambient critters and creatures of the appropriate level range for this area in Auroria.
    • Traumatized Survivors in Auroria will no longer grant experience if killed by Exile players.
    • The Holographic FX over the AI Module Generator in Hycrest is now properly aligned.
    • Lucy the Equivar can no longer be attacked by the Exile faction specifically.
    • Depressed Hycrest Citizens in Hycrest now display their nameplates properly.
    • Players can now click on the Depressed Hycrest Citizens in the Bingberry Orchard.
    • Players can no longer pass through the Eternal Flame of Warherald's Way on a mount in Auroria.
    • There should no longer be floating spawns in Blackheart Hollow.
    • Proper contribution for kills on the quest ‘Carrier Eradication’ has been established.
    • Map indicators now more accurately depict where scans are located.
    • While deactivating Power Nodes in Auroria's Windfall Digsite for quest 'Disrupting Power', the cast bar will no longer display incorrect Power Node names.
    • Dominion escort ship is no longer clipping into the terrain when the player takes the taxi on the quest Flying South for the War.
    • The Protostar Defense Systems Vendor in Auroria has just gotten a new inventory of shields for all your Protostar defensive needs!
    • Flavor vignettes have been added in Auroria near the giant green force field.
    • Placeholder episode summary text for 'Seismic Science' has been updated.
    • The episode summaries for 'The Black Hoods' episode has been updated.
    • Players can no longer 'talk to' the tunnel entrances in Auroria. Instead, players can now 'enter' the tunnels.
    • Cemetery Tunnel Entrance is appearing as 'Enter' correctly now rather than Talk.
    • The Settler Sanctuary improvement near the Cubig Pens should now disappear when Player enters combat.
    • Grendalus - Several Area of Denial spells can now crit. Stay out of their effect area!
    • The rowsdowers for the quest 'Rowsdower at Stake' will now respawn properly.
    • Replaced Aurin mailboxes with generic Exile mailboxes in Woodhaven and Sylvan Glade in Celestion.
    • Fixed several erratic camera collision issues throughout zone.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Players can no longer fall to the center of the planet through a hole near the Pools of Vitara.
    • Removed a red datacube from Celestion Shadow Queen's Den
    • Fixed issues with Soldier Mission: 'Eldan Constructs' where Esper classes were not generating Psi-points off of the burrows.
    • Mikolai the Malevolent now contributes to scientist mission 'BIOLOGY: Ravenous Ruminations'
    • The Quest 'Now I am an Architect' will now point players to Contractor Drogor's location.
    • Players will now correctly see the option to 'talk to' Techsmith Praxa when on one of her quests.
    • Fixed an issue with Soldier Mission: 'Black Hood Operatives' where the female Mordesh agents had weird visuals, and did not act like their male counterparts
    • The Reprogramming Interrogation Cinematic in Celestion now transitions properly and no longer gets stuck at a black screen.
    • The Shiphand quest 'Shiphand: The Steady Traveler' in Celestion now refers to Captain Milo correctly.
    • Fixed a typo in the spell effect Eyes of the Forest in Celestion.
    • Denmother Burgaska plays an ambient crying sound instead of a sleeping sound when players are far away from her.
    • The Celestion quest 'A Heralded Horn' map locations have been updated to cover a larger area of the map.
    • Players will be pulled to a safe location to avoid becoming stuck in collision when activating Nanite Pylons for 'DEMOLITION: Nanite Pylons'.
    • The Moodie Clones for quest 'Science Lesson' in Celestion now die correctly.
    • Added a taxi from Woodhaven to Grimveil Enclave in Celestion.
    • The Celestion quest 'GOOPed!' can now be completed.
    • Pulsating Power Crystal now accessible in Celestion.
    • Fixed typo in communicator messages sent when failing to input the correct code during 'Gather the Crew'.
    • Fixed a typo in the quest 'Unwinding Webs'.
    • Removed references to the Blightguard from the crafting quests in Celestion.
    • The quest directions for 'Crafting Your First Light Armor' in Celestion now point toward the correct NPC
    • OPERATION: Aurin Shrines - Map locations and directions to the Aurin Shrines have been updated. Explorers will need to pay close attention to the directional clues once outside of the Western Embertree.
    • Grim Reaper Lukov will no longer stand up to talk when giving the quest’ The Reaper's Harvest’.
    • The Aurin Storyteller's nameplate will now display properly.
    • Fixed an issue with the syntax that determines indefinite articles.
    • Taxis traveling through Thayd should no longer clip through the top of the Thayd Taxi Kiosk.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing some item names to display incorrectly in quest text.
    • Elevators in Exo-site N22 have been raised so players can't get stuck inside of them, and removed the knockback spell as it is no longer needed.
    • Updated text for quest ‘Taking Flight.’
    • Pulsating Power Crystals are no longer floating.
    • Players can now access Harehollow.
    • Players can now complete the quest 'Surf’s Way Up' without a weapon equipped.
    • The Shroud Gloom Scientist will no longer clip into the machine he is working on in Gloom Shroud Cell.
    • Repairing beds will no longer capture the player.
    • Players who die in Celestial River outside of Darkloam Hollow will now resurrect at the nearest known holocrypt (instead of Woodhaven by default).
    • Updated Map locations for 'Scientist Mission - Draken Implements'.
    • NPCs have been optimized to increase performance throughout the zone.
    • The PollenBarry Grove cinematic should now trigger correctly, and also has audio.
    • The Red Caretaker Cinematic now has full audio support.
    • Moved a guard in Shroud Gloom Cell so it is no longer standing inside a containment locker.
    • Mounted players can now use Waterspouts in Celestion.
    Crimson Badlands
    • Players that finish Grimvault's 'With Great Power' quest will now be called by their faction representative to aid in the pushback of the Dreg..
    • Players will no longer be able to complete quest 'Equipment Under Siege' without properly activating the Exile Cannons.
    • Dominion Players will now receive the last episode quest called 'Infiltrator's Demise' after finishing 'An Outside Influence.'
    • Gus Oakby and Captain Karaka will no longer reference Crimson Isle when they are referring to Crimson Badlands.
    • The Toxic Empress that inhabits should now properly respawn.
    • While on Supply Drop quest, Players will have auditory feedback upon picking up the supplies and will see a red X appear for one of the holdouts to indicate where the thieves run off to.
    • Players will now be able to properly restart the holdout objective for quest 'Electrical Disturbance' if they die during a previous attempt.
    • The quest direction arrow now properly points the player to The Caretaker after completing the quest 'Embrace Your Destiny'.
    • Level 50 players will receive quest credit for teleporting to Crimson Badlands while on quest from Captain Karaka.
    • Dominion players will no longer be able to pick up quests at the Exile hub.
    • The Tactical Uplinks now display the appropriate path symbols when path-specific quests are available.
    Crimson Isle
    • Fixed a floating shrub.
    • Fixed a spot in Ungula where Players could get trapped under a waterfall.
    • Players should no longer be able to get trapped in the river near Ungula.
    • An unintended patch of forbidden zone in Crimson Isle has been cleaned up and removed near Megatech Station.
    • Fixed floating NPCs in Megatech Station.
    • Holograms in Information Construct archives now rotate correctly.
    • Battlebots in Crimson Isle have been repositioned so they are no longer floating.
    • The quest arrow for the final objective of 'Last Resistance' will now correctly point to the ship controls.
    • The map for Mondo's Beachhead now displays correctly, instead of reading 'Savage Coast'
    • Improved collision of Shield Control Panel.
    • All spiders in Venombite Pass now give credit for the Arachnicide challenge, making it more reasonable to complete.
    • Improved frame rate in the Exile camp.
    • Chompy should be easier.
    • The opening of the cage door in Bloodfire Village was widened.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • A Bandit Raiding Ship no longer flies through a hillside in The Niwha.
    • The door on the prisoner cage in Bloodfire Village was removed because it was non-essential to any content and caused problems with players getting stuck in it.
    • Added a path up a cliff face in Malgrave.
    • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in the open lid of a crate.
    • Fixed a spot on a bridge near Bloodtalon Perch where Players could get trapped.
    • Added more wall art to the Falkrin area.
    • Moved a primal air vortex down a little so it makes contact with the ground on one of the cliffs in Bloodtalon Perch
    • Players are now directed to see Researcher Zeelo regarding salvaging their item in the quest 'Breaking it Down.'
    • Fixed the Guards of Bloodfire so they don't attack other Dominion characters.
    • Players are now correctly directed to Armorer Vospana during the Deradune Mining Expedition.
    • Adjusted an explorer jump puzzle on Razortail Island.
    • The quest 'Fights of Passage' has been simplified so that it is easier to understand. Completing the accompanying public event is all that is required to complete it.
    • Removed a spoken line that was playing in the Bloodtalon Perch that wasn't supposed to play there.
    • Epitaphs of the Clanlords Journal no longer clips through a rock in the Ancestral Cairns.
    • Fixed an issue with Soldier Mission: 'Monkeyshines' where the mission was not counting multiple targets being hit.
    • Addressed an issue when repairing unbuilt furniture would place Chua Players part way through the terrain.
    • Typos have been corrected in the More Info text in the 'Security Sync' quest.
    • Adjusted the fires on the crashed ship in Leviathan's rest so they aren't floating or so they don't vanish when you look away.
    • The Scent Trail for the quest 'Scent of Blood' will now display the proper name when moussed-over on the minimap
    • The Deradune quest 'Blood for Blood' has been adjusted so the cinematic no longer cuts off poor Huntress Kezzia mid-sentence.
    • SURVEILLANCE: Camera Conundrum - The three smaller search areas have been merged into one larger search area.
    • Merchant Vezari now has the correct voice type.
    • Changed the Kelfa Rug from Sliver to Gold
    Dominion Arkship
    • Players can now use the /pgoto command to go to their party leader while in the Arkships.
    • Lifted a piece of 'Tales From Beyond the Fringe' that was settled under the glass of a museum display in the Dominion Arkship. Now players can right-click to activate it.
    • Removed the voiceover for the quest NPC when players hit level 2 so it doesn't play at the same time as the level up voiceover.
    • Adjusted the citizen prodding spell in Cryo so players now face the unfortunate prodding victim.
    • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to teleport to the museum before completing the quests in the tram station.
    • Adjusted the candles in the church so they no longer float above the ground.
    • Fixed the Exile holographic displays in the Holodeck that were slightly sunk into the ground.
    • Fixed an issue where some comm calls were incorrectly firing again after players log out and back in.
    • Added collision to the departures terminals in the Docking Bays.
    • Minor fix in Dominion Arkship Shrine quest 'Ever Vigilant' that would finish too soon after interacting with only half the blessings.
    • Kezrek Warbringer's comm call has been revised to reflect changes in the content.
    • Short completion objective text related to comm-received quests in the tutorial zones has been clarified.
    • Players will no longer receive previously delivered comm calls if you log out and back in for the quest ‘(Un) Safety Protocols’.
    • The race introduction comm calls will now fire properly during the quest 'Broadcast Ready'.
    • Added another comm call from Axis after the interrogation cinematic in Cryo.
    • Minor adjustment to location of Emperor Myrcalus in Dominion Arkship Tram Station so his hologram lines up with the holoprojector under him.
    • Added Affiliation to Emperor Myrcalus' holograms in the Arkship so his nameplate target info reflects 'House Azrion'.
    • Increased the amount of Dominion Monstrosities in the Destiny.
    • The objective text for 'The Emperor' quest has been revised.
    • A typo has been corrected in the tool tip text for the Triple-Arc Batteries item.
    • Rotated a chair in Dominion Arkship to face a more contextually-correct direction when sitting.
    • A transition effect has been added to the Holochamber entrances.
    • All references to the 'Grand Museum' now reference the 'Imperial Museum' instead.
    • Fixed an issue where Duskmoon Fawns wouldn't attack.
    • Adjusted a Pummelgranate plant which was floating in the air.
    • Fixed an issue in ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ where some players would be placed halfway through a flying disc instead of standing on it.
    • Fixed an issue where the bar fight in the Ellevar quest ‘Vigilance’ wouldn't restart after the first player completed the quest.
    • Players should no longer get stuck in areas along the mountain range.
    • A 'flickering' pond has been removed.
    • Fixed an area in the Larallen Highlands where the player could get stuck in a ravine.
    • Players should no longer be able to get stuck in the Bio-Mech Facility.
    • Rearranged some props that were blocking Settler improvements at a Settler depot.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Fixed an issue with Soldier Mission, 'Shaky Ground' where the burrows were not generating psi-points for the Esper.
    • Players will now be directed to Technologist Corvianos regarding salvaging their item on the quest 'Breaking it Down’.
    • The quest arrows in the Webwood cavern during 'All Hail the Queen' correctly point into the Queen's lair.
    • The location for the corpse of Radiant Guard Maxima on 'Into the Woods' is now more precise.
    • Players will no longer respawn inside or on top of the holocrypt in Vigilant Heart.
    • Players will now be pointed in the right direction to turn in the quest 'Learning Your Trades' in Ellevar.
    • ‘Near Enough Counts' challenge:
      • Now progresses correctly when using the T-Spell to kill Shadowblade Spies.
      • Has had its info text revised to prevent challenge instructions from being obscured.
    • Players will no longer sit inside the Ikthian Crawler Disc while in transit.
    • The quest spell in the quest 'The Tooth that Bites Last' now works correctly.
    • Corrigan Dune no longer has bugged text while cheering the player on during the 'Knock' quest.
    • Adjusted the location of the fourth objective of 'All In Good Faith'.
    • Added missing point-of-interest locations to the map.
    • The Defiant Dawngrazers no longer wander under the ground.
    • Ellevar Copperworth Village Health Booster now will build tiers correctly.
    • Fixed Settler improvement tiering issues in Ellevar
    • Laser environmental hazards in Bio-Mech Complex AH47 now move correctly across the floor.
    • The quest 'Raving Ravenok' has undergone a major reconstruction and should much better now.
    • Fixed issues with Soldier Mission, 'Eldan Artifact where the visuals and animations were not displaying properly for the thief.
    • Laser effect now properly draws between the generator and damage zone in Ellevar at the Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level Two.
    • Adjusted the holocrypt player respawn point near Copperworth Village in Ellevar.
    • The challenge 'Contents Under Pressure' has been tweaked.
    • The bug preventing players from returning multiple Escaped Ravenok in 'Raving Ravenok' has been resolved.
    • Adjusted micro directions for Soldier Mission, 'RESCUE OP: All Tangled Up'.
    • The quest 'The Tooth That Bites Last' now gives group credit.
    • Adjusted the length of the name for the challenge, 'CARTOGRAPHY: Crumbled Glory'.
    • Proper audio has been assigned to Caelus Cato.
    • Exiles who make it to Ellevar only to meet their unfortunate end will now resurrect in Ellevar.
    Everstar Grove
    • Fixed terrain issues in that let players escape outside the map.
    • The camera no longer behaves oddly when passing through Round Leafy Patches and Small Bushberry Greens.
    • Optimized frame-rate performance throughout Everstar Grove.
    • Adjusted objects near Mystwood Forest to improve character movement.
    • Increased the mission area radius displayed on the map for 'BIOLOGY: Barkblight Eggs'
    • Fixed an issue where the Eldan door in the Blighted Tunnel sometimes would have no collision.
    Exile Arkship
    • Fixed an issue in Exile Arkship where Veggies were aggressive toward the Dominion
    • Player can now use the /pgoto command to go to their party leader while in the Arkships.
    • A crate in the Exile Arkship greenhouse was impossible to escape. It has been fixed.
    • All ponds in the Arkship Greenhouse have been removed.
    • Adjusted some objects in Bio Dome 4 that prevented the creatures from attacking Players.
    • Researcher Seagarden will now always be available to those who require his wares.
    • Adjusted the enemies that spawn around Commander Durek in the Greenhouse so they spawn less frequently and not near Arwick or the Settler Hub.
    • Added a check to see if players who have an unfinished path mission in the area want to teleport to the next area.
    • Fixed an issue where Arwick would not speak to players when they talk to him in the Greenhouse.
    • Made the scan-able Scientist objects in the Relic Room scan-able for the entirety of the time players are in the room and have the mission unlocked.
    • Fixed the location arrow in Cryo so it now correctly points to the cryo controls instead of Sadie's cryopod.
    • Exile Arkship Juke-Bot talk bubble stays in a fixed position when the Juke-Bot animates so someone other than a hyper bouncing Chua can read it.
    • More dialogue added to the Cryo section of the Exile Arkship.
    • A Granok wandering outside the Exile Arkship Bar floated up into the air sometimes. He's grounded now.
    • Scientist path mission 'ARCHAEOLOGY: Relic Research' will now only unlock for players who have chosen the Scientist path.
    • Commander Durek’s comm call will now only play once during the quest 'Deck Sweeper' on the Exile Arkship.
    • Exile Arkship technicians have lost the frightening ability to walk right through generators.
    • The 'Greenhouse Gatherers' Soldier mission in the Exile Arkship Tutorial is now properly labeled as a Holdout.
    • There's been a Rowsdower in the Exile Arkship Relic Room with a Plush Rowsdower in its mouth. Now Players can click on it to see 'Rowsdower' target nameplate.
    • Simple collision change to a stool in Exile Arkship Bar, so players can't walk through it.
    • A Granok was about to fall off his seat in the Exile Arkship Bar. We put him back on it, and topped off his beer.
    • Resolved, all superfluous ellipses and misspelled 'disdain' and 'pus' corrected.
    • The challenges, ‘Full of Life’ and ‘Hot Feet’, should now give appropriate rewards.
    • Gritmaw should now have new spells, which should make him more interesting and easier.
    • Players' space helmets will no longer disappear when mounting.
    • Holocrypts have been added to the starting locations for Exile and Dominion.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Far fewer props are floating around Farside.
    • Holocrypts have been added to the starting locations for Exile and Dominion in Farside.
    • ‘Staking Claim: Farside’ - Updated the location to more accurately point to the teleporter to Bravo's Site Alpha.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission: 'Desert Egg Crackin' issue where the Esper was not creating psi-points when attacking the burrows.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission: 'Burrowed Menace' issue where the Esper was not generating Psi-points when attacking squirg burrows.
    • Players in Walker's Landing and Virtue's Landing should now have space helmets and low gravity.
    • Alchemist Vossak and his research team are no longer underground at Camp Woodview.
    • Increased the area you can gain rep for killing the Nemesis mobs.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission: 'Meteor Masher’ issue where targets were not able to be interacted with.
    • The quest 'Observe and Report' can now properly be accepted by players.
    • The quest 'The Dustrunner’s Black Box' now references the proper NPC in the objective text.
    • The Scanbots for the quest 'Field Repair' in Farside no longer play effects after they blow up.
    • Players can now start the quest 'Aggressive Aliens'.
    • The quest ‘Scrambled’ can now be accepted by players.
    • Fixed a typo in the quest 'Elemental Entrapment'.
    • The Farside Crystalline wastes hazard will now only affect player when they are close to the crystal formations.
    • The quests 'Thayd Into You' and 'Welcome Come' now count toward the correct zone completion
    • The Crystalline Wastes hazard will now properly display as Static Charge in the combat log.
    • The Forbidden Zone in the Farside Crysalline Wastes has been removed.
    • The console used to turn on the platforms for the challenge 'Stariway to Heaven' can now be activated by anyone.
    • Increased the challenge area for the challenge 'Full of Life'.
    • Increased the challenge area for the challenge 'Hot Feet’.
    • Construction walls on the Farside Gleam collector will now take up less space.
    • The Bio Dome 4 touring platform will no longer clip into things along its path.
    • Quest directions for the step to 'Speak to Flight Master Callae' for the quest 'Sovereign's Landing' now point to the right location.
    • The min level for the quests that lead players to Farside have been adjusted.
    • A typo has been fixed in the dialogue for 'The Journey Ahead' quest.
    • Chairs have been added all over Farside. Why not rest a spell?
    • Fixed a NPC in Virtue's Landing that was clipping into the ground.
    • Fixed a pathing issue that caused a NPC to clip through some objects while pathing in Walker's Landing.
    • The Soldier Mission, 'Farside: Meteor Masher' is now able to have Players log out during mission and still complete the mission.
    • Transportation - All Teleporters are now visible on the map and minimap.
    • Added an explosion visual when leaving the area for 'Suits Me Just Fine'.
    • Added telegraph to the Exile Mech Suit's attacks for 'Suits Me Just Fine'
    • Updated Eldan constructs to use the gold plated variant.
    • Kyrne the Tidebreaker has a more unique display.
    • Darktide Champion now spawns normally instead of by trigger. Gelic Ironscale's escape ship is now the crabcrawler vehicle and uses a takeoff animation."
    • Flamewalker Cinder elementals will now give quest credit for the quests 'Stop the Flamewalkers' and 'Down with the Flamewalkers in Farside'.
    • The 'Scientific Methods' episode unlocks after completing the quest 'Primal Aggression'.
    • The 'Eldan Experimentation' episode unlocks after completing the quest 'Primal Vengeance'.
    • Hungry Cub's scale increased slightly.
    • Elemental Hearts for the 'Elemental Grab Bag' challenge can only be activated by the correct faction while in the Primal Energy Lab or Adaptation Research Annex.
    • The difficulty of the Farside quests 'Scuttled Scanbots' and 'Field Repairs' has been reduced.
    • Rare creatures have been added to all relevant quests, challenges, and missions throughout the zone.
  6. Zap-Robo

