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Recruiting The Sentinels, Semi-Casual, Exiles, PvP, PvE

Discussion in 'Guilds, Circles and Warparty Recruitment [Closed]' started by Grene, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Dec 9, 2013
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    Important Facts:
    No Play Time Requirements:Real Life should be just that Real
    Mumble Server is Provide and Usage Encouraged but only required on certain events
    Semi-Casual: Not quite casual because we have just enough progression and hardcore players to make it interesting.
    Initiative encouraged especially in areas such as Events
    Will Play the Exiles faction
    Time Zone: All North American Zones
    PvP, PvE, Raids, other In game Events all guild sponsored

    Important Information:
    The Sentinels are a Brotherhood/Sisterhood of mature adults aged 18+, united in a desire to cooperate, enjoy and assist each other in a shared MMO gaming experience.

    The Sentinels have become known as a guild with an honorable reputation among the MMO Communities in which we are or have been in since 2007. As such, we expect all members to not only be courteous to each other, but to our fellow gamers in other guilds and games as well. Where the game allows, Sentinels will never engage in "camping” and "griefing” of other players. To the contrary, Sentinels are expected to promote our hard earned reputation by helping unknown players and showing them we are a guild to be counted on to promote the spirit of the game.

    The Sentinels above all, want to keep gaming what it is intended for, fun.Being a mature guild, we expect all our members to treat each other in an honorable, courteous, and respectful manner at all times. While we acknowledge that humans are well human and that tensions between members will arise from time-to-time, we prefer that conflicts are handled at the lowest possible level, with officer intervention only when all other options have been exhausted. Also, we will not tolerate "unnecessary drama" from our members: while we will always strive to protect the rights of our individual members, we will not allow any single person to hinder the enjoyment of the guild as a whole.

    History in Brief:
    Founded in 2007 The Sentinels are a guild who have seen many games across the years from World of Warcraft to Defiance we have played both success and failures a like.
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