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PTR Patch Notes - 08/01/2014 - The Defile

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Just when you thought supreme evil decided to be cool and redirect its energy toward something constructive, YOU GOT THE DEFILE. Talking spiders! The secrets of Exanite! A Terrorformer! Anyone know what the !@#$ that is? No!? Well, take some friends and find out! While you’re at it, get with at least twenty of your closest friends and lovers to beat on some bosses, and then those bosses’ boss! Do it for the children, or better yet, for the Elder Gems!

    • The Taxi driver has new VO for takeoffs and landings.
    • The "Recruit" option in Guild Rank permissions is no longer available since it has no real functionality.
    • Guild Bank Tabs need to be unlocked one by one in order now.
    • The SFX for many creatures and their spells was added and/or updated.
    • Many creatures throughout the world now have access to new spells.
    • Kraggar's Pulverize attack now displays a cast bar.
    • Ash Hen will no longer slide after casting spell, Whip Around.
    • Troublemaker in The Keeper's Sanctuary now uses the proper combat spells.
    • Tornadoes summoned through the Biting Wind spell no longer display a nameplate.
    • Life themed Giant spells Wrath of Nature and Call of Nature have had their names swapped. Call of Nature now applies to their minion-summons and Wrath of Nature now applies to their forward-cone shout attack.
    • Adjusted cast animation for Spikehorde spell ‘Fling and Furrow’.
    • The Pumera's Leaping Smash attack now applies damage in sync with its telegraphs.
    • Adjusted impact timing for Gribbon spell Impeding Flyby.
    • Gronyx will no longer slide after casting Maelstrom.
    • Adjusted explosion visual for Humanoid Rifle spell Spider Mine Swarm.
    • Visuals and audio for the Elemental spell Shock Ring spell no longer persist once the spell is complete.
    • Moltan's Magma Migration spell no longer erroneously plays visual effects twice.
    • Tornado nameplates will no longer be visible in Malverine spell, Vortex Surge.
    • Player’s breath will now be restored properly when Ikthian Guard spell, Aquatic Buffer completes.
    • Adjusted cast bar display time for Life Elemental Spell, Rapid Overgrowth.
    • Vigilant Gunners in Southern Grimvault will now apply the correct damage when attacking.
    • Adjusted cast bar display time for Hookfoot spell, Life Leech.
    • Telegraph timing for Pushbelly's Purulent Concuss spell better match the creature’s animations.
    • Adjusted telegraph decals for Humanoid Rifle spell, Suppressing Fire.
    • Adjusted telegraph decal for 2H Hammer Strain Osun Male spell, Sunder Earth.
    • Adjusted Heynar spell, Savage Tackle so that it cannot be dodged.
    • Adjusted Corrupt Humanoid spell, Unsightly Hex so that it cannot be avoided.
    • The Dagun's Virulent Call no longer has errant multiple impact effects.
    • Dracus' Blight Rot eggs will now persist and deal their damage correctly, if the Dracus who created them is killed.
    • Increased the aggro falloff radius of Ruga The Ageless in Blighthaven
    • Added cast bar to Dominion Tank spell, Shock Field.
    • Updated Humanoid pistol spell, Precision Shot. It will now only fire one narrow cone telegraph and follow up with a circular GTAE.
    • Replaced missiles for Dominion Warbot spell, Carpet Bombing with lasers and adjusted damage/impact timing
    • Ice-Maned Matriarchs in Whitevale will now drop appropriate loot.
    • Hivestrike protectors will no longer glow red.
    • Ravenok toes no longer look like they are twisted upwards.
    • Arid Spore creatures no longer flash green and black incorrectly.
    • Elder Point gains will now display base and rested Elder Points separately, to be more consistent with Experience gains.
    • NPCs mimicking the player no longer keep the player from changing appearance after switching worlds or re-logging.
    • The Granok Female now has her "bald" hairstyle back.
    • Human males now animate at the correct speed when walking backwards in stealth.
    • The camera now properly zooms in to the face of the Aurin female during character creation.
    • Muzzle flashes for Mechari holding pistols are now properly aligned.
    • Dye items and their colors now match.
    • Bacchanal Probe and Xenomanal Probe are now equippable by all classes.
    • Zephix, the Dominion Reputation vendor in Whitevale, will no longer offer the Hellrose or Gravestone pieces, as they are intended for Malgrave level ranges
    • "Honey Glazed Cubig" is now available for purchase from BBQ Master Severin in Auroria
    • The absorb amount granted by Mendwell's Desperation has been reduced.
    • All Entertainer Mount Customizations now have a required level of 15.
    • Two REMOVE FROM VENDOR TABLE items will no longer appear in the Commodities Exchange when searching for AMP items.
    • Spider Queen Hide Pants have been renamed to Oil-stained Pants.
    • The AEGIS consumables purchased in Ellevar will no longer be removed from Player inventory when leaving Ellevar. Instead, Players will not be able to consume these items if they are not inside of Ellevar. Additionally, should Players leave Ellevar, the buff provided by these items will be removed.
    • Medishots obtained from world drops and vendors have been revised.
    • Fixed an issue where 'Breachmaker's Visor' was displayed as a chest piece.
    • Thermock Bandana now appears visually as a helmet rather than chest armor.
    • Seagarden and Tyranea will only show and sell the player "Crafting Goody Bags" if the player is on the Crafting Voucher tutorial quests 'What Are They Good For?'
    • Equipping an item that is "Soulbound on Equip" will prompt the player before equipping the item.
    • Eldan Augmented boots and pants now have the correct dye options.
    • Fixed various minor armor clipping issues with armor sets.
    • The hoverboard no longer improperly rotates upon landing after a human male jumps.
    Item Specials
    • Stimulate
      • Fixed an issue that was preventing the buff from being applied.
    • Fixed bug that wouldn’t allow Players to switch to Action Set 1 if they logged out with Action Sets 3 0r 4 active.
    • Tether now works on Mounted Players.
    • The following spells no longer target the highest priority spells, instead they target the most recently applied spells:
    • AMP Tooltips now draw at the cursor.
    • In the AMP UI, there is now messaging that Rank 2 AMPs and above can be found from Vendors or the Commodity Exchange.
    • Right clicking an AMP item to learn it will now open the AMP UI as well.