    Zap-Robo Administrator • King Cupcake

    Aug 9, 2011
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    Youngstown, OH
    • Players should no longer be able to get stuck in a hole at the Osun Ruins of Kel Vishal.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • The sign post near Kriston’s Command Post has been damaged by war.
    • New art has been added to Exo-Lab 83.
    • Moved Settler/Explorer Pylon so the Guide will not stand on sandbags.
    • Players will now receive the quest 'Out on a Whim' at the proper time.
    • The Dust Stalker will allow groups to enter the same instance while on 'Boss Xagg's Due'.
    • Tech Sergeant Bluto and Quartermaster Izabel Petrova are no longer floating above Kriton's Command Post.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission, 'Explosive Assault' issue where the telegraphs and visuals were not displaying.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission, 'Poison Explosion' issue where the mission targets were not despawning with explosion.
    • Fixed the spawn location of two Darkspur Enforcers that were stuck inside walls in the Dust Stalker.
    • Exile Scientists in Camp Dustdevil can no longer be killed for XP and loot by Dominion players.
    • The Nibbons Ranch chemical spray barrels will now function properly.
    • Updated the location for the quest 'Migrant Mootation'.
    • Darkspur opponents in Skywind Ruins become neutral to the player after defeating Boss Xagg for 'Boss Xagg's Due'.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission, 'Blast it all to Pell' issue with visuals timing on the weapon.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission, 'Blasted all to Pell' issue with the weapon aggro’ing creatures when being used.
    • The potential recruits for the quest, ‘Unlikely Heroes’ will no longer get stuck in a busy state.
    • The interact text for the Exile Stinger on the quest 'Pack Your Bags', no longer says “talk to”.
    • Unlikely Heroes' quest text typos have been fixed.
    • The quest 'Show and Tell' now instructs the player to capture a Honeysting Buzzbing.
    • The quest, 'Show and Tell' will no longer break if player dies.
    • The action bar for the 'Show and Tell' quest will now display properly if the player is mounted.
    • The Skywatch Soldier demographics have been adjusted so they do not impact server performance.
    • Fixed a visual effect on the Whimfibers.
    • The Crimson Regimental Recruit will now count towards the Deadly Focus Challenge.
    • The quest 'Delectable Drumsticks' no longer increments on log-in.
    • Rare creatures have been added to all relevant quests, challenges, and missions throughout the zone.
    • The quest, 'Deliver the Supplies' should no longer automatically fail when Players log out.
    • The difficulty of quest ’Thorn in Our Sides’ has been lowered slightly.
    • The quest, 'A Sticky Situation' should no longer automatically fail when Player logs out.
    • The quest, 'Training the XAS' should no longer fail when the Player logs out and then immediately back in.
    • The quest 'Cold and Getting Colder' now shows up under Whitevale in the quest log.
    • Fixed a typo in the quest 'Cold and Getting Colder'.
    • The Dominion Work Order Board in Vigilant Incursion will now properly offer quests to crafters.
    • Hack and Slash now uses knockback properly and should decrement any Interrupt Armor a player may have.
    • Scorchwing - Several Area of Denial spells can now crit. Stay out of their effect area!
    • Fiery Crash - Telegraph no longer follows the player after it's dropped.
    • Fixed an issue where players would receive an "Unable to Transfer to Instance" error when attempting to progress through the quest ‘Breaching the Core’.
    • Players can now safely teleport between Spineridge Nest and the Corrupted Installations.
    • Logging out during the Galaras quest ‘Unlikely Heroes’ no longer results in the potential recruits getting stuck, preventing that quest from progressing.
    • Fixed some pathing issues for the Stormtalon boss, Clone of Stormtalon.
    • All areas of the Outer Core Chamber - Floor 4 are labeled correctly on the zone and mini-map.
    • A control panel and a monitor should no longer be imbedded in each other.
    • Players should no longer be able to get stuck beneath Eldan Cannons.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Players should no longer be getting stuck near a wall in the Fractured Fields.
    • Added hazardous effect to prevent players from getting into and on the Lightspire.
    • A force field at the Corrupted Installation now prevents players from walking right on through it.
    • Players can no longer walk through force fields around phage cannons.
    • Visual performance has been improved throughout Grimvault.
    • Fixed missing walls throughout the Phage Cannon.
    • Fixed an issue in Soldier path mission 'Scuttling Death' where the target didn't appear properly.
    • In the quest 'Clean Reboot' the Initializing Socket Panels can once again be activated at close range.
    • Text problems have been corrected on several Datacubes throughout the zone.
    • Players can no longer access Blighthaven content areas that are specific to the opposite faction.
    • Creeping Spawners that were previously inactive are now active.
    • Tales From Beyond the Fringe volume 'Cleanup Crew' is no longer submerged in the Eldan architecture of Bio-Mech Facility Alpha in Western Grimvault.
    • Quickly respawning bosses in Grimvault will no longer give XP. Note that any quests that involve killing them will still grant the appropriate amount of XP and rewards.
    • Players will no longer be permanently invisible after using a teleport pad.
    • Made significant text, location, and creature targeting improvements to the dual-faction scientific survey missions 'The Starblight Spreads' (formerly 'Study Strain Specimens') in the Fist of Azrion and Widowmaker.
    • Moved a creature spawn so that the unit wasn't being born embedded into the ground. No creature left behind!
    • Mines were not despawning promptly when hit with the T Spell for Quest 'Minefields and Mischief'.
    • All of the Spineridge Intel for 'Knowing the Enemy' will now have the correct text.
    • Terminal 2112, deep within the crashed ship Fist of Azrion located in Western Grimvault, now makes beeps and boops when interacted with during the quest 'Just Between Us'.
    • Adventurers in Grimvault will once again be able to utilize their mailboxes!
    • There were once two Beam Tether Anchors in Western Grimvault's Fist of Azrion that floated high, high, high above the adventure and excitement of the ship's interior. These Beam Tether Anchors are no more!
    • Creatures killed by 'Big Mama' for quest 'I Shall Call Her...' in Grimvault will now grant credit.
    • The quest 'Xenophobia' has been turned into a different quest while you weren't looking.
    • Soldiers that appeared as part of Quest 'Minefields and Mischief' were too high level for the quest. Dropped them to an appropriate level.
    • The mysterious voice thanking Players after completing the quest 'Big Badda Boom' is no more.
    • The quest 'Straight to the Heart' in Grimvault now points to the position of the Commander instead of an arbitrary location.
    • Spineridge Intel spawns--which are part of the 'Knowing the Enemy' quest in the Spineridge Nest of Southern Grimvault--now rest on the terrain, as opposed to inside the terrain, as it was meant to be.
    • Players now pick up Spineridge Intel during quest ‘Knowing The Enemy’, which matches the objective.
    • Fixed the Soldier Mission, 'Ghostwing' where the mission target was hard to target and kill, increased time for players to attack the target, and fixed the creature's pathing to match closer to art changes.
    • Dominion Soldier in Creeping Abyss was moved out of the goo to a less submerged location
    • The active radius for the challenge 'Grimvault Reaper' in Western Grimvault is now much larger, including as many applicable enemy creatures as currently possible.
    • Some target crates associated with the collection challenge 'What's in the Box' in the Fist of Azrion and Widowmaker in Western Grimvault were in inaccessible places. Now, they are in accessible places.
    • Fixed holdout not activating for quest 'Clean Room'.
    • The vendors at Stonebreakers Post were moved to more appropriate locations around the outpost.
    • The challenge 'Peep Chase' will now start when Pronto the Peep is activated in Grimvault.
    • Removed the really, really large puddles of blood on the Rusthorn Stag corpses in Southern Grimvault.
    • Players can no longer unlock the Halon Ring challenge 'Rootbrutes Ravager'.
    • Quest 'Blaze of Glory' in the Widowmaker located in Western Grimvault can now be given to the player via Datachron.
    • When opening cryopods on the floor during the 'Freedom' quest in the crashed Fist of Azrion and Widowmaker ships, the cryopods vent a hissing steam! Meanwhile, there's a much greater chance of rescuing a friendly soldier from the cryopods on this quest without an ambush from a hostile creature. The corrupt humanoids freed from cryopods no longer act dizzy, and a floating corpse in the Widowmaker in the air above the 'Freedom' quest area now rests firmly on a floor. Hurray!
    • The turret prop for the Grimvault quest 'Good Intentions' now faces the correct direction towards the entrance.
    • The quest 'Sudden Impact' in Grimvault now mentions the correct location, Silverwaste, in the journal.
    • The Defiled World Destroyer will no longer always be at full health.
    • The Used Bike in the Creeping Abyss In Grimvault was removed.
    • Corrupt Eggs now stacks and does not fill up your inventory.
    • Fixed a visual effect delay when activating dead scrabs for quest 'Garbage Collection' in Grimvault.
    • Fixed issues with injured soldiers not properly despawning when you saved them for 'Not on my Watch' in Grimvault.
    • The Broken Pylon for the 'Relic of the Past' quest now has collision and the correct activation animation.
    • Creeping Eyestalks should no longer be stuck underground.
    • Guards/NPCs around the Shattered Sands and Fractured Fields now enter into combat with hostile creatures.
    • On the Soldier Mission, 'Constructive Interference' we added broader map locations to point player on the map where to go.
    • Changed code so that only one platform spawns when a settler activates the control panel on the batteries in Grimvault.
    • On the Soldier Mission, 'Strained Eggs', we changed visuals for the mission to match tone of gameplay in the zone.
    • Clones of Stormtalon in the Bio Mech Facility in Grimvault can no longer be mistaken for hostile monsters on mouse-over.
    • Western Grimvault's Datacubes pertaining to the Genetic Archives and Vorion Madness are no longer deep beneath the gameplay space, but rather upon accessible terrain for the people to enjoy!
    • Interior directions for the quest, 'A Light At the End' weren't working properly. But they are now. *glares at directions*
    • The Bio-Mech Facility force fields are now fully operational.
    • Augmented Vulcarrion in the Bio-Mech Facility of Western Grimvault no longer fly through the ground.
    • Grimvault settler resources placed so they will not be floating.
    • Rearranged creature holdout composition for quest 'Hot Drop Troopers' to ensure some creature had telegraph attacks instead of all auto-attacks.
    • Added 'Propane Blast' spell tooltips for the Flank Tanks in Grimvault quest 'Gates of Fire'.
    • Moved a 'Loose Ammunition' box out of a barrier.
    • Grimvault datacubes now display their correct names.
    • Datacubes in Grimvault placed in faction-specific zones cannot be seen by the other faction
    • Tales From Beyond the Fringe volume in the Strain tunnels of Western Grimvault is no longer concealed by Strain goo.
    • Datacubes associated with the Phage Cannons in Southern Grimvault are now placed inside their respective cannons.
    • Broken Fuselage' objects in Grimvault now give class resources when damaged during the quest 'Edge of Twilight'.
    • The Settler Neighborhood Specialist in the Vigilant Incursion in Grimvault now teleports you to your house, as expected.
    • Changed 'Corruptive Aura' spell in Grimvault to flat damage instead of based on health percentage
    • All instances of Communal Altar changed to Terrace of Harmony.
    • All cryoglider eggs in Cryomere, Western Grimvault, are now placed in 'Egg Hunt' quest's objective location.
    • The Hungering Fingers in Grimvault now trap you and do not allow you to attack while you are trapped.
    • Removed unintended experience gain from holdout creatures associated with quest 'Welcoming Committee'.
    • The Corrupted Giant no longer teleports all over the place, and has to walk back and forth like everyone else.
    • Stemdragon was displaying erratic movement. Sent it home for being drunk and replaced it with a less erratic one.
    • Corrupted Destroyer was reportedly engaging in gravity defying hijinks. Restricted him to gravity-bound lowjinks.
    • Corrupted Mammodin was displaying some herky-jerky vertical movement. Locked him down to either herky or jerky.
    • Players can no longer receive Exanite Slivers in Grimvault, no matter which path they are.
    • Removed unintended experience gain from Clone of Stormtalon creature in Grimvault.
    • Moved some scrabs that were getting stuck in the terrain, and now the poor, poor Scrabs are able to roam freeeeeee!
    • A floating Beam Tether in the Widowmaker in Grimvault has been fastened to the structure of the ship, as was meant to be,
    • When players fail the ‘Freedom Of Information’ quest, they are now teleported to a location that has level ground.
    • Removed instances of '$(player.name)' in event-driven NPC dialog in the Grimvault quest 'Freedom', since that string is no longer supported.
    • Removed a typo in the quest text for the quest 'No Remorse'. Now anyone who finished the quest will be left to wonder which word was spelled incorrectly.
    • Respawned a Dead Infectious Trooper so he no longer clips through the terrain.
    • The Keeper's Sanctum has a fancy new look. Check it out!
    • Fixed a location link that was pointing at an incorrect location for quest, 'Just Another Brick'.
    • Expanded target Gronyx hunting area for quest 'Sudden Impact'.
    • Fixed typo in quest 'Beyond the Wall'.
    • Players can now safely teleport between Spineridge Nest and the Corrupted Installations.
    • Logic Constructs now drop Logic Orbs when scanned.
    • An Exile soldier has been extracted from the Grimvault scenery.
    • Fixed prematurely disappearing stoves.
    • Players now play an animation while activating the corrupted generators in Blighthaven during the quest 'Filth Begone'
    • Fancy-dancy props placed all over Grimvault in the Pell Sanctuary.
    • Replaced some FX emitters associated with a cinematic at the conclusion of the episode in the Cankertube Swamp of Grimvault.
    • Clone of the Invoker now has a display group that doesn't prohibit movement.
    • Bosses for the 'Big Game Hunters' quest targets (and other relevant Genesis-spawned objects) are now in correct areas.
    • Fixed chompacabras spawning in one location for the holdout for 'Science without Bounds'.
    • Farmer's Market merchants now have new clothes.
    • Fixed a bug where Bingo Jami's datapad was being spawned in underneath terrain, rendering the quest impossible to complete.
    • Rescued Exiles and Dominions in Grimvault now spawn at the appropriate level and cannot be exploited for experience or loot.
    • Infested Dominion Draken Males are now properly dressed in Strain-corrupted attire.
    • The boss fight for the quest 'Occasionally, Power Uncorrupts' is now harder.
    • Air globes around the teleporters in Blighthaven now have no nameplates and cannot be selected.
    • Settler Resource in Shattered Sands are no longer floating.
    • Changed references to Department YYZ in the Grimvault quest 'The Things That Should Not Be' from 'Department XYZ' to the intended 'Department YYZ'.
    • Spawned some flavor characters to flee in terror in order to help sell the danger of a scene. FEEL THE DANGER!
    • Switched Quest 'Filth Begone!' to be given by comm call if certain zones are entered. Are these zones dangerous? You bet.
    • Reduced the number of kills necessary for the quest 'Starting from Scratch'.
    • Added more backstory to the quest 'Cusinier Commando'. Like, at least 15% more backstory.
    • Punched up the humor for the Quest 'Cusinier Commando'.
    • Injured Troopers in the Bravo Company Crash Site in Grimvault can now be selected while not on quest 'Not On My Watch'.
    • The quest 'Synthesis' and 'Containing the Destruction' in Grimvault will now fail on log out and will be re-offered on log in.
    • An inanimate object was missing its exclamation mark in the quest, 'I Shall Call Her'.
    • Trilius Pates' Journal is no longer submerged in the dirt of the Ethereal Cavity in Southern Grimvault.
    • Updated the receiver location for 'An Unexpected Enemy' in Grimvault to properly point to Deadeye Brightland.
    • Adjusted spell 'Ring Of Fire' to better match animations for the Tanks for quest 'Gates of Fire' in Grimvault.
    • Added playspace to Exile camp in Grimvault swamp.
    • Mammodin Titan no longer jumps while patrolling.
    • Three instances of Lucy Lazarin have had their affiliations updated.
    • Players that die on the Holy Platform will now respawn at Keeper's Sanctuary.
    • Blighthaven map points of interest have been updated to use correct names and call attention to important locations throughout the zone.
    • Removed health bars and false hope from Dead Soldier NPCs in Radiant Dawn Alpha.
    • Fixed subzone boundary for Arborian Camp. It should once again show up on the map.
    • Platforms in Outer Core Chamber should no longer clip with the floor.
    • Addressed an issue where the quest 'The Never Ending Corruption' would not be given to the player upon meeting certain conditions.
    • Scientist Mission 'Long-Term Effects' was not giving the player micro directions. It is now!
    • Spotlights no longer shine on Dominion players who participate in the 'A Bad Call' quest within the Fist of Azrion in Western Grimvault.
    • The elites in Grimvault have been renamed to include the common 'Ultraform' descriptor.
    • Issue was fixed in Soldier path mission 'Strained Eggs' where the mission target was not displaying properly.
    • Directions given by guards are now sorted properly, making it easier to click on the option you want.
    • Illium has had major improvements and polish, including new architecture, theming, and details.
      • Due to the optimization and polish changes, navigation through the city may be a little different than players are used to.
    • Removed holes in the ground in Illium that the Player could get trapped in.
    • Fixed an area in Illium where the water appeared to abruptly end.
    • Roof tinting has been improved. Check out that tint!
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Fixed several disappearing terrain issues throughout zone.
    • Flagged bushes and flowers in Illium to eliminate rocky camera collision.
    • Fixed several holes in zone that allowed Players to go where they shouldn't.
    • Moved training kiosk forward.
    • Players should no longer get stuck on roadside flowers.
    • Bushes were removed from Illium because they were messing with the camera. Nobody messes with the camera.
    • Added missing holograms and raised them higher to help with navigation in both capital cities.
    • Moved Dominion Explorers in Illium further away from stairs to prevent clipping of Draken tails into art.
    • All Settler depots and resources throughout Illium should now be accessible.
    • Captain Cryzin now properly sends players to Grimvault from Illium.
    • NPC's inside of the Housing of the Future in Illium have been adjusted to fit with the new art update and are no longer floating.
    • Due to internal restructuring, several corporate representatives have now departed from Illium.
    • U-Craft Express Vendbots have been installed in several key locations in the Illium tradeskills district. Craft for the good of the Dominion, citizens!
    • Fixed Issues with the display panels not being able to be activated in the Housing of the Future area in Illium.
    • Visual performance has been improved throughout Illium.
    • The Delivery Plans in Illium no longer display a 'Talk To' interaction to players.
    • The Help Wanted challenge in Illium is now working in Legion's Way.
    • Illium Guardsmen are no longer hiding in bushes, floating in the air, or hanging out in walls.
    • Level 50 Dominion players can no longer accept the quest 'Northern Wilds Offensive' in Illium.
    • There are now signs outside the three trade skill buildings in Illium.
    • Settler resource distribution in Illium has been optimized, leading to some resources moving to new locations to support a stronger player experience.
    • Illium Transport Ships are now moving faster in Illium.
    • Illium Citizens in the Housing Initiative line are no longer clipping through the stairs.
    • Squadron Pilot in Illium no longer slipping into aircraft.
    • Flying Imperium transports no longer have their landing gear down.
    • Flying Imperium Transports in Illium no longer path through buildings in the city.
    • Personal and Guild Depositrons are no longer displaying health bars and portraits. They have also had their last acknowledgement of their sentience stripped from their interactions.
    • All crafting tables in Illium are now completely functional.
    • The vendor buildings and trade skill buildings in Illium now have names.
    • Illium litter placement adjusted so now all trash is within reach of janitorial staff.
    • The randomized NPC groups in Illium have been reduced to improve performance in the capital city.
    • NPCs in Illium have been optimized to reduce lag.
    • Merchant Beatrice in Thayd and Merchant Bumbil have had their item restocking fixed.
    • Merchant Keka in Illium no longer has dialog indicating she sells weapons.
    • Captain Pallas is now the only Pilot in Illium offering transport to Malgrave.
    • The quest log now uses pronouns consistently in the quest 'Vouchers: What Are They Good For?'
    • Illium Grass Cutter NPCs have new paths through the Luminous Gardens.
    • The Engraving Station in Illium is no longer under the world.
    • Moved Illium Janitor out of a wall in Illium.
    • Some of the new buildings in Illium have names now.
    • The Housing of the Future tram now has a new path.
    • The Housing of the Future quests now require players to interact with the display cases inside of the exhibit.
    Levian Bay
    • Adjusted a raindrop effect that was improperly placed in Levian Bay.
    • Fixed camera collision on mushrooms in Levian Bay.
