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Warplots and Halloween!!

Discussion in 'WildStar General' started by chris cole, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. chris cole

    chris cole New Cupcake

    May 25, 2014
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    Whether you're a casual player or a diehard Wildstar fan, There's one thing that we can all say about the game. There is so much POTENTIAL!

    The raids are epic, the dungeons are an actual challenge and the housing seriously speaks for itself!

    But there's something lurking in the shadows...
    Something just out reach for the normal player base...
    Oh god....It's coming...

    and <Silent Council> proudly present (because this isn't exactly easy..ahem Carbine)

    Headless Showdown!

    Join us for a fun filled day of blood, victory, and epic bragging rights!


    You've seen the trailer ( No? Don't worry i got ya!) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw_uB-bfQj8)

    You asked, so we brought it. The poster says it all but really it's all about the community!
    We want you guys to feel like there is something going on for Wildstar for everyone!

    Warplots are going to be on a queue by queue basis and not strictly tied to guild participation.

    We highly encourage everyone to get with the event runners and get active in the Cirlces created (See below for more details)

    Schedule for the Day (times are all in est and are estimated times)

    4pm - Annoucement/Opening Statement/Warplot invites Go out!!!

    4:30pm - 5:25pm Warplots!! It's the classic epic battle of The Filthy Exiles and The God Like Doms (Prove me wrong!) Hosted by <Exinferno Cross Faction>

    5:30 - 6:30pm Warplot Intermission (Losers get to building!) While waplots are being redesigned by each factions leader, Its time to check out the Spooky maze!! Jump in with 10 other contestants and race to the finish.

    Each winner will get 3 plat with a total of 4 rounds!!

    6:35pm - 7:30pm - Warplot!! This time we do it with our heads firmly placed on our shoulders, not dancing around going "Oh, Pretty"

    7:45pm - 8:30pm - Costume contest!! It's time to get your creative juices going! One the biggest aspects that we all enjoy is looking at the loosely dressed Cassians....and aurins? Idk..I'm not a fan of tails because well...tails. Throw on your spooky costume and stand before a crowd baring it all, or not all! Not creative? Come explore the plot and get your own eyes onto each contestant! All participants will join our halloween themed plot and take a group photo. This will be offloaded to a polling site where you, THE COMMUNITY!!, will decide our winner!!! Pictures will be loaded up to an external site at the time of the event (Because we don't need no Cheaters).

    The Grand Prize? Your housing plot designed by Silent Council Housing Officer (and the main designer for the plots): Honeybee!
    Plot design by HoneyBee as seen on http://handmademv.weebly.com/wildstar-housing-designer-examples.html

    8:45pm - 9:35pm - Warplot!! Now that we've had the practice, its time to show your skills! Winner crowned the official "Entity Pvpness Kings and Queens"!!

    9:45pm - 10:45pm - Racers, Click your mounts! Get Set! SPACE NOISES!! Grand Prix Race style with Multiple Heats and Multiple Winners!! Speed your way through the premiere housing plot race track against your friends for total Nascar style bragging rights!

    Race Prices

    1st Place - 5 Plat
    2nd Place - 2 Plat
    3rd Place - 1 Plat

    Warplots will be run continuously as long as there is an interest once the scheduled times end!

    Late night Gamers!!! jOIN US AT THE AFTER PARTY! Live streaming dj along with some fun roleplay at a Casino Themed Housing Plot!!

    Warplots on Dominion side look for Bigwick Digga, Audio Style, or Bellemorte Corragon for circle invite

    Warplots on Exile side look for Synl Inferno, Legoz GreenLeaf, Mr Jowsten for circle invite

    For Events

    Please Install "The Visitor" mod as we will announce the Plot owner during the event in mumble.
    Mumble Details: http://www.exinferno.com/mumble

    Streams can be found @ http://www.twitch.tv.xnfrno

    Event sponsored by <Exinferno> http://www.exinferno.com & <Silent Council> http://ansible.enjin.com/
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  2. chris cole

    chris cole New Cupcake

    May 25, 2014
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    Really hoping to see a nice turnout please contact ingame or via email: chriscole13@live.com for more information

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