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Quick and needed site improvements

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by BanzaiJoe, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. BanzaiJoe

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    Jun 4, 2013
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    Once upon a time, you may have need a little pixel padding because the content did not come regularly. You have more features and more news and the style sheet needs a simple Atkins diet i.e. no more excessive pixel padding.

    I will call it the page, but I really mean the style sheet from here out.

    The content section has a nest. The entire thing in the nest is "Wildstar Central" with a bunch of pixels between the edge and the next nest. We get that this is a Wildstar site and that is called wildstar central from the url, the banner and tab on the browser. This is self-explanatory. This heading says "media library" on the media page yet there is a locator ribbon right above that says Home-Media. This entire header should go. Make the distance between the article/content/media and the content section 1pixel.

    The new space can also be improved on by adjusting the "quick hits" bar. For the forums it's the Mark Forums Read, Search Forums, Watched Threads, and What's new. In media, it's categories, playlists, random media. This bar can be aligned with the right column. The content section now moves up to fill the empty space. This allows for the home page to present more information and still be able to navigate.

    For example, on a 17" laptop with "lazy settings", I have a linux/mac setup where the top has applications/places/system, a firefox browser bar, a bar of firefox application things like file, edit, view, a tab bar, a url bar and a set of active applications on the bottom. When I load the home page, the sum total of all text I see is "Hello cupcakes!

    In what has been a huge day for WildStar news, we're happy to announce that the Press NDA lift for"

    1 line.

    The breaking news graphic is pretty, but it takes up a lot of space. If I page down, I get the rest of the 1st article and part of the 2nd. In order to get 2 news bits, I page down 3 times. That's pixel padding. The article section also has padding between it's right border and the nested content section, 1 pixel is all that's needed.

    The podcast icon, the "this week on" and "breaking news" banners can be simplified. There is nothing about the planets that suggest "breaking news". A simple news icon that is similar to "Wildstar Wednesday" and then use each icon to signify the type of post. Remove the graphics, they are pretty but do not correspond to anything. This makes it easier for scanning and visually consistent.

    I know much of this is about wrestling with XenForo. As more people come to the site they will be able to get more information in less time and want to come back. Keep up the great work.

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