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Podcast episode 1... Wildstar

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by Tio Gamez, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Tio Gamez

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    Sep 12, 2016
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    Greetings fellow gamers! You won't know me, I'm an adventuring fledgling but I'm hoping to strike fame and fortune... Hahaha! Any-ways, to cut a terribly long and mis punctuated story short...
    Once upon a time...
    Hahaha, yoink!
    Righty, seriously tho: I am planning to record a stream cast/podcast which I've been planning for a month now, it's pretty centered around wildstar for this episode! I've been a huge fan of mmo's for a while (insert usual stuff here to make myself sound good) and it got me thinking. You know what would be KEWL? If someone made a podcast/stream cast giving all of the free to play mmo's out there a good months test, play the heck outta it, make a video and show the people of the world... Let me sift thru all the trash and present you with good honest opinions!
    So, I did this, or more precisely, I'm doing this and I gotta admit... I'm having a blast in wildstar! I've got a lotta good footage to play, a lotta positive points I wanna put across as well as a few negatives (gotta be honest but they are not that bad) I've got an interview set up with Peppercorn who is a RP community leader but unfortunately my plans for an interview with the housing guru Katia fell thru:(
    So, (yeah... Here comes the pleading bit) I need a little help from the wildstar community, I need someone with plenty of experience... A little smidgen of standing in the community to come forward and be interviewed so I can make an awesome wildstar show! Oh... And if anyone has a spare cookie...

    Much love from a random guy xD

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