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Patch Notes - 05/01/2014 - Build 6658

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, May 1, 2014.

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    • Housing and Shiphand missions should no longer cause large amounts of lag.
    • Fixed a number of issues that were causing server crashes and instability.
    • Players falling under the world should no longer end up getting stuck. Such situations will be auto-detected and Players will have to resurrect immediately to the nearest safe spot.
    • Fixed a bug which was preventing some Players from entering the world.
    • Effective level (used when mentoring or rallying) can no longer be outside the normal level ranges.
    • Story panels should no longer cause a server message bug.
    • Fixed some issues related to cross-realm transfers.
    • Players should no longer encounter infinite loading screens.
    • The WildStar launcher has a new look!
      • Installation and Pending Changes information is now located on the Launcher options page.
      • Launcher will now attempt to update itself if uninstalling.
    • Launcher patch failures now indicate a support link to visit for more information.
    • EULA can no longer be bypassed by the input box.

    • Fixed a problem confirmation prompt that appeared when a Player attempted to unlock a guild perk. It is now escapable and the Player no longer needs to reload the UI.

    • Some Bosses no longer lose sight of their targets at longer ranges.
    • Elementals are now properly animated.
    • Fixed a bug where Gargleblast Irongut would cast 'Focused Assault' which then healed them to full HP, making killing them quite difficult.
    • Overworld creature damage when grouped has been fixed.
    • Fixed the Hoarding Stemdragon from getting stuck in a dizzying loop thereby hurting server performance. He’s happy now.
    • Players no longer do 0 damage to adaptive creatures.
    • Reduced the effect of Player level on damage to adaptive creatures. Now two Players of different level, each wearing level-appropriate gear, will deal roughly the same damage.
    • Players must now type a character's name to delete it instead of ‘Delete’.
    • Congratulations! Player ghosts’ facial customizations are fixed.
    • It is now only possible to trade up to eight items per Player per session in a Player-to-Player trade.
    • Telegraphs will now disappear after the caster dies.
    • Player can now purchase abilities with the appropriate amount of credits from the Ability Builder.
    • Players can once again loot Chests.
    • Adjusted some issues with crafted item visuals and icons.
    • Costumes can now only be edited at the Protostar Dye Specialists in Thayd and Illium.
    • Modifying/Dyeing costume pieces now updates the display of that costume piece.
    • Datacore Fusionist's Respirator no longer appears as a pair of boots when equipped.
    • Backpack slots past slot 80 are now usable.
    • Decorated Protostar Zapinators now has the correct display.
    • A mysterious dye has been removed from the PvP vendor under the Engineer's Ruinator PvP set.
    • Isigrol Survival Shockers now has the correct display.
    • All hoverboards now have the same jump properties.
    • All Bags have been updated to the correct level requirements and bindings.
    • Repair costs for all items is now correctly calculated.
    • Malignant Headband has been adjusted and now correctly sells for 150 Elder Gems.
    • Items in the world now display a comparison tooltip if there is an item equipped in the corresponding slot.
    • If all Players pass on a "Need before Greed" loot item then the system will now reward the loot item based on "Round Robin" rather than "Free For All".
    • Double jumping should no longer incorrectly damage the Player upon landing.
    • ‘Hold to Continue Casting’ has been greatly improved! Your held-down skills will now queue up on the server side, and can immediately be cast and recast when it becomes available. Potential DPS with this option enabled will no longer be lower than regular casting with ability queuing.
    • Changing action sets will now refresh ability charges.
    • Blind and snare effects will now work on mounted Players.
    • You will no longer lose your selection of a friendly unit when they stealth.
    • Reckful now auto-checks for the correct Override prerequisite.
    • Damage floaters should now always appear for each pulse of a channeled spell.
    • Soothe
      • Fixed the sound effects timing, and it now stops when spell is interrupted.
    • Calm
      • The Tier 4 Bonus now restores 12.27% Assault and Support Power shield, rather than just 24.54% Support Power.
    • Concerted Effort - Fixed a bug where the Medic could interrupt their own spells to trigger this AMP.
    • Generators and Structure units are now un-targetable by a Spellslingers Spatial Shift
    • Several Spellslinger AMPs were incorrectly labeled as Esper AMPs. They now have the correct tooltips.
    • Creatures that auto-detect stealth no longer get stuck in fighting/evasion mode when Players activate their stealth while in combat.
    • Fixed the visuals for a stealthed Players Innate spell when detected by an enemy Player so that the visuals do not play when detected.
