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Warrior Abilities Summary

Discussion in 'WildStar Classes & Paths' started by Dienzo, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Dienzo

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    With the recent surge of class information, the abilities of each class have been revealed. With the implementation of the Limited Action Set, abilities will be chosen selectively.

    This is not a guide. It's just a summary of warrior abilities to help the player get a general idea of the tools they have to work with. The thought process behind this is "How many defensive abilities do I really need on my bar?" and "Could I have an attack that also functions as a stun?". Basically, I wanted to try and see how I could most efficiently use the 8 spaces, so I categorized the abilities to sort through them.

    When assembling a limited action set, chances are tanks will want more defensive abilities than a DPS. Leveling sets could have a slightly more balanced ratio of attacks and defensive abilities.

    Example: (made on the fly, might not be the best thing to use)

    DPS: basic attack, 2 combo attacks (3-4 abilities total), 1 stun/CC, 1 buff, 1 opener (optional)
    Tank: basic attack, 1 opener, 1 threat attack, 3 defense abilities, 1 stun/CC, 1 buff
    Leveling: basic attack, 1 opener, 1 combo attack (2 abilities), 2 defensive abilities, 1 stun/CC

    When looking to build a detailed Limited Action Set, please consider using the link below.

    All data was retrieved from the German Forum: http://www.wildstar-arkship.de/actionsetbuilder/en/warrior/ and verified (as much as possible) using NDA-Lift approved streams.

    Please keep in mind this is Beta, and everything is subject to change.

    Warrior Abilities

    Basic Attack: (kick off kinetic energy generation)
    Relentless Strikes – generates 150 kinetic energy

    Kinetic Attack: (do some damage)
    Power Strike – deals damage, reduces GCD of next Power Strike by .25 sec, base of 1.25 sec GCD​
    Savage Strikes – 2 waves of damage, has a knockdown bonus of 125 kinetic energy and +2 (foes)?​
    Plasma Saw – damage every 2 sec for 10 sec duration​
    Breaching Strikes – deals 2 waves of damage, builds 125 kinetic energy, pierces 50% armor (only usable after a critical strike)​
    Expulsion – deals damage, cleans a debuff​
    Whirlwind – damage increase by a quantity by each hit per .5 sec for a duration of 3 sec (only 6m radius)​
    Wallop - deals damage, Expose reduces armor by 10% for 12 sec​

    Threat Attack: (generate threat)
    Menacing Strike – 130% threat
    Cannon Volley – 200% threat​
    Plasma Pulse – Match the top of an NPC’s Threat list for 5 sec

    Combo Attack: (these are just samples)
    Stun > Savage Strikes (Increases Damage, Builds Kinetic Energy)
    Critical Hit > Wallop > Breaching Strikes > Heavy Attack of Choice (Armor Rending)
    Power Strike > Power Strike (Reduced GCD of Power Strike)

    Kick – deals damage, prevents action for 3 sec (with exception of dodge)
    Flash Bang – deals damage, Blind hinders vision and reduces hit by 25% for 3 sec

    Tether Anchor – deals damage, 10m snare
    Tremor Strike – deals damage, pushback

    Opener: (ways to get to your target in a split second)
    Bum Rush – 15m, rush forward while taking no damage and land dealing damage
    Leap – 20m, leap forward and land dealing damage
    Plasma Whip – pull foes towards warrior​

    Ranged: (attack exceeding the base 8m range)
    Tremor Strike – damage deal around closes enemy, applies a pushback
    Cannon Volley – damage scales with kinetic energy, minimum of 250 kinetic energy consumed​
    Plasma Pulse – increases damage every 1 sec for 5 sec, Intimidate boosts threat
    Plasma Blast – deals damage, Taunt
    Flash Bang – deals damage, Blind
    Tether Anchor – deals damage, Tether
    (Openers are also viable, as they deal damage)

    Defensive: (protect yourself, cupcake)
    Plasma Wall – deals damage, damage mitigation increased by 30% for channel duration
    Shield Burst – deals damage, restores shield, builds 250 kinetic energy
    Bolstering Strike – deals damage, restores shield
    Emergency Reserves – increase shield capacity, restore shield
    Unstoppable Force – breaks all CC effects, grants 2 sec immunity to CC

    Plasma Blast – deals damage, taunt also reduces damage dealt to others except warrior

    Sentinel – reduce warrior’s armor, increases armor of a party member and deals damage to their attackers​
    Power Link – increase damage dealt of self and party members
    Augment Blade – add damage to blade, Wound reduces incoming healing by 60% for 9 sec

    Field: (applies an AOE field to the ground)
    Polarity Field – deals damage to all foes inside field, 10 sec duration

    Defense Grid – increases damage mitigation by 15% for all party members in the field

    If I made any mistakes, left out any abilities, or an ability needs to be re-categorized, please mention it. Hope this helps
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  2. Taher

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    East London
    Holy shizzle, nice summary mate. I was torn between Warrior and Stalker, but am now set on becoming a Stalker after watching some nice little PvP vids :D. I appreciate it though, mate!
  3. Dienzo

    Dienzo New Cupcake

    Sep 29, 2013
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    Hard to argue with that, Stalkers are looking awesome ... and best of luck on the PvP side

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