    • The Engineer's Eradicate mech suit will no longer remove the visual for the space helmet when you are on the Farside.
    • We have identified areas of concern with some Engineer abilities and adjusted how they work behind the scenes. This will provide for a more consistent feel and normalize deflect chances. The changes are documented below:
      • Bio Shell
        • The Tech or Armor debuff will now always apply if damage applies to the target. Previously, it would go through an additional combat check and could be deflected independently.
      • Bruiserbot - Crush
        • Removed a secondary combat check that caused damage to go through two chances to be deflected.
      • Code Red
        • Steal Threat function will now prioritize players to make it consistent with other AoE abilities.
      • Diminisherbot - Strobe
        • Can now deal critical damage.
        • Snare will now always apply instead of going through a secondary combat check.
        • Tier 8 bonus of Pull-In will now prioritize players to make it consistent with other AoE abilities.
      • Energy Auger
        • The field damage can now be deflected and deal critical damage. Previously, it would always apply but never be able to deal critical damage.
        • The tier 4 bonus can now deal critical damage.
      • Mortar Strike
        • Foes can no longer deflect the application of Mortar Strike. This fixes an issue in which the foe would deflect and Mortar Strike would not apply the explosion.
      • Particle Ejector
        • The Armor debuff will now always apply if damage applies to the target. Previously, it would go through an additional combat check and could be deflected independently.
      • Ricochet
        • The tier 8 snare will now apply if the damage applies. Previously, it would go through an additional combat check and could be deflected independently.
      • Shock Pulse
        • Removed a secondary combat check that caused damage to go through two chances to be deflected.
        • The Snare will now apply if the damage is applied. Previously, it would go through an additional combat check and could be deflected independently.
      • Target Acquisition
        • Tier 4 bonus AoE damage will now prioritize players to make it consistent with other AoE damage abilities.
      • Thresher
        • Removed a secondary combat check that caused damage to go through two chances to be deflected.
      • Unstable Anomaly
        • Damage can now be deflected and deal critical damage.
        • Reduction in healing debuff will now always apply if damage applies to the target.
      • Unsteady Miasma
        • The tier 8 bonus can no longer be deflected.
      • Urgent Withdrawal
        • The Snare will now apply if the damage is applied. Previously, it would go through an additional combat check and could be deflected independently.
      • Rejuvenating Rain AMP
        • Heal will now prioritize players to make it consistent with other AoE abilities.
      • Shrapnel Rounds AMP
        • Damage will now prioritize players to make it consistent with other AoE abilities.

    • The buff granted that allows Feedback to be used will now be removed upon use.
    • Fixed an issue in which the Tier 8 bonus wasn't being cleared properly after 1 hit.
    Pulse Blast
    • Jumping will now cancel the cast.
    Unsteady Miasma
    • Adjusted the tooltip to better explain the Blunder effect.
    Volatile Injection
    • Adjusted the ability so that the Volatility gain will now happen even while out of combat.
    • Updated Esper cone attacks to have a 1 meter minimum range down from 1.5m

    • Reap's trigger radius has increased to 5m up from 4m.
    • The T8 Telegraph should no longer stick around for the buff duration while H2CC is on or off.
    • Fixed bug with Soothe's telegraph that was preventing it from showing up when cast from a mount.
    • Fixed an issue where the combat log was not reporting the correct abilities generating Actuators.
    • The "Salvager's Ruthless Gaze" Medic PvP helm should now only be available for purchase from the Dominion battlegrounds vendor.

    • Fixed an issue where this had a higher than intended chance to be deflected.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Discharge not to cast with right-click even when added to an LAS.
    • Resolved an issue where the visual effect for “Discharge” would not point in the proper direction that the player was aiming.
    Protection Probes
    • Fixed an issue where this was displaying the incorrect range.
    • True Shot now functions correctly with the 'Hold to Continue Casting' option.
    • 1st Charge of 'Charge and Release' spells (Vitality Burst, Charged Shot, Sustain) will no longer trigger the following AMPs: Healing Aura, The One, Surge Damage
    • Healing Aura buff icon now displays duration.
    • Spellslinger Focus Stones can no longer be sold to the vendor.
    Arcane Missiles

    • Arcane Missiles will no longer go on cooldown if cast-canceled before the first action tick.
    Dual Fire
    • Can now display as detrimental (red) to enemy players (requires turning off Enemy Beneficial telegraph).
    Flash Freeze
    • Telegraph angle increased to 25deg from 20deg (mistakenly reduced in previous patch).
    Runic Healing
    • Runic Healing will no longer go on cooldown if cast-canceled before the first action tick.
    • Updated stalker cone attacks to have a 1 meter minimum range down from 1.5m
    False Retreat

    • Should fail less frequently when cast from a high Z axis or on a platform.
    Nano Skin: Agile
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Nano Skin: Agile to unlock at 10. This has been reversed.
    Nano Skin: Evasive
    • Fixed and issues that was causing Nano Skin: Evasive to unlock at 15. This has been reversed.
    • Phlebotomize and Razor Disk will now break if they deal damage while in Stealth.
    • Fixed an issue where the combat log was not reporting the correct abilities generating Kinetic Energy.
    • Reduced the minimum range on Warrior cone based attacks to 1m down from 1.5. Plasma Wall has not changed and still has a larger minimum range.
    Atomic Surge

    • Fixed an issue where Tiers 6 and 7 were not applying the DoT.
    Polarity Field
    • Fixed an issue where this ability had a double chance to be deflected.
    Relentless Strikes
    • Fixed an issue where this was not prioritizing players.
    Shield Burst
    • Fixed an issue where the T4 bonus was not prioritizing players.
    • Radiate
      • This will now re-trigger after the cooldown if Players use an ability that generates Kinetic Energy while already at full Energy.
    • The Arena spell, "The Audience Disapproves" (used when a character is stealthed for more than 2 minutes) will now block stealth from being reactivated while the spell timer is active.
    • Fixed a LUA error that was occasionally occurring when completing a 2v2 Arena match
    • Sky changes for certain plugs will now be applied regardless of whether the Player is mounted or not.
    • Players can now see their plug health via public events when inside their base.
    • Fixed an issue where a scientist, when mounted, would not receive the powerup granted when scanning a Thorn Flower.
