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Rules for this forum! (Read before posting)

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by pseudo, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Aug 22, 2012
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    Hey guys! We here at Wildstar Central are really excited to see such awesome original content being created here on the site, but I wanted to establish some ground rules for the fan art forum and how we can keep it an inclusive, safe place where anyone can post regardless of their perceived skill level or otherwise. For that reason, we ask that you follow these simple ground rules so that everyone can have a good time here!

    1. If you want your work critiqued, please say so within the subject of line of the thread. For example, if I wrote a short story called "Dastardly Dominus and His Henchmen!" and I wanted it to be critiqued by the community, I would name the read simply "(C) Dastardly Dominus and His Henchmen!" By adding in the parenthetical C, I have just opened up the floor for my short story to be eviscerated and hitherto mauled to pieces by the community. If you do not want your work critiqued, simply omit the "(C)" and we will appreciate it for what it is: an awesome piece of fan art created for a game we all love!

    2. If a piece of art is open to critique, please keep the critiques tied to the content and not the creator. For example: Dominion Dave and Exile Eddy both notice that in my short story "Dastardly Dominus and His Henchmen!" I have an egregious typo or two (whether that is the wrong use of the word 'too' or 'to' or 'two', or maybe that my commas splice about as often as a biochemist) Dominion Dave responds to this by pointing out every mistake and then follows up with a lengthy evisceration about how I MUST HAVE NOT PAID ATTENTION IN ENGLISH CLASS... meanwhile Exile Eddy responds by still pointing out the typos, but then also explaining why having six commas in a seven word sentence is usually a little overboard. See the world of difference, yes?

    3. Don't post other people's content as if it's your own! If you find something on Deviant Art that you really like, make sure that you have permission of the artist BEFORE posting.

    Thanks guys and happy posting! I can't wait to see all the new stuff!
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