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Patch Notes - 05/21/2014 - Build 6692

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, May 21, 2014.

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    • Like hoverboards, ground mounts can now also double jump, and initial jump height has been adjusted to compensate.
    • Improved the speed at which the client handles some data parsing.
    • The client will now handle ‘button hold’ events instantly, with “Hold to Continue” casting enabled. This prevents the client from missing button down inputs if the player is using abilities very rapidly.
    • Subtitles have been added to all in-game cinematics.
    • Finishing touches were put on the weapon and Coconut Monkey decor item for the PC Gamer contest.
    • “Hold to Continue” Casting Mode will now automatically try to cast your currently held ability when you stop moving. This triggers stationary abilities that were previously being blocked by movement.
    • A crash related to players being kicked from a group who were involved in matchmaking has been fixed and should no longer be an issue.
    • The Mentoring chain has been broken. Players can no longer mentor a group member that is currently mentoring someone else.
    • An issue with terrain flickering is now resolved.
    • The mouse wheel scroll now correctly triggers action bar abilities and items that it is key-bound to.
    • Repositioned various objects and NPCs so that they no longer display incorrectly in the world.
    • Everyone needs a little love, so we’ve updated Eldan Health Stations to now heal Exile Players.
    • Fixed issue with character select allowing bypass of the selection timer.
    • Changed render target scale to a range from 0.5 to 1.0. Previously this value could be set up to 2.0, which would drastically impact frame rate for very minimal gain.
    • A large update of localization for German and French has been implemented.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused round robin to favor one player.
    • Fixed crash resulting from multithreaded animations.
    • Fixed crash when dismounting and the client not knowing your character’s location.
    • Fixed crash when Elder Gems are updated when the client doesn't know of your location.

    • The launcher will now install and run the 64bit WildStar64.exe on all 64bit operating systems.
    • All EULA site links now point to the correct language.
    • Cancelling out of the launcher self-update window will no longer show an empty error message box.
    • The launcher desktop icon no longer appears incorrectly for a short time during installation.
    • Banned game accounts will display an appropriate message upon attempted log in. You shall not pass!
    • The launcher will now correctly display download amounts above 4 GB.
    • Fixed issue where corrupt DLL's in the Temp directory would prevent the WildStar launcher from being used.
    • Fixed issue where players would receive an error stating a directory was already in use by another launcher when only one launcher is running.

    • Players can now receive guild-wide perk buffs while mounted.
    • Guild Perks have had their icons updated.

    • Enemy mobs now grant an appropriate amount of quest credit based on creature difficulty
    • Various creatures throughout the game world now have access to new spells.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause some Furious Dawngrazers to not despawn correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where creatures designed for multiple players were rewarding far too much renown.
    • Fixed an issue causing creatures to stop moving during combat.
    • Fixed various animations, spell icons, casts, impact timers, cast bar timers, visual/impact effects, and telegraphing for a variety of creatures throughout the game world.
    • Fetid Spout now properly knocks the player up if they have no Interrupt Armor
    • Fixed a bug that caused Moltan to go into a vulnerable state when interrupted during Lava Mitosis, and Magma Migration.
    • Witch Giants that cast ‘Ward of Nature’ no longer continue being affected by the buff if they are pulled out of the aura telegraph.
    • Lava Geyser now properly knocks the Player up if they have no interrupt armor.
    • Players can now properly dispel the ‘Shatter Mass’ debuff.
    • The Tangle Bramble tether object in Humanoid 2H Staff spell, Tangle Brambles, is now click-selectable.
    • Humanoid 2H Hammer casters will now cast the spell ‘Skull Splitter’ from range instead of closing in on the Player.
    • The Life Elemental spell ‘Rapid Overgrowth’ now stops when interrupted.
    • The Grazer Guardian spell Twister now has a chance to crit.
    • Updated the Orbitog spell, Rumble Wave, so that the caster now dies if killed while casting.
    • Adjusted the Eldan Probot telegraph spell, Tri-Shot, so that it can be avoided while the missiles are still in flight.
    • For the Resonator spell ‘Explosive Strike’, there will no longer be an Auto-Attack between that cast and the follow up Controlled Overload.
    • The spell ‘From the Depths’ now has a clear telegraph to show that targets will only take damage after the telegraph wave is complete.
    • The Dracus spell, Corrosive Filth, no longer applies an armor debuff.
    • Ink Fountain now has a tracking telegraph, as well as a warning telegraph. Additionally, the overall length of the spell has been reduced and the size of the telegraphs slightly increased
    • Updated the humanoid pistol spell, Precision Shot now fires only one narrow cone telegraph, and follows up with a circular ground target area of effect.
    • Casters now face the spell telegraph while casting Spectral Surge, instead of facing the Player.
    • Impact effects for the Grazer Guardian spell, Electrified Field, now only play once per hit instead of looping.
    • Scorchwing now properly interrupts any spells cast during the transition to the Egg phase.
    • Fixed the humanoid pistol spell, Blazing Akimbo so that Players are no longer hit by the final blast when outside of the telegraph.
    • The visual effects for the Zoetic spell, Noxious Ground, will now clear properly when the caster is killed.
    • The Stemdragon cast animation for Spore Bomb can no longer be interrupted if the caster is hit.
    • When knocked down during Spine Mine, the target will no longer be able to move.
    • Removed an erroneous circle telegraph from the humanoid pistol spell, Napalm Spray. The caster now also dies properly if killed.
    • Targets knocked down by Bombardment are no longer able to move.
    • The Witch Giants' Snow Ball attack, no longer hits Players who leave the telegraph area before impact.
    • The Air Elemental spell, Twisted Wind will now randomly cause critical damage.
    • Spew Ore no longer grants an evade buff.
    • The humanoid rifle spell, Chain Lightning Shot, now properly casts after Concussive Blast is cast.
    • Zoetic's Rusting Grasp and Shocking Strike should now deal the appropriate amount of damage.
    • Graymatter will no longer hit himself when casting Twin Eye Beams.


    • During Character Creation, Aurin Male ears will now be displayed properly.
    • The Human Male animated portrait will now default to have weapons sheathed.
    • Added Shout emote animation to Chua.
    • Mordesh Female, Chua, and Draken hair have been fixed to reduce clipping.
    • Decreased the damage players take when sliding down steep slopes.
    • Fixed an issue in character creation that was causing characters to not show the correct options.
    • Fixed telegraphs so that they now line up or display correctly.
    • Polished the holo-effects on Player characters in the character select screen.
    • Updated VO lines for Aurin females.
    • The text was updated for Character Forced Rename to clarify limits. No numbers, and must be 3 to 20 characters in length.
    • Players can no longer mentor a group member that is currently mentoring someone else.
    • Context-specific action bars like pets and vehicles should now display properly after reconnecting to a character that hasn't yet timed out.
    • Fixed an issue with the character re-naming system that allowed Players to log into the world using their original name.

    • The Highwayman costume items are now set to be Unique.
    • Icons were added/updated/fixed for various items, including hoverboards.
    • New icons have been added to hoverboards to better convey their type. These are reflected on the item as well as the mount icon.
    • Relic Hunter's Bags sold from the ‘Renown’ vendor no longer require Relic Hunter profession in order to get any rewards.
    • The following shoulder pieces now have appropriate icons: Vermilius's Flame-wreathed Shoulders, Blazewood's Commendation Ribbons, Jeager Guard's Amice, FCON Commando's Amice, Imperial Commendation Ribbons, Soldier's Commendation Ribbons, and Restorer's Luminous Shoulders.
    • Gadgets and Potions are now useable while casting.
    • Verdant Defense was fixed and can now be equipped by the correct classes.
    • Bags were updated to the correct level requirements and bindings.
    • Updated Barrier Gadget to be usable while crowd controlled.
    • Eye of the Corrupter was fixed to use the correct proc effect Reflexive Technique.
    • Duplicated flavor and tooltip text was removed from flask items.
    • The Commando's Dirt Scuffed Greaves were renamed to 'Commando's Dirt Scuffed Boots.'
    • The Deceiver's Crimson Pauldrons and Swashbuckler's Overcoat were adjusted down to ‘Rare’ quality.
    • Wrathwraps were fixed to be equippable by the correct classes.
    • The visual display of the Truthbound Smartsword was fixed.
    • New dyes were added to the Pouch of Pristine Pigments (very rare dye bag).
    • Updated dye icons so they now reflect the color they will tint chosen equipment.
    • Dye collections now drop a greater variety of dyes when Players salvage them.
    • Text was updated for the Gladiator's Movement Stimulant to show that it only works in a PvP zone.
    • Steel Retainers were adjusted to be Medium instead of Heavy.
    • Greatswords were added to Merchant Lucius and Lady Saphis in Lightreach Mission.
    • Tooltips for Loot Bags were fixed to correctly indicate their type.
    • Faerybloom Medispray was removed from 'Meals and Ingredients' on Grimvault vendors.
    • The BrackWorks Titanium Boots were updated so that non-Medics may equip them.
    • Gadgets:
      • Fortitude now grants 133 Support Power as intended, up from 13.
      • Guiding Light now shows Caster and Secondary Target tooltips.
      • Rally now shows buff text on Secondary Targets.
      • Crowd Control Break Gadgets now have a 120s cooldown, up from 60s.
      • Guard was fixed so it gives the appropriate amount of armor and no longer gives Support Power.
      • Sidewinder no longer shows errors in its tooltip.
      • Guiding Light now states it restores health in the Caster and Secondary tooltip.
    • Endorphin Rush Debuff from Medispray potions now lasts 5 minutes.
    • Any remaining Glyphs in the game have been renamed to an equivalent Rune.
    • The Whispering Wind Blade was fixed to display as a psyblade.
    • The Protostar Platinum Pauldrons were fixed and now equip in the correct slot.
    • Randomized items were updated to roll better, and more varied, stat combinations.
      • The biggest changes:
        • Random stats on weapons now have a chance to roll Deflect (Warriors/Engineers/Stalkers only), Health, Assault Power, or Support Power.
        • Support Systems, Shields, and Implants now have a chance to roll any stat (except AP and SP).
        • Attachments now have a chance to roll any stat (except AP, SP, Shield Capacity, and Armor).
        • Heavy Armor no longer rolls Recovery.
        • Light Armor no longer rolls Tech, Deflect Critical, or Deflect.
        • All randomized stat rolls have been adjusted so that stats generate based on their relevance to the item slot. For example, Light Armor now has a much higher chance to roll Finesse, Moxie, or Insight than it does Brutality.

