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NA Senshi -Dominion adult progression

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Devotion, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Senshi is a adult progression guild, that will be a home to casual and hardcore members alike, our focus will be on 20-40 man raid content, if your looking for a mature, active and fun place to call home please continue to read!

    General Info:

    Faction: Dominion
    Server: PvE, US
    Playstyle: Casual, Hardcore, Social
    Focus: 20 and 40 man raid content and PvP
    Raid schedule: 8pm-11pm est TBD -weeknights // Weekends-TBD
    Voice Communication: Teamspeak3
    Max Guild size: 60 Members (unless decided by majority of guild)
    Contact us: www.senshi.enjin.com

    Who we are looking for:

    We are looking for the average working or in-school adult who doesnt always have the time to play, but when they do they want to progress and knock out content with people like themselves in a friendly, active and fun atmosphere that is not toxic. We will be a home to players who when they do play, play at a hardcore pace, in Senshi both playstyles will find a home.
    About Senshi:

    senshi is the japanese word for "warrior". We are all senshi, we all have a conflict or struggle we endure, and fight. Senshi is composed of 4 long time friends, that like you have had our runs with both good and bad guilds, guilds that either get to big and your another face in the crowd, guilds that let drama overtake them, guilds that somewhere down the line lost the guild's goals and ideas. Senshi is a new guild for not only the upcoming mmo, Wildstar, but for future games and mmos. The bonds and experiences we have and make will carry onto new games and new endeavors. In Senshi we will be a active, mature guild, that doesn't tolerate drama. We will focus on the 3 things mmo's were created for, Fun, Adventure and Friendship, And if we end up kicking ass in PvP, and knocking out PvE content like it's child-play well, those are just some perks!

    SenShi's Goals:

    1.) To maintain a fun, active, and enjoyable roster of like-minded friends
    2.) To have fun, and excel in all aspects of the games we play
    3.) To promote a place of knowledge for new players
    4.) To give all members the tools needed to succeed
    5.) To be a place friends gather to talk about the in and outs of game and life
    6.) To be there for one another
    Senshi's rank structure:

    Emperor ::
    Emperor will be Senshis Guild leader(s) title: there will be (2) Emperors, there are in charge of the overall guild

    Shoguns will be the right hand of the Emperor and will Co-Lead together if the guild leaders are absent. There will be 4 Shoguns in Senshi and they are

    Shogun of War
    Shogun of Finance
    Shogun of Exploration
    Shogun of Events

    Daimyo will be the Officers of Senshi and will work together with the Shoguns to help meet the guild's members needs to the fullest extent

    Samurai will be the rank of the veteran members within the Senshi's roster

    Will be the rank of the regular members within senshi

    Will be the rank of members on there 7-day trial period

    In Closing:

    Senshi is a new adult progression guild, for the casual,hardcore, and social player alike. We will create bonds of friendship that not only last throught wildstar, but to the other games Senshi branches out to. We will become a dominate and positive force in any game we play together. We are still looking for the first few members to not only help with the site, our banners and spicing up this recruiting post but also become shoguns and daimyo. If you want to become part of something new and fresh thats gonna last, check us out at www.senshi.enjin.com Thanks and have a great day

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