    • Fixed an issue where the Charged Attack ship's structure unit could not be targeted or attacked.
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong style defense turret would spawn for the Warbot Factory: Basic plug.
    • The tooltip for the Boss Summoner plug now indicates that only one boss can be spawned at a time.
    • Warplots scientist scan node (terminate pod) will no longer be transparent
    • The stairs to the spawn rooms in the generator areas have been removed and replaced with team jump pads. Players on red team can use their red shaded jump pads to get back to their spawn room. Players on blue team can use their blue shaded jump pads to get back to their spawn room.
    • Sky changes for certain plugs will now apply regardless of the character's mounted state.
    • The title will no longer include information regarding withdraws since you can no longer withdraw from a Warparty bank.
    • The empty square in the top left corner of the Warparty UI has been removed.
    • The "Forbidden Zone" and "You left the adventure map!" warnings should now be properly displayed in alternate languages.
    • Imbuement quests that involved enraging targets now give credit correctly.
    • The Stormtalon Imbuement quest line order has been fixed.
    • Quests in a different zone, such as a breadcrumb to a new area, now link intelligently by clicking on the Quest Tracker. It will open your map and highlight the relevant region.
    • Subtitles at the start of the Cryopod awakening cinematic on the Arkships are no longer missing.
    • Skytalon Rotbeak no longer sits at an odd angle.
    • The Stonemite Squasher challenge has been removed.
    • The Fallen Mercenary is now always visible and offers the ‘Following Orders’ quest.
    • Players that have maxed out their reputation with the Algoroc Accord but not yet completed the ‘Loftite Ambitions’, ‘Loftite Lover’, or ‘Loftite Prospector’ achievements can now complete those achievements.
    • An Apprentice Mineralogist now sits behind the Town Mineralogist in Tremor Ridge. This Granok will be happy to accept Players Pure Loftite Fragments and count them towards those achievements.
    • Throg thugs in the gallows now have name plates!
    • Stopped a couple Steamglider from getting stuck in crystals near The Crystal Shards.
    • Added an icon to the retrorocket pack quest item in ‘Cat Burglary’.
    • The Hidden Grotto: Quest indicators should correctly lead the player out of the caverns now.
    • Marauder Mines now explode when a rowsdower walks over them.
    • Nameplates are now displayed on NPCs.
    • More Canimid in the Greystone Hills provide credit towards the challenge ‘Greystone Rumble’.
    • Players receive credit for the quest Robo Resurrection in Mozyk Quarry even if they fail the memory event.
    • Players no longer get zapped before stepping into Spotlight.
    • Moved Settler Reputation Aura Improvement. It is now located in a Nemesis region.
    • Increased the aggro falloff radius of Ruga the Ageless.
    • Fruitstealer Canimid weren't giving up that sweet, sweet XP when Players killed them. We forced 'em to give up the goods.
    • Burrowing Chompacabra got a health increase for quests ‘Clean Room’ and ‘Science without Bounds’ in Blighthaven
    • The ‘Cannonball’ challenge in Blighthaven no longer starts automatically every single time a Player enters its challenge area.
    • Canimid Burrows were reopening after the Player collapsed them, destroying all the player's hard work. We’ve made sure they stay closed.
    • Keepers of Air/Logic/Life/Fire were spawning multiple copies of themselves if the Player discourteously died around them. Had them stop infinitely duplicating themselves.
    • Dying during the "Cannonball" challenge in Blighthaven no longer disqualifies anyone.
    • Players were getting attacked by the "Keeper of Air" while a cinematic was playing. We’ve made the Keeper of Air respect the time-honored tradition of "time outs" in battle.
    • A spell for the quest "Friend or Foe" was throwing up confusing tooltips. The tooltips have been removed.
    • The Golden Jabbit will no longer slide after hopping for quest "clean room".
    • The Avatar of the Nursery in Blighthaven shows a difficulty that matches the rest of the area.
    • Players cannot be attacked while controlling Lucy or Furlo for quest ‘Synthesis’ and ‘Containing the Destruction’.
    • The NPC "Path-Finder" was not showing a proper health bar. We made him go back and put on a real one.
    • The Globellum's Bulbous Glands in the Cankertube Swamp are now swinging free of other environmental geometry.
    • Some Goldmane Heifers were getting all up in each other’s business, and when we say business we mean, like inside of their character models. They've been separated.
    • Some Enthralled Riflemen were getting their heads stuck in the cankertubes of Cankertube Swamp. We extracted them and moved them around.
    • ‘Occasionally, Power Uncorrupts’ boss fight changed up a little. Corrupted pell come at you one at a time, but they are stronger.
    • The pointer for ‘Starting from Scratch’ was working very inconsistently. It should now point Players to locations that actually have targets for them to kill.
    • Players will now get knocked down when they get hit by the Mechari explosion during the quest Reprogramming Interrogation.
    • Augmented Strength now persists after the caster has despawned
    • Fixed the tooltip and the debuff name applied when failing to open a Hijunga Trap during 'Hijunga Defenses'.
    • The debuff icon for the Moodie Fear Fetish now stays for the correct amount of time for the quest ‘Moodoo Voodoo’.
    • Added tooltips to the T-spells for the quest ‘Information Extraction’.
    • 'Trapped' debuff no longer displays as dispellable.
    • Adjusted the objective location for the challenge Lifeglade Kills in Celestion.
    • Druguar the Rotted and Mikolai can no longer be affected by the t-spell for the quest Tinder in Celestion.
    • Players will no longer stand inside the Vials of Vitalus when collecting them for the quest Vital Recovery.
    • The Protostar Appearance Modificator relocated from Woodhaven to Sylvan Glade.
    • Players will no longer receive credit for not hitting anything with the EMP Grenades for the challenge Close Quarters Grenadier.
    Crimson Badlands
    • Many of the monsters in the Crimson Badlands have been made stronger. This should not only provide a greater challenge to veteran players, but also allow players to complete some daily quests more efficiently.
    • Killing Grimvoid Marauders will no longer unlock challenges in any zone other than Deradune.
    • Apprentice Laveka now has the appropriate VO assigned to her creature record.
    Dominion Arkship
    • A typo has been corrected in the "(Un)safety Protocols" quest.
    • Jumping on holding pen beams in the no longer produces metal sound effects.
