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PTR Patch Notes - 09/03/2014 - The Defile (Build 6861)

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, Sep 4, 2014.

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    • Houston32.exe can now run on Windows XP.
    • Edited the credits for any necessary capitalization.
    • Mounts have had their overall health reduced by 50%
    • Recall spell will no longer occasionally re-display the character after completing the cast but before teleporting to housing.
    • Draken female's muzzle effects fixed to align properly while strafing.
    • Fixed an issue in character creation that was causing characters to not show the correct options.
    • Corrected broken animation in Aurin Male's left foot during his wound animation.
    • Fixed an inconsistency during certain cast animations for the Mordesh Female’s arm and foot.
    • The Anti-Air Defense Tower challenge "Steamglider Flurry" now uses telegraphs instead of requiring the player to target the Steamgliders individually. It is also 1 minute shorter and requires fewer kills to complete.
    • The "Give 'Em the Boot" challenge on the Strain Maw plug now displays all of the intro text correctly. Previously, only two of the four lines of text would display on the screen while all four would display in the chat window.
    • The Spirit Zapper visual duration on the "Bone Pit" challenge has been increased to more closely match the spell duration.
    • Fancy top hat can now be dyed appropriately.
    • Eating food no longer displays a blank buff icon.
    • The Superclocked T.D. T7-40 has had its price adjusted on the vendor.
    • Liquid Focus - Visuals and sound will no longer apply each time the 'Strikethrough' buff is applied.
    • Fixed a bug that prevent Aurin from using a throwing animation when casting the 'Noxious Charge' potion

    • Engineer, Stalker, Warrior weapons are now on par with Esper, Medic, and Spellslinger Weapons.
    • Updated Sprint Tooltip and Resource name to use the correct Endurance term
    • All Assault and Support Power buffs gained from items have been reduced by 25% to bring them in-line with their item budget change.
    • A number of spells had their damage types changed (most used to be physical)
    • DPS Stance Damage increases have been removed from all Tank classes.
    • A -20% Damage Dealt Decrease has been added to all Tank Stances.
    • The Damage Mitigation debuffs for the Warrior and Stalker DPS Stances have been removed, they were previously -2%.
    • Assault and Support Power milestones for primary attributes for the Engineer and Warrior have increased to 24.4 from 15.
    • Adjusted the Assault and Support Power milestones for the Engineer and Warrior. Their primary attributes have increased to 24.4 from 15.
    • Reduced the amount of Assault and Support Power gained through runes and items (not including Weapons) by 25%.
    • Adjusted the Assault and Support Power gains per point of primary attribute for the Engineer and Warrior. They have been increased to .61 from .37.
    • Heavy Armor Rating has been reduced by ~4% on all items.
    • Fixed the "Ability Builder" to allow players to purchase abilities when they have exactly enough credits.
    • Fixed a UI issue that caused Ability Charge counts to list improperly on higher tiers.
    • The Level Up Unlock notification for the AMP system now appears at the appropriate level.
    • Ground targeted abilities now function differently while mounted. The first click/press will bring up the telegraph for targeting and the second click will dismount the player and cast the spell at the target location. In addition, the targeting can now be done while the spell is still on cooldown and the player is mounted. This change should result in these abilities feeling smoother to cast.
    • [spell=0]Bolt Caster[/spell]
      • Fixed an issue in which tier 5 would still show 5 lines.
      • Adjusted the visuals so that all bolts line up better with their respective telegraphs.
    • Mode
      • Eradicate
        • Resistances reduced by 5%, down from 7%.
      • Provoke
        • Resistances increased by 6%, up from 5%.
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Forceful Impact' AMP in which it could not trigger more than once every one second. It can now trigger once every 0.25s to match most channel tick times.
    • [spell=0]Pyrokinetic Flame[/spell]
      • The telegraph for this ability should no longer flicker when attached to a hostile.
    • [spell=0]Reap[/spell]
      • A new proc-based spell that can be used while above 3 Psi Points to deal damage to one foe. It is castable with an 8 second Cooldown.
      • Has been reworked and is no longer a finisher. The new Reap is a proc based spell that can be used while above 3 Psi Points to deal damage to 1 foe. It is castable while casting with an 8 second Cooldown. The Tier 4 deals additional damage to targets below 30% health. The Tier 8 deals damage after a small delay. If it deals damage the spell will generate a Psi Point.
      • Tier 4 deals additional damage to targets below 30% health.
      • Tier 8 deals damage after a small delay. If it deals damage the spell will generate a Psi Point.
    • [spell=0]Warden[/spell]
      • Should no longer show a Buff tooltip on the primary target.
    • Payback, Duelist, Iron Reflexes and Slow It Down AMPS now display that they have been unlocked on the AMP ITEM if they are already learned.
    • Bounce Back
      • Support Power/AP reduced to 27% SP from 34% Now deals 17.86 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Build Up
      • Support Power reduced to 14% from 36%. Now heals 9.5 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Companion
      • Support Power reduced to 10% from 21% Now deals 7.97 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Figment
      • Assault Power reduced to 10% from 27%. Now deals 7.06 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • From the Grave
      • Support Power reduced to 268% from 670% Now deals 173.84 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Healing Touch
      • Support Power reduced to 45% from 110% Now deals 26.34 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Molasses
      • Support Power/AP reduced to 15% AP.SP from 37.5% Now deals 19.92 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • No Remorse
      • Assault Power reduced to 7% from 18%. Now deals 4.66 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Not Snackworthy
      • Assault Power/Support Power reduced to 1.5% from 3.3%. Now deals 1.27 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Rupture
      • Assault Power reduced to 292% from 360% ap/sp. Now deals 189.32 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • Spectral Shield
      • Support Power reduced to 25% from 62.5%. Now deals 16.25 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • The Humanity
      • Assault Power reduced to 7% from 43%. Now deals 4.66 dmg/lvl from 0.
