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EU -[Suiones]- Casual and friendly raiding guild [raids][social][eu pvp]

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Valik, Jun 14, 2014.

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    * Website: http://www.suiones.com
    * Recruitment Status: OPEN
    * Realm: Contagion PVP - Dominion
    * Region: EU (Anyone outside of these regions can still apply.)
    * Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 or over.
    * Play-style: PvE with an interest in PvP. Very casual and social gaming for parents and people with jobs [​IMG]
    * Server Rule Set: PvE/PvP
    * Main Goals: 20 man content and PVP!
    * Voicechat: Stable mumble server with good bandwidth
    * Guild Leader: Untitled

    Facts and information:
    We are planing to start a very social and casual guild for people like us or with the same type of family situations. Kids and late night workshifts might cause very limited playtime for people nowadays and we will try to make the gameexperience work for people like us. Some of us currently in the Guild has played together since World Of Warcraft vanilla days and we have years of experience in guildleading behind us, most of us are also 30+ so we are mostly family people with kids and such.

    Hardcore raiding was really fun back in WoW but with family, nightjob etc that reality isnt working for most of us anymore, hence this guild and a more casual raiding environment with a lot fun people and a really friendly atmosphere. During WoW we were a respected guild with a really good reputation for being helpful, fun and good, we want to become that here in Wildstar again and hopefully you feel like this could be a home for you!

    How to Apply

    To apply, make an account on our website and read the template form:

    Got questions? Speak to Untitled, Longwang, Draug or Ragbot ingame!

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