    • Stalkers cannot evade the watchful eye of Eldan constructs in the first of many mysterious encounters with Drusera. This is intended.
    • NPCs have been adjusted to better detect stealthed units that aren't moving.
    • After using Stim Drone while stealthed, the Player will return to being fully stealthed after a half second delay instead of having to cancel stealth spell and recast it.
    • It is now impossible to initiate a duel with a dead Player.
    • Players no longer receive an incorrect message notifying them that they had forfeit a duel if it was canceled before the duel actually began.
    • Fixed an issue where duel opponent names would still appear red after transferring away in the middle of a duel and then returning.
    • Fixed a rare crash in PvP combat.
    • PvP Items purchased with prestige have had their sell to vendor price reduced to 1 copper.
    • Updated Tab names on Arena and Warplot gear vendors to be less confusing. Gadget tabs are now correctly named "Gadgets" and list what tier of gadget is available per tab.
    • Now require 10 Warparty members to be online before the Warparty can queue. The Warparty then needs 10 members in the queue before they will be matched against another Warparty.
    • During Warplot Deployments and Housing Decor placement, the Player can no longer leave the preview permanently visible if the placement fails.
    • The bonus provided by Nano-Pak node capture has been changed. Now, every node captured will increase the damage taken for the enemy team's generators. This bonus is 5% per node and caps at 25%.
    • Fixed some props to render properly in foggy situations.
    • The Furnace, Gas Processing, and Nuclear Plant hazards will now extend through the generator area of the warplot.
    • Increased the damage frequency of the Furnace and Nuclear Plant hazards.
    • Fixed an issue where Warplot hazard effects could still be applied after Player death and respawn.
    • Generators and Structure units are now un-targetable by a Spellslingers ‘Spatial Shift’.
    • If a Player or their group queues for a match then the Recall to Warplot spell will be canceled.
    • Warplot Guards should now spawn at consistent rates, across all guard plug types.
    • Warparty bank permissions for Deposit and Use can only be changed if the ‘Visible’ permission is enabled.
    • Build Map
      • Players can no longer jump to their doom in the Warplot build map.
      • The blue side Warplot battle deployables will now remain in the desired location when placed.
      • Warplot deployables are now hostile to the opposing team.
    • Fixed an issue where excitable Warplot bosses were moving into the spawn room and attacking if the boss was teleported over to the enemy base.
    • A wall in the Agressorbot Factory can no longer be bypassed by Players.
    Warplot Bosses
    • Ohmna
      • Tentacle aggro is now more reliable, and increased tentacle firing range.
    • Avatus
      • Increased damage of Obliteration Beam against Players.
    • Murderbot
      • Summoned force fields now have no collision for allied Players, they will only block enemy Players.
    • Players can no longer logout instantly in enemy cities.
    • Illium/Thayd- The quests Power by Proxy and The Lone Guardian can now be completed
    • Taxi Kiosks will now display undiscovered destinations, but travel will still be restricted to already-discovered Taxi Kiosks.
    • When gaining reputation with a faction, Beloved is the max, anything over that will be discarded.
    • Completing Dungeons and Adventures will now earn you reputation with your faction. This should provide an alternate means of reaching Beloved for the purposes of raid attunement, should a Player choose to not level through questing.
    • The Eldan Gauntlet and Eldan Artifact Weapon Imbuement quests are now tracked with achievements.
    • Removed ‘Map Maker: Illium’ and ‘Map Maker: Thayd’ achievements since both cities are revealed by default.
    • World Boss Achievements will now check for ‘Public Event’ completion instead of ‘Creature Kill’. This should result in achievement credit for all Players with contribution in the ‘Public Event’.
    • 'Doom Go Boom' in Galeras is now worth 10 points instead of 25 to match the other World Boss kills in the level range.
    • The quest target of ‘WANTED: Blackpaw’ in Algoroc has been changed from a yeti to a dagun.
    • Fixed errors in Grim's Lumber Mill that were causing smoke visuals to stack on deactivated generators.
    • Updated Damage and Tooltips on Osun Spells for ‘Heroes of the Osun’ Scientist Mission
    • Smoothed out the movement when jumping off of a disappearing object.
    • The bones from Chompy's meals now despawn as intended.
    • Fixed an issue that caused lag due to a large numbers of audio effects in Bloodfire Savannah.
    Dominion Arkship
    • The Draken NPC holding the weapon in the Cryo Recovery cinematic now has the proper sound and added missile effects.
