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The WildStar Community Pays it Forward, Here!

Discussion in 'Community News' started by Aether, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Aether

    Aether Community Director/Producer

    Nov 9, 2009
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    The Carbine Compound
    Welcome everyone!

    The reaction to the Pay it Forward initiative has been phenomenal. Instead of posting about how badly you want to get into our beta test, hundreds of you have taken it upon yourself to create WildStar music, fan art and more, while telling your friends, family and co-workers about our game.

    Beyond educating the people around them, people have even taken the time to nominate other WildStar community members for their efforts on behalf of the greater community.

    It's been overwhelming for the team here. Not so much because there are so many of you with submissions (there are), but because of the quality of your submissions. Needing a single place to see all your submissions, the WildStar Central crew has offered to host your submissions for us. So with many gracious thanks to our hosts, let's set some ground rules:

    1. Nominations of individuals are welcome. Share your explanation as to why you think they should be nominated for WildStar beta access.
    2. Upload your artwork, with an explanation of what it is and why you made it, to this thread.
    3. Link to your fan-made videos and music, and then describe what it is and why you made it.
    4. Written submissions (poetry, stories, etc) need to be posted to this thread.

    Important: By sharing your submission to this thread, you give WildStar Central permission to share your contact details (as they are found in your WildStar Central account) with Carbine Studios. You will only be contacted related to the WildStar Pay it Forward initiative, and we will not use your email address for any other purpose.

    Finally, while we may not have covered all the permutations of your submission ideas, and we're sure you will have some questions. That said, this thread is for submissions only.

    If you have questions, comments, or need some assistance, please discuss those issues in the Pay it Forward Discussion thread, found here: http://wildstar-central.com/index.php?threads/wsc-exclusive-pay-it-forward.4651/

    Thanks to everyone for your support of WildStar, and the community!

    Enjoy, won't you?
    Troy 'Aether' Hewitt
    WildStar Community Director
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  2. Roland Daemon

    Roland Daemon Cupcake-About-Town

    Feb 28, 2013
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    I listed my Pay it Forward a week or so ago in a post on Wildstar Nexus.

    http://wildstarnexus.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/paying-it-forward/Pretty much, I wanna see Nyxis, Blankspace, Zap-Robo and Brenner Hawkings get in. They've done alot for the community in their respective roles/what they've done.

    If they don't deserve it, community wise. No one does.

    As far as myself. I'd rather let others get in before I do. I'm patient. I'll wait :)
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  3. JarNod

    JarNod WildStar Haiku Winner 2012 / Lead Guinea Pig

    Jun 26, 2012
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    Moscow, ID
    I want to see Durus get in. Communities aren't built just around the proud and loud people. The most important people are the ones who don't necessarily have an outlet but create the foundation for the community sites to stand on. Would WSC be awesome without the community surrounding it? Well, yes... but that's beside the point. People like Durus are what make this community awesome. Without fans like him (and others that I'm not necessarily mentioning here) there wouldn't be any fansites. I'm not saying the fansites aren't important, but don't overlook the not so obvious guys and gals.

    As 11 said, "Nobody important? Blimey, that's amazing. Do you know in 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before."
  4. Ungeheuer

    Ungeheuer New Cupcake

    May 4, 2013
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    Permanent-Marker + my forehead = Advertising Wildstar in Germany :p

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  5. Rumze

    Rumze "That" Cupcake

    Feb 13, 2013
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    Nova scotia, Canada
    A small story I wrote when I first heard about Wildstar:
    Nobody really wants reliable.
    Rumze tried to grunt sourly, but it just came out as a quiet sigh.
    He shifted his weight but aside from a shoulder roll stayed where he was.

    Nobody realises they want reliable. More accurate I suppose but not more comforting.

    He tried to grunt again but again couldnt muster beyond the sigh. He wouldnt have been able to anyway, not with that view that had his eyes glued to the window.
    Beautiful green trees, water in the distance. It was paradise, or close enough to it that he didnt care.

    This is it. A chance to make a new home, put down roots, maybe get some crops going.
    This is it. This is home.