    Drusera Instances
    • The Golden Fields
      • Fixed issue where event would freeze during the 'witness powers' objective.
      • Players who die during the objective to cross the chasm will have the action bar spell reapplied when they resurrect.
    • Quests will now be correctly, and instantly pushed if the player is at the same level or above as the next quest in sequence, when turning in the previous quest.
    Drusera Instance 1
    • The Genesis Prime: Speech bubbles will now be hidden during the outro cinematic.
    Drusera Instance 3
    • The Hidden Dark
      • Players will no longer have possession effects re-applied if they are already possessed.
      • Fixed an issue where Esper clones would cast Telekinetic Strike in a random direction after dodging an attack.
      • Strain clones will no longer rise into the air after dodging an attack.
    Drusera Instance 4
    • Revelations of Power
      • Empowering Blaze will no longer display two icons on the player.
    • The Golden Fields
      • Jabbit Villagers unit frames are now consistent with other Villager creatures
    • Pillars to cross chasm in quest ‘Power By Proxy’ now all rise up if the player crosses the chasm and leaves a few down. This is to insure the player can't get stuck if they leave the instance and return, or if they go back across the chasm.
    Drusera Instance 5
    • The Terminus Complex
      • Final objective to 'Leave the Terminus Complex' will now correctly be displayed.
      • Teleporter to the Data Analysis Center now lights up when it is usable.
      • Changed health threshold on boss for phase changes, and added a failsafe to prevent two copies of Drusera from being visible at the same time.
    The Defile
    • Koral the Defiler will now be able to corrupt Primal Air along with the other elements during his encounter.
    • The daily quest "Finders, Keepers" in the Defile has an optional objective that can now be completed!
    • The Protostar Wreckingbots in the Defile are now less durable!
    • Reduced the number of tasks needed for zone completion from 50 to 49.
    • Fixed the quest "Egg-Septional Coordination" so that Players can always pick the egg up after interacting with it.
    • Players will be able to get back into the Boon of Hydris if they completed the challenge "Temple Consolation Prize" but not yet completed "The Sunken Temple"
    • Challenge "Temple Consolation Prize" in the Boon of Hydris in Ellevar will now properly start when activating a console.
    • Anyone killing a Canimid within the Augment Analyzer's radius for quest "Augments for Analysis" in Ellevar will reward the quest owner credit.
    • Quest directions for "Undermining Operations" will be more accurate and all paths can now leave Prosperity Caverns the same way they got in.
    • Quest "Spreading the Word" wasn't giving enough indication to players about which Lopp were still able to be converted, and which were not. Made them change their pose if they'd been spoken to already.
    • Corrigan Doon will no longer follow players on mounts or taxis.
    • The spell ‘Blessing of Might’ was missing a tooltip icon. But now it isn't. Which is better.
    • Fixed a bug with the quest Egg-Septional Coordination that would sometimes cause an egg not to be picked up after interacting with it.
    • Target area for the Rootbrute Ravager quest was too small to encompass all of them rootbrutes, so it has been widened.
    Everstar Grove
    • Fixed an issue with the challenge ‘Guardian Crusher’ that would cause the challenge to unlock but not start when killing the first few guardians encountered.
    • Explorers will find it easier to access the Ikthian Starcharts.
    • Renamed and changed all quest related strings for the Biometrics Facility Gamma on Farside to say Exo-Lab 13
    • Interaction text for Flamewalker Console in Malgrave has been updated.
    • The ‘Ship to Illium’ NPC no longer talks at random intervals.
    • Updated Spigo's final location for "Bringing Back the Bounty" in Farside
    • Interacting with sink holes now displays as "Investigate Sinkhole" instead of "Open Sinkhole"
    • Changed the interaction text for the 'Destroyed Scanbot' from "talk to" to "examine".
    • Exo-Lab 13: Interacting with the Fallen Researcher is now displayed as "Examine" instead of "Talk to" since he wasn't feeling very talkative.
    • Interaction text for Power Drills for "Wield the Lightning" in Farside has been updated for different translations.
    • Players can no longer move while knocked down from the Crimson Legion Mortar during 'Anti-Air Support' and the telegraph displays correctly.
    • '[Dungeon] The Eye of the Storm' is now categorized under Dungeon in the quest tracker.
    • Exterminator Cryvex, Toxicologist Poxic, and Lead Xenoarchaeologist Skarval now give credit for the challenge Deadly Focus.
    • A typo has been corrected in the "Skywatch Must Hold" quest.
    • Interacting with wounded Exile soldiers properly advances the quest 'Helping Hand'.
    • Galeras: The direction arrow for the quest "Important Personnel" is now more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where some XAS Researchers were invisible while doing the quest 'Urgent Rescue'.
    • Holdouts during the second phase of "Siege of the Lightspire" will now fail if the event timer runs out.
    • Long range scanbot mark II is now the reward for completing Experimentation missions in Grimvault.
    • World Taxis - Taxis for Grimvault are complete.
    • Rotgear will no longer instantly reappear after he is killed.
    • Updated interaction text for Roland Caris.
    • Updated interaction text for corrupt datacube.
    • Updated interaction text for Abigail Brightfield.
    • Several more corrupted creatures will now count for challenge "Grimvault Reaper" in the Creeping Abyss of Grimvault.
    • A Fetid Glider was gliding into the ground. Replaced him with a non-defective Fetid Glider that doesn't run itself into the ground.
    • The Flank Tank for "Gates of Fire" in Grimvault will now always blow up after killing the Mauler at the end.
    Eastern Grimvault
    • The Dreadwatcher will properly despawn if the event "Siege of the Lightspire" fails.
    • The Dreadwatcher's Cyst unit will now despawn if the Defile's "Siege of the Lightspire" event fails and the Cyst is present.
    Western Grimvault
    • Jacked Jabbits are no longer erroneously flagged for quest credit for "The Things That Should Not Be" in Western Grimvault.
    • Challenges that take place inside the Widowmaker and the Fist of Azrion in Western Grimvault are now tracked properly in the Datachron.
    • The teleporter signs in the Phagelab of Western Grimvault now correctly display their destinations.
    Levian Bay
    • Players will now properly receive comm call from Juro Takigurain on finishing the episode The Elder Cube.
    • Updated interaction text for Girrok vomit.