    Everstar Grove
    • Large groups of characters engaged in combat no longer causes the client to crash.
    • The Vengeful Elemental Encounter
      • Changed to a found quest.
      • Moved its loot items to quest rewards.
      • Added a cooldown to the encounter.
      • Changed the rewards' imbuements, stats, rune slots, and required level.
      • Boss is now a scaling creature.
    • Galeras Adventure now drops the correct faction appropriate loot.
    • Darby's Troopers no longer drop loot.
    • Added the FCON affiliation to Darby's Troopers and Trooper Vog.
    • Dominion Players will now correctly receive one Epic quality reward from completing the Galeras Adventure Gold Medal on Normal mode.
    • The Exile Stinger is fixed, and interacts as intended for ‘Pack Your Bags’.
    • Creeping Eyestalks are now able to see Players as intended.
    • AI’s are now able to path off and around platforms, and followers now "wake up" after being teleported.
    • Certain rare cases of telegraphs that continued past their flash now end at the end of the flash.
    • Fixed a collision issue to stop the Player from getting stuck.
    • Cryopods in the Fractured Fields or Shattered Sands for the "The Cave" episode no longer changes collision, potentially trapping Players.
    • Grimvault Meals will now grant the correct buff once fully consumed.
    • The Dominion Military Cardio Program in the Fist of Azrion has undergone routine maintenance and is back online.
    • The Terminus Complex in Grimvault is no longer a forbidden zone.
    • Adjusted the jump puzzle in Ethereal Cavity and Ethereal Hollow to account for the Player needing more room to jump up the exanite platforms.
    • Players can now complete the first objective for the quest "Darkness Revealed".
    • Terminus Complex - Players can now only interact with the switches when it is time to restart the servers.
    • Logging out and back in while in Thayd should no longer result in the player appearing somewhere different than where they logged out.
    • Corrupted Abomination can now be targeted when fighting him in The Hidden Dark.
    • Darkspur Hitman in Whitevale Adventure will no longer occasionally appear and just stand there.
    • Players no longer get stuck on an object, take damage/die. It’s now possible to escape
    • Whitevale Adventure's FPS should improve.
    Riot in the Void
    • Added ambient riot and alarm sounds.
    • Summoning a mount while in the Void has now been fixed. No more riderless mounts left to wander aimlessly.
    • XP values for all objectives have been updated.
    Stormtalon's Lair
    • Resuscitate will now properly be blocked in all group PvE instances while the instance is in combat, regardless of the player's combat state.
    • Stormtalon model and creature display has been updated. We’re bringing Stormy back.
    Kel Voreth
    • Ruins of Kel Voreth Drokk exploit has been resolved. Players will no longer be able to use terrain to avoid damage in the bombshell phase.
    • The Blood Pit can no longer be bypassed by climbing the walls. This prevents the dungeon from bugging out and becoming unable to complete.
    • Players can no longer enter Grond's cage in Ruins of Kel Voreth. You must never go there.
    • Closed off a gap that allowed players to reach forbidden areas of the map.
    • Players can no longer use the giant rib bones to escape Thunderfoot.
    • Molten Chasm
      • Laveka is now set to ignore combat timer and leash (Veteran).
      • Disabled nameplates for flame walls.
    • Added additional rock props and invisible collision walls to safeguard any player who tries bypassing Thunderfoot to access Molten Chasm.
    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Deadringer Shallaos should once again correctly aggro players after a reset.
    Genetic Archives
    • Creatures should now path correctly on ramps.
    • Metal Maw has been updated.
    • SPECIMEN SURVEY: Elemental Life in Farside no longer requires Aspect of Water and Aspect of Earth.
    • Missing Settler Improvement icons have been added.
    • Holdouts will now display the correct amount of time remaining during the last wave.
    Auction House/Commodity Exchange
    • "Buyout" and "Minimum Bid" Readouts have been added to the ongoing auction lists.
    • The amount of diminished power for each rune slot is now displayed (rune slots are less powerful down the list).
    • Runes will no longer reference Primary, Secondary or Tertiary. All Runes give their full benefits...
    • Improved the error messaging when trying to craft runes while mounted.
    • When runecrafting, if a set power is reduced, the lower tier powers will be reapplied immediately, instead of waiting until re-log.
    • The tradeskill tier cap for pre-order players has been raised to the Apprentice level.