    • We've adjusted the Assault Power gains per point of Tech, they have been increased to .61 from .5
    • Assault Power milestones for Tech have increased to 24.4 from 20.
    • [spell=0]Barrier[/spell]
      • Fixed an issue with the T8 bonus where the visuals would not play on the caster.
    • [spell=0]Dematerialize[/spell]
      • Fixed a bug where tier 7 was dealing the damage intended for T6.
    • [spell=0]Gamma Rays[/spell]
      • Resolved an issue that could cause Gamma Rays to stop dealing damage when the player jumped at the end of the cast time.
    • [spell=0]Magnetic Lockdown[/spell]
      • Fixed an issue where the T4 bonus was still triggering a GCD.
    • [spell=0]Triage[/spell]
      • Fixed an issue where the ability would always heal the Medic and an ally with tiers 1-8. Additionally fixed an issue where these tiers would always detonate Mending Probes on both the Medic and their ally.
    • Acerbic Injection
      • Now heals 94% SP and 60.63 HP/Level per tick rather than 119% AP/SP.
    • Chemical Burn
      • Now deals 3% AP and 2.44 DMG/Level rather than 9.5% AP.
    • Emergency
      • Now heals 25% SP and 16.67 HP/Level rather than 68.96% SP.
    • Energy Pulse
      • Now deals 20% AP and 14.14 DMG/Level rather than 54% AP.
    • Health Probes
      • Now heals 24.5% AP/SP and 32.14 HP/Level rather than 62.06% AP/SP.
    • Hypercharge
      • Now heals 88% SP and 57.15 Shield/Level per tick rather than 220% SP.
    • Meltdown
      • Now deals 40% AP and 27.76 DMG/Level rather than 104% AP.
    • Protective Surge
      • Now heals 10% SP and 6.54 HP/Level rather than 25.8%SP.
    • Quick Dodge
      • Now heals 32% AP/SP and 41.79 Shield/Level rather than 80.6% AP/SP.
    • Reboot
      • Now heals 54% SP and 34.96 Shield/Level rather than 135% SP.
    • Regenerator
      • Now heals 5% AP/SP and 7.13 HP/Level per tick rather than 13.77% AP/SP.
    • Shield Protocol
      • Now heals 28% SP and 18.62 Shield/Level rather than 36% AP/SP.
    • Transfusion
      • Now heals 49% SP and 32.11 HP/Level rather than 124% SP.
    • [spell=0]Sustain[/spell]
      • Animation and Visual Effects for T1+ are now consistent with T0.
      • Telegraphs are now of type "Beneficial", and should draw Purple to enemy players
    • False Retreat and Frenzy now Prioritize Players.
    • Assault Power gains per point of Brutality have been increased to .61 from .5.
    • Support Power gains per point of Tech have been increased to .61 from .37.
    • Assault Power milestones for Brutality have increased to 24.4 from 20.
    • Support Power milestones for Tech have increased to 24.4 from 15.
    • When a stealthed Stalker takes damage and gets detected, damage is no longer displayed twice to the detector.
    • 'My turn' should now apply to the target who causes the proc event.
    • All Damage should now cause 'My Turn' to proc
    • [spell=0]Concussive Kicks[/spell]
      • T8 can no longer be cast while sprinting.
      • Concussive Kicks now has a 0 Suit Power cost on first use.
    • [spell=0]Impale[/spell]
      • Base damage increased to 76.49% from 72.2% and 33.3 dmg/lvl up from 31.43 dmg/lvl. Damage per tier increased to 3.9% up from 3.8%.
      • Damage from behind/stealth increased to 84.5% from 80%. Damage per tier increased to 4.1% up from 4%.
    • [spell=0]Ruin[/spell]
      • Ruin T4 now shows a buff icon for the Suit Power Regen.
      • Base Instant Damage increased to 7.09 dmg/lvl from 5.97 dmg/lvl and 16.29% Assault Power from 13.71%. Damage per tier increased to 1.52% Assault Power from 1.14%.
      • Base DoT damage increased to 2.82 dmg/lvl from 2.37 dmg/lvl and 6.48% Assault Power from 5.43%. Damage per tier increased to .6% Assault Power up from .4%.
      • Ruin T4+ no longer displays the Suit Power regen in the combat log.
    • [spell=0]Shred[/spell]
      • Tier 8 bonus increased to 2 Suit Power per tick up from 1. Whiplash
    • [spell=0]Whiplash[/spell]
      • Now generates the correct amount of a dash token.
      • Tier 8 bonus increased to 2 Suit Power per tick up from 1.
    • Due to the change in the amount of Power generated by primary stats, we are making the following change - the Brutality Mastery AMP increases Brutality by 25%, which is down from 30%.
    • Brutality Mastery
      • Increases Brutality by 25%, down from 30%.
    • Cutthroat
      • Assault Power reduced to 18% down from 44%. Now deals 11.235 dmg/lvl up from 0.
    • Devastate
      • Assault Power reduced to 22% down from 27%. Now deals 14.76 dmg/lvl up from 0.
    • Empowered Attack Mastery
      • Support Power reduced to 14% down from 36.78%. Now deals 9.52 dmg/lvl up from 0.
