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Sooo..How many SA players are there here....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Banelight, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Banelight

    Banelight New Cupcake

    Apr 15, 2013
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    Empangeni - KZN
    LOL...well put :D Welcome indeed.

    Im hoping that all SA players will play on same server, making it easier to create and maintain SA clans. Im sure Grim Wolves will be actively recruiting once we are up and running...
  2. Evolver

    Evolver Guest

    +1 Saffa from Jozi :D
  3. Tarisma

    Tarisma Guest

    Yup I'm from Durbs brah
  4. WildCoffee

    WildCoffee Guest

    howdy howdy howdy!!!
  5. MashPoa

    MashPoa New Cupcake

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Was in Joburg some time back, hope there are more southafricans that will play, you can spread the word, sawubona! I got a couple Zulu friends, there shall be more people man no shida
  6. Rustyboy

    Rustyboy Guest

    Howdy! :) Im from Cape Town
  7. Todhaseo

    Todhaseo New Cupcake

    Feb 13, 2014
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  8. Tarisma

    Tarisma Guest

    So launch has been announced, any SA guilds?
  9. Smilodon111

    Smilodon111 Guest

    howdy from Mpumalanga, South africa!
  10. Zeap

    Zeap Guest

    Howzit, from Pretoria here,

    Since the NDA has lifted and I can tell you about the beta let me just say I was getting quite good ping through out, 250-300ms, PvP latency isn't that noticeable but over all if you can play WoW you can play this no problem, had a few lag spikes from time to time but I think that was more server side
  11. Debsonic

    Debsonic Guest


    Reporting from Centurion, Lock 'n Load!
  12. Boerewors

    Boerewors Guest

    Howdy! Me and some friends are looking for a PVE Exiles South African guild.
    Let me know if there are any.
  13. Marz

    Marz Guest

    Hey guys, seeing as there are a few people asking.
    Sorted Gaming is starting up a Wildstar branch on EU Exiles (PVE server)
    For those who havent heard of us, we are a South African gaming community whose core is in MOBA's and MMO's but we do play everything really.
    You can grab us at http://sortedgaming.com/
    Just hit us on the forums to join the community
    If the servers are the same as beta, we are looking to play on Eko but as this has not been confirmed we will have to start on the day.

    Just a little background bio on us if i may:
    With a 8 year history ; Sorted gaming has stomped its authority into the worlds' of gaming. Through a close knit, humours yet serious group of core gamers our guild has achieved many world firsts and always growing from strength to strength. We are ever striving to reach end game content as fast and as fun as humanly (or robotically) possible. Enjoying a wide range of games from left 4 dead, Guild Wars 2, LoL, DOTA, Battlefield, COD , Starcraft, Minecraft, Diablo III, WOW and more. We are always welcoming new members who have a passion for all things gaming. Our experienced management team will ensure your Mmo and gaming experiences will be fun, fulfilling and a hell of a laugh. So hit up our forums @ http://www.sortedgaming.com. And let the games begin.
  14. Marz

    Marz Guest

    Hey guys just thought it best to update everyone.
    The servers have been announced and Sorted Gaming is going to continue on Eko (EU) (PVE)
  15. Marz

    Marz Guest

    Sorted had a weekend of fun and laughs, questions and answers!
    Que times are around 20 minutes at peek times but otherwise a very smooth prelaunch weekend.
    Those still looking for us, we secured our guild on Eko (EU) (PVE)
    Just hit us up on the forums http://sortedgaming.com/
  16. bubblegumza

    bubblegumza Guest

    Hey Guys and Gals,
    Casual South African levelling guild launched on EKO (PVE) on the Exile side. We have around 60 members currently with a mix of South African and EU players. No need for applications etc just join us and come have some fun.

    We will aim to have 1 raid team when we have enough 50's and will try and cater for PVP as well (once we find a PVP officer)

    Message bubblegumza , Slap , or Docselfie for an invite.
    See ya soon Cupcake
  17. Marz

    Marz Guest

    Just an update for those still searching.
    Sorted already has a handfull of lvl 50's far into the attunment quest for raiding. Others have started recently but it seems we are well on our way to hitting those first raids. A large batch of people will be hitting lvl 50 by the end of this week as well.

    On the pvp front, we are already crafting items for our Warplot and we will be testing the waters soon

    We really do hope that as South Africans we can stay unified as a community and not spread in to splinter groups. Hope to see you guys soon
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  18. Marz

    Marz Guest

    We have 2 active groups effectively achieving Gold on every adventure and 1 strong group pushing through the dungeons with force now.
    Our Warplot is looking awesome and we are quite excited about it. We even have alts being leveled specifically for it.

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