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PTR Patch Notes - 08/20/2014 - The Defile (Build 6843)

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, Aug 20, 2014.

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    • New players who do not configure a payment method for their WildStar account will receive a message directing them to go back to the website and complete the registration process.
    • Units without a relevant difficulty no longer show a difficulty in the Unit Tooltip.
    • While using a vehicle, the player should no longer have issues casting spells on a target.
    • Fixed a client crash related to the number of bags unlocked in a player's inventory.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Meditate from granting the initial focus gain.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Blade Dance from granting Swiftness.
    • Players may no longer leave a matchmaking queue or disband a group while they have a pending game.
    • Lowered K factors used to determine how much rating players will lose or gain for PvP matches.
    • Eldan Platforms on the cannon battery will no longer flip themselves 180 degrees before starting to rise or lower.
    World Story
    • If the player dies while fighting Xarophet he will no longer be able to aggro the player outside of the room. Upon the players death Xarophet will reset to his starting position.
    Genetic Archives
    • Phagetech Prototypes: Fixed an edge case where loot would not be awarded properly.
    • Characters with path abilities reset to base tier should now have the tier auto-adjusted to the correct value.
    User Interface
    • Fixed an issue where the GroupFinder would re-open if a player accepted the queue.
    API Changes
    • Unit:GetBuffs(): Fixed odd filtering for returned buffs
    • Music options that are purchased while standing on a Biome plug will now play correctly when the player leaves the Biome.
    • Visitors will now correctly hear the exterior music options when an owner changes the music theme indoors.
    • Fixed an issue where the changing the exterior music option for a property wouldn't set correctly the first time the player entered the property.
    • Fixed a number of issues that would cause the housing music option to play incorrectly.
    • Visitors will now correctly hear interior music options.

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