    He couldnt help the feeling of elation sweeping through him even though he tried to kill it.

    Cant get attached. Not again. Remember what happened last time.

    He grunted and felt a moment of satisfaction as it actually came out as one.

    Everytime, everywhere we go, the Dominion follows. And they are right behind us again.Its always

    This time the grunt was more suprised then disgruntled as his crewmates pushed past him without a glance and crowded around the window. Aurin and granok heads pushed and poked into his view.


    This didnt come out as he wanted either but he couldnt help smiling at seeing the enthusiasm of his friends.

    Rumze stretched and then launched himself into the flailing arms in front of him trying to secure a better view.

    At least they cant take this away from me.

    He spared no more energy brooding as he tried to secure a spot among his friends , staring out the small window onto the vibrant the world that they had journeyed to call home.


    (( In addition Ive been spreading the word to my friends and people I know through tumblr and my rp contacts from wow and just taking part in wildstar central and chatting on wildstar-roleplay.com

    The folks I would nominate are fellow rpers: Patrician, Ender, Evion, Vyver . They've added a ton to the community and I would like to see them get into beta if only to voice opinions on how rpers would appreciate a feature or see some tweaked.

    Thank you again for this opportunity )) .
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  6. Ellianar

    Ellianar Cupcake-About-Town

    Apr 19, 2013
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    Guess i will go the simpliest way : Once i heard about wildstar the first time i was immediately warped into the magic and my life is now meaningless since i can't play Wildstar. So for the community as far as i'm concern, i firstly bring like 10 people to it ( all my friends ( minions ) that play or played mmos ) and the major part, being a very active member of Wildstar Central, THE community site about wildstar ( kinda the official forum for it ). I' m always trying to bring news to people and getting them well informed aswell as feeding debates on the game, discussing our needs and wants and hopes. My only wish is to test this awesomeness out and help carbine to make wildstar as good as possible. Continue the great work fellas!

    And if i had to commend anybody that would be Blindsear, since i got into WSC i only saw pertinent, non aggressive posts from him, always taking others point in consideration and never fell in the trap of irony or insults!
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  7. Datix

    Datix New Cupcake

    Apr 6, 2013
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    Pataskala, Ohio
    In addition to agreeing with Roland Daemon's suggestions above, I'd also like to nominate the following community members:

    Anhrez (SettlerInExile.com) - Anhrez has made it a point to promote the community and has been active on Twitter, writes his Econ PvP column at WildStarFans.net and has been involved with a number of podcasts. Let us not also forget his amazing contribution in the form of some of the tastiest caffeine this side of Nexus!

    Arawulf (WildStarFans.net) - Arawulf has been an active member of the fan community with his website www.wildstarfans.net and the Planet Nexus Podcast. On Twitter, he has been a positive advocate for the game and remained civil in his discourse with those who may be on the critical side of the discussion.

    I'm sure there are many others who I am missing, and I hope that others can step up for them. I wanted to highlight Anhrez and Arawulf in particular for having been active in the community and have promoted not just the game and their own works, but the blogs, podcasts, article, etc. of others around the community.
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  8. Packetdancer

    Packetdancer Addon Cupcake

    Apr 15, 2013
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    Seattle, WA
    Since there's already nominations in play for the RP community in general...

    My Pay It Forward nomination is for some of the addon devs (and aspiring addon devs) out there. I really want to see the addon tools given a run through to find the missing bits (or the problematic ones), and see a huge, healthy ecosystem of addon developers spring up in beta.

    Over the past few months, I've seen various enthusiastic posts theorizing about the addon API (or, in the wake of the podcast with Bitwise, gotten a handful of messages about "Without violating NDA in any way, do you think <some conceptual addon idea> would be possible?") both here and elsewhere from folks like LemonKing, Viper, MrBushido, SituationSoap, Logon, Togglebutton, Katu_Kath, cuttlebear and Thirteen.

    I would personally be thrilled to see any of them that aren't yet in the beta brought in, because the more active and vibrant the addon developer community is in beta, the more robust and well-tested an API we'll have at launch. Sure, as Bitwise noted on the podcast, Carbine uses the same APIs we do, but they also have the benefit that if they need something, they can just go ask the network team or whoever to add that. We can't. We find edge cases and interesting ideas they don't think of internally.