    • Some minor adjustments were made to spawning, spacing, and pathing in many areas of Malgrave.
    • Crimson Gorgers should now animation correctly in non-combat in the Sunstorm Village.
    • Punching sounds should now be in synch for Scourwind Mudrunners who are fighting each other.
    • Explorers can now enter the Basement Door to complete the mission "Mad Ernest Vern's Secret Stash".
    • Shardspire Canyon: Raging Rapids now have a telegraph.
    Hellrose Bowl
    • Fixed an issue where the third quartet of Emberclan Moodies would not spawn.
    Northern Wastes
    • The 'End the Suffering' challenge - Updated the area of influence indicated on the map.
    Northern Wilds
    • Landing Site: The two Granok mercs laying down watching the drop pods fall now have beer.
    • A male NPC’s voice has been fixed when crying in ‘Crash Site’ to no longer have a female VO.
    • Sunderstone Rebels and Revolutionaries will now give XP and drop loot when killed in Sunderstone Hold.
    • Alchemist Vikmos and Banther Windtracker in Snowfade Grounds of Whitevale will now show health bars.
    • Explosion from "Immediate Report" at Thermock Hold will only fire once now.
    • Updated factions for Prison Guards in Deadrock Prison to show hostility to exile players.
    • Entering the Abandoned XAS Research Caves in Whitevale while on a mount will now still apply the Hazmat suit.
    • Updated the quest directions for the quest Relay Race.
    • Dying during 'Soul Sanctification' fails the challenge.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to still get puked on after completing the quest Makeshift Medic.
    • Fixed a pathing issue in Research Camp Echo.
    • Increased the time allowed, lowered the kill count, and increased the max number of splorg spawned in the area for the challenge Splorg Stomp.
    • Increased the time allowed, lowered the kill count, and increased the number of splorg spawned for the challenge Splorg Stomp.
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    • Interrupt armor has been adjusted to be more consistent with intended difficulty.
    • Many Adventure creatures have been updated so that interrupting their spells results in a Moment of Opportunity.
    Riot in the Void
    • Gadget-Equipped prisoners have been fixed and should no longer gain more weapons.
    • Resonator-Wielding Prisoners will no longer be able to heal bosses for ~50% of their max health per cast of "Paddle Shock." This has been reduced to ~10% per cast.
    The Hycrest Insurrection
    • Arsenax Severus will no longer engage in combat with other Dominion troops.
    • Players who enter the Adventure late will no longer see the Caretaker intro, just story panels.
    • Farmer families now appropriately run when fleeing the city.
    War of the Wilds
    • Veteran
      • Sarabella's Shadow should no longer spawn as Masterspon's Shadow.
      • Neutral Bosses now despawn at the end of the Adventure
      • Skeech standing near the huts can no longer be attacked by enemy Champions.
      • Skeech that appear in front of Upgrade Huts will now properly despawn when their corresponding shrine is lost to enemy Champions.
    • Coldburrow Queen and Samu-Samu Chieftain now die when their respective totems are destroyed.
    • A reset timer has been added to Ancient Shrine bosses in Veteran mode. If one of these bosses is killed their shrine has not been claimed within 30s, they will respawn, and the shrine will revert to a neutral state.
    • Ignacio/Ardent:
      • No long stops attacking after casting 'Fire Catcher'.
      • 'Incendiary Grenade' no longer leaves an additional persistent fire at Players feet.
      • Will no longer dash to avoid spotfires that can hurt them.
    • The UI no correctly displays the current number of flags controlled for Players entering later in the Adventure instance.
    Crimelords of Whitevale
    • Captain Onghr now opens the door if no Players engage him in combat.
    • Players are no longer automatically taken to the Blood Scion Clubhouse during the instance's final events.
    • Areas of freezing water should now behave consistently.
    The Malgrave Trail
    • Fixed an issue that could cause random events to persist after the main event is completed.
    • Leraak no correctly follows Braithwait.
    • The Malgrave Trail: A separate objective now begins once all wells are repaired at Rusty's Scrap Yard. This is to inform players that they don't have to do anything while the wells collect water. We've also added locations for each well that despawns once the well is repaired.
    • Veteran:
      • Fixed creatures that were spawning at level 45 Veteran mode.
      • The Chompacabra attack event will not be despawn/respawn until the last Chompacabra is killed
    • Space Madness
      • The "Kill Hallucinating Livestock" objective in should now work properly.
    The Ruins of Kel Voreth
    • The Monitoring Station satellites, Eldan Data Storage towers and Eldan Phase monitors all now have collision.
    • Pushing Drokk into the next phase before killing all tethers no longer causes a reset.
    • Enslaving Protector spline path moved away from ramp
    • Phase Blast will not hit NPCs out of combat, and cannot kill NPCs
    • Forgemaster Trogun -
      • Removed some safe areas during the Exanite Shards phase
      • Adjusted boss wall placement
    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • The exit portal has been moved to a more easily accessible location.
    • Rayna
      • Will no longer sometimes cast Molten Wave without spawning a wave.
    • Ondu Lifeweaver
      • Lowered his HP by ~750k
    • There is now low friction along the walls in the Bosun Octog encounter.
    • Mordechai
      • You can no longer avoid the terraformer beam.
    Stormtalon's Lair
    • Communicator calls from Axis will stay on screen for as long as her VO is playing.
    • Blade-Wind the Invoker is no longer interruptible during the phase transition
    • Stormtalon boss now stands in idle without strange twitching.
    • Teleporting is now clearer, as the instance portal is now properly labeled.
    • Elemental Pairs:
      • Visceralus
        • The Essences of Life have had their light sources removed, so they will no longer wash out the floor.
      • Hydroflux
        • Fixed an issue that was causing the encounter to reset when the top threat player was suspended by Geyser.
    • Obsidian Wastes
      • Players will no longer resurrect inside of the holocrypt.
      • Warmonger Talani - The root effect in her encounter now has a debuff icon.
    • Glacial Fortress
      • Players that die inside of the Glacial Fortress will no longer resurrect inside of the holocrypt.
      • Snownado now properly damages players and knocks them back
    • Maelstrom Authority
      • Players that die inside of the Quantum Maelstrom will no longer resurrect inside of the holocrypt.
    • Limbo Infomatrix
      • Players that die inside the Limbo Infomatrix will no longer resurrect on top of the holocrypt.
