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Recruiting TRG Gaming - We Bake WTF Muffins (Pergo)

Discussion in 'Dominion Guilds, Circles and Warparties' started by Eight8Eight, May 29, 2014.

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    May 13, 2013
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    The TRG gaming community is setting course for Nexus, and we are looking for more members to join us in our WildStar adventures.
    We have players of all types and are focused on exploring all that WildStar has to offer, including:
    • 20 and 40 man Raids
    • WarPlots
    • all types of PvP
    • and everything else we can't name here... there is just too much awesome in WildStar...
    But first a little back story about TRG,

    TRG Gaming
    TRG, is a mature online multi-gaming community which has been at the fore-front in many online gaming worlds for the past decade. With an ethos predicated on team-work, commitment, growth and fun, TRG strives to continue its record par excellence in anything it chooses to embrace as it approaches its bright new second decade.

    A global community!

    Excellence and camaraderie know no boundaries.
    While primarily and initially an American-based community, over the years, TRG has grown and continues to grow globally. At last count, TRG has more than 800 active members boasting international members from Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, S. Korea, Hong Kong,Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. TRG continues to epitomize the best of online international gaming proving beyond a doubt that there are no boundaries in this brave new online world.

    TRG's dedicated members include a large number of active, and retired, service personnel from all three major United States service groups.

    A professionally designed and maintained website (TRGgaming.net) is the soul and sanctuary of the TRG community with more more than 3,000 registered members remaining connected and in-touch across borders, over oceans and through multiple games and genres. Games come and go: but the bonds and friendship formed within the TRG community survive and prosper. As the saying goes, "Once TRG, always TRG."

    In addition to its own website, the TRG community is also well-served by a dedicated 200 slot Teamspeak 3 server.

    In the beginning ...

    TRG was founded at the inception of Sony Online Entertainment’s huge cult-classic Planetside. In its first incarnation, The Republican Guard, (as it was known for this game) garnered a reputation as being one of the dominant organizations on the Markov server. TRG gained fame (and infamy) for its highly structured ‘Shock and Awe’ tactics, rapid response teams, organized heavy infantry assaults and generally causing merry mayhem to opponents. Doing what it takes to win and having fun while doing it.

    In the Planetside universe, TRG is reputed as one of the oldest premier Terran outfits. TRG continues this legacy of dominance and excellence in Planetside 2 on the Connery server, always striving to be at the fore-front of all Terran Republic as one of the marquee outfits across all servers.

    but TRG is much more than just Planetside ... TRG is a multi-gaming global community!

    While Planetside remains a bread-and-butter staple of the TRG manifesto, TRG has an active roster of more than 800 active members and represents a wide spectrum of gaming tastes and cravings. It it therefore no surprise that TRG has had and continues to enjoy presence and significance in many other gaming worlds.

    TRG and its members were (and in some cases are still) also very much active in many other online game worlds such as Eve: Online (2003), Everquest II (2004), World of Warcraft (2004), Guild Wars (2005), Age of Conan (2008), Pirates of the Burning Sea (2008), Warhammer Online (2008), AION (2009), Leage of Legends (2009), Global Agenda (2010), World of Tanks (2011), Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011), Guild Wars 2 (2012), Starcraft II (2012), Minecraft (2012), Sim City (2013), and now WildStar!.

    TRG par excellence. Join the TRG community today at: TRGgaming.net !

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