    • Some control panels and other objects should now properly have collision in Levian Bay.
    • The Artemis Zin interview journal is now in a different location so players will not have their attempts to read it cancelled out by unintended interactions.
    • Quest turn-in directions are now functional for players doing 'Unwelcome Guests' in Levian Bay that choose to turn in the quest in person.
    • Eldan Probe Constructs will no longer carry two-handed swords.
    • The difficulty level of Moltan's adds has been lowered, and the cooldown between summons has been increased.
    • Sandthorne Thornpoint - Healing Rain has had its healing power reduced.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Removed collision on posts surrounding Windscourge boss fight.
    • Spidertron can now hit you no matter where you hide.
    • Several terrain issues fixed throughout zone.
    • Camera issues were resolved in the Skittering Sand.
    • The Isigrol Continent map was updated with proper names and zone boundaries.
    • Adjusted settings on a Protostar Rock Crusher so it looks less funky, and yes, that’s a technical term.
    • Players can no longer target creatures through walls.
    • Safes for Scientist path mission 'TECHNOLOGY: Safecracking' now show up on the map correctly.
    • The comm call leading Players from Wilderrun to Malgrave will now fire when the player becomes eligible.
    • Made the quest guide arrow for Tin-Ear Tatum in quest 'Bret's Lackeys' go to the correct spot.
    • Fixed quest text typo referring to a wrong location in quest 'Recovering Stolen Property' in Malgrave.
    • Fixed Soldier Mission, 'Stemming the Tide... of Stemdragons' issue where Espers were not generating psi-points on attacking burrows.
    • The Protostar Propaganda Evaluation Officer had a typo in his name. We fixed it, and told him he was special.
    • Updated locations for Loose Loftite Deposits in Malgrave so they are no longer clipping into terrain
    • Hellrose Bowl: Altered objective text for Second Quarter to be clearer.
    • Fixed an issue with Soldier Mission, 'Worst Maintenance Ever' where the visuals were not displaying properly.
    • Patrolling citizens and livestock no longer walk into each other in Sunstorm Village of Malgrave.
    • Scourwind Headthumpers and Mudrunners in Scourwind Village, Malgrave, will now give Nemesis region reputation for the Malgrave Outriders.
    • Bluff Bulls in the Fiera Bluffs of Malgrave can no longer be exploited for experience points.
    • The Shinysand Oasis Taxi Kiosk will now unlock the Area 77 destination if you are on quests 'They Got What We Need' or 'War Profiteering'.
    • The Crimson Gorgers are now separated in such a way that they are not intersecting with each other.
    • Changed the explorer interaction text for Treasure Hunter Miki from 'examine' to 'talk to Treasure Hunter Miki'
    • SCAVENGER HUNT: 'Farshade Scavenger' - The world map and navigation arrow will now direct Explorers to the proper search area.
    • A Lowborn Porter in Fort Dominus, Malgrave will no longer walk through crates.
    • Moved the location points on the map screen for quests 'Boring but Vital' and 'Scrab Menace' so they don't directly overlap.
    • Highborn travelers in Fort Dominus in Malgrave are now sleeping the correct way on their sleeping bags!
    • The Malgrave map labels for Camp Devotion and Pillager's Landing should no longer overlap.
    • Players traveling from Illium to Malgrave will now arrive safely on the landing platform, out of harm's way
    • Fixed the quest arrow for quest 'Labor Issues'. It was pointing away from targets before.
    • Made the quest arrow point at the Shardspire Foreman when turning in the quest 'A Hiccup in Harvesting' instead of at the sky.
    • The quest 'The Town of Gravestone' now more clearly directs players to the South Gate, where it is turned in.
    • Lady Briarthorn in Shardspire Canyon, Malgrave now has hit points befitting a manager of her stature.
    • The completed and achieved text for the quest Prisoners of the Cube in Malgrave now references the correct NPC.
    • Malgrave Settler VendBots now have appropriate level and items for sale.
    • Inaccessible Settler resource in Malgrave have been repositioned.
    • Attempting to collect stolen Lopp property in Malgrave sometimes failed on the first try. This has been corrected.
    • Objective indicators for the quest 'Clear the Beach' in Malgrave now point to the correct area.
    • The Cactoid will no longer kill the Leviathan beast in Containment Facility R-12 with one hit of its spikes.
    • Moved a Roan Skull so it wouldn't be hidden under a giant robot in Malgrave.
    • The dust devil near Flamedancer Enclave in Malgrave will now properly stay on the ground where it belongs.
    • Settler resources will no longer be floating in Malgrave.
    • The hologram of Overlord Rix in the sunken ship in Malgrave now goes away once you've completed quest Artificial Mastermind.
    • Malgrave: 'Burning Curiosity' journal Pages are no longer underground.
    • Safes scannable by scientists for mission 'TECHNOLOGY: Safecracking' are now placed right near dangerous zones, where they belong.
    • The Burning Journal: Moved Singed Pages out of a mountainside.
    • The Personal Assist-O-Bot in the quest 'Up the Creek, Ready for Battle' no longer displays his ultra-secret internal name. Sorry.
    • Players can now stand on the Big Giant Head in Sparkmire Mine.
    • Sunstorm Researchers no longer float above the platform they are standing on in Malgrave.
    • The 'Massive Skull' is no longer able to be selected.
    • Marshall Yatish will no longer be visible in two nearby places at once in Malgrave.
    • The Loot Icon for Protostar Broadcasting Equipment in Malgrave is now a gadget instead of a skull."
    • The Tales from Beyond the Fringe in Maintenance Lift 1 is no longer floating.
    • Updated model display on Loose Loftite Deposits and added Loftite fragment loot piñata upon scans.
    • You can no longer walk through the Flamedancer Cage.
    • Shaman Arokya in Malgrave now properly displays a nameplate with image and health bar.
    • Players can now jump over the volleyball net in Shinysand Oasis.
    • A Dust Devil in Malgrave Will no longer spawn/move under the ground.
    • Timed Explosives for the quest An Explosive Situation in Malgrave will no longer clip through props.
    • Typos were fixed in the mission 'Worst Maintenance Ever'.
    • Fixed and issue with Soldier Mission, ‘Older than Dirt’ where the NPC was displaying text improperly.
    • Players taking damage from the overheating Reactor Core during the 'Critical Containment' event in Malgrave will now be able to activate any necessary creatures.
    • Players will now properly receive a Hazmat Suit buff for the final objectives of the 'Critical Containment' Public Event in Malgrave.
    • All communicator messages sent to Dominion and Exile players during the 'Critical Containment' event in Malgrave are now longer by at least three seconds.
    • Players will no longer encounter issues if they attempt to receive several victory and quest spells while mounted during the 'Critical Containment' Public Event In Malgrave.
    Hellrose Bowl
    • Increased frequency of Protostar Sprinklers spawning.
    • Protostar Sprinklers are now smaller.
    • Protostar Sprinkler’s ‘Soaking Wet’ telegraph has had its duration increased and its size reduced.
    • Increased effect and decreased duration of ‘Soaking Wet’ buff/debuff.
    • Hellrose Firebloom has become much less frequent.
    • Hellroses will no longer cast Firebloom on the same spot as another Hellrose.
    • Bosses will now properly receive the ‘Soaking Wet’ debuff.
    • Added visuals to ‘Soaking Wet’ spell.
    • Added Protostar Cambots to the event.
    • Rewrote Hellrose Bowl objective texts to be clearer.
    • Reduced number of Emberclan Moodies in the first quarter.
    • There is now a short delay between groups of Emberclan Moodies appearing.
    • Emberclan Moodies will now appear in locations less likely to ambush players.
    • The break between the first and second quarter has been lengthened to eighty seconds, up from fifty.
    • The second quarter has been altered to be more straightforward. There are now two groups of Cubigs instead of five. Voreth embers will try to move to the cubigs and use their fire blast to kill them. The objective is failed if all the cubigs in either group are killed.
    • Hellrose Bowl spectators have either been optimized or removed, and the stadium is now in its own phase. This should improve visual performance during the event.
    • Players should properly enter combat when attacking a Voreth Ember.
    • Makeshift Merfee has been given a race-lift.
    • Makeshift Merfee will no longer grow indefinitely when casting Fiery Temper.
    • Players now need to kill Moltan in under five minutes to enter overtime, down from ten minutes.
    • Moltan now has exciting intro visual effects.
    • Overtime objective now lasts for ten minutes, down from twenty.
    • Pyre Everflame now has amazing intro visual effects.
    Northern Wilds
    • The outer door to Exo-Lab 729 in Northern Wilds once again opens to players.
    • Sank force field into the ground in Northern Wilds.
    • While on quest 'Indigenous Intelligence' in Northern Wilds, players will have a more accurate quest direction arrow pointing towards Scientist Lusk.
    • Players in Northern Wilds who make it to the Algoroc zone will now be correctly teleported to Algoroc in all cases.
    • When standing in front of the ship controls while on the quest 'More Important Than Revenge', the text in the UI will say 'Activate' instead of 'Exit'.
    • A Wounded Survivor had a full health bar. We re-wounded him to make his health bar more realistic.
    • Players can successfully complete the 'Dominion Ultrabot' public event in Northern Wilds by eliminating the boss, The Dominion Ultrabot.
    • Players are able to travel to Algoroc with the 'More Important Than Revenge' quest active.
    • The Vitalium Glow in Northern Wilds will now fade properly (i.e. 30 seconds after a Scientist triggers it).
    • Directions given by guards are now sorted properly, making it easier to click on the option you want.
    • Various architectural changes have been made to improve game performance throughout the city.
    • Some areas have had added polish, with new props and throughout.
    • The engines of the spaceship that holds the museum in Thayd should no longer flicker or disappear.
    • Fixed an issue where the outside world would vanish while looking out from the Auction House in Thayd.
    • Vendors all over Thayd should look better now.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Removed some items that were causing characters to get stuck in Thayd.
    • Added pillar to keep players from getting stuck between rocks.
    • Terrain at Walker's Bluff should no longer flicker into and out of view.
    • Players should no longer be able to get stuck behind the bleachers in the Court of Judgment.
    • Guide arrows for Thayd's museum quests now point to the objectives correctly.
    • NPCs have been optimized to increase performance throughout the zone.
    • The Matria's Den now has furniture.
    • The poor defenseless Thayd NPCs of the Alchemist's Maze can no longer be attacked by Dominion players. You heartless monsters!
    • Housing of the Future displays in Thayd can now be right-clicked.
    • You should no longer get stuck while sitting on crates.
    • Guild Registrar Elwick has updated his uniform to the latest in Exile standards.
    • Added new decorations for interior of Dorian Walker's ship.
    • The random visual groups have been reduced to improve performance.
    • Warbot for the Soldier Mission 'Warbots need Gigawatts' is no longer floating.
    • Due to corporate restructuring, several vendors in Thayd have been transferred off-world.
    • U-Craft Express Vendbots have now been installed in the Tradeskills district.
    • A Galactic Shopper NPC is no longer stuck inside a wall in the Thayd Housing of the Future area.
    • Thayd Citizens are now queued up correctly at the Protostar Booth outside the Housing of the Future area.
    • Floating NPCs in Thayd's Housing of the Future area are now grounded correctly.
    • Judge Goodhill and Judge Willowrun in Thayd are no longer imbedded in a platform.
    • The Floating Hoogle Statue is now able to be scanned properly.
    • Adjusted the Housing Model in Thayd to properly display over the Hologram Base model.
    • A few chairs in Thayd have been removed.
    • Players will now have to correctly target Vind in the 'Bursting their Bubble' Challenge.
    • Quests for the Capital Cities Illium and Thayd now have their own categories instead of being put into World Story.
    • Addressed an issue where the Galeras zone map would be displayed before exiting Thayd.
    • NPCs in Illium Court of Judgment no longer are clipping through their benches.
    • Names should no longer show as grey if the NPC is significantly under-leveled and is friendly.
    • The issue where burning some Soldier Corpses did not count toward the 'Extra Crispy' quest has been resolved.
    • Darkice Shaman - Fixed telegraph timing of Hydro Blast.
    • The challenge "Augmented Tissue Samples" will no longer end as soon as the Bronze tier is achieved.
    • Players who completed 'Elemental Origin' before completing 'Subterranean Grave' or 'Reclaiming the Lower Levels' will no longer get locked out of completing or acquiring these two quests. Inventor Tazzo can now give and receive these quests regardless of whether he is inside or outside of the XAS Research Cave.
    • Wiping to Metal Maw Prime will no longer cause him to despawn after 30 seconds.
    • Several areas in Whitevale where you could get stuck have been fixed.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Updated map locations for Biology: Soulcore Monstrosities Scientist path mission.
    • Fixed issue in Soldier Holdout mission "Defend the Village" where the enemies did not immediately attack the Player.
    • Icebay Charr in Whitevale no longer trigger a challenge.
    • The quest 'Cold and Getting Colder' now shows up under Whitevale in the quest log.
    • The 'Organic Combination' datacube is no longer embedded in a structure.
    • Updated Walatusk Lungs spell to no longer get removed when the caster dies
    • Explorers no longer have to do a color puzzle to open the Secured Chest in Whitevale.
    • The Chua Thawing Laser no longer plays an ice shattering effect if the player interrupts the spell cast.
    • There are no more flying Shellarks in Whitevale. Maybe you didn't believe in them hard enough.
    • The Drunken Daredevil is no longer sitting on his drink table.
    • The 'Augmented Tissue Samples' challenge in Whitevale now starts upon collecting samples from nearby Truthbound Converts.
    • The 'Into The Undertow' quest in Whitevale no longer displays duplicate objectives in the quest log.
    • The Lopp Caravans in Whitevale now properly display their names when the player isn't riding them.
    • Fixed the name display of the Protostar Corporate vendor at Synergy Station.
    • Fixed an issue with the Soldier Mission, 'A Hydronamic Blast' where the tanks were re-activatable after getting disconnected.
    • Corrected location in 'The Intern' to point to the correct objective.
    • Matria Paleblossom properly displays her level to players.
    • Failed sitting crate removed in Whitevale.
    • To the relief of everyone in Whitevale, flying Squirg zombies have disappeared.
    • Players searching for fuses in Redmoon's Ruin will not be given directions that lead them away from fuses.
    • Added location to objective for 'Titanium on my Mind' quest.
    • Fixed map indicator on 'Last Man Standing' quest in Thermock Hold.
    • Spell Visuals for Calmwater Attunement Spell now display.
    • Wooden crates and barrels in the 'Crimelords of Whitevale' adventure now have collision.
    • Players who completed 'Elemental Origin' before completing 'Subterranean Grave' or 'Reclaiming the Lower Levels' will no longer get locked out of completing or acquiring these two quests. Inventor Tazzo can now give and receive these quests regardless of whether he is inside or outside of the XAS Research Cave.
    • Prime Gillsting no longer breaks while making his way to his Silverscale Dreadnaught if the player goes into stealth.
    • Skittering Destructobot no longer resets in combat in Whitevale.
    • The Spell for the 'Bug Sweep' quest will no longer be castable outside of Thermock Hold.
    • The Covert-A-Tron Detectors in Thermock Hold have had maintenance performed on them to ensure optimal functionality in ferreting out stealthed Dominion spies and bugs!
    • The 'Fluid Instability' datacube is now spawned on the surface.
    • Players can now interact with the altars for 'The Calmwater Ritual' from closer range.
    • The Soulcore Cage in Whitevale now correctly knocks back players that pass through it.
    • Taxis traveling to and from Thermock Hold in Whitevale now have a trajectory that is closer to the water to avoid air traffic near the depot.
    • Players can no longer run through the cages in the Bot Cave in Whitevale.
    • Player can no longer activate Krag's Hoverbike for quest 'Priorities' while mounted in Whitevale.
    • The quest arrow for 'Reclaiming the Lower Levels' now points to the correct NPC.
    • Bar patrons in Thermock Hold no longer float.
    • Fixed an issue with Scientist mission, 'Silversnout'. Targets, and the area properly reflects the population.
    • Removed Coralscale node from wall in Whitevale.
    • In Portside of Starboard, Players that exit the game in the Fortune's Fool ship will no longer fall out of the world upon reentering the game.
    • Deathbringer Kala should now have spells and should now perform at the proper level of difficulty.
    • The quest ability for the Wilderrun quest ‘Soulrot Survivor’ will now trigger the grenade properly.
    • Water in the Gamma Ruins should now properly reach the shore.
    • Players should no longer be able to get behind the instance portal into Torine Sanctuary.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Fixed a spot where the player could get stuck under a waterfall in Wilderrun.
    • Fixed a spot where the player could be trapped in a hole in Kel Ulgar in Wilderrun.
    • Fixed a spot where the player could get trapped under a tree in Wilderrun.
    • Removed camera collision from purple flowers in Wilderrun.
    • Blocked off a hole the player could get stuck in.
    • NPCs have been optimized to increase performance throughout the zone.
    • Rare creatures have been added to all relevant quests, challenges, and missions throughout the zone.
    • The Spirevale Elemental reputation in Wilderrun will now function properly.
    • Completing 'Ehel's Lost Amulet' will consume the item that grants the quest. Updated quest receiver location for 'Ehel's Lost Amulet' to account for whether Ehel is in Sister's Watch or Deathbringer Hollow.
    • Artemis Zin will no longer fall into the large vine when scaling the tree at Giant's Wall.
    • Changed the icon on the Virtual Item 'To Serve Snoglugs' in Wilderrun for the 'Misplaced Manuscripts' quest.
    • Players can no longer complete 'Forging the Lifecaller Staff' before accepting the 'Lifecaller Initiation'
    • Players will now be dismounted when moving during the red light for the challenge 'Red Light Green Light' in Wilderrun.
    • The challenge 'Loot of the Lost' in Wilderrun will now start correctly regardless of which treasure pile you use.
    • Fixed a typo in the Strain Toxin effect tooltip.
    • The Unassuming Boxes in Wilderrun used to have a typo in their name, making them less unassuming.
    • Players can no longer get the quests 'Barhun's Head' or 'Skull of the Eviscerator' before 'The Big Game' quest in Wilderrun.
    • The Wildfall Watchbots in the Torine Hunting Grounds of Wilderrun now have the proper Torine Sisterhood Faction.
    • Players can no longer interact with beer cans in the opposing faction’s base in Wilderrun.
    • Salvaged Data Terminals can now be used after completing the 'BIOLOGY: The Servants of Toria' mission.
    • Adjusted some Torine Pumera spawns near Blademother's Refuge to stop them from moving through solid objects all willy-nilly.
    • Fixed an issue with 'The Sacred Ruins' intro text incorrectly referring to Tresayn'e Trials.
    • The 'Sacred Ruins' quest helper arrow will always point to the correct location of the Caretaker.
    • The 'Sacred Ruins' is no longer offered if 'Tresayne's Late Arrival' is already achieved.
    • Stronger creatures now drop more items for the quests 'Prowler Pelts' and 'Grizzled Giants'.
    • A beer can is no longer clipping through a fallen tree in Fool’s Hope.
    • Players will no longer get the Blind effect stuck on them from the Soulrot Canisters in Wilderrun.
    • Tresayne Toria's Perfect Strike lore collectable will no longer get stuck inside the settler structures in Wilderrun.
    • The Statue of Korol the Devout for the quest ‘Trial of Devotion’ can now be activated consistently.
    • Constructs in Biometrics Facility Gamma renamed to Gamma Protector, Gamma Blaster, and Gamma Maintenance Drone.
    • Episode Completion, ‘The Luminai Project' no longer includes quest 'Echoes of the Past'.
    • Extended the Sanctuary Hill subzone to cover the entrance to the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden.
    • Players can now sprint when polymorphed as a splorg or rowsdower for the 'Crafty Critter' quest in Wilderrun.
    • The attacking units in the 'Sample the Brew' quest holdout will now move to the holdout beacon if the player is stealthed.
    • The quest 'Encroaching Corruption' in Wilderrun no longer gives group credit.
    • Players can now collect Torine Lifewater from all the Torine around the Maiden Pool in Wilderrun for the quest 'Torine Lifewater'.
    • The teleporter in Gamma Ruins will send players into the Biometrics Facility Gamma exo-lab instead of bouncing them back to Gamma Ruins.
    • Scientists on the 'TECHNOLOGY: Osun Forgemastery' mission will now be directed to the appropriate area to find targets.
    • The 'Deep Exploration' Shiphand mission now correctly points back to the transport when the player exits the instance without completing the quest.
    • Players can now activate Researcher Anton's Field Journal in Wilderrun
    • Reaching Silver Medal requirements for the Wilderrun Challenge 'Soul Sanctification' will no longer cause the blue 'spectral' filter to disappear.
    • The 'Torine Troubles' challenge will no longer unlock when killing Torine outside of Celestion.
    • 'The Sacred Ruins' quest's XP reward was reduced slightly. The 'Echoes of the Past' quest's XP reward was increased slightly.
    • The T-spell for the 'Soulrot Survivor' quest will now function properly.
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    Youngstown, OH