    • ‘Banana Throw’ will now display a proper telegraph when cast.
    • Fixed an issue where many spells that restore Focus were not being displayed in the combat log
    • Class Resurrect spells should no longer show a buff icon.
    • Optimized the graphical performance of common Player abilities.
    • Fixed a number of spells and attacks that were missing impact audio.
    • Some spells will no longer damage the wrong area or have their telegraphs in the wrong spot.
    • Pushback Crowd Control state no longer ignored Interrupt Armor, and also has diminishing returns.
    • AMP Power resets when AMPs become invalid now.
    • Shield Reboot Time now has a minimum limit of 4 seconds. The tooltip has been updated in the character panel to reflect this.
    • Pets healing their owners should no longer put the owner into a PvP combat state.
    • Several AMPs have had their rarities adjusted to better coincide with their respective drop rates.
    • Using abilities will now dismount the player if being mounted is blocking successful ability use, when Hold to Continue Casting is enabled.
    • Fixed a bug with Hydroflux's Torrent Gadget reducing Armor instead of increasing it by 650.
    • Player Tether Objects have increased health.
    • Reduced the range of right-click unarmed attacks by 1 meter.
    • Intimidates and Taunts are no longer able to be defended against.
    • Holyward was updated to be non-class restrictive.
    • Adjusted the Focus costs on cleanse abilities, the following cleanse abilities will start at a base cost of 30 Focus and increase by 2 per tier:
      • Adjusted the Focus costs on specific single target heals, the affected heals are listed below:
    • Adjusted the Tier bonus cooldown reductions for clarity on the following spells:
    • Warrior
    • Esper
    • AMPs General
      • Several AMPs were fixed to use Spellslinger tooltips instead of Esper.
    • Visuals should now always play on the last tick of a channeled spell (as long as the spell says to do so).
    • Rune Set - Tough Chassis: Fixed an issue where the buff would remain on a Players Bots if they unequip gear and lose the set bonus.
    • Artillerybot
      • Barrage will once again actually cast.
    • Bruiserbot
      • Base
        • Taunt Duration is now 4 seconds, down from 8.
    • Diminsherbot
      • Fixed a bug that prevented the pull in from Tier 8 from happening.
    • Electrocute
      • Base
        • Range is now 20 meters, down from 25.
        • Width is now 2 meters, down from 3.
        • Now applies the first tick at the half second mark, and no longer at the start.
        • 7.3 damage per level, up from 6.47.
        • 23.03% Assault Power, up from 20.45%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
    • 2.56% Assault Power per tier, up from 2.16%.
    • Mortar Strike
      • Base
        • Now costs 50 Volatility, down from 60.
        • Range is now 25 meters, up from 17.5.
        • Outer: 14.99 damage per level, down from 16.27.
        • Outer: 47.36% Assault Power, down from 51.38%.
        • Inner: 29.77 damage per level, down from 32.29.
        • Inner: 94.02% Assault Power, down from 101.2%.
    • Particle Ejector
      • Base
        • Now applies first tick at the half second mark, and no longer at the start of the channel.
        • 6.59 damage per level, up from 5.79.
        • 20.82% Support Power, up from 18.25%.
    • Minor Tier Bonus
      • 2.11% Support Power per tier, up from 1.8%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Armor Reduction is now 20%, down from 47.5%.
      • Duration is now 0.55s to slightly overlap tick time of the channel, down from 3s.
    • Shock Pulse
      • Fixed a bug in Tier 4 where some ticks of Electrocute or Particle Ejector would not build tokens.
    • Target Acquisition
      • Fixed a bug where the Tier 4 bonus would not fire if the target dies from Target Acquisition.
    • Volatile Injection
      • Fixed a bug where Players would lose Interrupt Armor, but not receive the shield restore on the Tier 8 bonus.
    • AMPs
      • Enmity
        • Threat Modifier is now 25%, down from 60%.
      • Unstable Volatility
        • Fixed the tooltip to show the correct amount of stacks.
        • Fixed an issue in which the damage would trigger on the fourth application and not the third.
        • Fixed an issue in which this would not apply on all foes hit, just the closest foe.
    • Keep it Moving
      • Learning “Keep it Moving” should no longer prevent “Keep on Truckin” from being learned, as well.
    • Fixed a number of spells that were set to interrupt casting and should not have been.
    • Crush
      • Now reduces Magic Resist by 35%, instead of increasing magic damage taken by 35%.
    • Focus Mastery
      • Focus recovered reduced to 50 Focus, down from 147.
    • Incapacitate
      • Now reduces Magic Resist by 6%, instead of increasing magic damage taken by 6%.
    • Mental Boon
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing Healing Touch from Procing.
    • Pyrokinetic Flame
      • No longer procs B-I-N-G-O every tick.
    • Telekinetic Storm
      • No longer displays large squares on the ground.
      • Fixed an issue that was causing it to attach to pets even if a Player was in the targeting area.

    • Buffer no longer only gets applied to a single ally when healing multiple allies.
    • Barrier
      • Fixed a bug where Barrier would not restore shields to an ally or the Medic with empty shields when using the Reboot AMP.
    • Calm
      • The Tier 4 Bonus now restores 12.27% Assault and Support Power Shield, rather than just 24.54% Support Power.
      • The buff granted from Tier 4 now properly shows a tooltip in the buff icon.
      • Fixed an issue where this was not trigging procs.
    • Collider
      • Fixed a bug where the Tier 8 bonus would build 2 actuators per use of the ability rather than 1. If the Medic uses both charges of the spell in succession, 2 Actuators will be built, rather than 4.
    • Discharge
      • Fixed an issue where the Tier 8 bonus would not always grant 2 stacks of Power Charge.
      • Fixed a bug where Discharge was generating an Actuator at 2 stacks of Power Charge rather than the intended 3.
    • Dual Shock
      • Fixed an issue where this was not trigging procs or daze.
      • Fixed a bug where “Dual Shock” was not playing audio appropriately.
    • Emission
      • Fixed a major bug where Tier 3 would cast Restrictor.
      • Fixed a bug where Emission was generating an Actuator at 2 stacks of Power Charge rather than the intended 3.
    • Extricate
      • Tier 8 now applies Buffer.
    • Magnetic Lockdown
      • Fixed a bug where “Magnetic Lockdown” was not triggering procs.
    • Nullifier
      • Fixed a major bug where the Tier 4 bonus was not being triggered by Tiers 5-8.
    • Paralytic Surge
      • Fixed a bug where the Tier 4 bonus was not being applied to enemies standing inside of Annihilation.
      • Fixed an issue where this was not trigging procs or daze.
    • Rejuvenator
      • Fixed a major bug where Tiers 1-8 were ticking half as much as they should. Additionally, fixed a bug where the Tier 8 bonus was not firing when the field expired.
    • Runic Healing
      • Fixed an issue where this ability would not highlight properly while under the effects of Spell Surge.

    • Fixed a bug that was causing the below Esper AMPs to be removed by Catharsis:
      • Spectral Shield
      • Follow Through
      • The Power
      • Reckful
      • Hard to Hit
      • Iron Reflexes
    • Antigen Isolation
      • Now costs 3 power rather than the intended 4.
    • Attrition
      • This AMP has been re-designed and will now trigger every 2 minutes that the Medic remains in combat, restoring 200 Focus over 10s.
    • Concerted Effort
      • Fixed a bug where the Medic could interrupt their own spells to trigger this AMP.
    • Danger Zone
      • Fixed a bug where enemies could Deflect the debuff and an issue where the cooldown would be ignored.
    • Stay With Me
      • Fixed a bug where this was still increasing Assault Power by 30% rather than the intended 24%.
      • Fixed a bug where the AMP would constantly reapply when taking damage while below 30% health. Additionally, fixed an issue where the buff would sometimes not remove when the Medic's health rose above 30%.
    • Shield Protocol
      • This AMP now increases Shield Mitigation by 15% and restores 36% Assault and Support Power every 2 seconds. The duration has been reduced to 8 seconds, down from 10 seconds. The cooldown has been increased to 60 seconds, up from 30 seconds.
    • Adjusted the behavior of the following abilities so Spell Surge no longer interrupts the cast.
      • Quick Draw
      • Wild Barrage
      • Rapid Fire
      • Runic Healing
      • Charged Shot
      • Vitality Burst
      • Sustain
    • Fixed an issue in which the Surged version of Charge 1 would not grants the proper cooldown time.
    • Spellslingers now have a tooltip that details exactly how much Spell Power they have, rather than needing to guess.
    • Charged Shot
      • o Surge C1
        • No longer costs Spell Power.
    • Dual Fire
      • Base
        • Cooldown is now 6s, up from 5s.
    • Flame Burst
      • The buff will no longer trigger if Flame Burst is not on a Players Limited Action Set.
      • After firing off Flame Burst, the buff that makes Flame Burst available will be removed.
    • Healing Salve
      • Fixed an issue that prevented this ability from critically healing.
      • Base
        • Duration is now 12s, down from 20s
    • Phase Shift
      • Base
        • Cooldown is now 23s, up from 20s.
        • Increases Deflect by 50%, down from 70%.
      • Tier 4 Bonus
        • Reduces the cooldown by 3s, down from 5s.
    • Quick Draw
      • Fixed an issue where Quick Draw would not deal Surge Bonus damage if Spell Power went below 25%.
    • Regenerative Pulse
      • Base
        • Fixed an issue in which the first 5 tiers would ignore GCDs.
        • Cooldown is now 10s, down from 15s.
        • 39.67 health per level, down from 49.
        • 74.38% Support Power, down from 91.85%.
      • Minor Tier Bonus
        • 5.81% Support Power per tier, up from 5.8%.
      • Surge Base
        • 75 health per level, down from 84.33.
        • 140.63% Support Power, down from 158.09%.
      • Surge Minor Tier Bonus
        • 5.81% Support Power per tier, up from 5.8%.
      • Tier 8 Bonus
        • Internal cooldown of 30s, up from 0s.
        • Prevents Death for 2s regardless of the number of targets hit.
    • Spell Surge
      • While Spell Surged, Abilities that gain +Healing value as a surge bonus will now apply a Debuff that can refresh itself.
        • Debuff: Removes 6 Focus every 1s for 3s
          • Astral Infusion
          • Healing Salve
          • Healing Torrent
          • Regenerative Pulse
          • Runes of Protection
          • Voidspring
        • Debuff: Removes 4 Focus every 1s for 3s
          • Dual Fire
          • Runic Healing
        • Excluded from Debuff
          • Vitality Burst
          • Sustain
    • Sustain
      • Surge C1
        • No longer costs Spell Power.
    • Vitality Burst
      • BaseC1: 0s cooldown, down from 4.
        • C2: 4s cooldown, down from 6.
      • Surge C1
        • No longer costs Spell Power.
    • Void Pact
      • Void Pact duration can now be refreshed by other Void Pact casts.
    • Void Slip
      • Base
        • Cooldown is now 50s, up from 45s.
    • Voidspring
      • Fixed an issue that prevented this ability from critically healing.
    • Burst Power
      • Can only trigger once every 6s, up from 1s.
    • Clarity
      • Can only trigger once every 6s, up from 1s.
    • Desperation
      • Focus restored per tick 50, down from 60.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed the AMP to apply more than once within 2 minutes.
    • Focus Stone
      • Can now only have one in Players inventory at a time.
    • Healing Aura
      • Heals for 11% Support Power, down from 31%.
      • Fixed an issue in which Sustain and Vitality Burst would trigger Healing Aura on the start of the charge.
    • Homeward Bound
      • The tooltip will now state the frequency in which the AMP effect can occur.
    • Preparation
      • Correctly shows the frequency in which Players can trigger the effect.
      • Fixed an issue where the cooldown reduction was not delayed properly after entering combat.
      • Fixed the tooltip so it properly shows the delay on receiving the effects of Preparation.
    • Readiness
      • Duration is now 3s, down from 6s.
    • Spell Armor
      • Duration is now 3s, down from 6s.
    • Updated the Stealth buff to clarify that Movement Speed is only decreased in Nano Skin: Lethal and Evasive.
    • Rune Set: Predator - Fixed a bug where the Movement Speed buff would sometimes not be removed when leaving Stealth.
    • Fixed a LUA error that occurred when Stalkers used False Retreat.
    • Fixed a bug with the Fatal Wounds that was preventing multiple Stalkers from having 5 stacks active at a time on 1 target.
    • Fixed a bug with Cripple costing more Suit Power at Tier 2+ than is intended
    • Nano Skin now has a minor 1 second cooldown.
    • Amplification Spike
      • Now properly shows its visual effects.
    • Frenzy
      • Fixed a bug where the Tier 8 bonus was not reducing Physical Resistance.
      • Fixed a bug with Frenzy showing an invalid buff icon.
    • Nano Skin: Agile
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Movement Speed bonus to not reapply when switching stances.
    • Nano Field
      • The Tier 4+ second press no longer requires 20 Suit Power before it can be used.
    • Preparation
      • No longer displays a ticking buff icon when channeling.
    • Reaver
      • Fixed a bug where Reaver was using an Intimidate instead of a Taunt.
    • Shred
      • Tier upgrade reduced to + 1% Assault Power per tier, down from 1.68% .
      • Tier 4 bonus now shows an ability runner while Stealthed.
      • Tier 4 upgrade reduced to 38% Armor Pierce, down from 60%.
      • Tier 8 upgrade reduced to 1 Suit Power per tick, down from 2.
    • Steadfast
      • Fixed a bug on Tier 3 that caused it to have a lower cooldown than intended.
      • Now increases Deflect Chance instead of being a forced action.
      • Reduced the base Deflect Chance to 35%, down from 60%.
      • Base Deflect Tier upgrade reduced to 2.5%, down from 5%.
      • Suit Power gained on Deflect increased to 20, up from 15.
    • Tactical Retreat
      • Assassin now properly activates when using Tactical Retreat.
      • Fixed a bug where Blind was not being removed by the Tier 4 bonus.
    • Whiplash
      • Tier upgrade reduced to + 1.5% Support Power per Tier, down from 2.5% .
      • Tier 8 upgrade reduced to 1 Suit Power per tick, down from 2.
    • Riposte
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing this from procing.
    • Precision AMP
      • Fixed a bug with the “Precision AMP” breaking stealth if used with an ability that is not supposed to break damage (i.e. Phlebotomize).
    • Rune Sets
      • oLingering Charge - Fixed a bug where the 2nd and 3rd set bonus would not trigger.
      • oReverberate - Fixed a bug where the second and third bonus would not trigger when using Plasma Wall.
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing Efficiency from triggering with Relentless Strikes and Menacing Strike.

