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Possible dumb question...

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by Karnaj, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Karnaj

    Karnaj New Cupcake

    Feb 24, 2014
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    So I was playing around with the ws builder and see a number of amps that require a basic ability. What constitutes a basic ability? An ability with no cooldown? An ability with no tier ups? I don't know how to make some build possibilities without knowing what a basic ability is.

    ex. Spellslinger amp Trigger Fingers in assault tree.
  2. Topher W

    Topher W New Cupcake

    Feb 13, 2014
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    This seems like a reasonable question to me, this was rather perplexing when I checked a builder for myself:

    Trigger Fingers: using a Basic Attack reduces your cool downs by 0.5s.

    From what I can surmise from your example, a 'basic ability' is probably a basic attack like quick draw, i.e. abilities that are targeted, damage-abilities, that can be used on other people to inflict damage on their hp. With that said, I am pretty sure that DoT effects are outside the scope of this AMP since they are not targeted.
    Not 100% sure as we are theory building; the definition you found seems to be more ambiguous than the one that I found. It may include abilities such as 'dual fire' (support tree) that are capable of doing both as well, making it have synergy with healing abilities also that are capable of damaging enemies.
    As it is in the assault tree, it's primary intent is probably for assault tree abilities, though that doesn't necessarily make it so.

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