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Patch Notes - 08/29/2014 - Build 6851

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, Aug 29, 2014.

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    • Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck in a group and be unable to join another group or invite other players to their group.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not mount if they had a pending craft session, even if they were not at a crafting station. Summoning a mount will now only be prevented if the player has a pending craft session and they are near a crafting station.

    • Equipment purchased from the Elder Gem vendor can now be sold back to the vendor for money after the 1 hour resell timer has expired.
    • You will now be able to sell the old version of Genetic Fail-Safe gadget item back to the Elder Gem vendor for a full Elder Gem refund and purchase the new version with updated Rune Slot counts – for real, this time!
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from learning the Gamescom Blue Dye if they had already learned the Eldan Gold Dye.
    Item Specials
    • ‘Swindler's Afflicting Guise’ no longer has an extra item special.

    • Fixed an issue where Empowering Aura and Core Damage were generating more threat than intended.
    • [spell=0]Gamma Rays[/spell]
      • Fixed a GCD delay issue when using Tier 4 and above.
    • 'Trooper Vog' can now be activated to begin the holdout for quest "Hold the Line".
    • The quest 'A Loyal Subject' can now be turned in to any Caretaker you happen to activate in Augment Facility X426.

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