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Patch Notes - 05/07/2014 - Build 6670

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, May 7, 2014.

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    • The level cap for open beta has been raised to 30. Additionally, you may now reach the Journeyman tier of tradeskills. The Path level cap has also been raised to 20.
    • Enabled German & French language options.
    • An overflow system has been implemented for Alizar and Olyssia. What this means is when the population of the main continents reaches a certain threshold, a separate version of these will be spun up to distribute players.
    The goal of this is to keep the main continents as full of life as possible, without the continents becoming overpopulated to the point that gameplay is affected.

    These copies will behave similarly to the early zones (Northern Wilds, Everstar Grove, Crimson Isle, and Levian Bay), in that players who are grouped together will end up on the same version when transferring to it. If you group with players that are already on separate versions of the continent, the ""Sync to Group"" button will bring you all to the same version.

    • In Video Options, a large redesign has happened! This includes standardizing buttons and terminology to ""Low"" ""Medium"" and ""High"" across the board.
    • In Video Options, FXAA and Texture Filtering (e.g. Bilinear) have been clarified and fixed.
    • In Video Options, preset defaults (e.g. Medium or Ultra High) have been tweaked and made more consistent.
    • In Video Options, almost all of the options have been renamed and re-organized to make more sense. They've also received tooltips that attempt to describe what each setting will do.
    • In Video Options, Adding ""Render Resolution"" as an option (Normal, Low, Ultra Low). This will allow for significant performance increases at the cost of significant visual loss."
    • Fixed a bug where the game could eat up all available RAM when loading into a world.
    • Fixed crash issues involving missing character unit.
    • Fixed issues with the "Sync To Group" and "Sync To Raid" functionality which prevented it from working. (These used to known as "pgoto".)
    • Fixed world server crash when entering an instance before the world knew about the party you are in.
    • Graphics engine optimizations for SLI configurations.
    • The EULAs should be implemented and correct.
    • Fixed an issue with vendor currency discrepancies.
    • The launcher's size has been reduced to fit on Chua-sized screens.
    • The launcher will now install and run the 64bit WildStar64.exe on all 64bit operating systems.
    • Using the Launcher with a High-Contrast Windows theme will now display a warning.
    • Optimized the Guild UI
    • Updated the camp and logout dialogs with Pre-Order information.
    • Groups now update correctly after leaving a battleground and players should no longer encounter missing group members.
    • Fixed an issue with forced GM character renames that allowed players to log into the world using their original name.
    • Fixed a very rare crash when loading characters into the world.
    • It is no longer possible for spells to get stuck attempting to recast themselves when using the mouse to click with Hold to Continue Casting enabled.
    • Mounts will now ignore the Hold to Continue Casting option, fixing their usage while this option is set.
    • Charge and release spells will now be correctly canceled when attempting to cast another spell during an existing spell's charge with Hold to Continue Casting enabled.
    • Spells that should ignore the global cooldown now do so when Hold to Continue Casting is enabled.
    • Rare cases of spells that temporarily change your reputation with a faction (like the Settler's Canimid Repellent) have had timers added so that players may never permanently change their faction.
    • Some player spells, like Ricochet, that check if you have a tier of the spell to change the spell in some ways now no longer check if that tier is in your first spec instead of in your current spec.
    • Fixed issue preventing armor change from being shown on character when removing armor.
    Spellslinger Abilities
    • Wild Barrage - Fixed an issue that allowed this ability to interrupt itself
    Stalker Abilities
    • Added a 1 second cooldown to the Stalker's stealth while out of combat
    • World PvP
      • The following areas are no longer Sanctuaries: Wigwalli Village, Graylight, Prosperity Junction, Everpool Sanctum, Pulp-Gulp Bottling Co, Marshal's Haven, Arcanus Base, Deathbringer Hollow, Wanderer's Rest, and Watch Station Arbor.
      • The guards at the following areas will now attack players who attack others while in the area: Wigwalli Village, Graylight, Prosperity Junction, Everpool Sanctum, Pulp-Gulp Bottling Co, and Marshal's Haven
    • Vendbots can no longer be summoned into PvP instances.
    Walatiki Temple
    • Fixed a bug in Walatiki Temple that occasionally caused two masks to spawn when a mask carrier was killed.
    • Using force move abilities and dropping a Moodie mask will update the Datachron messaging in Walatiki Temple.
    • Players who hold the Moodie mask for too long ... will pay ever so dearly for their affronts to the great Moodie Spirits. The player who dared mock the sacred oath of the mask carrier will have fiery vengeance rained down upon them, dealing a blow so powerful it will rip away their precious life force several times over. The Moodie spirits shall not only destroy the mask carrier’s body, but will also place a curse on their VERY SOUL FOR ALL ETERNITY … or until the spawn timer runs out, whichever comes first.
    • Updated the Warplots Superweapon: Orbital laser with improved damage and much lower cooldown, but raised nanopak costs.
    • Added road markings to both Arkship tutorial minimaps to make the tutorial more accessible to new players.
    • Algoroc: Players should always receive credit when leaving the Skull's Eye for the quest Finish Him!
    • Auroria: Players are able to complete the quest "Taking Ehlsa Alive" in Auroria
    • The Eldan Security beams in Celestion will now properly display a telegraph.
    • The "Eldan Artifact" can now be collected for Artemis Zin for "Mysteries from the Lake" in Ellevar.
    Exile Arkship
    • Exile Arkship Tutorial - Added a cleanup to the Greenhouse quest "Green Thumb" so it de-spawns extra veggies that might be lying around after the quest is complete.
    • Scientist's Datachron information will now never interfere with your Scanbot information.
    • Settlers can no longer summon amenities in Warplots, Battlegrounds or Arenas.
    • Improved need versus greed processing to help prevent false 'all pass' situations.
    • Added Tradeskill only special and Tradeskill only random special microchips intended for use to replace deprecated specials in crafted items
    • Cooking Trainers have all been updated to be persistent NPCs like all other tradeskill related NPCs. Exiles keep an eye out for Chef Theok, and members of the Dominion speak with Chef Cecilia to learn how to cook.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause a Coordinate Crafting Session to fail to complete if the item landed on what was currently a locked schematic.
    • You can now reach the Journeyman tier of tradeskills.
    User Interface
    • Fixed an error in the Auction and Commodity add-ons that occurred when closing the window while the search edit box had focus.
    • Increased the server guild operation limit to allow for more robust Guild UIs.
    • Interface Menu List now has support to display a number next to the pinned button to provide context on alerts (# of friends online, # of unread mail messages, etc.)
    • The updated art for the Datachron should no longer steal clicks from the bottom portion of the Quest Tracker.
    • Fixed a bug where a house's interior room configuration options would be reset to default after placing or changing a plug on the property.
    • The housing action bar will now reappear after using a plug with a floating action bar.
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