    • Bolstering Strike
      • Now properly deals technology damage.
    • Bulwark
      • Now has an increased Threat Generation buff during the Tank Stance, up from 25% to 100%.
    • Festering Blade
      • Reduced Snare to 8% per stack, down from 10%, and reduced duration to 5s, down from 6s.
    • Flash Bang
      • Now ignores GCD
      • Base:
        • Damage reduced to 7.22 per level, down from 9.4; and 11.4% Assault and Support Power, down from 14.825% .
      • oMinor Tier Bonus:
        • Reduced damage gains per Tier to 0.615% Assault and Support Power, down from 2.13%.
    • Menacing Strike
      • Fixed a bug where this would occasionally flash a second telegraph.
      • Has been fixed so that Augmented Blade is now applied correctly.
    • Overdrive
      • Now grants 1 ability charge to the following abilities: Tremor (T4+), Jolt, Bum Rush (T4+).
    • Power Strike
      • Fixed a bug where the Tier 8 buff was only applied by the first two strikes.
      • This ability has been renamed to Rampage. The GCD's of the first, second, and third swing have been reduced slightly to improve responsiveness and allow the animation to feel more fluid.
    • Smackdown
      • Fixed a bug with the debuff visual.
    • Tether Bolt
      • Fixed a bug with “Tether Bolt” where the Tier 4 bonus was reducing the Tether Anchor's health rather than increasing it. Additionally increased the bonus to 50%, up from 25%.
    • Tremor
      • Fixed a bug where this was not triggering daze or procs.
      • Increased base cooldown to 12s, up from 8s. Base now deals 66.95% Assault Power and 21.2 damage per level, up from 61.76% and 19.55.
    • Whirlwind
      • The Interrupt Armor granted by Tier 8 can now only be applied once every 6s.
    • Fortify
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing this AMP from applying correctly when above 50% Shields.
    • Festering Blade
      • Will now apply the Festering Blade to each enemy when attacking several at once.
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    • Fixed a rare crash in PvP combat which may have been caused by Player pets.
    • The PvP vendor menu was updated to fix items listed under the wrong set.
    • Vendbots can no longer be summoned into PvP instances.
    • Class Pets now respect their Master’s PvP Offense and Defense.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing old PvP match data to persist after the match was over.
    • Fixed a crash caused by PvP assists and saves.
    • Players that are flagged for PvP will see (PvP) appended to their name on the unit and target frames.
    • PVP stats will now begin correctly updating as soon as you open the scoreboard window.
    • The rate of getting money from PvP has been increased. You should now get a decent bit of money from the PvP loot bags more frequently.
    • The Warrior Arena PvP chest piece, “Reaper's Thwarting Splint Mail,” is no longer flagged for Medics.
    • For Arena and Warplot vendors, a tab was renamed to 'Gadgets' and updated to list available tiers.
    • PvP Gadgets now have updated icons.
    • Fixed an occasional crash that would occur in matchmade games.
    • 2v2 Arenas now apply a ‘Heal’ debuff that does not stack with, and is not replaced by, other heal debuffs.
    Walatiki Temple
    • The size of buffs was increased in Walatiki Temple.
    Halls of the Bloodsworn
    • Invisible walls were removed from the Court of Judges spawn room.
    • Players will no longer get stuck in the final room when using the jump pad at round end.
    • An issue was fixed where Warplot lockbox items would stay active after a character had disconnected from the match.
    • Attempting to use the Repair ability on a generator will no longer consume the cooldown for the ability as this ability does not work on generators.
    • Fixed an issue where a rogue laser fence was sticking out of the structure for the Skilled Aggressorbot Factory.
    • Fixed an issue where Warparties were being calculated the wrong base energy cost at the start of a Warplot PvP match.
    • Passive FX will no longer be applied for Warparty wide buffs.
    • Changed the message that a Player receives when trying to join or create a Warparty while they are below level 50.
    • An issue was fixed where Players could jump to their doom in the Warplot build map.
    • Mini-map markers were fixed to relay Nano-Pak names in the tooltip.
    • Nano-Pak nodes were fixed to stop showing their names on the ground.
    • Nodes were updated to have audio when they're being captured.
    • A text issue was fixed for the Return Portal in the Warplot build map.
    • An animation was added to the recall ability for the Warplot build map.
    • A visual effects issue was fixed with the teleport-center ability.
    • ‘Queue the Warparty’ was renamed to 'Queue the Warplot’. This clarifies that it allows Warparty members to queue up the Warparty's Warplot.
    • The Watchtower was fixed to prompt Players to activate it, not talk to it.
    • Fixed a world server crash related to specific spell usage in Warplots.
    • Optimized the bandwidth performance of the PvP scoreboard in Warplots.
    • The Warplot edit mode telegraph will once again stay up to show the range of deployables.
    • Warplots Public Events are now hidden due to new UI implementation.

    • Fixed an issue where several places on Nexus would improperly display the "GPS Signal Lost" message upon opening the map.
    • The confirmation dialog box that appears when traveling from Malgrave to Thayd should now automatically disappear when Players move out of range.
    • Jumping now interrupts casting the Teleport: Thayd and Teleport: Illium spells.
    • Adjusted various quests and challenges throughout the world so that a better variety of creatures now count towards them.
    • Updated multiple objective arrows so that they now display properly and point to the correct locations.
    • Fixed issue with Molten Pools sometimes not stunning targets.
    • Added city directions for dye and costume services in the capital cities.
    • Added Protostar Appearance Modificators to major hubs across all zones level 10 and above.
    • Challenges that were granting faction reputation no longer do so.
    • Certain Settler spawned groups will now clean up properly when their duration expires.
    • Fixed an issue where players far below the level of a public event could participate and earn far more experience than intended.
    • Fixed a server crash related to aura spells.
    • The quest episode 'The Secrets of Nexus' is now correctly a World Story episode, and will display no matter what zone the Player is in.
    • Exo-Lab X-39: Choosing 'rez at holocrypt' during the holdout will no longer cause Players to rez on the teleporter and be removed from the instance
    • Sim Cores: Players can no longer heal NPCs inside Sim Cores
    • Sim Core Quests: 'Marvelous Mimicry' & 'A Remarkable Discovery' no longer spawn units personal to the Player on the quest, enabling group or other Players to assist with the quest
    • Ignored quests can now be un-ignored and restarted.
    • Neutral faction quest reputation rewards have been balanced for Big Game Hunters, Freebots, Free Traders, Lopp, and Protostar.
    • World Bosses will no longer drop loot directly from the creature. All rewards will be delivered through Public Events so that all players who participate can be rewarded.
    Achievements & Challenges