    Besides which, Bitwise needs more feature requests sent his way. He loves them. Really! (And I can get away with saying that because he's on vacation right now and so when he gets back he'll be so buried he won't spot this post for at least a week!) ;)
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  9. Ayora

    Ayora Cupcake-About-Town

    May 31, 2013
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    So, this is my Cassian cosplay, it isn't completely finished but I am thoroughly happy with it so far. I based it upon the fabulous star of 'Meet the Dominion'.

    Why did I do it? Because I wanted to show (And hopefully others were curious) what my view on what a real life Cassian may look like. As well as using it for a future REAL LIFE STREAM in character Cassian show.

    I'm currently still working on it, repainting the broach and putting a Dominion sigil on it. As well as restitching the trim and waste coat back.

    Welp, enjoy!
  10. Raizar

    Raizar New Cupcake

    May 22, 2013
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    United Kingdom
    My guilds contribution to the pay it forward initiative is our new podcast. We've been doing it for around a month, trying to spread the word of WildStar whilst being objective about the game.

    Thus far, we've set recorded two and are setting up to record a third this week. Here are the two we've recorded so far:

    We also have our custom-built site (by myself) that we write news, articles and much more on about the game as a whole.

    Give our stuff a look, we hope you enjoy it!
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  11. ScruffyHealer

    ScruffyHealer Cupcake

    Jun 1, 2013
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    Hey, huge fan of the game!

    OK so, I have done a bunch of stuff and I love to pester the devs on Twitter with various questions, sorry!


    I made a whole lot of WildStar themed wallpapers for the community to use and enjoy: http://imgur.com/a/WDtKi#0 - 30 of them to be exact. I like a clean, minimalistic look for my designs and I like the Exiles so I started by making the Exile sigil first. After the first one, I just couldn't stop, in about 4 days I had made 30 wallpapers. Shared these on Reddit, Twitter and on this very forum. The album already has 2900+ views. All of the wallpapers have a resolution of 1920 x 1200 (use the icon in the top right corner of each wallpaper to see it in it's full resolution).

    Some of the wallpapers:

    UsmP3Xv.png dominion2-new.png vPPlH0H.png osZsfL5.png knw4Gjv.png exilewallpaper.png
    HuklcAi.png lv8yALv.jpg ZWWKxC4.jpg FYzsWQn.png rlaeCU5.jpg vUml9CM.jpg


    On the 25th of June, mr. Troy Hewitt has branded mr. Jon Wiesman, and I quote,"the Black Rowsdower of Carbine" (not actual quote) for giving beta keys in exchange for followers. It only seemed appropriate that I edit the concept art of the Rowsdower. The image was tweeted to mr. Jon Wiesman and he has been using it as his avatar on Twitter ever since.




    On Twitter, there was talk about mr. Jeremy Gaffney and how he has a throne, much like the one in Game of Thrones, only made out of keyboards. I managed to take a picture of him sitting on said throne:

    jeremy-gaffney.png (*)

    (*) Picture may or may not have been modified in Photoshop


    I'd like to nominate Ribak (the guy that started the whole Stephan's Frostlings thing). Joining that page has been fun. It sprouted many other dev team pages and loads of fun tweets and Vines between the devs on Twitter. Things like this are bringing the community and the devs closer together, and that's what WSPIF is all about.

    Hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them.

    -- ScruffyHealer
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  12. Dustbrother

    Dustbrother Cupcake

    Apr 9, 2013
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    This is my fan art. I used my vfx skills to create this CGI Mechari. I wanted to create a Mechari that looked like it could be in a Wildstar cinematic video. I worked from a couple of different concept art pieces produced by Carbine. I also designed it in a desktop friendly format.

    I abandoned the usual three point lighting scheme in preference of back-lighting which gives it a darker brooding feel and also makes the glows pop more.

    I'm a big fan of all things Wildstar, especially Wildstar Central.