    • Fatal Wounds
      • Assault Power reduced to 1.25% down from 2.7%. Now deals .78 dmg/lvl up from 0.
    • Last Stand
      • Support Power reduced to 50.35% down from 70.5%. Now heals 8.75 health /lvl up from 0.
    • Precision
      • Assault Power reduced 28% down from 60%. Now deals 16 dmg/lvl up from 0.
    • Regeneration
      • Support Power reduced to 59.59% down from 150%. Now heals 38.69 health/lvl up from 0.
    • Stay Afloat
      • Support Power reduced to 4.8% down from 14. Now heals 4 health/lvl up from 0.
    • Stealth Regen
      • Support Power/Assault Power reduced to 3.5% down from 27.5% Support Power. Now heals 2.4 health/lvl up from 0.
    • Trail of Cinders
      • Assault Power reduced to .45% down from .75% per tick. Now deals 1.34 dmg/lvl up from 0.
    • Who's Next
      • Assault Power reduced to 40% down from 101%. Now deals 26.19 dmg/lvl up from 0.
    • [spell=0]Juggernaut[/spell]
      • Resistances increased by 6%, up from 5%.
    • [spell=0]Kinetic Energy[/spell]
      • Kinetic Energy builders will now correctly generate energy when they land a killing blow.
    • [spell=0]Plasma Wall[/spell]
      • Fixed a bug where the base tier was dealing the damage intended for T1.
    • [spell=0]Rampage[/spell]
      • Fixed a bug where the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hit of the base tier were dealing more damage than intended.
      • Fixed a bug where the first hit of Tier 5 was gaining slightly more damage per level than intended.
    • Bloodlust
      • Now deals 48% AP and 31.3 DMG/Level rather than 120.88% AP.
    • Bring It
      • Now heals 77% SP and 50.24 HP/Level rather than 97% AP/SP.
    • Bust Out
      • Now heals 11% AP/SP and 14.51 HP/Level per tick rather than 28% AP/SP.
    • Cheap Shot
      • Now deals 5% AP and 3.79 DMG/Level rather than 14.64% AP.
    • Detonate
      • Now deals 90% AP and 58.27 DMG/Level rather than 225% AP.
    • Killing Spree
      • Now heals 50% AP and 32.86 HP/Level rather than 127% AP.
    • Laceration
      • Now deals 4% AP and 3.84 DMG/Level per tick rather than 14.8% AP.
    • MKII Battle Suit
      • Now heals 32% SP and 20.83 HP/Level rather than 80.45% SP.
    • Radiate
      • Now deals 8% AP and 5.6 DMG/Level per tick rather than 21.6% AP.
    • Reserve Power
      • Now heals 225% SP and 146.05 Shield/Level rather than 282% AP/SP.
    • Spiked Armor
      • Now deals 7% SP and 4.66 DMG/Level rather than 9% AP/SP.
    • To The Pain
      • Now heals 545% SP and 352.92 HP/Level rather than 1,363% SP.
    • Vulcarrion Healer in the Scorchwing World Boss fight should now properly decrement Interrupt Armor when interrupts are used.
    • Weak Target Dummies, Formidable Target Dummies and Raid Target Dummies found in both Ilium and Thayd should now place the player in combat, which will allows player mechanics to function properly. In additional, these creatures are no longer scalable creatures.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from getting participation credit for killing creatures in some public events.
    • Capital City Transmat spells (Transmat to Thayd and Transmat to Illium) have had their cooldown times reduced from 24 hours to 30 minutes. Enjoy!
    • Mission and Quest Units' option now will display nameplates if Hostile/Friendly/Neutral units are unchecked.
    • Creatures in the Kel Voreth Underforge Expedition will now display their minimum level.
    • Added a variety of VO lines to Researcher Davon in the Creepy Cave Expedition.
    • Certain achievement types will now be re-evaluated on login if their objectives have changed, in order to automatically fix up achievement credit that may have been missed.
    • Fixed an issue with proximity fungal clouds displaying inaccurate telegraphs.
    • Fixed an issue that caused King Honeygrave to evade in situations where it was not intended.
    • Nursery Prober for the "The Nursery" quests is now smarter about when it decides to fire spells and will not fire them if the target is out of range.
    • The quest "Data Mining" should now appropriately display its summary in the quest log once the quest is completed.
    • The Knockback from the Cage Drop Ship 01 now hits in the appropriate telegraph area.
    Everstar Grove
    • The Target Dummy in Everstar Grove will now put the player in combat, which will allow all class mechanics to function properly.
    Exile Arkship
    • The location for "Terminal Junction" is now noted on the Gambler's Ruin map.
    • The Exile Guards in Kriton's Command Post now deal the proper amount of damage.
    • One of the TFBTF keys for "Cleanup Crew" in Grimvault was nearly impossible for Dominion players to reach. We have fixed this, and it should be reachable now.
    • Hellrose Bowl
      • Errant buff-icon has been removed from Pyre's Wild Fire spell.
    Western Grimvault
    • The number of journals required for zone completion in Western Grimvault has been lowered from 8 to 4.
    • Fallen tree bridge now has proper player collision.
    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Players should no longer be able to voidslip or CC Break out of Lifeweaver Ondu's Blight Grasp spell.
    • Upon reaching level 50, all players will receive a quest to help Spiritmother Selene cleanse the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden dungeon.
    • Moldwood Mauler will now correctly play the aggro chime when entering combat.
    • The Lifeweaver Guardian should no longer sometimes summon Bramble Traps in the air.
    • Players can no longer leash basepop by climbing the mountain near Shallaos.