    • Sim Cores - Added permanent visual effects to the sim core interface pads.
    • Adventure Hubs - It is no longer possible to gate through the Sim Core's interface pad and get stuck with the Synchronization spell on you.
    • Tri-Blaster in Adventures now only hits players that are within the telegraph when the missiles reach the telegraphs.
    • The green Eldan sky will correctly display if players log out and back in during the intro of any adventure.
    • Chain Gun in Adventures no longer plays extra sound effects after the spell is completed.
    Riot in the Void
    • It is no longer possible to get stuck floating in space indefinitely after jumping off the cliff at Void's Gate in the Astrovoid Adventure.
    • During the Astrovoid Adventure ‘Shooting Gallery’, killing only some of the clusters and allowing the rest to respawn will no longer stop the quest from progressing.
    • Fixed a player camera issue near the entrance to the prison.
    • Secured a floating tool rack to the ground in the Sigma block.
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to get stuck between two shipping containers.
    • Moved the gather ring for the Warden's Office so that it doesn't clip through the wall.
    • Chua should no longer have cameras clip through objects when starting the adventure.
    • Players who go outside the intro area will be teleported back to the hologram of the Warden.
    • Players entering the instance at different times will no longer cause the intro NPC to despawn.
    • Rioting Prisoners during 'Hardened Criminal' now spawn at a more reasonable rate.
    • Junk thrown around by Max-Sec Inmates is now scaled smaller.
    • The Warden's Office's door in Astrovoid Adventure now properly blocks line of sight as well as walls surrounding doors.
    The Hycrest Insurrection
    • Dominion Guardbots in The Hycrest Insurrection will no longer deal unreasonable amounts of damage.
    • Players entering the instance at different times will no longer cause the intro NPC to despawn.
    • Fixed a rare case where the player could wind up unable to jump if affected by the ‘Rocket Fall’ spell gained during the Hycrest Adventure.
    • A branch in Ayita's Tavern is no longer poking through a vase.
    • Fixed an issue where players were getting shot by snipers through the walls around the adventure's perimeter.
    • A section of ground no longer disappears when rotating the camera behind a hay bale nearby the gate in eastern Hycrest City.
    • The last player to load into the instance will no longer spawn outside the ship.
    • Fixed the occlusion walls around adventure Hycrest.
    • Hycrest Farmers are now better at keeping their distance from one another.
    War of the Wilds
    • In the Northern Wilds adventure, Flint/Panzera now correctly attacks Players during the introduction.
    • Fixed some performance issues that were causing the "Northern Wilds Adventure" map to crash.
    • Removed an unneeded holocrypt in the Northern Wilds Adventure.
    • Correct number of Moodies now spawn during the intro event for War of the Wilds.
    • Only the intro event for the correct faction now starts.
    • Sim Core N-12: The Skeech and Moodie holograms within the Sim Core now throw their snowballs a shorter distance so that players can interact with the vendor distraction free.
    • Skeech minions at the end of War of the Wilds no longer float in the air
    • Samu-Samu Chieftain will now appear as hostile to Players, and his Dark Energy Spell will now do 100% of a target's health in damage. This damage will be reduced the more stacks a player has of Battle Prowess.
    • Enemy champion tracking has been disabled.
    Siege of Tempest Refuge
    • Moved the Instance Portal in Skywatch so it will no longer clip the nearby cannon.
    • The Siege of Tempest Refuge now drops XP rewards throughout the adventure.
    • The Caretaker will now always appear in the correct location at the beginning of Siege of Tempest Refuge.
    • Only the intro event for the correct faction now starts.
    • Players should no longer see a 'generator' name plate over the holocrypt in the first base.
    • Players are no longer able to jump over the barricade at Tempest Refuge during the first stage of The Siege of Tempest Refuge.
    • In the Siege of Tempest Refuge, Saboteurs' Time Bombs will stop counting down after being disarmed.
    • During the intro event of Siege of Tempest Refuge, the city bounds now properly encapsulate the walls.
    • The Siege of Tempest Refuge now points to Kit Brinny and Lieutenant Feraakh for the “Talk to” objectives
    Crimelords of Whitevale
    • Resurrecting should no longer cause the water hazard to apply to you in the Whitevale Adventure.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • You should now be able to run through curtains in 'Clocker's Corner' in Whitevale.
    • We patched some player-eating holes in the Whitevale Adventure.
    • A Protostar sign can now no longer be walked through.
    • Fixed a ramp at the Crowe Family Homestead to make it less confusing to NPCs.
    • Fixed multiple issues that caused the 'Claim Turf' event to end before players had completed it.
    • ‘Sinking Suspicion' now starts properly.
    • The Holding Cells now properly point to locations.
    • Battlebot Ranged Auto-Attacks now play their visuals at the correct time.
    • Fixed a bug that made it possible to get hypothermia on land in Crimelords of Whitevale.
    • The Stolen Hoverbike now despawns after exploding during 'Gather Intelligence'.
    • Ric Longshanks properly stops near the entrance of the Null Point during the intro.
    • Fixed a floating NPC inside a shipping container on the Docks.
    • Sabotage ship no longer clips through terrain when sunk.
    • Fixed some underground spawns.
    The Malgrave Trail
    • Players should now be able to place defenses at Clunk's Scap-O-Teria.
    • Corrected camera collision on a Habanerobloom flower in the starting town.
    • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout zone.
    • Fixed a gap between props.
    • The event location on the minimap now matches Braithwait's actual position when traveling to Braithwait Ranch.
    • Fixed a typo in the tooltip for Radiation Exposure.
    • All fires in Thirsty Creek now cause damage.
    • Murk and Gurk now make sounds when they attack.
    • Deep-Space Disappearance
      • Updated the public objective indicator to cover all the crew members during the 'Talk to the Crew' objective.
      • Players will no longer get stuck when using the Maintenance Drone Repair Stations.
      • Ikthian Security Beam hazards will do a small amount of damage to enemy units except for Stormraker and Irontide the Venom Snake.
      • The 'Freeze Terramaw' objective now scales according to the group size.
      • Steelfin Abductors now count for the 'Kill Steelfin Forces' objective.
      • Fixed a floating monitor.
      • The ice block hazards will now function properly.
      • You should now no longer get stuck when you log out and back in after defeating the first Ikthian guard.
      • Security lasers now properly display their beam visual effects.
      • Logging out during the abduction cinematic no longer causes players to get stuck in the prison cells.
      • Players that are dead during transitions will be ported to the correct ship on resurrection.
      • When a group member logs out and back in all group members will no longer be teleported.
      • Optional group objectives should now be correctly labeled as such.
    • Gauntlet
      • Force field in the Gauntlet Main Event Arena no longer visible after the event is complete.
      • Players can no longer get double credit for unlocking a single door.
      • Players in the Gauntlet can no longer escape the splorg by standing in certain locations.
      • Players who leave during an encounter, and return before it resets will find themselves in the penalty box for that encounter.
      • Fixed an area of collision where Players were getting stuck by an open door.
    • Infestation
      • Crew member in the cargo bay is no longer moving boxes when he should be cowering in fear.
      • The quest arrows pointing to the vents at the start of the mission now point to the correct vents.
      • Several minor art issues fixed or optimized throughout.
      • Player must now speak to Foreman Krause before walking to the Abandoned Space Mine.
    • Outpost M-13
      • Players who get the Outpost M-13 quest in Ellevar or Celestion will have it properly advance upon killing the Hive Queen.
      • The Dominion transport ship now reads 'Return to Nexus' when you activate it.
    • Rage Logic
      • Moved Rage Enforcer spawn out of a wall.
      • Space Helmets are now working after resurrecting.
      • Overseers no longer grant experience.
      • Players on the asteroid will now have space helmets and be able to breathe!
      • Mine Doors will no longer display a health bar and nameplate.
      • Quest should now start more reliably, no longer blocking progress.
      • Speed on mounts adjusted to fix issue with players taking a large amount of damage when they hit a wall.
      • Corrected spelling error in final communication from Captain Switch.
      • Added a Return Console in the Positron.
      • The med packs now despawn automatically after 30 seconds if not picked up.
      • Adjusted sleeping bags so that they are placed properly.
    • Space Madness
      • All the 'Nightmares' killed should count towards the objective credit again.
      • Quest indicators are now drawn over hostile, and neutral unit indicators on the minimap.
      • A wire should no longer be intersecting with a door prop.
      • Players who die in the first half of the quest will now resurrect in the slightly safer airlock area.
      • The ladder to now displays the correct portal icon.
      • Quest will now advance correctly when boarding the ship, and can be turned in on completion without having to log out and in.