    Hope you enjoy!
  13. Iain Hardie

    Iain Hardie New Cupcake

    Jun 27, 2013
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    Tallinn, Estonia
    I've been following this game for a long time. I have been an avid beta tester in games like:
    World of warcraft The burning crusade.
    Everquest 2
    Guild wars 2

    I think letting me join the beta, would have a very positive outcome on fixing bugs and any other problems that might occur, usually instead of just playing the game i like to run around searching for reportable problems. I have a guild in RIFT that is planning on moving to wildstar when it releases (50+ people) and i would like to have a small testing phase before release.

    Also. Note my sweet paint-drawing

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  14. Vesi

    Vesi New Cupcake

    Jun 3, 2013
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    My pay it forward nominations would go to the guys podcasting over at AltTabMe.com (Tr1age, Gyoin, Zakis, ThatOneGuy and PsionicFox) I'm sure they will be posting their submissions here shortly. They do a great job and I believe their podcasts are the best out there for Wildstar.

    As for myself, it's quite simple. I've been playing MMO's for over 15 years.. damn I'm old. EQ to WoW. No other MMO's have stolen my attention away..until Wildstar. I do believe this is going to be very successful and my Pay It Forward isn't anything massively creative other than me spreading the word to my WoW friends / guildies and players that have since moved on. As well as posting on almost all videos I find and trying to help keep people well informed!

    That probably won't get me into the beta, but worth a shot =) As a high end PVP and PVE vet from WoW, I'd love to help test all that is Wildstar!
  15. Eve Palfreemsn

    Eve Palfreemsn New Cupcake

    May 23, 2013
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    Hello! Okay, so first of all Wildstar really grabbed my attention after I stumbled across it accidentally and I've never looked back! My first port of call was to not be satisfied with being hyped for the game myself, but I had to spread the feeling to my Multi-gaming clan Serenity Gaming (who now all hate me because they cant wait for Wildstar!) http://cws.rizenexus.com/ (new shiney website)
    I featured the game last year on a local radio show I was working on (Spin Radio) which unfortunately isn't running anymore, but the game featured in the technology segment under the *place your bets* segment which talked about the games we thought would do great. I discussed Wildstar in my cleverly named *watch out for Wildstar* (I'm a media student focusing on editing and possibly games development ,so forgive me for the name there ;).
    I think my Overly Attached Fan syndrome started to show its true colours after I broke my number one rule - NEVER MAKE A TWITTER ACCOUNT -... so I made a Twitter account purely based around stalking Wildstar! At first I was a lurker but after Pax earlier this year I watched wayyyy too much footage and started linking/posting articles I found, and carried on to do this, even helping out other twitter members like @Wildstar Core by trying to provide the best news for people interested. I have become quite an active member of the community due to Wildstar (I fell hard for you guys).
    I even attempted digital art, I have never made any before, however Wildstar Inspired me! http://www.flickr.com/photos/97672303@N07/9081153640/ - Inspired by the Aurins on Nexus who had to leave their homeworld! Its not the best but I want to improve, currently working on a Dominion themed one!.
    Finally, I've managed to get myself involved with another local radio show http://pgfm.co.uk/radio/ (Website is being reworked for a big relaunch of a very old station)
    - Here i managed to get myself the Media matters slot and even though the station doesn't relaunch till later this year (september-ish) I've managed to pester my peers into letting me brag about wildstars awsomeness on air (woooo!)
    Finally, well nothing too amazing here but Wildstar has really got me excited about gaming again, I played WoW for 6 years and I didn't like where it was going so i hung up my hat, and unfortunately haven't been able to find anything else to replace it. And then Wildstar comes along and gets me excited again, with everything I love (mark 2.0!) and loads of completely new things which just excite me, and the truth is I want to be able to be part of the process of helping, I think beta is really important and I want to make wildstar be the best it can be (although I think the Devs have beat me too it), so thats me finished, thank you for my time! (also I wouldn't be too upset if I got to play the game early through beta, but lets just keep that between us ;).
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  16. Wookybear

    Wookybear New Cupcake

    Apr 10, 2013
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    Darkademic of Dark-Reavers http://www.darkreavers.co.uk/ created a wildstar version of his guildex tool. A website designed for listing guilds on, helping people find like-minded individuals.