      • Limbo Infomatrix: Gastric Juices no longer has any damage variance.
    • Earthen Biomes
      • Bio-Enhanced Broodmother
        • Spider's Decent - Blind no longer stacks unnecessarily.
    Genetic Archives
    • The drop rate for the "Squidora" has been reduced on Hideously Malformed Mutant in Genetic Archives
    • Players will now die properly when falling down the chasm in the entrance area.
    • General Looking at the map now shows markers that now more fully encompass the boss combat spaces
    • Phageborn Darksoul - Emanating Evil - Will no longer damage pets
    • Corrupted Beast - Bestial Scourge - Will no longer damage pets
    • Dreadphage Ohma
      • Killing the Maws during Ohma's Genetic Torrent no longer interrupts Genetic Torrent. The Cast will now complete before triggering the next phase.
    • Phageborn Convergence
      • Stitching Strain tooltip revised to accurately display ticking frequency.
      • Terax's Strain Infection can now be dispelled properly.
      • Noxmind's Equalize now occurs on a cooldown instead of HP thresholds.
      • Reduced the cast time for Equalize.
    • Malfunctioning Dynamo
      • Arc Thrower no longer sometimes launches the entire volley at one person.
      • Livewire will no longer damage pets.
    Ultimate Protogames and Augmentor Raid
    • Ultimate Protogames
      • Hut-Hut
        • Players can no longer pass the ball to themselves.
        • Hut-Hut's health has been increased.
        • Players can no longer pass the ball while attempting an extra point.
        • Failure conditions implemented for going out of bounds.
        • Reworked end-zone detection to be more reliable.
        • Players no longer trigger a MoO when destroying Hut-Hut's absorption shield as he rushes for the end zone.
        • Reworked the mechanics for managing the defensive adds so that they become disabled upon reaching 50% health but jump back into action and regenerate health after a time.
      • Elemental Hospital
        • The Elemental Master now has an absorption shield unless he is inside of the opposing elemental field.
        • Fixed issues with the Elemental Master's telegraph variation.
        • Added additional area denial telegraphs to various mobs.
        • A Protostar Intern now sometimes runs wildly through the play space and must be stopped!
      • HMS Phineas
        • Challenge and Optional objective fixes and balancing.
        • A successful Deep-Space Spank now refreshes the player's cooldowns.
        • Marauders will now heal after a MoO if they are not spanked off the ship.
        • Continued wave balancing and difficulty adjustment.
      • Prototentiary
        • A first pass at Protopoint integration is complete.
        • The hazards, enemies and mechanics progress in difficulty as players move through each section.
        • Challenge balance and unlocking updated to fit with new difficulty progression.
        • The Detective is now called The Warden.
        • Phineas A. Rotostar has basic commentary lines hooked up.
      • Lost and Found Department
        • Balancing pass on enemy difficulty, buffs and debuffs.
        • Updated VFX for various spells used by both creatures and the player.
        • Implemented Protopoints for this event room.
      • Waste Management Facility:
        • The turret in the middle is now invulnerable.
        • Each of the tanks now cast dangerous spells and hazards when players are nearby.
        • Challenge and optional difficulty balancing.
        • Getting hit with Incinerate for a duration will eventually catch the player on fire.
      • Break Room
        • Gauntlet damage now ignores armor.
        • Carbonated debuff is no longer a DoT.
        • Bev-O-Rage is now a vendor upon death.
        • Getting hit with a missile in the gauntlet now causes it to despawn.
    • Path mission icons on the Zone Map should now better indicate where missions unlock.
    • The areas in Galeras where explorers can find the third relic piece for the 'Exciting Excavation' scavenger hunt mission have been expanded.
    • Scanbot vanity customizations will now remain visible on the Scanbot after removing a ROM.
    • Chosen Scanbot profile will now be remembered upon logout.
    • Updated Mining Drill and Mining Bot raw scans to despawn its resources after 3.5 min in Algoroc.
    • Self-Destruct from Firestorm Fuels in Everstar Grove now display a combat log entry.
    • Updated correct locations for ANALYSIS: Logic Elementals mission in Grimvault.
    • The resource, "Regenerative Fuel Cell" should no longer stymie settlers by starting an impossible-to-complete, developer-only, test challenge.
    • Fixed an error in Settler Hubs that was caused by opening them in a zone that has no map.
    • Settler mission "Sentinel of the Swamp" is backstopped in Blighthaven.
    • The Vendor in Auroria is less likely to despawn due to guards combat deaths.
    • The guide arrow for the Settler mission "Sentinel of the Swamp" now points correctly to the Bounty Board after clicking on the mission in the Grimvault T3 Datachron.
    • Path missions should now properly unlock even if a Player has been teleported to an area previously unexplored.
    • Adjusted the difficulty of some creatures spawned by FIRST STRIKE missions when one or more of the burrows have been destroyed.
    • Players can no longer see under and through the Lopp Dirt Mounds in Farside for the Soldier mission Up to Their Ears
    • SWAT: Extra Firepower: Fixed an issue where the visuals were not displaying properly for the missile being used within the SWAT mission in Galeras.
    • SWAT: Ears Everywhere: Changed the mission target location so that it would point the player to the proper area in Illium.
    • SWAT: Arachnapocalypse: Fixed an issue where the weapon was not displaying within the players Quest inventory properly in Malgrave.
    • SWAT: Arachnapocalypse: Fixed an issue where the SWAT spell could hurt and damage friendly units in Malgrave, now it will simply stun for a short duration if a player is within the telegraph.
    • Bail Out: Reduced the time on the cooldown for the third tier unlock.
    • Combat Supply Drop: Reduced the cooldown for later tiers of the ability. Now ability tiers read as Tier 1: 60 minutes, Tier 2: 45 minutes, Tier 3: 30 minutes.
    • Soldier mission "Banner Burning" in Farside - Moved group difficulty level pell away from a couple of the banners to make the mission a little easier to solo.
    • Fixed issue with tool tip not displaying and alerting player that the spell only fires in one area
    • Taxi costs have been adjusted so that the cost is based on the content level of the destination.
    • The reward for the 'Work Orders' work order board introduction quest in Algoroc is no longer a choice. Players will receive both crafting vouchers and a power core.