    • Completing a Dungeon Medal run now awards achievements for all lower tier medals as well.
    • All of the required and optional objectives in both the normal and veteran version of the dungeons now grant the proper XP.
    • Players who disconnect from a dungeon during a fight are now given a minute to log back in before they are removed from the group.
    • Updated all ranged auto attacks to have the proper missiles and visual effects.
    • Fixed an issue where a Relic node in Stormtalon was inaccessible
    • Added 2 more tornadoes to the gauntlet.
    • Added AI state so that Aethros chain-casts Torrent when players are too far away.
    • On Normal mode, Aethros now teleports to the middle of the room in between gauntlet phases.
    • On Normal mode, Aethros now changes positions within the room occasionally
    • On Veteran mode, Thunderbolt is cast more frequently now.
    • On Vereran mode, Gusts of Aethros now skip their top threat when casting Static Shock.
    • Gauntlet lightning strikes and tornadoes should now deal appropriate damage on Veteran difficulty.
    • Thundercall now applies a different knockback distance depending on how far away from Stormtalon the player is (further = less knockback). This should prevent players from getting knocked into the telegraph (unless they are standing in it to begin with).
    • On Veteran mode, Electric Charge damage reduced.
    • On Veteran mode, Visual effects added to Electric Charge.
    • Lightning Strike should no longer cast during Lightning Storm.
    • Lightning Storm should no longer cast during Thundercall.
    • Minor tweaks to Lightning Strike spell and telegraph.
    Overseer Drift-Catcher
    • No longer casts Static Paroxysm.
    Kel Voreth
    • On Veteran mode, damage pass done on all auto-attacks and telegraphs. Almost every ability's damage went up.
    • Increased interrupt armor on most creatures in the dungeon.
    Grond the Corpsemaker
    • Thrash center telegraph should knock players back.
    • Updated damage values on Mutilate and Thrash/Sand Blast, added buffer to avoid getting hit multiple times in quick succession.
    • Updated fleas to hate non-tank targets, and made them un-tauntable on veteran.
    • Updated cooldown timings on Mutilate .
    • Changed Blood Frenzy to increase outgoing damage instead of Assault Power.
    Slavemaster Drokk
    • Reduced the damage over time of Tracking Beacon by 20% and flagged it to Never Crit.
    • Reduced the damage over time of Lockdown by 60% and flagged it to Never Crit.
    • Fixed Suppression Wave's telegraph.
    • Now has infinite interrupt armor, removed only during Suppression Waves cast.
    • Bombshell Constructs now have slightly less HP.
    • Homing Barrage and Lockdown should no longer target pets.
    • Should be less likely to reset if DPS'd through a phase quicker than expected.
    Forgemaster Trogun
    • On Veteran mode, spell damage increased mostly across the board.
    • AI tweaks to help prevent Forgemaster's Call from casting when unintended.
    • On Veteran mode, Exanite Shards now apply a larger damage taken debuff accompanied by a damage over time effect and neither should stack.
    Darkwitch Gurka
    • On Veteran mode, reduced her Interrupt Armor during Blinding Dark by 1.
    Kel Voreth Darkwitch
    • Added a 1 second warm-up going into Rupture, giving players additional time to react.
    • Each swing of Rupture was stacking a damage buff equal to the number of targets hit (including pets) + 1. Now it only grants 1 stack per swing.
    • Significant clean up to the Darkwitch's abilities. Visual effects and telegraphs mainly.
    • Slight damage tweaks.
    Enslaved Protectors
    • Should no longer remain "alive" at 0 hit points and keep players in combat.
    Blood Pit Gladiators
    • Increased telegraph size for Mighty Swing.
    • Reduced cast time for Rampage.
    • Cleaned up animations for Rampage.
    • Harvesting nodes on Skullcano Island can no longer be continually harvested.
    • Completing Skullcano should no longer display a massive Lua error.
    • Enrage now increases his damage more than previously (35% on veteran, 20% on normal).
    • Thunderpound now does more damage.
    • On Normal mode, Seismic Tremor now deals less damage
    • Spore clouds now tick half as frequently (~0.5s per tick, instead of ~0.25s).
    • Slightly lowered his auto attack damage.
    • Added proper tooltips for Enraged Fury.
    • Movement speed increased by ~30%.
    • Can now move while auto attacking.
    Mordechai Redmoon
    • Should no longer sometimes aggro players before they enter his room.
    Molten Cavern
    • On Veteran mode, Improvements made to the safe-zone aura.
    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Corrupted Deathsting Swarmer: Telegraph wave now matches Stinger Charge cast time
    Deadringer Shallaos
    • Fixed a bug where Deadringer Shallaos could become temporarily invisible after the player casts Void Slip.
    • Deadringer Shallaos Should now correctly abort her Reverberation Wave phase upon resetting.
    • Phonic Concordance leap range extended to cover the entire encounter arena.
    Darkspeaker Rayna
    • Lava Pools no longer damage her.
    Spiritmother Selene
    • Players should no longer be disconnected upon defeating her.
    • Pounce damage increased, as well as the cooldown.
  8. Zap-Robo