    • Mordechai Redmoon - Enter combat VO is now consistent with text.
    • Upon reaching level 35, all players will receive a quest to kill Mordechai Redmoon in the Skullcano dungeon.
    • Mordechai Redmoon - Viewing the intro sequence in French will now properly play all of his VO.
    • Jungle Lopp that you free will no longer sometimes float in mid-air before running off.
    Stormtalon's Lair
    • Upon reaching level 20, Dominion and Exile players will receive quests to kill Stormtalon inside of Stormtalon's Lair.
    • Adjusted the ability cooldowns for Arcanist Breeze-Binder and Overseer Drift-Catcher to space out timing and cast rotations better.
    • Freed captives will no longer magically run through their cages after being set free.
    • Collision removed from awning just after Aetheros to prevent skipping directly to Stormtalon.
    • Removed chat bubbles and added subtitles to the Stormtalon birth cinematic.
    • Blade-Wind the Invoker
      • Now auto attacks slightly more regularly in phase 3.
    The Ruins of Kel Voreth
    • Upon hitting level 20, players will receive a quest from a representative of their faction to kill the last boss of The Ruins of Kel Voreth.
    • Slavemaster Drokk should no longer occasionally double cast 'Suppression Wave' during/after the "Enslavement" sequence.
    • Toric Antevian's Blood Pit introductory comm call will stay on screen for the duration of the voiceover.
    • Avra Darkos' hologram now uses her proper appearance
    • Slavemaster Drokk should no longer occasionally double cast 'Bombshell Waves' or 'Destructobots'.
    • Forgemaster Trogun
      • Exanite Shards should more consistently deal damage.
    • Raid UI's "Ready Check" prompt can fit more text, and the position now saves.
    • When first zoning into the Datascape, the proper zone map will be reflected when viewing the map.
    • Fixed collision along the entrance to Gloomclaw’s room that allowed players to sink into the raised sections.
    • Earthen Biomes
      • Reconfigured Stemdragon - Fixed tooltip text information for Spittle Barrage so that it more clearly explains its functionality.
    • Elemental Pairs
      • Visceralus - The Thorns debuff now properly explains how much damage the Player is taking in the tooltip.
    • Glacial Fortress
      • Deep Freeze Survival Process - Ice now properly explains the amount of damage taken by players.
      • Semi-Colloidal Consumption Entity
        • Ice Blast knockback is now a CC state and displays in the chat log.
        • Normalized AI cooldowns.
        • Added cluster cooldowns.
        • Reduced execution frequency to 2s.
    • Volatility Lattice
      • Moved the graveyard to be behind the jump station.
      • Spaced out Avatus' VO when the players complete the encounter so it plays properly.
    Genetic Archives
    • Updated tooltip for Cancerous Breeding.
    • The Genetic Monstrosity Miniboss is no longer affected by Putrid Slime.
    • Updated the tooltip for 'Chromosome Corruption'.
    • Festering Taint telegraph bounds now draw correctly.
    • Plague Breeder - Genetic Rejects now spawn and despawn more reliably.
    • Malfunctioning Dynamo - Updated tooltip for Direct Current to display proper information on the caster.
    • Players should no longer be able to bypass the egg rooms by hugging the sides of the walls.
    • Tooltip for Genetic Monstrosity's Putrid Slime now displays the damage dealt.
    • VO will play when any point is captured in Daggerstone Pass.
    • The option to disband/surrender a match is no longer available in PvP instances.
    • The Elo formula has been modified in order to decrease the amount of rating lost when defeated in a rated PvP match
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the PvP flag to be locked on if you were teleported out of a forced PvP area.
    • The loser of a duel will now have a visual effect played when the duel is completed.
    • The mouse cursor will now correctly indicate whether or not the player is in range to resurrect another player.
    • Victories in any PvP Battleground now award reputation with either Dominion or Exile factions.
    • Fixed an issue where the change in an arena team's rating was not being shown at the end of a match.
    • Fixed an issue where players who leveled up to the minimum level for a Battleground while grouped could not group queue until the group was reformed.
    • Halls of the Bloodsworn
      • Zooming in on the Halls of the Bloodsworn PvP map should be more centered in the map window.
    • Fixed an issue where the Repair plug ability healed for extra ticks for its duration.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent a Warparty member from installing a Fabkit plug or using a Boss Token.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented vote surrender from working at all in Warplot matches.
    • The Caretaker should no longer pop back into view momentarily after disappearing during the intro of multiple adventures.
    Crimelords of Whitevale
    • Players can no longer cast beneficial spells on the Protostar Accruals Agent.
    • 'Loose Ends' events can no longer be repeatedly reset by walking through the doorway for the Blood Scion Clubhouse.
    • Parasite Probes will now properly die if players wipe on the final stage of the Protostar storyline.
    • The following creatures have had their interrupt armor increased on Veteran Mode: - Goonbot - Assassin Kozrek - "Sureshot" Semi Wric - "Quick Draw" Jensen - Assassin Alcina
    • The spell "Retrieval Protocol" has had its damage retuned to be more in line with intended difficulty for the normal mode of Crimelords of Whitevale.
    • Fixed a bug where Protostar Hammerbots that spawn as part of the "Gather Intelligence" mission did not reset to their initial positions when dropping out of combat.
    • Enemies spawned during Gather Intelligence should no longer despawn if the group wipes during combat.
    • Fixed a bug where VIPs would become invincible and stop moving during "War in the Streets: Ambush" missions.