    • An issue was fixed where tiered achievements showed progress incorrectly.
    • 'The Legacy Fulfilled' is now disabled since it was a duplicate of 'Eldan Artifact Weapon'.
    • Several Dominion World Story achievements that were set to 0 points will now award 10 points, like their Exile counterparts.
    • The 'Eldan Gauntlet' and 'Eldan Artifact Weapon Imbuement' quests are now tracked with achievements.
    • The following achievements are now correctly flagged as Guild Achievements:
      • Garr Gnashers I, II, III
      • Gronyx Grinders I, II, III
      • Mammodin Maulers I, II, III
    • Genesis Key Raid Attunement achievements have been added to the Raids category.
    • 'On Top of the World' in Deradune now checks that you climbed three trees since the fourth tree has been removed.
    • Rallied Veteran Achievements in Dungeons and Vanquisher Achievements in Adventures have been removed.
    • Fixed an issue where the Ground to Bits individual achievements were showing up as Guild.
    • Quest checklists have been updated for the following achievements:
      • Everstar Grove - Episode Completion: Forest in Despair will no longer expect bot Mordesh and non-Mordesh quest completions.
      • Algoroc - Episode Completion: Sunken Prospects will no longer require the optional breadcrumb quest, Protostar SOS .
      • Galeras - Fighting with Friends: Galeras will now check for Bonetalon instead of looking for 2 Stickypaw quests.
      • Auroria - Episode Completion: A Smoldering Threat will no longer check for the breadcrumb quest, Bought the Farm.
    • The "From All Corners" step of the Genesis Key will now better track participation when determining kill credit.
    • The “Adventure!” step of the Genesis Key will no longer grant credit if silver medals have been previously achieved.
    • Challenges with multiple reward tiers should now still unlock after completing a lower tier.
    • The challenge announcer no longer announces a medal for challenges with only one reward tier.
    • Challenges were fixed so that the announcer correctly announces medals.
    • Fixed, updated, and added audio for various spells, creatures, and encounters.
    • Shortened the fuses on Marauder Mines in Algoroc so they line up with the telegraph.
    • Algoroc Achievement, 'Eldan Secret: Algoroc' now tracks the collection of the 'Happy Birthday, Belle Walker' TFBTF Keys.
    • Algoroc challenge Seek and Destroy now has the correct rewards.
    • Fixed an issue where Exile players would not get raid attunement credit for killing Metal Maw in Deradune.
    • Crystalline Immunity now includes Crystalback.
    • Hivestrike Grove Drone no longer gives credit for the quest 'Honeyhive Defenders'.
    • If the Cuboar despawns in the quest “Not Fit for Consumption,” a new Cuboar can be re-cloned.
    • The cloning objective in the quest “Not Fit for Consumption” is now optional.
    • King Honeygrave world boss has had its effects adjusted to improve performance.
    • The player now responds correctly to NPC Scout Hazira.
    • Contulius Vandarin now gives proper credit for the quest 'The Evil Within'.
    • The Ravenous Rescue event now properly awards XP upon completion.
    • Getting knocked down by falling debris in Tanglemore Den in Celestion should no longer cause the Player to float around.
    • The egg nests were fixed for the quest 'Eager Egg Hunt.'
    • Explorer Faynar now displays his name in Celestion.
    • The Celestion challenge 'Firestorm Fighter' now displays the area it takes place, in the challenge log.
    • The AG5 Blitzbuster should no longer prevent solo Players from completing 'Listen Like Shadows'.
    • Made scavengers in Celestion hungrier so Grevitch the Gruesome's corpse will not stay around as long.
    • The N22 Devastator will no longer be affected by the Goop Canon.
    • Celestion Achievement, 'Lasers!' now advances when Players pull the Eldan constructs into the security beams.
    • The Work Order Board now correctly prompts Players to use it.
    • Torine Huntresses that are training in the Pool of Vitara will no longer hit each other
    Crimson Badlands
    • The public event Aggregor the Dust Eater in Crimson Badlands will give the correct rewards upon completion.
    • Fixed, updated, and added audio for various spells, creatures, and encounters.
    • Crimson Augmentors now spawn less frequently.
    Crimson Isle
    • Mondo Zax will no longer call the Player with information about the quest 'Scrap the Scrab, Mind the Mines' once it has been completed.
    • The public event 'Last Resistance' now has a proper level and difficulty.
    • The quest 'Fire and Brimstone' now properly display percentages in the quest tracker.
    • The Crimson Bonepickers are no longer friendly to Players.
    • Players will now get proper credit for every mine they disarm during the quest 'Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab'.
    • The quest 'Don't Anger the Zax' no longer shows up as uncategorized in the quest log.
    • Players will now get proper credit for every mine they disarm during the quest 'Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab'.
    • The Painting Target spell used for the quest 'Burning Waters' can no longer be cast while mounted. This is to prevent Players on hover boards from trivializing the quest objective.
    • Dreg in the Crimson Badlands now correctly drop loot and provide experience. These include Palehusk Marauders, Dreglords, Berserkers, Reavers, Cutters, Howlers, and Devils, Scarhide Scalpers, Butchers, Deadshots, and Exorcists, as well as the rare mobs Grinder and Bugwit.
    • Challenges located in the Crimson Badlands will now appear under the name Crimson Badlands in the Challenge window, instead of Crimson Isle.
    • Players who enter the Tumbling Caves in the Crimson Badlands will no longer be told they're about to be transported to Deradune.
    • The Savannah Poachers no longer have extra chairs to leave out for their buddies.
    • The short objective text for the “Veggie Might” quest has been revised Fixed a bug where flamethrowers given in Exo-Lab 79 in Deradune were incorrectly giving the burn away visual to all creatures hit by the spell when a target died, and not to just the dead target.
    • The Burning debuff in the Metal Maw encounter now properly displays its damage value in the tooltip.
    • The Challenge ‘The Gooed, the Bad, and the Ugly’ will now display the proper item in Players inventory.
    • World Boss Achievements now check for Public Event completion instead of creature kill.
    • This should result in achievement credit for all Players with contribution in the Public Event.
    • Tamer Takesh can no longer be attacked outside Bloodfire Village.
    • Game Huntresses now give Players credit if they kill a vulcarrion or garr nearby.
    • The quest ability for 'Scent of Blood' is no longer usable while moving, and will wait until the cast time is complete before displaying the scent trail.
    • Scientists can now reach the datacube hidden in the cave in Hillscourge without assistance from an Explorer.
    • Deradune Achievement 'Impressive Hunter' will no longer double the count as it advances through the linked achievements.
    • Dusktail Harts will no longer sleep through the tagging process for the quest 'Conservation Efforts'.
    • Players will now only be prompted that they are leaving the area of the Metal Maw public event if the event is actually in progress.
    • Fixed an issue where Exile players would not get raid attunement credit for killing Metal Maw in Deradune.
    • Deradune - Comm call VO from Agent Lex when accepting the quest 'The Aurin Enclave' will be properly localized.
    Dominion Arkship
    • All references to the 'Hall of the Vigilant' have been changed to the 'Cathedral of Light'.
    • Added an adjusted Dominion interrogation cinematic to Cryo.
    • Dominion Arkship Tutorial - The telegraphs for the hazards in Mondo's Lab now correctly appear.
    • Ellevar
    • The player can no longer farm dagun that are spawned when failing the CSI connected to the turrets.
    • The Challenge "On the Prowl" now gives appropriate rewards.
    • Adjusted the spawn rate and targets for the Snoglug Squasher challenge in Ellevar.
    • The quest 'Better, Faster, Stronger' no longer allows mounts while in spider form.
    • The Escaped Ravenok for the quest 'Raving Ravenok' no longer block progression if they run away when Players enter water.
    • Xenobiologist Karizi has received a promotion and now matches the level of his associates.
    • Highland Predators will now be vulnerable to the Dagun Trap in the 'Glitterfur Assistance' quest.
    • All Darkfang creatures can now be targeted by the t-spell for the quest 'Scientific Method'.
    • Players reviving on Level Two of AH47 will no longer be immediately dismembered by an Eldan Protector.
    • The challenge 'Necrobloomin' Fun' now can only be started from Darkspire Wilds.
    • The final teleporter in 'Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level Two' has been under maintenance and is now functional.
    • The Anti-aircraft rockets for the 'Battle for Sterling Lake' public event have been repaired and now properly fire.
    • The Sniper Rifle in the 'Battle for Sterling Lake' had the number of ability buttons reduced from 2 to 1.
    • The target goal for the challenge 'Can You Dig It' no longer spawns until the challenge begins.
    • The silver and gold tier count for the challenge 'Necrobloomin' Fun' has been adjusted.
    • The count for the 'Satisfying Crunch' challenge has been lowered to enable completion at all tiers.
    • Adjusted the spawn rate and targets for the challenge 'Snoglug Squasher'.
    Everstar Grove
    • Dominion Tank's Bombardment telegraph should now properly deal damage.
    • The Radiation Pool hazard is now removed from the Player if they die.
    • Elderoot no longer plays the waking up animation a second time after the cinematic ends for 'Waking Elderoot'.
    • Refined the area where the radiation hazard is applied near the radiation pool.
    • Resurrecting inside the Arboretum 71 no longer applies the Elderoot's Dismay effect.
    Exile Arkship
    • The icon in the Greenhouse that shows how many veggies are following a Player now removes itself when they turn them all in, even if that veggie is still alive.
    • The challenge Extraterrestrial Exterminator in Farside now gives the correct rewards to Light and Medium armor wearers.
    • The 'Shallow Impact' challenge was fixed to use the correct rewards.
    • Fixed some issues with the quest 'Buried Shinies' that caused the Dirt Mounds to glow strangely and auto complete the quest.
    • Cerebros now correctly uses group-boss level difficulty in combat.
    • The Bio-Dome Expedition Gear for the quest 'The Journey Ahead' can no longer be interacted with when not on the quest.
    • The Caretaker will no longer give his comm calls twice in a row during the quests 'Touring Bio-Dome 3' and 'Touring Bio-Dome 4'.
    • Farside Achievement 'Episode Completion: The Derelict Silo' is now visible in the Quest - Farside category.
    • The Power Beacon spell will now be removed from the Player if they leave the public event 'Arm a Geddon'.
    • The Anti-Gravity Grenades now affect Darktide Neddlefins and Dorclecutters for the quest 'Anti-Gravity of the Situation'.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause Players not to be able to use Damaged Scanbots for the quest 'Scuttled Scanbots'.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause an out of area warning for the challenge Garr Egg Squish.
    • The challenge 'Shallow Impact' can no longer be activated during the quest 'Buried Shinies'.
    • Bio-Dome 3 Probes will now correctly aggro the Player during the quest 'Security Shutdown'.
    • Added dismount button to Timber Raven Mount.
    • The Galeras Adventure was fixed so that Dominion Players earn one Epic reward for Gold Medal completion on Normal mode.
    • Players now receive a warning message if a Saboteur's bomb is planted at the turret near the generator.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Arsenax Severus to be healable before turning hostile in 'The Hycrest Insurrection'.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Vanquisher of the Crimson Legion' achievement to be awarded on medals other than gold.
    • The /stuck command is now less likely to break the Goonbot fight in 'Crimelords of Whitevale'.
    • Landmines can now do damage to a Players enemies. They still can only be set off by Players.
    • Galeras Achievement 'Doom Go Boom' is now worth 10 points instead of 25 to match the other World Boss kills in the level range.
    • Updated the Pollen Sneeze Powder spell to affect the Player and updated its visuals.
    • Darby's Troopers no longer drop loot when killed.
    • The Gale Canyon Dust Devils no longer apply two debuffs when they hit Players.
    • Added the FCON affiliation to Darby's Troopers and Trooper Vog.
    • The challenge 'Kel Vishal Carnage' now correctly targets Soulrot Slaves.
    • All Vishal-Thun Osun now drop Osun Hair for the quest 'One Last Haircut'.
    • Darkspur Lieutenants, Strongarms, Bonebreakers, and "Mad Dog" Grogg now drop relics for 'Scientific Recovery'.
    • Players now play an animation when interacting with the Barrels in Nibbens Wine Cellar.
    • Fixed a case where the Exile Stinger could become non-interactive for 'Pack Your Bags'.
    • Players no longer get credit for 'Helping Hand' if the bandaging is canceled.
    • Target Dummies for the quest 'Target This' in Tempest Refuge are now armed with a sword to appear even more threatening!
    • Fixed a bug where interacting with the thundercall staff would fail to summon the vengeful elemental.
    • 'Plucking the Gleamrose' now despawns the Roseguard when it leaves combat to prevent issues with potential bottlenecking during the imbuement quest.
    • Protostar has generously installed two U-Craft Ultimate Vendbots. Dominion and Exile crafters can find these vendbots near the Vigilant Incursion and the Final Stand, respectively.
    • Fixed, updated, and added audio for various spells, creatures, and encounters.
    • The health bars on Fractured Caretakers in the Phage Cannon of Southern Grimvault should now display consistent values.
    • Creatures spawning as part of the ‘Come Out and Play’ quest no longer spawn underneath the base of the platform where the event takes place.
    • Project Grimvault: Mutt in the Widowmaker is now less lethargic when confronted by beings who want to destroy him or her.
    • Project: Mutt and Project: Broon in Western Grimvault are now more motivated to come and get you!
    • Scientists will now gain credit for scanning Corrupted Exile Soldiers while doing “FIELDSTUDY: In Desperate Pursuit of Knowledge.”
    • The medical refrigerators you ought to be raiding in the Widowmaker in Western Grimvault are now a little easier to find.
    • Multiple beam tether anchors in the Fist of Azrion and Widowmaker now can't be activated at the same time. Hot damn!
    • Chua soldiers now have proper combat animations. Sadly, they’re still really vicious.
    • The Dominion Military Cardio Program in the Fist of Azrion has undergone routine maintenance and is now back online.
    • 'Shadows over Eldan' is now required for 'Face the Phagelord' ensuring the Caretaker is always in the correct locations in the Phagelabs.
    • Players will now be dismounted upon being infected by Bio-Phage Incubators.
    • The laser sentries in the secret cargo holds of the Widowmaker and Fist of Azrion now treat all things equally when it comes to delivering pain and suffering.
    • The Phagelab Exhaust Vents can now only be activated during the quest 'Clear the Air' in the Phagelabs.
    • The beam tethers in the Widowmaker and Fist of Azrion now have accurate timers.
    • Scientist: Corrupted Cankertails now show the scan icon only when selectable.
    • Reduced challenge requirement amount from 15 to 10 for Disarming Fingers in the Sprawling Breach.
    • Exiles who use their recall stone after binding at the Transmat Terminal near the Bio Mech Facility will no longer be transported to the Final Stand.
    • Codename: Big Baby can no longer be attacked through his or her containment field in the Widowmaker.
    • The quest 'Light at the End' will now properly update when a Player engages with Trilius Pates or Moris Dustland in the Ethereal caves.
    • Falling off the platform where DATACUBE: Covert Adjustment resides is now fatal.
    • Illium
    • The Target Dummies in Illium are now immune to knockback and forced movement abilities.
    • The zone map for Dominion Capital city Illium has been adjusted so it properly reflects the current state of the city.
    • Illium Achievements: Toric Antevian now grants ‘Tracking Down Toric’ when a Player /salutes near him.
    • The obstacle course electric fences now properly knock Players who touch them down.
    • Fixed an issue with knockdown not properly being applied during the Shipside Delivery challenge in Illium.
    Levian Bay
    • Analyst Spector will now accept a Players quests more readily.
    • Fixed, updated, and added audio for various spells, creatures, and encounters.
    • Dried mud no longer awards experience for the Public Event 'The Dried Muds'.
    • Gargleblast Manipulators have been changed from Challenger to Superior difficulty.
    • Crazed Chompers have been changed from Grunts to Challengers.
    • The Protostar Formbot can now be talked to while mounted.
    • The quest "Over Easy" now cooks eggs properly, even if the Player starts out of range then comes back in range.
    • Scourwind Falkrin now are properly labeled as quest targets for 'Recovering Stolen Property'.
    • Players will now be able to properly view their maps of Malgrave while standing inside the Containment R-12's Node structures.
    • Bone traps in the Skittering Sands will now go off at a shorter range.
    • Malfunctioning Security Bot will now properly aggro the Player for the 'Wreck of the Novus' quest.
    • Shinysand Lopp Public Services would like to announce that no more will sticky honey trouble hapless travelers in the Sandstinger Wastes in Malgrave.
    • Facility X1-BB Administrator in Exo-Lab X1-BB went off to boot camp and can now take hits like a proper champ. Bring it on!
    Hellrose Bowl
    • The Hellrose Bowl halftime show now has music.
    Northern Wilds
    • The Frostlord's Box was fixed to give out rewards.
    • The guard directions in Thayd will no longer direct you to a Shady Dealer when you ask to find the Elder Gem Merchant. Mountebank's bribery is over.
    • Ranged weapons were removed from Merchant Borox's selection in Thayd.
    • The objective of the Technologist Work Order daily quest Two Medishots a Day in Thayd now shows an exact number instead of a percentage.
    • The Dye Distribution Specialist has, at last, set up shop.
    • Dan's Dancer Evolution challenge now uses keys 1-4 by default.
    • The challenge 'Fortune's Advertising' should be a bit more difficult now.
    • Dorian Walker in FCON Headquarters will now grant the 'Waving at Walker' achievement if a Player waves at him.
    • The Guardsmen now provide accurate directions to the north Auction House.
    • A transport specialist in Thayd is now available to take brave players to Grimvault.
    • Algoroc challenge Seek and Destroy now has the correct rewards.
    • Fixed, updated, and added audio for various spells, creatures, and encounters.
    • The Odd Squirg Hat will once again speak to those who endure its company.
    • The mission 'BIOLOGY: Frost-Striped Pumera' now correctly does not count Ice-Claw Pumera scans.
    • The blizzard hazard in now does more damage.
    • Players can no longer ride their mounts in the Chronicle House.
    • The Furious Ringtails now drop Frozen Rockfruit for the quest 'Krazog's Gutpunch Brew'.
    • The Generator Controls in Augment Facility X426 are no longer able to be activated until level 25.
    • The 'Squirg Attack!' buff will no longer appear on Player targets during the quest 'The Squirg and I'
    • The Eldan cage in the quest 'The Rendering of Belle' no longer closes after the quest is over.
    • The 'Eldan Secret' achievements in Whitevale and Algoroc now require all the keys for the Tales Beyond the Fringe to be collected before the unlock is earned.
    • Crimelords of Whitevale
      • Cartel Firefighters should never get stuck in combat with players anymore.
    • Crimelords of Whitevale Veteran
      • Fixed a progression blocker during the Gather Intelligence mission when talking to the Redmoon Scallywag.
    • The bronze silver and gold tier counts for the challenge 'Subvert the Scientists' have been adjusted.
    • Players are no longer hyperactive throwers during the quest 'You Can Run…’
    • Jetpacks for the quest 'Coming Down Hard' now take Players to the top of the watch towers in Deadrock Prison.
    • Glacierjaw, Stormshell, and Permafrost Boulderbacks now drop the required Boulderback Hearts to complete the quest 'Power of a Frozen Heart'.
    • The Augmentor Apex will now be shown as being a target for the quest 'Destroying Corrupting Tools'.
    • Players can no longer set corpses on fire during the quest "Here They Come".
    • Fixed an issue where being stunned while exiting the Squirg Cave left the Player stuck and unable to escape the cave.
    • A bug was fixed that caused Far-Trader Relli and Far-Trader Pepa to have their titles reversed.
    • The quest 'Kill the Strongest' Beast is now listed as a 5 person group quest instead of a 2 person group quest.
    • Relocated a Kinesis Slayer that had been too close to the Pyrokinetic Regulator, improving the experience for players on the “Megadroids in Wilderrun” quest.
    • Increased the difficulty of the Failed Experiment for the quest 'Experiment Extermination'. He now correctly fights like a Girrok instead of a Rootbrute.
    • Removed the Wildfall Terra-Binder away from the air vent exit in the Ancient Crash Site. Players should no longer crawl out of the vent to their death.
    • Fixed an issue in the quest 'Relay Race' that would cause the Player to not be able to activate the communication relays correctly.
    • Forgemaster Kraagor in Kel Ulgar has been set to level 39 to balance his difficulty.
    • Increased the time allowed and lowered the kill count for the challenge Splorg Stomp.
    • Deepfall Spires have been added to the map.
    • The 'Get Funky' achievement no longer looks for the wrong dance animation from Players. It now properly unlocks when Players dance with the Lopp Dancer in the Treetop Bar.