    Zap-Robo Administrator • King Cupcake

    Aug 9, 2011
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    Youngstown, OH

    Genetic Archives
    • Bosses now have voice over!
    • Health and Damage values for Phageborn Convergence, Phage Maw, and Experiment X-89 revised to more closely match expected player gear.
    • Updated all bosses and mini bosses to be immune to most crowd control types (specifically movement related ones such as root).
    • Balance pass on HP and damage values for Kuralak the Defiler, Dreadphage Ohmna, Phageborn Convergence, Phage Maw, Experiment X-89, and Phagetech Prototypes.
    • Increased all respawn timers from ~2h to ~4h.
    • Instance layout should now randomize by week instead of day.
    • Fetid Miscreation should now spawn correctly if you reenter the instance after killing the Genetic Monstrosity.
    • Flagged most NPCs in the zone to be immune to root effects.
    • NPCs should no longer grant any reputation.
    • Creatures in the Corrupted Archives are now more willing to cross door thresholds.
    Experiment X-89
    • Should no longer sometimes cast Strain Bomb on two targets simultaneously.
    • Should be less likely to land partially above or below a platform after a leap.
    • Should no longer float in air for 2+ seconds upon a platform being destroyed beneath him.
    • Shattering Shockwave telegraph should no longer appear dangerous (the cross-hatch visuals) while casting.
    • Shattering Shockwave should be less likely to flip directions at the last moment.
    • Should now correctly cast Strain Bomb on his top threat consistently.
    • Several ability damage adjustments.
    • Should be less likely to interrupt casts in order to Leap at a target.
    • X-89 now destroys the bridge upon entering combat.
    • For 6 seconds after being affected by Strain Bomb, players should now be immune to Repugnant Spew.
    • Slightly increased cooldown between ability uses.
    • Big bombs no longer destroy platforms if the boss is out of combat.
    • Resounding Shout should now affect all players, instead of a random number of players.
    Kuralak the Defiler
    • Improved timing for some of her voice over lines.
    • Vileness damage and frequency have been adjusted.
    • Should no longer cast Center Overload at inappropriate times.
    • Vanish into Darkness' blind had its duration reduced slightly.
    • Incubation Strain Eggs are now somewhat smaller.
    • Anesthetize's damage doubled.
    • Fixed an issue where players standing very near Kuralak's hiding place during Vanish into Darkness were unable to see her.
    • Tainted Ventilation beams should no longer damage pets.
    • Getting hit by Vileness now doubles the damage taken by Vileness for a short duration.
    • Number of Vileness telegraphs increased to 3 per cycle, up from 2.
    • Giant laser beams now come out of the pillars.
    • Any remaining Pulsating Cocoons should now be cleaned up on Kuralak entering combat.
    • Kuralak's nameplate should no longer give hints as to where she's gone during Vanish into Darkness.
    • Changed how Chromosome Corruption works behind the scenes, it should now:
      • Kill you if you destroy 2 or more cocoons with a single spell.
      • Distribute additional corruption randomly if you destroy more than 3 cocoons with a single spell.
      • The amount of raid members corrupted corresponds to the total number of eggs destroyed by a single player at once.
      • Can no longer crit.
    Phagetech Prototypes
    • Added a delay between the Phagetech Protector's Black Hole and Pulsatron wave.
    • The Prototypes should no longer power up simultaneously after the first transition.
    • Should now be more willing to remain in combat.
    • Players who have returned to the main fight should no longer be killed when Phase Realm Presence ends.
    • Phagetech Augmentor should no longer sometimes fail to summon Repair Constructs when paired with the Phagetech Protector.
    • Gravitational Singularity should correctly despawn when the encounter resets or ends.
    • Destructo Bots are now immune to root.
    • Should no longer wipe their threat tables when they power down.
    • Player spells should no longer affect powered down Prototypes.
    • Radiation Pools should correctly clean up when the encounter is defeated.
    • Malicious Uplink should no longer attach to non-player units.
    • Defensive Translocation should not cast until 20 seconds after the Protector becomes active.
    Phage Maw
    • Plasma Storage Tanks can be thrown properly once again.
    • The laser beams should no longer sometimes fail to deal damage to players standing in them.
    • Detonation Bombs
      • Should now fire more consistently.
      • Are now launched in more controlled directions to prevent randomness from making their distribution too easy or hard.
      • Now 5 are spawned with each wave.
        • Additionally, after each Aerial Bombardment the count per wave increases by 1.
    • Plasma Tanks no longer despawn when thrown at a fully charged generator.
    • Aerial Bombardment cast time reduced to 45 seconds from 58 seconds.
    • Should no longer sometimes get stuck in the air.
    • Now casts Plasma Flower occasionally.
    • Hooked up visual effects for Plasma Flower.
    Phageborn Convergence
    • Spell damage values updated (most went way up).
    • Members of the Convergence should no longer despawn during the encounter
    • Symbeyeotic Pustules now proc once again.
    • Fleshmonger Vratorg's threat wipe revised to be less disruptive.
    • Noxmind's waves should now deal damage more consistently.
    • Members of the Convergence should no longer sometimes fail to perform a megacast.
    • Noxpests now have ~300k HP.
    • Fleshmonger Vratorg’s Mighty Leap now targets random players within 30m of the tank (prioritizes 15-30m range first).
    • Damage over time effects should no longer be triggering eyeballs during Channeling Energy
    • Blightweaver's auto-attacks flagged to not crit.
    Nanite Filled Room
    • Will no longer keep players in combat on completion.
    • Nanite Injection renamed to Nanite Expulsion.
    • Nanites Buff is now removed when exiting the room.
    • Nanite Expulsion is now triggered when the buff ends.
    • Nanite Expulsion cast time is now 2 seconds.
    • Players are no longer automatically kept in combat while in the room.
    Junkyard Dogs Room
    • Corrupted Beasts difficulty tier increased.
    • Corrupted Beasts now have infinite Interrupt Armor.
    • Improved messaging and visual effects.
    • Added immunity to most crowd control states.
    • Increased default health values.
    • Event should now reset correctly.
    • Should now keep players in combat for the duration of the event.
    Phageborn Egg Hallways
    • New buff icon for Noisy.
    • Gloop visual effects cleaned up.
    • Noisy now prevents out of combat health regeneration.
    • Updated tooltip for Acidification.
    • Eggs no longer grant rep.
    • Breaking an egg once again disorients the player.
    • Defeating the Genetic Monstrosity now disables the nearby Strain Egg hallways.
    • Added additional egg spawns along the outside of all 6 hallways.
    Lights Out
    • The doors should now close after the event starts.
    • Increased damage for Shockwave.
    • Players should now be kept in combat during the entirety of the event.
    • The moment of opportunity now only lasts 10 seconds.
    • The entrance door should now open upon event completion.
    Hideously Malformed Mutant
    • Is now a corrupted malverine (instead of a nerrid).
    • Reduced visual effects for summoned squirg.
    • Cellular Shed renamed to Cancerous Breeding.
      • Now applies it to itself in conjunction with an area effect knockdown.
    • Renamed autoattacks.
    • Now has infinite interrupt armor by default.
    • Removed the ticking transfer from Genetic Consumption.
    • Cellular Leach is now cast by the Malformed Mutant.
    • Should no longer continue spawning squirg after leaving combat.
    • Reduced cast times and interrupt armor for Genetic Consumption and Mitosis.
    • Improved various visual effects.
    • Getting caught by a squirg now also applies Cellular Breakdown--a stacking debuff that increases damage taken.
    • Squirg should now despawn more reliably after catching a player.
    • Squirg now chases the nearest player (ignoring aggro).
    • Genetic Consumption now heals for 3x as much.
    • Reduced the cast time for Consumption and Mitosis to 2.5 seconds.
    • Reduced the cooldown foe Consumption and Mitosis to ~20 seconds (was 30).
    • Consumption now gives the boss a stacking damage buff (~5%) for each target hit.
    • Squirg Helmet is now removed on leaving combat.
    • Visual effects, interrupt armor, and cast time cleanup.
    • Should no longer instantly regen interrupt armor.
    Genetic Monstrosity
    • Reduced scale.
    • Removed nameplates from the Radiation Bath panels.
    • Can now see the 'use' objects for the panels from further away.
    • Amplified Anatomy now has a tooltip.
    • Radiation Bath cast and channel telegraphs resized to match.
    • Radiation Bath will no longer affect the Monstrosity if already in a Moment of Opportunity.
    • Cellular Amplification now affects damage dealt/taken instead of assault power/armor.
    • Changed the appearance of the pustules.
    • Should now path around the room more reliably.
    • Repulsive Cultivation is now triggered by ‘Noxious Belch’, a damage Area of Effect with a chance to knockdown.
    • No longer gains stacks of Augmentation while in a Moment of Opportunity.
    • Pustules should no longer spawn out of combat.
    • Pustules should no longer sometimes block telegraphs after being triggered.
    • Cellular Amplification should no longer be falling off shortly after being applied.
    Gravitron Operator
    • The green shield should now correctly remove the debuff from Gravity Reversal.
    Fetid Miscreation
    • Knockback will no longer push targets out of the Ravage telegraph.
    • Greatly increased the damage for Ravage.
    • Ravage should no longer target pets.
    • Will now reset properly.
    • Genetic Decomposition now casts more frequently.
    • Genetic Decomposition and Ravage now have a shared cooldown.
    • Molecular Surge is now dispellable and cast every 8 seconds.
    • HP raised from ~2m to ~10m.
    Phagetech Guardians
    • Should no longer auto attack immediately after Eradicate.
    • Removed a safe zone to stand in that would prevent some abilities from casting.
    • Will now properly reuse Banish after resetting.
    • Updated tooltip for Maintenance Protocol.
    • Increased base interrupt armor.
    • Increased the size of the telegraph for Eradicate.
    • Auto attacks are now a smaller cone that stretches farther.
    • Reduced the movement speed of the lasers while players are banished.
    • Hookshot now pulls targets in an area (and has a telegraph).
    • Annihilation Probes now have ~123k HP (up from ~29k).
    • Players leaving the top room now have ~3 seconds before they are considered as a target for Hookshot.
    • Players leaving the top room should no longer take falling damage.
    Malfunctioning Minibosses
    • Now default to un-attackable, and the flag is removed once the Phageborn Convergence is defeated.
    • Are now immune to most movement-related crowd control effects.
    Malfunctioning Gear
    • Reduced interrupt armor to 5.
    • Repeat casting no longer stacks.
    • No longer casts Repeat outside of combat.
    • Increased hit box.
    • Increased all outgoing damage.
    • Hitting a pool now applies a stacking debuff (Corrosive Fluid) that increases damage taken.
    • Repeat should now always refresh the Gear's interrupt armor to full.
    • Failing to interrupt Repeat is now a raid wipe.
    • Added a cast time for the pools.
    • Will now target players when there are more than 40 pools and stop casting them at 60.
    Malfunctioning Piston
    • Added an initial delay to Dash.
    • Renamed his channeled Area of Effect to Electrical Current.
    • Renamed one version of Friction Shielding to Energized.
    • Added shared cooldowns to all of his abilities.
    • The tether no longer allows players to get outside of Electrical Current's field.
    • Interrupting him now triggers Moments of Opportunity.
    • Shear Casing is no longer interruptible.
    • Increased base interrupt armor to 15 and reduced interrupt armor recharge to 2 every 5 seconds.
    • Interrupt Armor now fully replenishes after being interrupted.
    • Interrupting him now removes 5 stacks of Energized instead of 3.
    • Increased his hit box size.
    • Energized is no longer dispellable.
    Malfunctioning Battery
    • Added a story panel when entering a new Charge state.
    • Removed Corrosion.
    • Magnetized Cells now have a smaller aura and move slower, but are cast more frequently.
    • Added Visual effects to all of the Charge states.
    • Now has infinite interrupt armor except during Alter Polarity and Magnetized Cell.
    • Alter Polarity is now cast immediately.
    • Updated Visual effects, tooltips, and buff icons on all spells.
    • Drain no longer drains life.
    • Resist-Charge Phase
      • The boss gains a large shield that has damage reflect.
      • If the shield is not broken in 25 seconds the boss will cast Thermodynamic Discharge.
      • Leaving this phase grants the players a buff that prevents abilities from the Re-Charge phase from applying additional stacks of Drained/Charged.
    • Re-Charge Phase
    • Hitting a target applies at least 1 stack of Drained to the target and Charged to the boss.
    • Drained reduces assault/support power while Charged increases damage dealt; these can both be purged/cleansed.
    • Leaving this phase gives the players a buff that increases incoming healing by 50%.
    • Attract now pulls multiple targets to the boss and snares them, then casts Siphon Power--a channeled Area of Effect with a random orientation telegraph.
    • Changed Jolt to Voltage Storm which triggers a targeted Area of Effect against multiple targets.
    • Leaving this phase gives the players an assault/support power buff.
    • Over-Charge Phase
    • Depleted and Charge now effect Damage Taken/Dealt instead of Assault/Support power.
    • Increased the number of Depleted stacks Drain will apply if not protected (5).
    • Power Siphon no longer applies Depleted when protected.
    Malfunctioning Dynamo
    • Now has a larger hit box.
    • Updated tooltips and icons for all spells.
    • Static Shock is no longer an aura. It is now an Area of Effect that leaves behind an Electromagnetic Spark.
    • Renamed Static Shock to Static Cling.
    • Static Cling no longer stacks and has a 20 second duration.
    • Reduced the telegraph size for Live Wire.
    • Live Wires no long spawn at completely random positions/speed. There is now one per ring that will always move the same direction/speed.
    • Changed the prop visuals for the charging nodes.
    • Arc Thrower now has an initial delay and a cast time.
    • Renamed Static Charge to Overdrive.
    • Overdrive now triggers at 4 stacks of Static Charge and Static Discharge no longer grants a stack of Static Charge.
    • Overdrive is now applied at the end of Static Discharge.
    • Added visual effects for gaining a stack of Static Charge.
    • Added story panels for when Overdrive and Arc Thrower are triggered.
    • Added visual effects for Overdrive.
    • HP Raised from ~2.9m to ~10m.
    • Removed all HP threshold moments of opportunity.
    Genetic Symbiotes
    • Resurrection revised to function properly--they should now die when both are brought down to 1hp.
    • Now have infinite interrupt armor during Resurrection.
    • No longer run to the target when casting Shockwave.
    • Added a damage buff to their aura.
    • Increased the cast time for Symbiotic Reconstruction.
    • Reduced the cast time for Shockwave.
    • Symbiotes in the same cluster now buff each other properly.
    • Symbiotic Reinforcement buff should now be correctly removed during the encounter.
    Genetic Abominations
    • Increased visual effects size for Burrow.
    • Reduced the knockback when new Abominations spawn.
    • Mitosis should now be more reliably cast.
    • Newly spawned Abominations should no longer attempt to attack players during the knockback.
    • Mitosis is no longer interruptible.
    • Now will explode/split at 25% health instead of on death to reduce the overall time-to-kill of that basepop encounter.
    Corrupted Experimental Abominations
    • Added a short AI delay after Furious Frenzy is cast.
    • Widened the base of the telegraph for Furious Frenzy.
    Abhorrent Stalker and Pulsing Plague Dripper
    • Increased the timer to trigger Ambush to 20 seconds.
    • Increased the cooldown for Corruption Globule when Web Spire is not active.
    • Ambush telegraph should now match the spell's duration.
    • Slightly scaled down the Pulsing Plague Dripper.
    • Removed the glowing visual effects from Web Spire.
    • Entangle occurs more frequently (multiple targets can now overlap).
    • Bombs deal more damage to the Web Spire.
    • Decreased the cast time for Entangle to .75 seconds.
    • Decreased the cast time for Stalker's Prey to 18 seconds.
    • Removed damage variance for bombs vs. tether.
    Phageborn Colossus
    • Bombs can no longer turn.
    • Bombs should no longer occasionally attempt to explode twice.
    • Now uses Colossal Crush every 20 seconds (down from 30).
    • Increased the maximum distance the bombs will fly.
    • Strain Eggs should no longer trigger until they land.
    Phageborn Dawngrazers
    • Each Dawngrazer now has a more unique visual signature.
    • Conqueror
      • Removed cast time from its auras, added visual effects to secondary targets.
    • Deathdealer
    • Damage aura now ticks every second.
    • Recovery now cast properly on death, updated its visual effects, and added a short cast time.
    • Raging Rush telegraph timing has been revised to match the cast time.
    • Genetic Enhancement should no longer trigger off of damage over time effects.
    • Plaguebearer
    • Wartorn
    • Corrupted Experimental Abomination
    Plague Breeder
    • Now chain casts Empowering Corruption when near at least 10 Genetic Rejects.
    • Increased the damage for Vile Reproduction.
    • Upon entering combat, will use Mass Vile Reproduction.
    • Genetic Rejects now despawn after leaving combat.
    • Empowering Corruption now applies a stacking damage dealt buff.
    • Interrupting the Plague Breeder now proxies Vile Backlash and a stack of Thickening Skin (increases armor and interrupt armor).
    • Base Interrupt Armor is now 1 (all spells can now be interrupted).
    • Increased the cast time for Vile Reproduction to 3s.
    • Should be less likely to interrupt itself to cast other spells.
    Phageborn Brute
    • Beatdown's telegraph now grows in size and damage during the cast.