    • Players can now reset Talent Points if they have the exact amount needed. Curse you inequalities!
    • Time elapsed will now be correctly taken into account when calculating the cooldown on tradeskill swapping...
    • The Crafting UI and Runecrafting UI can no longer both be up brought up at the same time. Players will now need to finish what they started before moving on.
    • A botched craft will no longer show the summary screen UI.
    • Crafted items will now display the properly-colored border in bags and action confirmation tooltips.
    • Hybrid-type Power Cores obtained by salvaging items can no longer be sold for Crafting Vouchers.
    • Architect Blueprint for Large Training Grounds will now actually teach you how to make it! If you build it, they will come!
    • The recursion requirement for Adventus AS-3 CS recipes has been correctly removed. You no longer need the item you are trying to craft.
    • The crafting failure hint arrows should no longer always point to the same recipe. This should improve the flow of variant discovery.
    • The power of Chef talent “Experimental Chef” has been increased for both discoverables and additives.
    • Fixed an issue where most technologist catalysts were paired with incorrect catalyst effects. The following effects have been remapped:
      • 'Used Tech Shopping for Relative Geniuses'
      • 'Going, Going, Gadgets!'
      • 'Lend Me Your Gears: Confessions of a Technology Thief'
      • 'Medishot'
      • 'Cooking with Technology: A Bad Idea'
      • 'Nobody Touch Anything: Tech & Tragedy on Nexus'
      • 'Eldan Tech Will Kill You: A Guide to Eldan Tech'
      • 'Beware the Medi-Sinful'
      • 'Heart Like a Spindrive, Head Like a Medishot'
      • 'Charged Batteries, Fully Functional: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 1'
      • 'Crossed Wires, Loose Bolts: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 4'
      • 'Tight Nuts, Leaky Hydraulics: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 7'
      • 'Sassy Chassis, Dulled Finish: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 11'
      • 'Greasy Gears, Broken Circuits: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 15'
      • 'Tech Me Away! Travelling with Technologists'
      • 'You Gadget, You Brought It: A DIY Repair Guide'
      • 'Eldan Tech: Why Does It Want Us Dead?'
      • 'Augment This! Avoiding the Most Pernicious Hazard on Nexus'
      • 'It Beats Dying: Coping with Medi-Shot Addiction'
      • 'Inspecting Gadgets: A Life on the Assembly Line'
    • Tier 1 Power Cores have had their range of power increased. This should improve contrast in their values.
    • Fractionally Reclaimed Eldan Relic is no longer a simple craft item, and now uses the Coordinate Crafting system. This will allow players to be able to complete the "Apprentice Gadgeteer" achievement on the Technologist tech tree.
    User Interface

    • Fixed an issue causing the Datachron to reopen itself and not stay minimized.
    • The mount button should no longer display if the player has no mounts.
    • Unit’s health on nameplate and target frame will now always show as 0 when unit is dead.
    • Players can no longer close the last tab in the Chat Log.
    • Learning a known dye will no longer lock the player's action bar.
    • Fixed various mail related bugs that incorrectly displayed "Mail Busy."
    • An issue has been fixed which was previously causing many types of on-screen notifications to appear delayed or out of order.
    • The Datachron interface has been significantly improved.
    • The Vendor interface will now unselect items when an item category is minimized.
    • Chat windows will now save information for shown channels.
    • Health bar colors for Target of Target and Cluster units will now correctly change at 30% and 50% in the Unit Frame addon.
    • Icons for multi-tap spells will now display properly in the Action Set Builder.
    • Achievements related to currency will now use a visual currency representation, similar to the experience bar and inventory screen.
    • Resolved scroll issues on the Keybinding window when expanding and collapsing categories.
    • Several improvements have been made to the Raid Frame and Action Bar frame.
    • Fixed slider left/right buttons and removed redundant buttons in text edit area.
    • The ChatLog LUA addon has been optimized. Zoom zoom zoom….
    • Character panel nameplate affiliation options will now show if you are in a guild or a circle
    • Several error-causing typos have been corrected.
    • Tiered achievements should now show the correct progress.
    • A global text-wrapping issue has been resolved.
    • Addon MarketplaceListings: Instead of polling for a list of owned auctions and orders, the UI will now keep its own lists and update them appropriately.
    • CharacterSelect now correctly updates after a character rename.
    • The Resume UI will now alert you if you try to start a runecraft while another crafting operation is in progress.
    • Nameplate reward icon settings for targeted units will no longer be ignored.