    • The 'Close' button was removed from voting in Adventures.
    • Fires in adventures now display hazard bars to better inform Players about the dangers of standing in the fire.
    • Adventure Achievements will now grant Normal mode achievements as well when completing them in Veteran mode
    • Riot in the Void
    • Players are no longer teleported to their last known position when they exit and re-enter 'Riot in the Void', they are now ported to the closest Holocrypt for the active event.
    • Enemies in the "Riots in Void" adventure now award a reduced amount of experience points.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some areas of 'The Perch' to display as out of bounds.
    • If the whole party logs out during Final Exam in 'Riot in the Void', the event now restarts so Players are no longer instantly overwhelmed by bots upon logging back in.
    • When failing the final fight with Goldbough in 'Riot in the Void', cryopods will no longer spawn duplicates.
    • Using /stuck while under cover in 'Riot in the Void' no longer causes spells to get stuck on the Player.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to heal the Transimulator Technician in Sim Core A-01.
    • The Hycrest Insurrection
    • The Dominion Ambusher's leash range has been significantly lowered for 'Hycrest Insurrection'.
    • Enemies in the "Hycrest Insurrection" adventure now award a reduced amount of experience points.
    • The Underground event now has a location marker on the map to make finding the entrance to the tunnel easier.
    • Players jumping down from the destroyed Chua Warblimp will now trigger their jetpacks slightly sooner in 'Hycrest Insurrection'.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to heal Lysion and Ayita Sinnatus in 'Hycrest Insurrection'.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Dominion Battlecruiser in 'Hycrest Insurrection' to occasionally display text on the ground when it targeted a Player.
    • Players that attempt to leave safehouses while the doors are closed are now teleported back into the safehouse during 'Hycrest Insurrection'.
    • Getting sniped by Dominion Scouts now results in Players being knocked down for 2s. This has been increased from 1s.
    • War of the Wilds
    • 'Execute Strategy' events now correctly find a target and message the correct name to Players.
    • Players in normal mode version no longer receive the veteran mode side objective to capture a hero point.
    • Dying during 'Short Straw' no longer counts against medal standing and doesn't trap Players in the penalty box.
    • Crimelords of Whitevale
    • It is no longer possible to deposit bot parts twice from the same item in 'Crimelords of Whitevale'.
    • Players entering a running instance of 'Crimelords of Whitevale' will now enter at a more appropriate location.
    • Players can no longer stand directly under Goonbot to avoid his attacks.
    • The Blood Scion Clubhouse in 'Crimelords of Whitevale' no longer appears as a sanctuary.
    • The achievements 'Vanquisher of the Underworld' and 'Vanquisher of the Dreg' can no longer be attained with a silver medal.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to heal the holographic hoverbike in Sim Core W-28.
    • "Loose Lips" Galixio will once again respond to how well Players perform when killing Tragg's lieutenants in 'Crimelords of Whitevale'.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to heal First Mate Barugh in 'Crimelords of Whitevale'.
    • The challenge 'Reverse Engineering's' active radius has been scaled up to include all Augmentor spawns, and the required number for gold has been adjusted slightly.
    • The Malgrave Trail
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong achievements to be completed upon finishing each destination's encounters.
    • If Players do not have sufficient funds to use the Protostar transport at Area 77, the voting option will no longer appear to them.
    • Players can now break camp even after logging out during a camping event.
    • Thirsty Creek Survivors and Caravan Members now show their level.
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    • You can now rally down to the appropriate level for all Shiphands using the UI when you first enter! When you're done with a Shiphand and want to reset it, the same Instance UI will allow you to reset them hassle-free.
    • Deep-Space Disappearance:
      • First Engineer Binson no longer appears at the end of the mission if he dies during the rescue operation.
    • Deep Space Exploration:
      • Had its spawning adjusted to allow for quicker gameplay. The group objectives have been rebalanced to be single-Player friendly as well.
      • Gauntlet:
      • The Dance Off mini game in has been made slightly easier.
      • Players can no longer end up trapped in the penalty box in the Faction Friction arena.
      • Creatures have grown stronger!
    • Outpost M13:
      • Novaburn plunderers no longer despawns when entering the cargo bay of the Steady Traveler.
      • Rare Logic:
      • The Rocket Barrage no longer fails when firing on targets at max range.
      • Space Madness:
      • The insanity hazard will no longer reactivate if Players die on the 'Survive Your Nightmares' objective.
      • Difficulty has been slightly lowered.