    • Players will now be asked to gather at a specific point within the Meatlocker instead of speaking to Tragg directly before starting the encounter with him and his lieutenants. This is to help prevent players from accidentally aggroing Tragg and his lieutenants simultaneously.
    • Goonbot's spells will no longer hit players through the doors and walls of the Null Point.
    • Overbot's spells now check line of sight, so he can no longer shoot through closed doors.
    • 'War in the Streets: Sabotage' events now correctly target the enemy faction.
    • The spell FX for "Carrying Overclock" have been updated to make more sense.
    The Hycrest Insurrection
    • The Dominion Suppression Platform's main gun now despawns when failing All Aboard.
    • Warblimps have had the visuals from thier "Gatling Blast" spell reworked to be more obvious.
    • Ayita Synnatus will only speak once when restarting the event "All Aboard".
    • Reduced the respawn timer on Shield Parts during Leveling the Field.
    • The Malgrave Trail
    • Made changes to the way Dregg / Marauders use leap based attacks (Furious Swings) on members of the Caravan.
    • A small grace period was added so that Dregg / Marauders cant use thier leap attack (Furious Swings) immediately upon spawning.
    • The distance that Dregg / Marauders could leap from has been substantially reduced.
    • The damage of the leap attacks (Furious Swings) has been reduced.
    • The Blisterbone Dreg at 'Winged Fury Crest' now correctly attack the caravan without skipping their timers, if the caravan is already being attacked.
    • Campsite Dreg Attacks, Camp Fires, and Supply Thief events no longer prevent players from breaking camp
    • Added messaging when Greenleaf Ridge is skipped due to maxed out water stores.
    • Chat bubbles now appear over the Protostar employees' heads at Area 77.
    The Siege of Tempest Refuge
    • Tank/Bunker Buster combination encounters will no longer occur during the fifth wave of the adventure.
    • Siren Aria / Evoker Peale's Zap and Jolt attacks will now animate properly.
    • Grenadier and Demolitionist auras are now buffing players appropriately.
    War of the Wilds
    • Champions are now better at executing strategies involving control point capture by taking more opportunities to capture unguarded Energy Nodes and Skeech Totems.

    • Scientist stalkers' scanbots no longer unsummon when stalker stealths.
    • Scientist scan targets will now become scannable again if the player's Scanbot is dismissed for any reason before it is able to deliver scan results for that target.
    • Fixed an issue where Scientist reward icons were not always refreshing correctly in the nameplates.
    • Eldan Artifact quest giver is no longer missing a quest bang/overhead icon for the quest, "The Reason behind the Experiment".
    • Changed layout of Settler Build Panel to fit the UI style more.
    • Fixed column sorting on the Housing Re-model window.
    • Housing requirements for plugs are now more clearly messaged.
    • Cinematic Disable no longer appears in combat log.
    • Players can now interact with green and red sofa benches.
    • Added preview screenshots for the Spaceship House.
    • The default housing music is now free to unlock.
    • Players are now less likely to get burned in sections of the Large Crashed Ship housing plug that are not on fire.
    • The Datascape window décor item has been rotated to work with wall placement. This will change the rotation of any window currently placed by 90 degrees on the X axis.
    • Certain platforms in Abandoned Eldan Test Lab Expedition were moved away from objects they were clipping into.
    • The Devourer is no longer selectable and doesn't display health in the Creepy Cave Expedition. He will continue to be killable by attacking the totem that spawns with him.
    • Added a destination location to the Warp Hammer event objective in the Kel Voreth Underforge Expedition. Clicking on the objective will now indicate that you can use it anywhere in the instance instead of pointing back to the entrance.
    • The Cute Date Spot plug no longer has a maintenance cost.
    • The Large Training Grounds and Training Grounds will now have their training dummies despawn if maintenance is not paid.
    • Reworked the harvest plugs to make them less bug-prone and made them more consistent. All harvest plugs now spawn a maximum of 6 nodes, and have the same respawn times per tier.
    • The Datascape Window decor item's offset was adjusted very slightly to allow it to be placed without clipping.
    • The Stained Glass Window (Justice), Arkship Cryopod, and Dominion Cryopod decor items are no longer soulbound on acquire.
    • Previously there were two Exile Generator decor items that used the same visual. One of the decor items has been retired. If you have this item it will not be removed, but new ones will not be created.
    • Category drop down on Housing Vendor/Crate should now remember its last scroll position when re-opened.
    • The housing window positions are now tracked and saved by the interface options window management.
    • Fixed a layering issue with the docked floating action bar and the innate fly out.
    • The Draken Training Pillar decor item has had its description edited to remove the word "placeholder."
    • Fixed an issue where a Nitrogen Tank was clipping through another prop in the Mayday Expedition.
    • The Eldan Data Terminal decor item has been renamed to the Eldan Data Console.
    • Starting the Abandoned Eldan Test Lab Expedition now has a generic voice over.
    • The Abandoned Eldan Test Lab Expedition now resets its platforms between completions.
    • Standing in the fire behind the Osun Foundry will now continue to burn the player.
    • Disguises from housing landscape enhancements will now break on taking damage.
    • Set instance portal names to better reflect the destination for all Expeditions.
    • Researcher Davon in the Creepy Cave Expedition now displays a nameplate, health bar and level.
    • The Hydras in the first room of "Mayday!" will now clip with the terrain less while patrolling.
    • Fixed a number of issues that would cause the housing music option to play incorrectly.
    • New tooltips are available for Guild Permissions.
    • Improved the display of influence on the guild perks tab to highlight information related to the daily bonus.