    • The Addon options overlay blocker is no longer able to be dragged.
    • The default max text length for edit boxes has been reduced to 2048 characters.
    • Players can now only inspect other non-hostile Players, and only while out of combat.
    • Ability Builder Tooltips will now show the correct resource cost in tooltips.
    • Fixed a bug where the camera could continually bounce up close to Chua characters while running with the camera at ground level.
    • Fixed a bug which would crash the client on login due to restoring of certain UI addons.
    • Players can now only inspect other non-hostile Players, and only while out of combat.
    • Ability Builder Tooltips will no longer show incorrect resource cost in tooltips.
    • Fixed a bug where the camera could continually bounce up close to the Players running Chua when running with the camera at ground level.
    • Fixed a bug which would crash the client on log in due to restoring of certain UI addons.
    • The following icons have been added to the mini-map and zone map:
      • City NPCs that give directions
      • Quest NPCs
      • Quests that are path-specific
      • Dye Specialists
    • Additionally, mini-map and zone map icons for taxi locations and undiscovered taxi locations have been changed.
    • Quests that a player does not yet qualify for will now show a gray quest icon instead of a yellow quest icon on the minimap and zone map.
    API Changes
    • Added a LUA event called "ApplicationWindowSizeChanged" which is fired whenever the window size changes.
    • Fixed a LUA API crash when accessing an unknown tradeskill schematic.
    • Unit:GetMiniMapMarker method has been removed. Unit:GetMiniMapMarkers should be used instead.
    • The ItemAuctionWon event will now fire correctly when an auction expires with a winning bidder. It will also now fire for both the bidder and the auction's owner.
    • Item.GetTradeskillSchematicId() has been added to the LUA API. This method returns nil if the item cannot be crafted or it returns the schematic that was used to craft the item.
    • peObjective:GetObjectiveId() has been added. This returns the ID of the peObjective user data object. This is used to distinguish the different objectives when displaying them in such UIs such as Warplots.
    • publicEvent:GetObjective(nObjectiveId) has been added. This returns the specific public event objective defined by the nObjectiveId.
    • The following LUA events were firing at unnecessary times and have been throttled:
      • HazardsUpdated
      • RefreshHealthShieldBar
      • PlayerCurrencyChanged
      • Group_Updated
      • PersonaUpdateCharacterStats
      • WarplotBattleStateChanged
      • MatchingEligibilityChanged
      • LootRollUpdate
      • MasterLootUpdate
      • UpdateInventory

    • Crafted Item links now contain microchip and glyph information.
    • Added cap to max incoming account level invites.
    • Circles: Removed the Council Chat permission from the member options, as there is no Council Chat for circles.
    • Chat logging is now off by default
    • Players without "Retail" status should no longer be blocked from chatting.
    • Fixed a server crash bug related to mail.
    • In the Interface Menu List, Neighbors, Guilds, and Friends List open to the right place in Social Panel now.
    • Fixed problems that prevented certain account-friend features to notify players when requests failed.
    • Fixed a bug with the housing vendor UI when it was resized. The window is no longer marked as "Sizable".
    • Purchased Interior room options will now show up in the Housing Interface, under the appropriate category in the Room Configuration panel.
    • The following should now drop more frequently in your garden plug:
      • Spirovine Seeds
      • Yellowbell Seeds
      • Bladeleaf Seeds
    • Decor buffs will no longer be incorrectly applied when purchasing decor directly to the crate.
    • Fixed a bug where decor could no longer be placed from the player's crate if the player first previewed decor from the crate, moved it before accepting, and then tried to place two or more decor from the crate.
    • Expedition: Abandoned Eldan Test Lab now correctly advances if there are no players available to complete the vote. Players who didn't vote and/or log in after the vote receive the requisite ability bar to continue the event.
    • Left clicking after previewing decor from the Crate will no longer place the decor.
    • Decor objects can no longer be placed above the maximum height via the Advance Control Menu.
    • Decor item 2D icons have been updated.
    • Replaced several outdated assets that were causing issues and poor performance.
    • Meteor strikes in Farside have had SFX added.
    • Voice-over has been added to the Bridge Intro Cinematic.
    • Mounts:
      • Fixed sound effects for the Warpig birth animation sound.
      • Fixed sound effects for the Equivar birth animation sound.
    • Set ability/spell impact audio to correct timing.
    • Deconstruction spell should no longer loop infinitely if the target is killed.
    • New players should no longer randomly be muted.
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