    • Ravenous Rescue public event in Celestion will now give out appropriate rewards.
    • Galeras quest "If It Ain't Broke, Break It" no longer gives every possible reward when completed. Players will now have a choice of which reward they want to select.
    • All cloth materials now have the correct loot icon when dropping directly from a creature.
    • In the Commodity Exchange, we have brought back the alert that comes up if a Player is selling an item below the vendor price (after fees).
    • In Commodity Exchange, we now say "Current Lowest Price" or "Current Highest Price" instead of "Current Price" to help explain the system a bit more.
    • In Commodity Exchange, we now say "Highest Offer" and "Lowest Offer" instead of the universal "Competition" to help communicate the exact meaning a tiny bit better.
    • Adding an explanation message for the full market stats in Commodity Exchange.
    • The error messages in Auction House when bidding have been fixed and clarified (for example, when a Player tries to bid but another player snuck in a new bid).
    • When crafting standard materials can be in your backpack, bank, or tradeskill bag. Power cores and catalyst still need to be in Players backpack.
    • New crafting schematics can be found in the Genetic Archives.
    • Fixed an issue where Crafting Goody Bag could not be purchased unless a Player was on a particular quest.
    • Crafting Trainer Trixion in Illium has remembered how to train Players in the crafts of the Empire.
    • Genetic Archives now has Weaponsmith, armorer, outfitter, and tailor dropped schematics.
    • Moved a Relic Node in Wilderrun's Primal Kinesis Lab 9 out of the wall.
    • The tooltip for 'Lesser Inspiration of the Aggressor' now indicates where to get the item.
    • Fixed a variety of problematic tradeskill node placements in Grimvault.
    • Renamed "Long Snout Filet" to reflect standard naming of Longsnout creature.
    • When Players search a tradeskill, it now clears the right side of the screen to prevent accidental confusion and crafting.
    • Class Rune Fragments and Fragment of the Gladiator can now be placed into the Tradeskill Satchel.
    • Augmented Rune Fragments will now appear in the Tradeskill Satchel. They have also been increased to Green-quality.
    • The quest "Now I'm an Architect" will now correctly point Players to Architect Cybene when trying to complete the quest.
    • Fixed an issue where Expert Architect tech box "Barnacle Willow" was not displaying its third reward "Drooping Gorgefruit" in the tooltip text.
    • Journeyman Architect tech tree achievement 'Journeyman FABKit' text updated to include all achievement rewards.
    • Journeyman Architect tech tree achievement 'Exile Lamp Post' should now properly reference 'Exile Barrier' as its reward.
    • Apprentice Architect achievement 'Apprentice FABkits' now lists all rewards in tooltip text.
    • Catalysts can now be sold on the commodities exchange and traded.
    • Fixed an issue where 'Pumera Roast' and 'Roasted Razortail' Cooking recipes had swapped ingredients.
    • Spicy Spikehorde Sautee was rewarding too large an armor buff. When eaten it will now give the correct amount.
    • Updated the "Stuffed" effects so that they should now display the correct values.
    • Deradune Chef Achievement on the Cooking tech tree no longer looks as if it's linked to the Algoroc Chef Achievement.
    • Malgrave cooking ingredients now have text that describes where they drop most commonly.
    • Tender Steak now has a buff icon that looks like a tender steak instead of a sandwich
    • Cleaned up Iron Nodes in Ellevar.
    • Removed several problematic Mining Nodes in Algoroc's Eldan Excavation area.
    • Fixed an issue where a Mining Node in Galeras was stuck in a wall.
    • Apprentice Tailor achievement 'Leg Armor Design III' should now properly reference 'Improved Fibertronic Silk Trousers'.
    • Fixed an issue where a tech box, "Tactile Responsiveness Tech" was missing from the Apprentice Tailor Tech Tree.
    • 'Expert Pharmacognosy II' and 'Expert Battleground Chemistry' no longer overlap in the Expert Technologist tech tree.
    • Fixed grammatical errors in Expert Technologist achievement 'Expert Gadget Innovation' tooltip.
    • Tradeskill Reagents used by Technologist now have flavor text.
    • Technologists now have an Expert Research Tech Tree.
    • Fixed an issue where a deprecated talent in Weaponsmith Row 3 talent list was appearing erroneously. It has been deactivated. Players should be able to reselect a Row 3 talent after this change without re-specializing.
    • Weaponsmith Schematic item output 'Conscript Steelcore Astra Blade' renamed to 'Conscript Steelcore Astral Blade' as implied by the schematic that grants it.
    • Fixed up layout issues with the Tech Tree's More Info fly out.
    User Interface
    • "Item Challenges" should no longer show up in the Level-Up notification list for level 20.
    • Improved error messaging for the 'Stuck' command when it is used on a vehicle.
    • We've adjusted the hint arrow prompts so that when they are requested to a nearby unit that is close to the Player, but not visible, the arrow will continue to the unseen unit rather than placing a lightning bolt indicator over the unit's head.
    • The tooltip displayed for Public Event objectives that auto-advance over time has been changed to display time in a mm:ss format.
    • The macro icons in Macros are no longer unresponsive after selecting the macro.
    • The social window can now be resized to any width/height larger than its current default size.
    • QuestLog: Ignored world story quests now show in the quest log's left tree view.
    • QuestTracker: Fixed event grouping sorting in relation to quests.
    • QuestTracker: Minor style update.
    • TargetFrame: Fixed issue where a Spellslinger who void slipped target did not reset the targets buff bar when leaving the void
    • It is no longer possible to open multiple "Send All To Crate" confirmation windows in the Housing List Panel.
    • Fixed Nameplate LUA error that sometimes occurred when changing maps.
    • The View Info button now will not just display View on first opening the Landscape window.
    • Optimized how we load windows in the Interface Options' Window Management.
    • Removed several addon dependencies on the Interface Options menu.
    • Removing the context menu button and now can right click amongst friends, rivals, ignored, suggested, neighbors and bring up to context menu.
    • You should no longer see an incorrect tooltip about path or gadget slots being locked even though you've unlocked them on the action bar.
    • Changed item tooltips so every item shows its required level if it has one.
    • There is no longer a Player Options button that will open up the context menu anywhere in the Social Window.
    • Inventory panel is now restricted to 1300x700.