    • Fixed an issue where tiered guild achievements could not progress past the first tier.
    • Players can no longer summon their mount while crafting. Alternatively, starting a craft while mounted will cause the player to dismount.
    • Tech tree tab now includes an XP bar indicating progress towards earning your next talent point.

    • The members online string will now be shown when viewing an already created rank. When creating a rank, the members online string and the delete button will be hidden.
    User Interface
    • Fixed the Auction House 'sort by' stat to no longer sort in reverse.
    • Mouse 4 and 5 will now work when panning with mouse.
    • In the ChatLog, Yell is now a more distinct color than Say.
    • 'Merging Status' buttons and 'Add Friend' buttons. These were so similar that it made more sense to keep them a 2 buttons instead of 4.
    • Improved the fidelity of hit detection on several moving telegraph spells.
    • With the addition of bind on pickup confirmation for "Free-For-All", "Need Vs.Greed" has been updated to fall back to "Free-For-All" instead of "Round Robin".
    • Datacube and "Tales From Beyond The Fringe" lore entries are now marked as "seen" once the player clicks on them.
    • Dyes on items sent through mail will now be properly displayed for the receiver.
    • In-game EULA buttons now correctly show button text.
    • Zooming will no longer effect the tooltip that the mouse cursor is on. If the cursor is not hovering over anything that requires a tooltip, then it will clear.
    • Right-clicking a name in the chat log will now present an account whisper option if the name is an account friend.
    • Fixed white background on medic item icons.
    • Player icon on the map will now update when changing zone.
    • Moving the mouse cursor over a mounted player will now show the riding Player's information in the tooltip instead of the mount's information.
    • All cooldown types should now properly persist between world transfers.
    • Different affiliation types have different surrounding display characters in their nameplates now 1.) 2.) {Circle Name} 3.) \2v2 Arena Team Name\ 4.) |3v3 Arena Team Name| 4.) /5v5 Arena Team Name/ 6.) [Warparty Name]
    • C.R.E.D.D. Exchange vendors that were missing their map icons are no longer missing them.
    • There is a new interface menu icon for C.R.E.D.D.
    • The number of ability points available should no longer display an incorrect value after Players spend the points.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to click through their Mount screen to the character panel, and drag items off of their character.
    • City Directions panel will now remember it's location if you've moved it.
    • Changed the behavior of the 'Salvage' button in the Inventory panel. Now the state of the button will be determined when dragging. If the item can't be salvaged when dragging, the button will be disabled. Also, we've added functionality to determine when the inventory is updating, and if the salvage button should be enabled or not.
    • Leaving the 'Press and Hold' CSI Event will now stop progress.
    • Fixing a scrollbar bug with the Level Up Unlocks UI.
    • Com call dialog no longer steals mouse clicks under the art.
    • Escape key will now work in pregame screens.
    • Fixed white background on resonator item icons.
    • Harvestable nodes can now be interacted with using the "F" key.
    • Items listed in the Marketplace Listings panel now will now scale their height depending on how long their item names are.
    • The "Rotate" option on the Minimap now saves correctly.
    • A tooltip on the group display has been added for the class icon that lets you know the class and level of the player in your group.
    • An option to keep Nameplates visible during a speech bubble has been added. (Also increased minimize size by 2 pixels).
    • Auction sell order tooltips now display the correct return value.
    • The mount flyout keybinding is now correctly displayed at the bottom of the action bar shortcut. This might be the most significant change made this drop. (or not...)
    • There is now always a space after the timestamp in chat.
    • The role selection buttons that appear when a group attempts to join a dungeon or adventure queue remember the player's previous selection.
    • Removed the dismiss button on unit frames for the "Clone" pet that Stalkers can cast. Also fixed an issue where the unit frame of the clone didn't match the parent making it easily identifiable.
    • Removed option to attach/detatch tooltips from abilities.
    • The channel in chat window will uncheck when external clicking.
    • Fixed and updated heaps of localization strings and errors.
    • The 'No Materials' icon in the Schematic Search results will now properly clear if you do manage to acquire enough materials.
    • Swapped the Guild tax On and Off radio buttons.
    • Rare spawns should now have a new nameplate.
    • Replaced how we get screen size in the Window Reset panel.
    • Fixed resizing issues with the Raid Leader Management UI.
    • Auction House Bids don't count to the limit and have been separated out into its own category in Marketplace Listings.
    • Added particle scale silder to video options.
    • Players will no longer see and error message when reporting another Player.
    • Added a Safety Check prompt to chat.
    • Collapsed parts of the quest tracker now save that they were collapsed between UI reloads.
    • The four quest track buttons have been consolidated into one button now. Included in this is a new Pin option and an easier to access Link to Chat option.
    • There are new map icons for Housing Teleporter and Buff Board.
    • Fixed an issues where windows that were tracked by the interface options could sometimes be re-sized bigger than the screen while checking constraints on opposite edges.
    • Dominion and Exile Hologram plugs will now update properly if used by the same player multiple times in a row. This allows the player to change armor and use the hologram emitter again to update their hologram's appearance.
    • All housing expeditions now use the same UI confirmation as Shiphands. This will allow you to reset the instance when entering if the instance is still active.
    • Fixed an issue that caused an "Invalid Target Group" error when using some quest abilities while mounted.
    • Improved the prioritization of content spells ("T" spells) to more intelligently prefer targeted spells when a target is selected
    • In the Kel Voreth Underforge Expedition, the Warp Hammer Enhancement will no longer display incorrect information in its tooltip.
    • The escape menu entry in the Interface Menu List should now show it's keybinding.