    • Fixed an issue where a character's path could get lost permanently, resulting in the player never getting path missions.
    • The Ability Builder now displays every ability for the character's path, even if they are locked.
    • (PvP) The Explorer path ability, Translocate Beacon, can no longer be used in PvP instances.
    • Scientists can no longer immediately rescan a creature that isn't part of a quest by dismissing their Scanbot.
    • The Caretaker will no longer show a health bar when summoned at the Eldan Information Constructs.
    • Scannable creatures now stick around longer after they've been killed to give more time to scan them.
    • Updated Scientist Ability - Create Portal Spell
      • Movement interrupts casting
      • Damage interrupts casting
      • Updated Visuals
      • Portal is now in the world for 2 minutes, up from 10 seconds.
    • Scientist Portals function again. Congratulations, eggheads!
    • Walatusk Lungs now have a tooltip.
    • The Holographic Distraction ability reduces its cooldown when higher tiers are unlocked.
    • Holographic Distraction now has animations
    • The Basic Vendbot settler vendor in Malgrave has new items for sale.
    • Creating a settler structure should no longer have a chance of teleporting the player beneath the world.
    • Settler Improvements below the current tier no longer have an active Build button.
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing Settler Payoffs from being given in Farside.
    • Settler's Campfire no longer works inside instances. The hour-long buff it provides was reduced from +10% health to +3%.
    • Settler's Campfire is no longer usable in dungeons, adventures, or PvP zones.
    • Settler Path ability Housing Recall has been replaced with the ability to summon training Kiosks, mail boxes, and crafting stations.
    • Soldier's March has been replaced with Combat Supply Drop, an ability that calls in a cache of weapons that the soldier can distribute. Supply Drop is usable in most outdoor zones.
    • Combat Supply Drop:
      • Changed weapon names to be consistent with one another.
      • Changed messaging within the tooltip to not display range
      • Now displays the correct number of charges in its tooltip.
    • Fixed an issue in an Exile Arkship Soldier Holdout. The Laborers you were supposed to defend were not being targeted by hostile forces. We have resolved this issue, and they are once again in serious danger. No more lazing about, Private!
    • Fixed issue with the Soldier Weapon Lockboxes where the weapons were able to target anything and shoot.
    • The Soldier Ability, ‘Bail Out’ now displays the range properly.
    • Soldier Weapons: Interrupting weapon usage should no longer trigger a cooldown.
  9. Zap-Robo

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    Aug 9, 2011
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    Youngstown, OH
    • Clicking on the Crafting Station from outside of its interaction will now move players into its interaction radius instead of just outside of it.
    • Vendor prices have been adjusted for a large variety of items.
    • The vendor cost of power cores has been reduced.
    • Drop rate for Elemental Signs and Runes from salvaging has been increased.
    • Drop probability for Elemental Signs and Runes from loot racial trade skill increased. Runic Fragment probability increased from all sources, small probability for Runic Fragments added to Tier 5 Salvage.
    • Crafting Vendors should now have the properly named 'Crafting Supplies' tab instead of 'Light Armor'
    • Fixed a bug causing alternate currencies to be taxed by the guild.
    • Challenge and quest rewards are no longer taxed by the guild.
    • Changed the way the expiration time of listings is displayed on the Auction House. While a player can always see the exact time their own auction expires, auctions listed by other players are displayed as (<15min, <1h, <4h, <24h, or >24h).
    • Damaged gear can no longer be auctioned.
    • The purchase button on vendors will now enable and disable as the currency of the player changes.
    • Commodity Marketplace UI - Attempting to post a buy order without enough money will properly fail.
    • Adjusted farming node drop rates for herbs, plants, and seeds. Plants in the world will now drop higher amount of their herb/plant, while plants in the garden will yield less. Seeds now drop at a higher rate across the board.
    • Pets should no longer attack Harvest Nodes.
    • When mentoring (ex: from level 50 to level 35), the harvesting tool for your level will now still be usable.
    • Seed growth times have been readjusted.
    • Broken Weapons should no longer drop from humanoids.
    • Sound effects have been changed for when more than two loot items drop at the same time.
    • Fixed a bug where loot could appear on the screen after you'd already vacuumed it up.
    • Notifications for each runecrafting schematic will longer be displayed in the chat log upon learning runecrafting.
    • "Shadow Runes” are now correctly referred to as "Fusion Runes" in the Runecrafting UI.

