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NA [Thunderfoot] <Pandamonium> est. 2004 | 21+ | Progressive PvE Focus (Dominion)

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Kaisa, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Kaisa

    Kaisa Guest

    We're settling into Thunderfoot and now have almost 200 WildStar members. We're also proud to boast some pretty cool realm firsts:

    Realm First Gold Medal: Riot in the Void
    Realm First Gold Medal: Kel Voreth
    Realm First Gold Medal: The Siege of Tempest Refuge (Veteran)
    Realm First Gold Medal: War of the Wilds

    Beels: Realm First: Engineer Level 50
    Vanyer: Realm First: Spellslinger Level 50
    Vanyer: Realm First: Master Relic Hunter
    Uthrin: Realm First: Master Armorer

    More to come! Join the fun. :)
  2. Kaisa

    Kaisa Guest

    Two more realm firsts to add to the Pandamonium list. :D

    Ulrix: Realm First: Esper Level 50
    Clarick: Realm First: Master Outfitter

    Recruitment remains open for those interested in an established, friendly, PvE-focused community.
  3. Kaisa

    Kaisa Guest

    Eternal Vigilance, our first 20-man raid team, stepped foot into Genetic Archiveson July 23rd. A second team is in the initial planning stages. If you're interested in progressive PvE, but at a pace that puts RL first and surrounded by friendly, welcoming people -- check us out.
  4. Kaisa

    Kaisa Guest

    As mentioned, a second team is in the process of forming. Plenty of openings, so if you're looking to raid now is a great time to join up. We've also got Eternal Vigilance's Experiment X-89 kill available for your viewing pleasure.

    Apply here!
  5. Kaisa

    Kaisa Guest

    Our raid team Eternal Vigilance downed Kuralak the Defiler. Realm first kill! You can watch the fight here.
  6. Kaisa

    Kaisa Guest

    EV got a realm first kill on Phage Maw! Chugging along. [​IMG]

    We're also actively looking for people interested in joining a second raid team. Are you working on getting attuned? Come check us out.
  7. Kaisa

    Kaisa Guest

    Given the current state of Thunderfoot (low population, low activity, bad economy) and the uncertain time frame on the megaserver release, Pandamonium has decided to take advantage of the free realm transfers that are now being offered. We have set up shop on Stormtalon, one of the more active realms. We will still maintain a strong presence on Thunderfoot (many folks will likely decide to stay put) with the intention of merging back into one guild when the megaservers are released. In the short-term, all members have an option to stay in our legacy guild, or transfer to Stormtalon and join the new one. We will recruit on both realms until we are once again merged. Details of this decision can be found on our guild forums.

    That all being said, recruitment remains open, so come check us out!

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