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Recruiting Pirates IRL (EU PVE-PVP) Server Ascendancy

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Zemner, May 30, 2014.

  1. Zemner

    Zemner Guest


    Pirates IRL

    Greetings Guys and Girls
    Welcome to the Pirates IRL recruitment thread. After the success we have had so far with the games our multi-gaming community play, we are now expanding into Wildstar!

    We are a mature bunch of gamers that has experience in a lot of the games we play, our clan has been around since May 2011 and we plan to stay around for many years to come. Bottom line, we like to think our community is a big family and not just a group of people who play games.

    We are looking to do all content in Wildstar from 20 and 40 man raids to warplots so if you wish to join us on our adventure instructions on how to join is at the bottom of the post.

    Below is a list of games we currently play.

    • Wildstar
    • Heroes & Generals
    • RoboCraft
    • War Thunder
    • Arma 3
    • Swtor - Red Eclipse EU
    • DayZ Standalone
    • League of Legends
    • Warframe
    • Word of Warcraft - Magtheridon EU
    • Path of Exile
    • Diablo III
    • Minecraft
    • Dota 2
    • Planetside 2

    If you would like to join us visit www.piratesirl.com and register on our site.

    Or if you like just send a /w to Glenda, Jaghut or Mehsive


    Thanks for taking the time to read our recruitment thread and hope to see you soon.
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  2. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    Growing very fast now and not far from our first perk (Flash of Experience) but still room for more members reply in the thread
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  3. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    Not far from 100 members in the guild so far but still plenty of room for more
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  4. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    Over 120 members in the guild now still looking to increase as we want both sides of the game active 20/40 man raids and 40 man warplots
  5. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    Over 200 members in the guild so far but are looking for more we also have a number of Perks unlocked
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  6. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    Still going strong over 25 lvl 50s now and over 260 total members all levels are welcome
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  7. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    We have well over 300 members now with 40 lvl 50s getting attuned for raiding but we are still looking for more members. Everyone is welcome to join us social and casuals to
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  8. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    We are still looking for more members coming upto 350 members now and starting to get the ball rolling in both Raids and Warplots.
  9. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    All levels are welcome to join us send me or any of our members a message ingame
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  10. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    Over 400 members now people are moving into the last parts of getting attuned to so all is going well. All levels are welcome in our guild you dont have to be lvl 50 [​IMG]

    Also added Heroes & Generals to our list of games as we have a group in that now
  11. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    We are still looking for casual/active people to join us :) whatever lvl you are its fine contact TinyZem ingame

    If im not on feel free to contact Glenda, Jaghut, Mehsive or Tinn
  12. Zemner

    Zemner Guest

    We are starting to clean our Guild out as over the months we have had afew people stop playing the game to play other games and we hit the cap for members. But we are recruiting again now so either reply to this thread or just /w one of our Officers/ Guild Leaders Glenda, Jaghut, Mehsive and Tinn

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