    • An issue was fixed with incorrect stats at the end of a dungeon.
    • All dungeons and raids now have a 100% chance to reward a money drop, up from 50% for boss kills.
    • All dungeon and raid money drops have been doubled in size.
    • All mini bosses will now also have a money drop in addition to their normal loot.
    • Fixed an issue where players who were grouped prior to entering a matchmaking dungeon could re-queue their dungeon group after completing the instance.
    • Fixed some edge cases where "Sync to Group" would not function properly when leaving a match made dungeon while already in a player created group.
    • Fixed an issue where low level players could sometimes use the "Go to Group" command to enter veteran dungeons.
    • Within dungeons, all group members will enter combat and remain in combat for the duration of the encounter. This will persist through disconnects, as well.
    • The final bosses in Stormtalon's Lair, Ruins of Kel Voreth, Skullcano Island, and Sanctuary of the Sword Maiden now all have a chance to drop Class AMPs on both normal and veteran difficulties.
    • Removed an unintended passageway that had allowed the main content to be bypassed.
    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Fixed, updated, and added audio for various spells, creatures, and encounters.
    • 'Gold Medal: Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (Normal)' is now in the correct category.
    • Deadringer Shallaos should once again correctly aggro after a reset.
    • Immoral Collusion will now MoO when interrupted.
    • Well of Life will no longer target pets.

    • An issue was fixed where role icons in raids wouldn't update.
    • Within raids, all group members will enter combat and remain in combat for the duration of the encounter. This will persist through disconnects, as well.
    Genetic Archives
    • The Guardian Pyralos encounter will now reset properly if players leave the top of his tower.


    • Path missions in capital cities should now unlock properly.
    • Mining bot now self-destructs after being scanned.
    • Level-up rewards have been adjusted to fill in a gap at path level 11.
    • Fixed a world server crash resulting from invalid player paths.
    • Updated “BIOLOGY: Corrupted Coterie” in Grimvault so all strain faction creatures (that are not pure strain) count for the mission.
    • Updated Grimhide Pumera to be under the strain faction.
    • An error caused by clicking a completed objective in certain Scientist missions was fixed.
    • Updated the 'BIOLOGY: Thundercall Pell' mission so that the Air Tome-Binder, Summoning Tome-Binder, Wind-Wail the Storm-Shaman, and Gravek the Swale-Striker are now scannable.
    • Removed Additional Loftite fragments dropped by scanning Loftite deposits.
    • Auroria:
      • Scientist: Updated the mission 'BIOLOGY: Cuboar Rejects' to allow Cuboar Colossal and Cuboar Horror to be scannable for the mission.
    • Celestion:
      • The Water of Life bubbles are now easier to click on.
      • Augmented clones can now be scanned while they are dead.
    • Crimson Isle:
      • The Exo-Lab Scientist door can now only be opened when it is scanned with a scanbot.
    • Farside:
      • Removed Aspect of Water and Earth as required scan targets for 'SPECIMEN SURVEY: Elemental Life'.
    • Settlers can no longer summon amenities in Warplots, Battlegrounds, or Arenas.
    • Sleeping bags now only give the buff if the Player doesn't already have it.
    • Buff machines for non-travel buffs now no longer dismount the Player.
    • Crimson Isle:
      • Settler improvements now advance economy correctly
    • Galeras:
      • Civil Service now unlocks for Players arriving in Galeras via overland from Algoroc
    • Relocated the Illium Settler Depot so that it will no longer appear within a large Eldan fountain.
    • Skywatch Settler Payoff can now be accessed as intended.
    • Some spells that temporarily change your reputation with a faction will no longer change it to an incorrect value if you relog before the buff expires.
    • Taxi routes unlocked by Settlers will no longer erroneously appear as locked when purchasing a taxi ride.
    • Wilderrun improvements will now have the appropriate duration.
    • First Strike Holdouts: Fixed an issue with the first strike targets where they would attack the Player.
    • Fixed issue where the transistors were stabilizing too soon for “DEMOLITION: Transistor Tampering” in Grimvault.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented soldier holdout status from being displayed when exiting the game out during the holdout and reconnecting.
    • Players are now able to use Bail Out within the Crimson Badlands.
    • Demolition: Updated mission targets in 'Taste of Their Own Medicine' so Players have to be closer to ignite the poison canisters.
    • RESCUE OP: Fixed an exploit that allowed the Players to get all the mission updates for 'Alien Abduction' upon saving one farmer or roan.
    • The cast bar for Weapon Lockers and Combat Supply Drops now gets interrupted on moving.
    • Algoroc:
      • SWAT: The weapon used during 'Caving In' is now able to target more than a single mob.
      • SWAT: Fixed an issue with the Player being unable to target an enemy within the area during 'Mastering the Magnetron'.
      • Algoroc: Soldier - SWAT: Fixed an issue where some creatures in Flaming Stumpkins were unable to be targeted by the mission.
    • Deradune:
      • Holdout: Fixed an issue where the boss was not despawning when the holdout 'Mercenary Madness' failed.
      • SWAT: Fixed an issue where the grenade for the SWAT, 'Monkeyshines', was not doing the proper damage.
      • SWAT: Fixed an issue with the weapon in 'Eldan EMP' not being able to target all mobs in the area.
    • Farside:
      • First Strike Holdout: Fixed an issue where the Squirg mounds were being attacked by their own type in the 'Burrowed Menace' mission.
    • Whitevale:
      • SWAT: Fixed an issue with the Swat weapon for mission 'Destabilization' being able to target any mob in the zone.

    • Redeeming C.R.E.D.D. in game is now done via a protected button.
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain vendors to sell out of basic items. Basic items such as bags, food, potions and white-quality no-stat items should never be sold out at basic vendors.
    • Removed extra line reporting money gains in chat logs.
    • Buyback price for items sold to a vendor will now be set at the moment of sale.
    • On the Commodities Exchange, there is now a 2% fee charged to place a Buy Order or a Buy Now Order based on the total cost of the order, with a minimum tax of 5 silver.
    • Money attached to mail can now be retrieved without a nearby mailbox.
    • Selling stacks of items now correctly sells the stack you clicked on instead of pulling the quantity from the first stack in your inventory.
    • The salvageable apparel items (Canvas Gloves, Silk Shoes, Whimfiber Hat, Manaweave Pants, and Starloom Shirt) will no longer grant Power Cores or Thread items, and drop less Cloth. However, Tailors now have a chance to earn bonus Cloth as well as Herbs.
    • Cancelling commodity, auction or C.R.E.D.D. listings must now be confirmed.
    • "Certain vendor purchase bags have had their levels and buy prices updated. In most cases, the level requirement and price has increased.
    • Merchant Salus in Illium now sells all levels of Bags, Food and Medishots."
    Auction House/Commodity Exchange
    • The auction house was updated so that Players see a time range for when auctions expire.
    • The Commodity Exchange was fixed so that "Show Available Only" has the correct default state.
    • The 'current bid' window was restored to the auction house.

    • Sprinter:
      • Fixed an issue where only the base tier was granting additional sprint speed.
    • Stay or Go:
    • Fixed a bug where Tier 4 would not apply the Snare or Movement Speed buff.
    • Fixed a bug where Tiers 2-5 had a proc rate much lower than the intended 50%.
    • Fixed a bug where Tier 3 of this imbuement would not apply Snare to enemies.
    • Fixed a bug where Tier 1 of this Imbuement was granting more Armor than intended.
    • The deflect buff will now correctly apply if Players equip the item while at full shields.
    • The Condensed Shields special was fixed.
    • Fixed a bug where the final tier of the imbuement was granting the buff of Tier 1.
    • Fixed a bug where Tier 2 was incorrectly showing Knockback rather than Push in the combat floater.
    • Heavy Blow:
    • Slow it Down:
    • Sturdy:
    • Condensed Shields:
    • Calisthenics:
    • Back Off:

    • Incorrect icons for Greater and Major runes were fixed.
    • The runecrafting list was updated to sort alphabetically, which should help organize rune sets.
    • Crit Runes were updated to reference Critical Hit Rating instead of Critical Hit or Crit Rating.
    • Element names have been located for DE and FR.
    • Rune set Unfair Advantage now properly displays the Empower buff for all spell tiers.
    • Fixed a bug with the “Head Wind Rune” where enemies well outside of the telegraph were being snared.
    • There is now an indication if player hasn't met the required level to craft runes and the crafting buttons will be disabled.
    • Crit Severity runes were updated to reference Critical Severity Rating instead of Critical Hit Severity or Crit Severity.
    • Of the two Preservation Rune of Health (Life) items and recipes, one was converted to be a Preservation Rune of Grit instead.
    • Runes were updated to give full benefits instead of Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary.
    • Rune Sets:
      • Serenity:
        • Reduced the Focus heals from this set by 90%
      • Siphon Essence:
      • Reduced the Focus heals from this special by 50%
      • Reduced the chance for this to trigger to 10%, down from 20%. Reduced the Focus heals from this special by 80%
      • Reduced the Focus heals from this special by 90%
      • Fixed a bug where certain tiers were causing Players to heal 5 times more health than intended
      • Fixed a bug where the third rank was using the Rank 2 heal
      • Fixed a bug where the bonus was incorrectly granting the Shadow Guard buff rather than the Shadow Gorge attack
      • Fixed a bug where the Snare could stack. Reduced the opacity of the field telegraph by 75%
      • Fixed a bug where the third bonus was not increasing Bots' Support Power
      • Fixed a bug where the debuff would never be applied
      • Fixed a bug where the proc was not granting the correct amount of Armor
      • Increased the window to build Psi Points to 5s, up from 4s
      • Reduced Burden:
      • Focused Will:
      • Team Player:
      • Preservation:
      • Shadow Gorge:
      • Headwind:
      • Tough Chassis:
      • Technophile:
      • Protect Your Neck:
      • Synapse:


