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SCORN [NA - Exile - PvX - Semi-Casual] - Closed

Discussion in 'Exile Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Helikaon, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest


    We are SCORN. We’ve got a guild! We’re playing Wildstar! Interested in joining us???​

    YOU enjoy:

    ** Laughter, Pushing Buttons on your Keyboard, The Slaughter of Pixelated Enemies, Liquor, Late Night Conversations, Westeros, Very Small Rocks, Working Together to Defeat a Common Foe Against Extraordinary Odds Despite Repeated Failure until ALL THE THINGS ARE DEAD.

    WE are:

    ** Doctors, Writers, TV Producers, Swimmers, Aestheticians, IT Professionals, Beer Brewers, Musicians, Aspiring Game Designers, Married, Single, Male, Female, Over 21, Under 68 (barely), Capable of Juggling Small Household Objects, Bionic and/or Equipped With Lasers, Often Willing to Provide Unwanted Advice, Vaguely Aware of the Existence of Real Life Surrounding Us At All Times.

    WE have:

    ** Standards of behavior, and our standards are high. Bring a sense of humor and a heart. Be a responsible grown-up. We don’t have tolerance for negativity, hate, or douchebaggery. We believe douchbaggery is a word.

    OUR goals:

    ** PVX. Seriously. PVE Raids, PVP Warplots, and all the things in-between. We exert the necessary leadership and organization to make these things happen—and not much more than that. We’re your gaming buddies, not your boss. Unless, you know, we like, hire you for something, in which case, do what we tell you or you’re totally fired, buster.

    Occasional use of four letter words shall occur, but only when STRICTLY REQUIRED to a) make a point, b) avoid the effort of forming full sentences, c) add something saucy to the conversation.

    YOU will need to:

    * Read our Guidelines and be willing to follow them
    * Apply for membership on our website
    * Be 21 years of age or older
    * Use TeamSpeak



    - Server: Entity - NA PvE
    - We encourage all types of gameplay (PvX)
    - We are currently in the dungeon stage of attunement.
    - Once we start raiding, they will likely begin at 8PM PST two nights a week (1 weekend, 1 weekday).
    Attendance is NOT mandatory.

    If you're interested, come check us out @ www.scornguild.com.
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  2. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest

    We're in-game this weekend. Check us out. Feel free to chat up any SCORN member if you see us on the Nexus server.
  3. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest

    Still looking for a few more wicked-awesome people to do our laundry and take our significant others to the grocery store while we play! Of course, after you're done that stuff, you can play with us too! You do not want to pass up this kind of deal! Look us up!
  4. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest

    7 Days til launch! We'll be rolling on a PvE or RP PvE server. Rest assured, we only dress up in robes and talk in funny voices during sexy time! Woowoo, sexy time!
  5. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest

    Look for us on Evindra - the RP PvE server!
  6. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest

    We are starting to work on raid attunement. We would love to see a few more able-bodied humans with a love for gaming join our ranks.

    Even if you aren't planning on raiding, come check us out. Play, laugh, have fun. Cheers!
  7. Jetpack

    Jetpack Guest

    We've started into the Vet dungeons. They are hard. This means that in addition to all the traits mentioned above, we are also looking for people who are tenacious, dedicated, and ready to SMASH THOSE DUNGEONS IN THE FACE. Give a whisper to Iova, Helikaon, or Pyry in game.
  8. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest

    Ready for the megaserver! Check us out!
  9. Helikaon

    Helikaon Guest

    Hey Folks. We don't currently have a large enough presence in-game so we're no longer recruiting. Best of luck with your hunt!

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