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PvE Progression

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by hopscotch, May 8, 2013.

  1. Witless

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    Feb 7, 2013
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    I'd personally like to see Dungeon groups (5 mans of 3 dungeons or more) be the beginning of the tier.

    What do we know? We know 20 mans are not stepping stones to 40. We know 20 and 40 are different raids completely. We know they will have 5 mans and I believe they stated they would have different difficulties for the five man (can't find where I read that and I am certain I will be corrected if wrong). So here how it would work.

    The dungeon groups and gear associated with them would be the tier level and then the "heroic" level would be the next portion of the current tier level. The 20 and 40 would be the final portion of the tier level but would give the same "strength" gear.

    Dungeon Group 1 = Tier 1 ---you add .5 to the next level up
    H Dungeon Group 1= Tier 1.5
    20 Man raid 1 = tier 2
    40 Man raid 1 = tier 2

    You earn your gear and go to the next progression level, level 2. You can choose what you do after. The only requirement is this (conveniently acts as a minor gate or attunment) in order to do the raid at a particular tier level you need to either have done the HDG at that tier level or completed the raid at the previous level. Example of how it might work.

    DG1 > DG2 > DG3 etc.. This is just simple progression for those who want to run small group content (T1 > T1.5>t2)

    DG1 > HDG1 > HDG2 > HDG3 etc.. for folks who want to run challenging small group (T1 >T1.5 > T2.5>)

    DG1 > HDG1 > 20 R1/40 R1 > 20 R2/40 R2 > etc. For those who want to gear up and then only raid (T1 > T1.5 > T2 > T3 >)

    DG1 > HDG1 > 20 R1/40 R1 > HDG2 > 20 R2/40 R2. For those who want to get the best gear to complete the next tier level (T1 > T1.5 > T2 > T2.5 > T3>)

    You see how it works. Now the reason I have the same T level for 20 and 40 is that from what we know it seems 20 man are just a different size, not an inferior raid to 40. The difference in the gear could be in the skins.

    Not sure if it would work, but it makes sense in this crazy head. This way every one starts with DG1 and then they branch off from there earning the gear they need to complete the next step.
  2. BlindSear

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    Mar 18, 2013
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    The two difficulties are from leveling difficulty and then max level difficulty. So, heroic difficulty on dungeons are not specifically in the game, but could get added. I think your system works well as it allows different group sizes to have viably different end game options that are all satisfyingly challenging for all skill levels of players.
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