    • Fixed an issue where crafting schematics sometimes did not display locked chips properly.
    • Coordinate crafting now only allows catalysts to be applied at the start of the crafting session.
    • Crafted items are no longer placed in the Player's inventory before the crafting progression bar is completed.
    • Decor items are now salvageable.
    • Added tech tree achievements for Architect work orders.
    • Adjusted the material inputs for Architect Blueprints to require less Ore.
    • Adjusted Architect crafting target locations in low tier Blueprints to easier to hit locations.
    • Lowered the Tech Tree Requirements for the Architect.
    • Architect Decor item 'Drooping Gorgefruit' can now be unlocked by completing tech tree achievement 'Barnacle Willow'.
    • Architect Expert Research Housing item Green Marauder Lantern is now set as a level 50 item rather than a level 35 item.
    • Architect Expert Research Housing Shiphand Bench items are all now set as level 50 rather than level 1.
    • Expert Architect Blueprint for 'Exile Sign' now requires 2 Primal Hardwood to create.
    • Expert Architect Warplot Research: Blueprint 'Basic Stasis Cannon' now creates a variant Shielded Stasis Cannon instead of a Shielded Sonic Cannon.
    • Fixed a bug where Architect Research blueprints could not be unlocked.
    • Fixed an issue where the third level of Architect talents weren't granting any bonuses, and replaced the talent 'Structural Specialist' with 'Leftover Parts'. 'Leftover Parts' has a chance to return wood when crafting any Architect item.
    • Melting Pot' has been removed from the Architect.
    • Sorted Architect Warplot Research blueprints to appear under the 'Warplot Research' tab in the schematics list.
    • All highest-level talents affecting research tier crafting materials should now correctly apply their intended effect.
    • The 'Siphon Essence' special ability has been removed from 'Stonespike Rockplate Gauntlets' and replaced by ‘Bloodthirsty’, which restores health on enemy kills.
    • ‘Grimveil Gazpacho' cooking recipe will now make 'Grimveil Gazpacho'.
    • Improvements were made to the hot/cold gameplay for discovering schematics. Directional hints are now displayed.
    User Interface
    • AMP abilities should now always work within their respective action set.
    • Fixed an issue where Cooldown Reduction was shown as a negative value on the Character window.
    • In the PvP Kill Tracker, the character’s name color now indicates what team they are on.
      • In Battlegrounds, Dominion characters have red names and Exiles have blue.
      • In Arenas and Warplots, character name colors match their team's color.
    • The ‘Rez at Holocrypt’ button on the death window no longer shows when an arena team has 0 respawns.
    • Fixed an issue where locked path abilities were not being shown in the Action Set Builder.
    • Auction House now accepts 0 in the buyout field, indicating the auction has no buyout price.
    • Removed the "Leave Now" button when you're switching characters. The functionality has temporarily been disabled in beta.
    • The Auction House search level fields are now auto populated with 1 and the max level.
    • Fixed tooltips in Auction House not properly displaying rune slots.
    • Simple crafts now skip the UI minigame and automatically pass.
    • Marketplace Listings won't draw its content twice if both Auction House and it are open.
    • The duration of Auction House listings is now dynamic. Posting duration in the Commodities Exchange has been made clearer.
    • Commodity Exchange will try to return an "All" category search with as many items as possible (up to 50), but will now let you know if it could only display a certain amount with a text message.
    • The Auction House 'buy now' and 'sell now' buttons now display the correct tooltip.
    • The Commodity Exchange max order number is now properly 200.
    • Crafting: "Missing Materials" display now has a scroll bar if you don't have more than 5 materials.
    • Fixed Runecrafting bug where the unlock cost was not displayed.
    • Choice to recraft enabled for Runecrafting.
    • Improved and debugged procedure to craft simple items.
    • New crafting UIs and crafting interactions can't be started while a player is already in the middle of crafting something.
    • Dropping and learning another tradeskill will cause the Schematics UI to delete everything and redraw.
    • Duplicate power cores will be skipped in the list (even if you have them in separate stacks) while crafting. They'll all be merged under one entry in the power core picker.
    • Player can no longer start crafting a schematic they don't know.
    • Schematics menu no longer opens automatically at Novice tier.
    • If another Player buys a vendor special product, your vendor inventory will automatically update to show that product's unavailability.
    • Resizing Guild Roster so the Roster fits with the temporary roster management buttons.
    • Various text fixes and improvements in Guild Menu.
    • Various minor art and functionality improvements to Achievement Log.
    • Various minor art and functionality improvements to searching, sorting and bidding on Commodities Exchange.
    • Locked, random crafting chips now show Moxie they add to crafted item.
    • Conflicting Guild rank options, such as a rank being able to deposit/withdraw to the Guild Bank but not be able to see the Bank, have been disabled.
    • Various minor art tweaks and fixes to Crafting UI.
    • Path panel extended info dropdowns are now permanently open for easier reading.
    • Text summary of raw materials now added to the crafting summary when a circuit board craft is done.
    • Tradeskills have been removed from the Codex. They now have their own separate UI.
    • Schematic results now sort both middle level and bottom level results alphabetically.
    • Tradeskills schematics now have an alert icon when you are missing materials.
    • Schematics now explain if they aren't accessible via tech tree.
    • When an auction expires and a player is online, the auction’s update message won’t cause an error.
    • The Match Tracker now has a "My Realm Only" option for Open Arenas and Practice Grounds.
    • Fixed an issue where certain Soldier Holdouts would throw Lua errors.
    • UI scaling has been added and will let Player scale their UI down 75% and up 150%. Find this in ESC -> Interface Options.
    • AMP "All" button now only zooms out, instead of in and out.
    • AMP Window will warn when you try to exit and you haven't saved your changes.
    • In Crafting, the circuit crafting checkmark has been replaced with more an obvious "Best Match" text.
    • Farming nodes will now appear on the minimap when the tradeskill is learned
    • Fixed the bug in Unit:GetFacing() where it returned the unit instead of a table with x,y,z values.
    • Hid the required level for Level 0 tradeskill schematics to avoid confusion.
    • Public Event objectives are now formatted better in the quest tracker.
    • Runecrafting is now a simpler tabbed layout.
    • Runecrafting now lists only one item icon, instead of the confusing two icons.
    • The "Random" buttons on the Match Maker UI now state that the player is queued for the first available.
    • The class, path, and faction icons on Character Create and Character Select now have tooltips that explain what the icons represent.
    • The health bar will still show the player's health when affected by EMP Charge.
    • Universal access to WildStar's fonts have once again been enabled for all players.
    • Missions List windows no longer show through other windows in the Zone Map
    • Auction House now determines a Player's posting limit immediately, rather than wait for the listing UI to be opened.
    • Auction post count will now update both at the start and when an auction is posted.
    • Commodities Exchange buy or sell stacks are now capped at 200. If you want to create a buy or sell order for more than that, you'll need to list multiple times.
    • Tradeskill recipe list now fits longer achievement names.
    • Challenge/Quest/Mission Icons on target frames show the player's progress again.
    • City Directions marker now clear from your ZoneMap if your player marker walks into them.
    • Clicking the Clear All button in the Abilities Builder now clears the ability in the path slot.
    • Fixed a bug where salvaging an item would not update the icon in the bag to reflect the new item that replaced it.
    • Circuit Board crafting: fixed the location of the blue question mark icon.
    • Houston Form Editor's tooltip ID dropdown now clears when switching to a window with no tooltip.
    • Auction House items with long names will now line break in the Sell screen.
    • It is no longer possible to open multiple simultaneous dropdown menus in video options.
    • Item tooltips on buttons are now more readable.
    • Quest tooltips on the zone map show quest names again.
    • The "Undo Changes" button for AMPs now works.
    • The Lighting and Mannequin limit labels have been removed from the Warplot vendor UI.
    • "Disband Group" message now revised to be clearer.
    • Fixed an issue with clicking on linked quests.
    • The Commodities Exchange will refresh data on items at same time as item messages are generated. This will show better information in case an item is bought out by someone else while the player is looking at it.
    • Fixed an issue where selecting certain nodes in the tradeskill tech tree would throw a Lua error.
    • Completing Skullcano no longer throws an error.
    • Item tooltips no longer throw errors when changing zones.
    • Event Stats addon no longer crashes when Player views it.
    • The Customer Survey addon no longer throws errors upon entering combat.
    • Turning in a quest at a bounty board no longer throws errors.
    • Players must now click the EULA screen before proceeding.
    • Portals to dungeons and adventures will now show up on your main map from any distance once they have been unlocked. Public Events in different zones from where you are will now show up properly on the main map.
    • The Progress Log UI now shuts down correctly when the player presses the ESC key to close it.
    • Fixed issue where Quest Tracker would become laggy when the Player was near a Public Event.
    • Fixed a client performance issue where the frame rate would drop when the character's stats were changing frequently (e.g. when under the influence of multiple stat altering abilities).
    • The Group UI should not flicker on and off while in a raid anymore.
    • Clicking the objective text in the quest tracker of a quest that is ready to turn in will now properly request a hint arrow to the nearest quest receiver where appropriate (this will not affect quests that are only turned in via Datachron, for instance).
    • The Lighting and Mannequin limit labels have been removed from the Warplot vendor window.
    • Regions for path missions are now removed from the zone map on mission completion.
    • The neighbor list button will be enabled properly when players close the game then log back in.
    • The Customer Survey addon should no longer display errors when entering combat.
    • Public Event objectives are now formatted better in the quest tracker.
    • Alternate Currency now correctly displays in the Inventory Options window.
    • Spell tooltips for spells without a tier will no longer attempt to display tier info.
    • In the Friends interface, the Add Player Message window and Add Account Message window now limits input to 32 characters.
    • Members of your party should now be consistently visible on the minimap.
    • Deleting a piece of food while eating it will no longer cause an "Unknown Item" message to appear.
    • Fixed an issue where purchasing bank slots wouldn't be reflected in the bank window until the bank window was closed and reopened.
    • Farming nodes will now appear on the minimap when the tradeskill is learned.
    • Fixed an issue where your circles in the Social Pane weren't being sorted properly, resulting in a confusing mismatch with the chat channel number.
    • Fixed an issue where dragging the crafting window around would cause discovery regions to draw incorrectly.
    • Both guild and circle roster windows can be open and display data at the same time.
    • The Lore window column header counts now displays the correct count, and the selected zone header now updates when lore is corrected.
    • The mail alert on the interface menu will now stop glowing if the mail is read from a mailbox.
    • Colorblind mode options now visually fit on screen and style of options. Targeting options panel now always fits on the screen.
    • Percentages in tooltips and other game text will now show the first decimal place if it is non-zero.
    • Vehicle abilities will now show correct cooldown times.
    • Entering non-alphanumeric characters into the search window of the Housing UI will no longer result in a Lua error.
    • Guildmate player names on nameplates now display in purple when not flagged for PvP.
    API Changes
    • Apollo API: AbilityBook:GetAbilityList() and AbilityBook:GetAbilityInfo() now return path abilities that the players have not unlocked.
    • The unlocked status of path abilities should be determined using the bIsActive variable.
    • Added the nLevelReq variable for each tier of non-combat abilities returned by these functions
    • [UI Mods] Fixed a bug where duplicate font names would appear in Houston.
    • Apollo API: The return value from Creature_GetName() no longer includes formatting text.
    • Added a return value to the LUA API function Item.GetSchematicInfo which specifies whether a schematic is learned automatically (e.g. when you reach tier 3, you get 3 schematics for free).
    • [UI MODS] Unit:GetFacing() now correctly returns a table with x,y,z values.
    • [UI Mods] Houston - Form Editor - Fixed a bug that the tooltip enum dropdown does not clear when switching to a window with no tooltip.
    • Exile and Dominion Holograms landscape plugs now create a hologram that matches the player’s appearance every time projector is used.
    • Adjusted many housing decor items to allow better placement.
    • The Eldan Statue housing plug will no longer provide a jump buff as one of its random buffs.
    • The Osun Tower housing plug challenge now uses a "vehicle" type action bar instead of "floating" type. Hotkeys for the challenge abilities will automatically be bound to the same as default abilities.
    • The creatures on the Large Training Ground housing plug should now be more challenging for higher level players.
    • Players can now delete Mannequins from the housing Crate.
    • Attackers in the 'Heart and Souls' housing challenge now give challenge credit when they die.
    • Players can now right-click on decor items in their inventory to send it to their housing crate from any world.
    • Housing board buffs now persist after a player logs off or leaves the property.
    • The Delete Decor dialog properly displays the number of decor to delete.
    • Decor items with long names will no longer be clipped out.
    • Mannequins
      • Mannequins can now be properly placed outside the house.
      • Equipping items on a female Mannequin will no longer cause the player to be disconnected. In addition, the equipment items will properly show up on the Mannequin when logging in, and when changing the pose on the Mannequin.
      • Now female and male Mannequins both provide a buff.
    • Harvesting a neighbor’s node will always reward looted tradeskill XP to the harvester.
    • A player's own housing property will not appear in the list of random houses available to visit.
    • Lighting decor will proper render the lights after being placed.
    • Guide Arrows now correctly point to objectives in housing-plug-generated quest 'Mayday Expedition.'
    • Corrects and improves several instances of Housing-related text.
    • Trying to enter a player's house while mounted will no longer cause that player's character to change size.
    • Lighting decor will retain correct appearance after being placed.
    • Housing decor items stop glowing red when properly placed.
    • Flying Saucer landscape plug now has more animals on farm, making its associated challenge more active. You can no longer be able to save animals by simply by standing on them.
    • Hanging Spotlight decor item no longer has a health bar when it's activated.
    • Slightly Used Cardboard Box decor item was removed. It was a duplicate of an item available in the housing Vendor.
    • Many decor items now have their own special icons instead of generic icons.
    • The Fireworks Launcher landscape plug is no longer a creature that scales to the Player's strength. Improvements to its art and model have also been made.
    • Created improved screenshots for the 1x2 Spaceship plug.
    • Fixed an issue where housing expeditions were forbidden zones.
    • Protostar Hazard Training Course
      • Telegraphs now have the proper timings and visuals.
      • Prism Laser beams no longer erratically teleport while moving.
      • Telegraphs now cause light damage to help convey hits.
    • Fixed an issue where the Wilderrun portal on the Wilderrun Biome 2x1 plug was not appearing.
    • Weak and Formidable Target Dummies in the Large Training Ground housing plug now take the appropriate amount of damage for their difficulty.
    • Tier 2 Garden plug now displays its correct level requirement (must be at least level 20).
    • The Prospector Plot plug is now called Prospector's Parcel. Its level requirement has also been raised to 21.
    • The Large Dirt Patch plug is no longer called ‘Large Vacant Lot’, it is now called ‘Vacant Lot’.
    • The Outhouse 1x1 plug was scaled to accommodate larger player races.
    • Added preview screenshots for a number of plugs.
    • Fixed a bug where the Housing UI wouldn't be properly hidden when a player visited a neighbor and didn't have Roommate permissions.
    • Fixed an issue where the Osun Forge 1x2 housing plug had the wrong prerequisite to build.
    • All vents in the Dump Diving challenge from the Garbage Dump plug may now be used while the challenge is active.
    • The Dominion Helicopter Pad now requires the player to be at least level 47 to place.
    • Eldan Excavation shield now actually keeps Players out.
    • The Exile Helicopter Pad now requires the player to be at least level 47 to place.
    • Grimvault Biome portals now drop Players in a far more useful location.
    • The decor item formerly known as PRP_Window_MediGroup_003 is now called Large Keyhole Window.
    • Darkspur Floor Piano now requires the player to be at least level 50 to place.
    • The Delete Decor dialog properly displays the number of decor to delete.
    • The Elaborate Rock Garden plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • The Eldan Excavation plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • The Eldan Statue plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • The Expedition: Creepy Cave plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • The Ferris Wheel plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • The Meditation Spot plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • The Storage Unit plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • The Tiki Lounge plug now requires the Player to be level 50 to build.
    • Cancelling a delete from the advanced options window will no longer close the window.
    • Entering non-alphanumeric characters into the search window of the Housing UI will no longer cause an error.
    • The Upgrade Enhancement button in the Housing Landscape UI should now function properly.
    • The Eldan Statue housing plug will no longer provide a jump buff as one of its random buffs.
    • Cage Light (Exterior) has been renamed to Cage Light to reflect the removal of interior/exterior decor placement restrictions.
    • Housing decor is no longer classified as interior or exterior. Duplicates that were exclusive to interior or exterior have been removed.
    • Housing Decor Items should now properly appear in the crate when used.
  10. Mhairi

    Mhairi New Cupcake

    Dec 27, 2013
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    So archetects still can't salvage the stuff they make.
  11. BlueDragon18

    BlueDragon18 Cupcake-About-Town

    Apr 15, 2013
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    Pacific Northwest
    In the "for what it's worth" category, today's patch is right at about 5 GB.
  12. CRB_PChan

    CRB_PChan Carbine Studios

    Apr 11, 2013
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    Aliso Viejo, CA
    • Decor items are now salvageable.
    Kataryna likes this.
  13. Kytty

    Kytty Cupcake-About-Town

    Jul 22, 2013
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    Holy schnitzelballs Batman. That is a LOT of updates :)
  14. BlueDragon18

    BlueDragon18 Cupcake-About-Town

    Apr 15, 2013
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    Pacific Northwest
    Ah, no. It says under "General" that decor items are now salvageable.
  15. Groossum

    Groossum Cupcake-About-Town

    Jul 20, 2013
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    when they fix stuff...they fix stuff. Major fixes. Gratz
  16. Eastwood

    Eastwood New Cupcake

    Aug 26, 2013
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    Nice bug fixes! I'm really excited to test out this build.
  17. Eric

    Eric New Cupcake

    Feb 10, 2014
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    Not happy about the stalker. Stealth should drop threat in PvE and mobs should reset if you do not attack them within 3 seconds. Stalker is still not an Assassin class, but just a Berserker with a useless stealth mechanic.
  18. BlueDragon18

    BlueDragon18 Cupcake-About-Town

    Apr 15, 2013
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    Pacific Northwest
    I've played a stalker as my main in beta. Stealth has been HIGHLY effective, and many mobs in PvE lose interest in you immediately when you stealth, not after three seconds. It depends on their level as compared to you. You can attack from stealth, re-stealth once DURING COMBAT, even if the mob is facing you, and then hit the mob again.
    Can't call that worthless.
    LOVE my stalker and will be rolling another the moment Headstart starts.
  19. Fishsticks

    Fishsticks Cupcake-About-Town

    Apr 11, 2013
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    I still dont see an option to toggle or enable mouse-look (maybe I'm missing it?) I feel like that's a really rudimentary thing, and I shouldn't have to go download Deadlock or a similar addon just so I don't have to run around holding RMB for the entire game :oops:. This was mentioned a bunch in the beta forums so I'm surprised/disappointed to not see it added yet

    On a minor personal note, I also don't see the ability to bind skills to mouse 1 (LMB) - it's absurdly annoying to run around spamming "1" or another key when I could just use left click imo
  20. Blue Tunic Man

    Blue Tunic Man Cupcake-About-Town

    Oct 11, 2013
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    For a second I thought this was all the patches in the patch with the recent one just as the latest or something.

    Apparently I was wrong. That's one helluva patch there, devs.

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