    • Crafting just got a little bit more awesome thanks to a visual update to gear made by Tailors, Outfitters, and Armorers. A few armor pieces got model updates and all gear got a color update. This means some crafted armor will feature hard-to-find dye colors.
    • Daily quests that yield Eldan Data Fragments are now available to level 50 Players who have reached Expert level in a Tradeskill. Visit a trainer in Players faction's capital city to begin.
    • Fixed a potential bug which may have caused crafted items placed in a guild bank to lose their stats.
    • Prevented a mining exploit in the Wurm Tunnels.
    • Relic Nodes will now run away if they randomly unburrow while being harvested.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented discoverable areas and arrows from clearing upon learning a schematic.
    • The craft button now disables when you open a “chip picker,” and re-enables upon closing. This will help prevent accidental clicks.
    • The summary screen tooltip will now accurately represent the items you created with chip modifications.
    • A new layout for the tech trees “More Info” window has been created, which can display additional information.
    • When rapidly clicking the additives cursor, you will immediately have the estimate cleared.
    • Increased size of crafting targets for crafting catalysts.
    • The “Simple Craft” option will now respect if you had started a previous craft.
    • XP summary reporting will no longer be delayed by one craft.
    • Fixed an issue where a few cooking recipes were not properly teaching how to craft the recipe.
    • Fixed an issue where a few cooked foods had an error preventing them from appearing in the game.
    • Tradeskill based tracking options in the Mini Map Options menu are only enabled if the player has the corresponding gathering skill.
    • Tradeskill information panel descriptions have been fixed in cases where only a partial description was showing.
    • Updated cooking recipes that were requiring incorrect ingredients: Magician's Meal, Machinist's Meal, and Dominion Dessert.
    • Updated item reference in Apprentice Outfitter achievement “Apprentice Outwear Assembly I”.
    • Adjusted Catalysts that were increasing discovery targets too greatly making it appear as if they were automatically unlocking discoveries in coordinate crafting. Also adjusted the discoverable areas on a few schematics that were not properly balanced for catalyst usage.
    • Crafting catalysts which allow the maximum bonus while crafting are again usable.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow successful crafting of a recipe when precisely landing on the edge of the target when using Cooking, Technologist, and Architect.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent the base recipe from being crafted when landing on a locked recipe when using Cooking, Technologist, and Architect.
    • Fixed an issue where 'Epochos' AS-1 CS Main Combat Shield, and its prototype, 'Epochos' Prototype AS-1 CS were not able to be crafted.
    • A crafting bug was fixed that caused tradeskill results to overlap.
    • Harvesting while in an instance will no longer cause the server to crash.
    • Canceling crafting while the cast bar is visible will no longer lock up the crafting UI.
    • Crafting while mounting is no longer allowed.
    • Crafted items were updated to properly display their borders in bags and tooltips.
    • The large crafting window was adjusted so that it is no longer resizable.
    • A crafting bug was fixed that caused the success message to overlap with the variant list.
    • An animation was added to crafting that zooms in when an additive is selected.
    • The tech tree was updated so that swapping trees resets the scroll position to the top, useful when moving from large to small trees.
    • All Hybrid Power Cores should now have an item description.
    • Tradeskills now have their own tutorial tab.
    • Increased the rewards for "Materials for <Tradeskill>" quests for Armorers, Weaponsmiths, Outfitters, and Tailors so they're more in line with the quest requirements.
    • The tooltip for the Power Core Slot in the crafting screen should no longer mention Power Amps.
    • Type I Galactium Weave Helmet and Galactium Protoweave Helmet now properly display as helmets instead of shoulder pads.
    • Hybrid Power Cores have been renamed to better reflect their strength.
    • Weak Hybrid Power Cores are now available from the relevant tradeskill vendors in each faction's capital city.
    • Numerous item tooltips have been updated to better reflect their function.
    • Crafting achievement layouts have been updated to better reflect progression.

    • Fixed an issue where Architect Work Order quests for both factions were appearing only for Exile characters.
    • The Architect tech tree entry for Large Training Ground no longer references an invalid blueprint.
    • The "Placeholder Talent" on the Architect talent tree has been renamed Artistic Construction Mastery.
    • Large Training Ground FABkit is now properly classified as an Architect Blueprint instead of a Weaponsmith Schematic.
    • Fixed issue with Expert Architect crafting targets to make them easier to hit.
    • Lowered the item quality of a limited number of Architect crafted items which allowed them to sell back for more money than intended.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented Armorers from crafting Type I Galactium Weave Treads.
    • Change the name of Artisan Shield Manufacture achievements to Expert Shield Manufacture.
    • Adventus AS-3 CS gear now requires the appropriate prototype design instead of the crafted item.
    • Cooking
      • 'Scotch on the Rocks’ was adjusted so that it doesn't drop Brutality to zero.
      • Chef Cecilia in Illium now has voice over.
      • Increased the effect of the Chef talent Experimental Chef for both discovery and additives.
      • Grimvault Meals now grant the correct buff when consumed.
      • Grimvault Meats are now properly placed in the Supply Satchel.

    • Mining microinstances in Galeras will no longer return Players to Thayd when the timer runs out.
    • Outfitter
      • ECU Augmented Leather Scout Outfitter schematics now require the correct materials to craft.

    • Fixed a bug where trees in Whitevale would increase in tier rank as Players harvested them.

    • The summary window was removed from botched crafts.
    • Buffed crafting catalysts associated with increasing the size of craft targets and discovery targets.
    • Updated a number of talent icons.
    • Changed 'Expert World Formulas' in the Expert Technologist tech tree to checklist type so that the recipe appears in the tech box.
    • Fixed an issue where most technologist catalysts were paired with incorrect catalyst effects. The following effects have been remapped:
      • Used Tech Shopping for Relative Geniuses
      • Going, Going, Gadgets!
      • Lend Me Your Gears: Confessions of a Technology Thief
      • Medishot
      • Cooking with Technology: A Bad Idea
      • Nobody Touch Anything: Tech & Tragedy on Nexus
      • Eldan Tech Will Kill You: A Guide to Eldan Tech
      • Beware the Medi-Sinful
      • Heart Like a Spindrive
      • Head Like a Medishot
      • Charged Batteries
      • Fully Functional: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 1
      • Crossed Wires, Loose Bolts: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 4
      • Tight Nuts
      • Leaky Hydraulics: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 7
      • Sassy Chassis
      • Dulled Finish: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 11
      • Greasy Gears
      • Broken Circuits: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 15
      • Tech Me Away! Travelling with Technologists
      • You Gadget
      • You Brought It: A DIY Repair Guide
      • Eldan Tech: Why Does It Want Us Dead?
      • Augment This! Avoiding the Most Pernicious Hazard on Nexus
      • It Beats Dying: Coping with Medi-Shot Addiction
      • and Inspecting Gadgets: A Life on the Assembly Line
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    User Interface

    • Fixed an issue where costumes wouldn't update on the character select screen.
    • Fixed some issues with cross realm server transfers.
    • Fixed world map region texts to properly display their backgrounds.
    • Bank units now have overhead activation icons.
    • Fixed an issue that could result in Capital city recall points not being shown.
    • Challenge “Left Area Warning” tab should no longer be overlapped by the Quest Tracker.
    • Fixed an error in the Mail addon that would occur after changing zones with the mail window open.
    • Fixed an error that the Non-Combat spell book was throwing when the player changed zones.
    • Friends list sorting fixes and improvements.
    • Interface options window will now always stay on the screen.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the GuildInfo Addon from loading.
    • Fixed a client crash caused by the QuestLog addon when loading the game with certain quests active.
    • Target frames now always stay on screen after a resolution change or UI scale change.
    • Buff and debuff tooltips that displayed damage or healing values should once again display those numbers properly.
    • Fixed the UI in Northern Wilds Adventure so that it will have all of the correct information if the UI is reloaded.
    • Tooltips while inspecting another player’s equipment will now correct label the "Currently Equipped" item in respect to yours and theirs.
    • Challenge area UI will only display if that challenge is still active and available.
    • Group UI displays group information more accurately.
    • Closing the “Salvage Confirmation Window” will no longer try to close the “Delete Confirmation Window” instead.
    • In Video Options, the maximum selectable viewing distance is now 920, down from 1024.
    • Chat windows can no longer be dragged off-screen. In addition, chat windows will automatically relocate if a change to resolution or UI scale would cause them to be off-screen.
    • Miniature tutorial popup windows now point to their respective UI elements.
    • Most windows and buttons will now auto-scale their text to prevent cut-offs. This will correct a large portion localization formatting issues.
    • Moved stack counts on item icons to the upper-right corner.
    • Nameplates no longer have issues when moving between blind and not blind states.
    • Need vs. Greed and Master Looter loot rolls would occasionally fail to complete after the servers were up for an extended period of time. This issue has been addressed.
    • New Tradeskill overhead icons have been added.
    • Fixed a LUA error when viewing Skeech or Coldburrow Skeech entries in the Galactic Archive.
    • Pinned interface menu list buttons no longer auto scale text.
    • Public event objectives for “Hold the Line” are now hidden due to new UI implementation.
    • Quest Tracker is now movable! You can enable this functionality in the new window tab in the Interface Options. It is still locked by default.
    • Removed a bug where dungeons would show invalid RewardIcon numbers.
    • Fixed a loot vacuum UI issue when the looter has moved.
    • PvP Content is no longer in the Datachron. The Datachron is now exclusively used for Path related content.
    • "Sync to Group" will not be available if the character is already within the group's instance.
    • Several invisible UI windows are no longer blocking object tooltips.
    • Removed the "Leave Instance" button from the Group Finder if the group has completed the dungeon/adventure and the player is no longer in it.
    • Spells cast on a player while at the costume/dye vendor will no longer reset the UI.
    • Target Frame contextual menus (right-click) and Options in the Friends List for units and players only display if there are options that can be selected.
    • The equipped bag functionality will behave more appropriately. The tooltip will now generate a consistent tooltip to the one seen when it isn't equipped.
    • The red X sprite that represented the ability to unequip a bag has been removed in order to stay consistent with other unequippable items.
    • The Group Frame is now optimized to clean up after itself when you leave or disband a group.
    • The minimap now shows icons for caps, carries and battle alerts in PvP matches.
    • The pending tutorials button no longer can remain stuck on screen if no other tutorial alerts remain. Clicking it now opens the main tutorial window.
    • The player's target selection prior to summoning a mount will no longer become stuck.
    • The quest item notification over the inventory button should no longer be clipped by the Datachron.
    • The Raid Frame will now display the full raid count even when the Master Loot Available button is present.
    • The right click context menu will no longer be overlapped by other buttons.
    • The zone map will now use the regular group member icon in all cases, and when group members are close by it will no longer draw multiple icons for a single member.
    • Created tutorial panels for Guilds, the Auction House, and the Commodities Exchange.
    • Updates to the Instance Settings UI to fix the rallying display.
    • In Housing Plot view, when pressing the upgrade button, and then pressing view button the window now will display correct information.
    • When using LUA packages in Apollo, the current working folder will be set correctly during packages' OnLoad functions. Hurray for proper use of plural possessives.
    • Zonemap has been giving a cleaner flyout system, and also has a new world map interface.
    • Inventory bag can now sort by item quality, item name, and item category.
    • Fixed an error that was thrown if the player received a social panel tutorial before the social panel was loaded.
    • Added a style to Apollo Windows to require a meta key (default to control) in order to move the window. The unit frames and minimap are now setup to use it.
    • Account Friends now properly checks for profanity and unavailable names.
    • Added logos to credits.
    • Adding a cash window flash confirm so that user becomes aware of all exchange rates.
    • Changed some of the text shown when hovering over another player's target frame so it will translate into French and German correctly.
    • Buying an ability no longer wipes the UI.
    • Changed parts of the Character Select screen to show long names better.
    • Changed the right click menu for friends to include "Invite To Group" if you are in a group and have invite permissions.
    • Changed the text on the "Buff" tab in the housing crate UI so it will translate to French and German.
    • Changed the text on the Guild Invite window so it reads correctly in other languages.
    • Changed some text in the Group Options menu so it will translate to French and German correctly.
    • Changed the "Buff" column name in the housing vendor so it will translate into French and German correctly.
    • Changed the header on the Combat Options menu so it will read correctly on French/German clients.
    • Clicking items linked in chat opens new windows that contain information about the item.
    • Corrected the eating visual effect for French game clients.
    • Costumes UI will now correctly hide hidden costume slots when it loads.
    • Cluster targets now display shield values if applicable.
    • Default position of the vacuum loot stack is now closer to your character so it doesn't overlap group/hazard content. The window is now also marked as movable so you can put it where ever you'd like!
    • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the Costume window to not show the player's character until the UI was reloaded.
    • Fixed a text truncation issue in item tooltips.
    • Fixed an issue in the Friends List that allowed multiple friends to be selected at once.
    • Fixed an issue in the Public Event Scoreboard where participant stats weren't being sorted correctly.
    • Fixed an issue that caused mask notification messages to persist in Walatiki Temple.
    • Fixed an issue the prevented the button to dismiss an Engineer Bot from being visible.
    • Fixed an issue where the Quest Tracker and HUD Alerts addons were not handling delayed communicator calls from quests correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with the scientist Datachron disappearing if you reloaded the UI.
    • Fixed the stalker's resource bar so it appears for new players more consistently.
    • Fixed text issue that affects localization of 'Nature's uprising' quest.
    • Fixed an issue where the user could click the "Close Tab" button in the Chat Log through the emotes list.
    • Fixed the Decorate button in Warplot matches so players can place turrets and traps during the match.
    • Fixed the default key binding for the sixth floating action bar shortcut.
    • The 'Directional Dash Backward' option was fixed.
    • The option Target Frame: On While In Combat was updated to show unit frames out of combat for targets with less than full health.
    • A LUA error with the tradeskill trainer was fixed.
    • Incorrect icons for Greater and Major runes were fixed.
    • The 'Assignment' button was resized to hold text.
    • The summary results window was updated so that it won't show when Players are mounted.
    • Absorb shield information has been added to the mouseover tooltip along with health and shield details.
    • Floating text for the crowd control states of other Players has been removed to reduce screen clutter during mass battles.
    • World Preview no longer crashes.
    • Ability tooltips were fixed to properly clear unused text fields and resize accordingly.
    • Neighbor invites were updated so that only one is visible at a time.
    • The 'Reset AMP' button was adjusted to disable if the Player has the maximum number of unused points.
    • The order of the Texture Filtering settings was fixed in the video options.
    • Fixed a bug which would crash the client on log in due to restoring certain UI addons.
    • Fixed an issue where instances were sometimes erroneously reporting themselves as full, preventing Players from zoning in.
    • The mouse scroll wheel now correctly triggers action bar abilities and items it's bound to.
    • The ‘interact’ key will once again auto-select the closest object instead of the Players target.
    • Players can now rotate mounts displayed in the preview window during mount customization.
    • A crafting bug was fixed that showed materials as required only if the count was more than 1.
    • The 'Delete' and 'Member Count' buttons were adjusted to be hidden when creating a rank.
    • The display of stack counts was improved for scaled UI.
    • Entering certain special characters into the search field of the Achievements, Challenge Log, Galactic Archive, and Supply Satchel addons will no longer cause a LUA error.
    • A LUA error with reputation gain was fixed.
    • AMPs were updated to allow full reset in the Action Set Builder.
    • The AMP UI was updated.
    • A typo was fixed in the gadget locked tooltip.
    • An issue was fixed with the UI resetting incorrectly after a guild disbands.
    • An issue was fixed with saving the option settings for 'Draw Orange Gear Markers in World' and 'Ignore Duel Requests.'
    • An issue was fixed where achievement subcategories couldn't be deselected.
    • An issue was fixed where role icons in raids wouldn't update.
    • An issue was fixed where achievement subcategories would uncheck if an item in them was selected.
    • A clipping bug was fixed with plot costs in the landscaping menu.
    • A bug was fixed that stopped keybinds from resetting when Players used ESC to close the window. It is no longer marked 'Escapable.'
    • A bug was fixed that displayed the wrong cursor when using beneficial abilities.
    • The HUD options menu was updated to use localized text.
    • The ticket window was updated to use localized text.
    • Windows that were still visible after a UI reload were cleaned up.
    • The vendor UI was updated to deselect items when minimizing a category.