    • There is now an indication of how many letters a player is typing for the arena team name. This indication will turn red if name is too long/short or has profanities.
    • "City Directions" and "Vendors" are now independently shown and hidden from their own filters in the Maps.
    • Localizing, and increasing UI compatibility for a boat-load of new German and French strings.
    • Minimum width for nameplates added, for characters with short names.
    • Improved options interface default settings loading.
    • Already salvaged items will not be viewable in the Salvage window.
    • Fixed a check for determining if the player has enough money to buy items.
    • The interact alert will now properly hide in all cases while a comm call is active and will reappear when a comm call has finished.
    • The challenge icon was too big for the 'general challenge' type and has been fixed.
    • Group UI should now remember where it has been moved to.
    • Fixed an issue where the Circles roster would lose track of any selected character or button every 30 seconds.
    • There is now an indication with a triangle and tooltip when registering for a team name that isn’t alphanumeric.
    • Invalid names can't be submitted because the submit button is disabled.
    • The Chat Window's emote icon and input width have been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Lua errors for Soldiers running the game in German.
    • There is now a previous button to scroll through items to the left in inventory.
    • Fixing some cases of the left over static purple bar in nameplates that would sometimes draw incorrectly.
    • The Crafting Discovery arrows now change color again depending on how far you are. It'll be Red if Players are close and Blue if they’re far.
    • Friends List UI now supports inviting an Account Friend on another Realm to your party.
    • Made the Costumes panel more clear for users under level 14, that they can't yet dye.
    • Fixed an art issue with the 4th/5th capture points on the Warplots UI.
    • Keybindings for Stun Breakout gameplay have been added. They also have an icon and tooltip describing how they are allowed to be multi-bind.
    • The text of the next button will be set to close if the currently viewed item in salvage window is last salvageable item. If there is only one salvageable item, or that the item currently viewed is the first, the previous button will not be shown.
    • Removed the redundant "Modify" button from the Friends list, as the same options are on the in-line list buttons.
    • Stun Breakout now warns if you have a key unbound, as it has its own personal keybindings now.
    • In Account Inventory, toggles have been added to hide locked and multi-claim items.
    • When clicking the play button, the Lore Unlocked Icon for the datacube will not be displayed.
    • Added extra formatting to numbers in the Character Panel.
    • Ability tooltips for abilities that have charges that regenerate now say how many charges are regenerated over the recharge window.
    • Fixed some unit frame tooltips so they draw on the cursor and not in a static location away from the unit frame.
    • Added the character's name to the deletion prompt.
    • In Crafting, the 'Add Charge Here' tooltip no longer clips the frame when you hit the craft button.
    • Targeting a member of the raid shows a button on the Raid Frame Addon which allows creating a custom window for that members health bar.
    • "No GPS Signal" on Zone Map now sits on top of the map.
    • Public Events remain highlighted on the Zone Map while the public event is active.
    • Added an error message for when a player tries to sell a damaged item to a vendor.
    • The tooltips for harvesting items without any tradeskill requirements will now only display a simple tooltip.
    • Fixed the Galactic Archive's categories so they draw correctly on French and German clients.
    • Combat floater texts are no longer clipped.
    • Adding the text for when a player enters a code that fails because race, gender, or faction don’t match.
    • The "Slow Fall" spell in the Lay of Air was missing a tooltip message to tell people how they were being saved from falling to their deaths. We made one now. BETTER READ IT!
    • Ability builder will now update when the path levels up as well.
    API Changes
    • The LUA interface "PublicEventObjective", "GetObjectiveType" and "GetCategory" will now return the correct values when the objective or event is no longer active.
    • Calling 'IsCurrentBindPoint' on a Player unit will no longer crash the client.
    • Several new LUA methods have been implemented to return the level cap of a local player. Unlocked methods return the level cap that the specific player is able to achieve.
    • Window: Added function ‘GetTextColor’ to window to get a window's current text color.
    • Items now have a function called ‘GetBankCount()’ that will return the number of that item that the player has in the bank.
    • ‘Item:GetRequiredLevel()’ returns the correct value for every item that has a required level. If the item has no required level, the function still returns 0
    • Narrowed the list of sounds from the Sound library to only contain working sounds
    • ‘Gamelib.GetAbilityCharges’ will now also return a spell's recharging charge count per time value as nRechargeCount.
    • (Major) The Apollo API version number has been incremented from 8 to 9. Existing 3rd-party addons will be disabled until their API version is incremented.
    • Character Addon: The Character addon now responds to a new event "ItemConfirmSoulboundOnEquip". This is used to display a new ActionConfirmButton to equip items that would become soulbound. See the official Carbine Character addon for details.
    • Many seating decor options now allow players to sit on them.
    • Housing remodel features trims can now be purchased once and owned forever. As a result, prices on these options have been adjusted slightly higher.
    • All Housing Expeditions give a reward bag and 500 renown for completion, up from 350 renowned.
    • All Earthrender Alcove decor will now place correctly.
    • Added 15 seconds to the 'Medic!' challenge on the housing Medical Station plug.
    • Corrigan Doon and the Star of Dominus poster has been rotated to place flat against surfaces when initially placed.
    • Fireworks landscape enhancement now comes with lever pulling action!
    • New housing decor items are available from the Defile Reputation Vendor and the housing vendor.
    • Many seating decor options now allow players to sit on them.
    • New target dummy decor items are now available on the housing vendor for level 50 standard group mobs, veteran group mobs, 20 man raid bosses, and two difficulty levels of 40 man raid bosses.
    • Housing: Tier 2 and 3 Survivalists Thicket Plugs will now start growing Tier 3 trees.
    • Gardening: Vigilant gardeners who enjoy watching grass grow may have noticed that the Adolescent version of the Grimgourd plant was appearing as an "Adolescent Faerybloom" plant. This is no longer the case.
    • Housing décor “Tiny Blue Crystal” should now show up properly.
    • Housing: Removed collision from the holographic portion of the holographic Eldan Relic housing décor.
    • There is now a message that will be displayed in the Chatlog when players are added to friends and account friends.
    • Adding various chat log feedback messages for social actions.
    • Players can now right click friends in the social window to enable the edit note button.
    • Currency icons have been changed to make them more easily distinguishable.
    • Added Spell audio to a slew of mobs, so keep your ears open.

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