    • Joining a group while dead will no longer cause your corpse to disappear for other players.
    • The input text fields will now be selected when the add to rival/ignore button is clicked.
    • The mouse for the crafting chip picker is no longer blocked by other UI elements.
    • 'Send Mail' tooltip now truncates long strings to prevent text scaling.
    • Interact buttons now display in a more consistent manner for both directions in the Metronome panel.
    • The 'Cancel' and 'X' buttons will now close the "change account nickname" window.
    • Updated the logic for how we determine if a creature should display as an elite for unit frames.
    • Fixed an issue where some interact prompts wouldn't appear while within range of vacuum loot.
    • The buff column in the housing vendor/crate windows should now sort correctly when clicked on.
    • All the skills on the Action Bar will now have their tooltip delays working properly.
    • In the Path Log of the Codex, the scroll bar will adjust to keep the selected mission in view.
    • Selecting a previously chosen Dye Button will now only take one click to now apply the dye.
    • C.R.E.D.D. Exchange now closes when interaction with the C.R.E.D.D. vendor is canceled.
    • Fixed the messaging that sometimes occurred when using the 'Matchmaker' and a word was missing.
    • Forcing the client to shut down should no longer cause display issues with ability cooldowns.
    • The interface menu list should no longer open behind other windows (inventory, character panel, etc.)
    • Fixed an error in the 'Neighbors' window caused by declining to travel to a random player's housing plot.
    • The 'Edit Note' buttons in Friends, Circles, and Guilds will all behave consistently now.
    • The Account Inventory UI now closes when Players switch worlds (e.g. when seeing a loading bar).
    • Alternative action bars no longer always show two button slots when only one slot is used.
    • Chat input box prompt will now color the no-input watermark the color of the chat channel.
    • Preview tooltip of protected buttons now have a matched and stylized UI.
    • Updated rank tooltips on unit frames to be less misleading at higher levels.
    • Fixed a bug in Houston that 'Saving As' replaces some incorrect wording in LUA code.
    • Fixed an error with the QuestTracker not loading the window xml document.
    • Fixed bug where the Milestones tooltip wouldn't update in the Character Panel UI.
    • The previously inspected gear's tooltip will no longer be shown when inspecting.
    • Minimap icons for tracked quests now show and indicator if the location is above or below the player.
    • Adding a "/report" UI for automated Player Reporting for issues such as Spam, Botting, and AFK in PvP.
    • Fixed an error caused by closing the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange window while a notification window was showing.
    • Updated the renown Flasks to match the icons used by the Guild Perks UI.
    • Better error messaging will be displayed when a spell cast by using an item fails to cast.
    • Changed the shape of the telegraphs for the Pell's Razor 'Ball' attack.
    • Log lines will be added for non-Carbine Addons that are loaded and for Carbine Addons that are not loaded.
    • It is now possible to allow ALL out-of-date Addons to be loaded via a single checkbox on the Addons list.
    Apollo API
    • New LUA event when a free for all item is looted which is bind on pickup. LootBindcheck( tLootDetail = { nLootId = #, itemDrop = item } ).
    • New Confirm Button Type "LootItem" which will fire the event LootItemRequested( nLootId = #) when clicked.
    • New LUA event when an item is looted which the player had knowledge of (useful in concert with LootBindcheck LUA event): LootTakenBy( tDetail = { nLootId = #, itemLoot = item, unitLooter = unit } ).
    • Fixed issue where check box boxes are centered but the flyby and click hit rect were not centered.
    • Unit:GetRewardInfo for challenges now returns a bool if the challenge is currently activated or not.
    • Apollo.GetAddon, Apollo.GetAddonInfo, Apollo.DisableAddon, Apollo.SuspendAddon, and Apollo.RegisterPackage now find addons by the addon's name instead of the addon's folder.
    • Added a new enum to the Unit library "CodeEnumArchetype" which can be used in conjunction with unit:GetArchetype() to identify units with the Iconic, Townie, EliteShields, or EliteNoShields archetypes.
    • Added GetSizingMaximum & GetSizingMinimum to the Window lua API.
    • Generic map node choosing is now done via an ActionConfirmButton.

    • The telegraph wave for 'Splorg Pop' should now be properly timed.
    • Interrupting a Grubling during the cast of 'Splorg Pop' will now properly place the caster into a 'Moment of Opportunity'.
    • Jelibolli space themed creatures should now display cast bars on their spells.
    • The Fungal ability, Fungal Cloud, now only deals direct damage.
    • Osun Male spell 'Power Stomp' can no longer be avoided.
    • Syra, Queen of the Direweb now has access to the following new spells: Painful Cyst and Come into my Parlor.
    • The debuff icon for Stalagmight's 'Noxious Fumes' spell should now display properly while inside the damage and snare aura.
    • Warbot missile visuals will no longer play along the ground when stunned while casting 'Carpet Bombing'.
    • The Eldan Protector's 'Energy Barrage' now stops its visuals correctly when interrupted mid-cast.
    • Cuboar spell 'Pulverizing Vault' has had its ranged reduced.
    • The Humanoid spell 'Inhibiting Scream' has been updated to apply it's effects three times during the spell's casting.
    • Visuals for the Protobot's Phaser Combo attack will no longer linger if the creature is killed before the end of the casting.
    • Picket Automatons will no longer randomly spawn in mid-air for Ikthian Warbot spell 'Picket Barrage'.
    • Water spouts will now persist if the caster is interrupted while casting Ikthian Warbot spell 'Frack Attack'.