    If creating a tool that helps communities form before the game is even out yet isn't deserving of a Beta spot, I don't know what is.
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  17. Superreccaman

    Superreccaman Cupcake

    Jun 2, 2013
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    First off, I created a 40 man group for the raid testing that is supposed to start in the next few months. The website is here http://olsteen.iguildwebsites.com. We are up to 65 people! Might get to 2 different 40 man groups. Myself and a couple others have spent a lot of time putting this together and are very excited to help contribute to testing in any way possible for Wildstar. I have spread the word to all of the guilds I've been in from WoW and many of them are willing to try Wildstar.

    Secondly, I wrote this poem:

    "Wildstar, you just don't know what you mean to me,​
    Oh greatest game since November '04, day 23.​

    Food and drink don't taste the same,​
    Sad I know because you're just a game.​

    But I can't wait to try the soldier path,​
    So I can release all my pent up wrath.​

    As a Human Stalker I will play,​
    All the time, maybe every day.​

    PVP will be great from what I can tell,​
    We can send those Dominion straight back to Hell.​

    Raiding, though, is more my scene,​
    So 40 people together? Man that's obscene.​

    I don't really care what all the doubters say,​
    I know for a fact that Wildstar's here to stay.​

    I've been so bored, almost done with gaming altogether,​
    So thank you Carbine for braving this <REDACTED>ty weather."​

    Third, during Late Night Dominion's Child's Play charity, I gave a donation to show my support for the cause and show that Wildstar's community is going to be great.​

    Last of all I drew this attached picture of a human since this is the race I want to be. I haven't drawn in years and Wildstar's art style really got me interested in drawing again.​

    In closing, I really appreciate everything you guys have done so far Wildstar and look forward to being a part of this community for a long time.​

    I would like to nominate Zap-Robo for sure because he has done a lot for the community. I'd also like to nominate @KaeyiDream and @LadyRabbit17 from Twitter. They do a great job of keeping information for Wildstar active and always have a great attitude. Also the boys from Late Night Dominion for doing such great charity events!​

    Thank you!​

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  18. tr1age

    tr1age Cupcake

    Apr 7, 2013
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    New York, New York
    The AltTabMe.com Community has always been about promoting the games we see as a great place for everyone to have FUN. Carbine's Wildstar is no exception!

    We are gearing up to really get in there and play with one another, but until then we like to Podcast about our ideas, what we see, and just get the game out to the public via our Podcast Series. We encourage interaction and community participation. All podcast members are community members and many of the questions answered are from our community as well.

    (I nominate those involved: Zakis, Gyoin, That1Guy, PsionicFox . Without them I would just be a rambling idiot.)

    So for our submission here are the links to our current Podcasts, and we release one a week if not 2(if we want to throw in a special bonus cast!)

    From our site:

    All episodes can be seen here:
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  19. Sulaco

    Sulaco New Cupcake

    Jun 27, 2013
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    I made a little Aurin being stalked by the Fraz. I shared it with my facebook friends. Most of them are gamers so should perk their interest. Being plushies my kids love them (the Fraz has been on many adventures in the garden and had a close call with one of our chickens, but he's tough) and so Wildstar is attracting the attention of the next generation! My aurin is a little scrappy but then aren't all exiles :)


    I'm looking forward to Wildstar with all the excitement of a small dog waiting for the postman. It really looks like a game I can sink my teeth into!

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  20. Sunbeam

    Sunbeam New Cupcake

    Apr 22, 2013
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    Gelsenkirchen, Germany
    posted this 1 week ago at twitter but here we go again :D

    Here is my submisson for Pay it forward!
    Couldn´t w8 to start housing in W* so i am running a W*-CommunityServer in MC. We are currently 40 players. Here is what i have build:


    Wanna join us?
    Would love to start testing Housing and Raiding(with my hardcore raiding guild) in W*!

    Wonder where to enter the house? :) simple. the entrance is in the star :cool:
    Wonder how to get there? hm... only explorers might know :sneaky:

    Regards Sunbeam
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