    • The housing expedition in the Abandoned Eldan Test Lab now has a zone map.
    • The map marker for Captain Zakara's quests in Crimson Isle should no longer display outside the map boundary.
    • The Explorer path icon marking the Troubling Rumblings mission in Ellevar should no longer display in an unexplorable part of the zone map.
    • The Positron map subzone of the Rage Logic shiphand mission has been adjusted to include the cargo hold areas.
    • Updated the minimap icons for group members and Settler depots.
    • Fixed a bug where Players were sometimes encountering an infinite loading screen upon changing maps.
    API Changes

    • Added publicEvent:GetObjective(nObjectiveId). This returns the specific public event objective defined by the nObjectiveId.
    • Item.GetTradeskillSchematicId(). This method returns nil if the item cannot be crafted or it returns the schematic that was used to craft the item.
    • Fixed a LUA Error when loading on a new world.
    • Exposed Event_CancelCREDDExchange to LUA.
    • The "UpdateInventory" event will now fire less often.
    • The following LUA events were firing at unnecessary times and have been throttled:
      • HazardsUpdated
      • RefreshHealthShieldBar
      • PlayerCurrencyChanged
      • Group_Updated
      • PersonaUpdateCharacterStats
      • WarplotBattleStateChanged
      • MatchingEligibilityChanged
      • LootRollUpdate
      • MasterLootUpdate.
    • Exposed claimed account item cooldown in the GetAccountItems call.
    • API: BagWindow's can now sort items. API functions on the BagWindow are: SetSort to enable or disable sorting and SetItemSortComparer to set the callback comparison function used for sorting.
    • Exposed to players a way to adjust the turning speed to their personal preferences via the console variables player.turningSpeedKeyboard and player.turningSpeedMouse.

    • Updated the icons for numerous housing decor items.
    • The Daily Quest Board the housing plot was given the ability to speak. Creepy!
    • Large Spiderland - Text related to the Eggbeater challenge was updated. Eggs have been (b)eaten.
    • Haunted Windows are now part of the light limit to help prevent frame rate issues.
    • New art has been created for the floating action bar. It also includes an option to re-orient the floating bar, or dock it into the primary action bar.
    • Edit mode is now turned on automatically when the crate, vendor, or decor list are opened.
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to place decor while a house was under construction would cause the house to come in half-finished.
    • Salvaging low level decor items no longer yields higher level crafting resources.
    • Increased the drop rate of Spirovine, Yellowbell, and Bladeleaf Seeds in Players garden plug.
    • The Large Crashed Spaceship fire was updated to burn Players when standing in it.
    • The Holographic Krogg on the housing Training Ground 1x2 were updated to spawn angry at the Player instead of indifferent.
    • An issue was fixed related to rapidly reentering the housing plot and the 'Send All to Crate' decor button.
    • The Crimson Isle Portal on the housing biome was renamed to the 'Crimson Badlands Portal.'
    • The Protostar Hazard Training Course was fixed to remove its spawns if the plug is removed during the challenge.
    • A text issue was fixed with the Creepy Cave Expedition.
    • The Spirits of the Darned from the ‘That's the Spirit!’ challenge were adjusted to vanish after 30 seconds. Now they won't linger around being so spooky.
    • A flashing selection ring on the projector was removed from the Exile Hologram.
    • On the housing Cubig Feeder, the When Cubigs Fly challenge had its boundary expanded.
    • Fixed the way the hologram plugs work so that they clean up their holograms whenever they go away or decay.
    • A text issue was fixed with the Blasted Landscape event.
    • The location display of the ‘That's the Spirit!’ challenge was fixed.
    • The Steamglider Flurry challenge was updated so that leaving the area doesn't cause it to fail instantly.
    • The untextured human male model was removed from the 2x2 Construction Zone.
    • Player’s abilities were adjusted to go inactive when disguised by the Hobo Train, Science Lab, or Robot Workshop.
    • The dispel animation was fixed to properly appear when removing a disguise in the Science Lab and Robot Workshop.
    • Mounts:
      • Can't be ridden at the Lopp Party.
      • Can’t be ridden on the Hobo Train (it spooks the hobos).
      • Can't be ridden in the Robot Workshop.
      • Can’t be ridden on the Protostar Hazard Training Course.
    • The Eggbeater challenge was updated so that leaving the area doesn't cause it to fail instantly.
    • The Eggbeater housing challenge was updated to so that it won't restart if Anachronondax isn't alive.
    • The teleporter was fixed to make sure Players don't spawn with their feet stuck in the housing Anti-Air Defense Tower.
    • Eggs and spiders were fixed to despawn if Anachronondax dies during the Eggbeater housing challenge.
    • Fixed a number of capitalization inconsistencies in housing daily buff quest names.
    • Lights were adjusted to be on by default and so that they can't be turned off.
    • The text was updated for the Granok Trailer 1x1.
    • Various housing items were renamed:
    • Large Power Generator FABkit to 'Power Generator FABkit.'
    • Fireworks FABkit to 'Firework Launcher FABkit.'
    • Cozy Exile House to 'Cozy Exile Human House.'
    • Spacious Exile House to 'Spacious Exile Human House.'
    • Low-Grav Pad Edge Pad to 'Low-Grav Edge Pad.'
    • Low-Grav Pad Center Pad to 'Low-Grav Center Pad.'
    • The Warhorn was adjusted to prompt the Player to use it, not talk to it.
    • The Gold Grab challenge on the Prospector Plot was fixed so that Players can't select invisible mine spots.
    • Training Plugs 1x2 - The Holographic Osun and Holographic Titans were adjusted to give no XP or loot for killing them.
    • A naming inconsistency was corrected with the Eldan Excavation and its FABkit.
    • The debuff icon was fixed to properly display for the victims of hobo vomit.
    • The Hobo Train disguise was fixed to correctly activate/deactivate when rapidly entering/exiting the area, and it was fixed to stay active while jumping on top of the train.
    • The objective text for the Dueling Pit was revised.
    • A text issue was fixed with the Expedition FABkits.
    • The housing Warhorn was updated so that Players don't automatically run to it when receiving their buff.
    • The Nautical Wheel decor was fixed so that it can be placed against a wall.
    • The speed dating event in the housing Tiki Lounge was fixed so that the female Lopp Zuva doesn't float in the air.
    • A tooltip was added for the burning in the housing Osun Forge lava.
    • An issue was fixed where resources would spawn on top of each other in tradeskill plugs.

    • Friend’s list entries should now broadcast their present state correctly.
    • Fixed a crash that happened in the Friendship system when characters sent friendship requests.
    • Guild/Warparty chat channel permission error messages are now consistent between the member and officer channels.
    • Chat: A text issue was fixed with the error message for inviting an offline character or character that doesn't exist.
    • Circle info was fixed to correctly display the names of ranks.
    • A context menu was enabled for far-off group members, with options that make sense for the distance.
    • A bug with the alert indicator for mail was fixed.
    • All social networks were centralized into one new Social location.
    • Circles: The Council Chat permission was removed from the member options, as there is no Council Chat for circles.
    • Fixed an issue where ignored players were still appearing on the friends list.
    • Fixed an issue where if a /join request expired the requesting player would be unable to join groups afterwards.

    • Fixed, updated, and added audio for various spells, creatures, and encounters.
    • Announcer VO for multiple kills no longer plays more than one line at a time.
    • Old announcer VO will no longer play from a queue when the VO volume slider is increased from 0.
    • Added SFX to C.R.E.D.D.
    • Added sound caching to cinematics so sounds will play more accurately.
    • Added sounds to:
      • Achievements UI
      • Bank UI
      • Character Panel UI
      • Crafting Summary Screen
      • CraftingResume addon
    • Blowing up Listening Devices for Soldier Path Mission 'Blow up the Bugs' in Auroria now has SFX.
    • Both Exile and Dominion Warbots have had their volumes raised.
    • Explosion SFX added to quest Garbage Collection in Fractured Fields.
    • Scanning Concentrated Primal Life for quest “Glimmers of Life in Farside” now has its audio effect.
    • Settler torches in Algoroc now have audio effects.
    • Removed sound tied to the "Leave Confirmation" buttons in the Abilities window.
    • Updated FR and DE Challenge voice overs.
    • Updated localized voice overs for version two of Exile Males.
    • Updated the "Achievement Granted" voice over.
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