    • Visuals for the Protobot's Phaser Combo attack now end correctly if the creature is killed while casting.
    • Malverine casting 'Defiling Dash' will no longer display Thorn visuals if interrupted at the very beginning of the its dash.
    • Girrok corrupted themed creatures should now only cast 'Hurl Eystalk' at Challenger or above difficulty.
    • Fixed an issue where Asura were sometimes able to become vulnerable after they cast their 'Bleeding Soul' buff.
    • Skeletal Gorganoth spell 'Nano-Bite Scourge' will now consistently summon Nano-Bites that chase the player.
    • Pell High Priest's Mantle of Sisyphus debuff will now correctly be removed from players when dispelled.
    • Stalagmight's spells should now display names properly.
    • The Globe unit will now persist if the caster is killed in Ikthian Warbot spell, 'Blast Force Globe'.
    • The area of denial field for Eldan Command Construct Boss spell, 'Nano Burst', will now persist if the caster is killed.
    • Fixed an issue where the interface for escaping stuns did not display with the Pell's 'Guttural Roar' attack.
    • Fixed an issue where Dracus creatures would appear from 'Burrowing Assault' too soon and be out of sync with damage and telegraphs.
    • Fixed an issue where 2-handed sword wielding creatures would not always use their Shout animation when casting 'Demolition Shout'.
    • Fire-themed Pell wielding 1-handed weapons now have access to new spells: 'Heated Exchange', 'Inner Fire', 'Transmutation', and 'Soot and Ash'.
    • Pell wielding 1-handed weapons have access to new spells: 'Omnistrike', 'Leaf on the Wind', 'Razor Ball', and 'Guttural Roar'.
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Phantasmal Frenzy' spell wasn't playing impact sound effects on players.
    • Fixed an issue where Ectoplasmic Blast attacks would not always affect players within the telegraph.
    • Chittering Blackfang spiders spawned from spell 'Painful Cyst' will no longer drop loot when killed.
    • Fixed an issue where the Deactivated Probe's 'Slasher Dash' attack would hit players outside the telegraph.
    • The animations for Koral the Defiler's 'Sunder Earth' have been better synchronized with the telegraph damage.
    • Ravenok using the 'Aerial Takedown' ability, will now correctly follow up with 'Tooth and Nail'.
    • Fixed an issue with the Augmented Yeti spell 'Irresistible' that sometimes caused it to fail to cast.
    • Fixed an issue where the second portion of the creature spell 'Fire Arc' would not always fire.
    • Malverine spell 'Plague Wind 'will no longer apply the Tainted Soul DoT.
    • Scorchwing will no longer cast 'Wind Buffet' while inside an egg.
    • Adjusted telegraph decal timing for Humanoid Rifle spell 'Suppressing Fire'.
    • Malverine will no longer attack immediately after casting 'Defiling Dash'.
    • Pell High Priest spell 'Backdraf' now plays impact effects only once.
    • 'Splorg Pop' will now properly display wound animations and impact visual effects.
    • Torine 2H Staff Life themed creatures should now be properly using their intended spells.
    • Players will no longer take damage when being vomited on by a hobo. Sorry.
    • The globe for Ikthian Warbot spell, 'Blast Force Globe', is no longer clickable.
    • Malverine spell 'Plague Wind' will no longer display decals on the actual 'Plague Wind' units
    • Removed an extra visual effect from the Dracus' 'Burrowing Assault' ability.
    • Fixed a display issue with the tooltip for Scorchwing's 'Hatching' spell.
    • Fixed an issue where the sounds of the Yeti's 'Tainted Earth' would sometimes stop prematurely.
    • The Pell's 'Razor Ball' attack no longer grants an Evade Buff when no evasion took place.
    • Added player impact animations and visual effects to proximity 'Fungal Clouds'.
    • Fixed an issue where Target Dummies would briefly turn invisible while being attacked.
    • Corrupted Witch Giants will now correctly cast 'Waves of Corruption'.
    • Girrok will no longer slide at the end of casting spell 'Rolling Rampage'.
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Ring of Thorns' spell not playing impact sound effects for players.
    • Reduced the amount of targets acquired for Ikthian Warbot spell 'Frack Attack'.
    • The cast bar for humanoid pistol spell 'Precision Blast' will no longer disappear mid-cast.
    • Restored missing visual effects for Humanoid 2H Sword spell, 'Double Strike'.
    • Shadow Peep spell 'Evil Eye' will now only hit players standing within the telegraph.
    • Fraz creatures should now animation properly when casting spells.
    • Players will no longer be able to cast abilities while under Osun Male spell 'Spin Around'.
    • Increase cast bar display time for Air elemental spell 'Wind Bombs'.
    • Girrok will no longer become vulnerable when interrupted while casting 'Blinding Vomit'.
    • Eyestalks will now consistently spawn when Girrok cast 'Hurl Eyestalk'.
    • The Jelibolli should now play its proper animation during the spell 'Phantasmal Frenzy'.
    • Changed the visuals for what Pell creatures throw when attacking with 'Razor Ball'.
    • Loftite Shards should now properly show a cast bar and have properly timed telegraph waves.
    • Fixed the masking textures used for the 3D portraits on the Unit Frames.
    • Fixed various portraits in NPC nameplates that were off centered or missing.
    • Removed arrowheads from mini-map road markings for Arkship tutorials.
    • Rune Slots in Item Tooltips have updated art! It will now be easier to tell what the original slot was in case you decide to re-rune an item to get those sweet sweet set bonuses.
    • Various minor armor clipping issues resolved.

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