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Fansite Wildstar Theorycrafting & End Game Info

Discussion in 'WildStar Fan Creations' started by Nexus Elites, May 2, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    Hey all,

    You may have seen me around here, but if you haven't I'd like to plug my Wildstar site that is dedicated solely to theorycrafting, raiding, character guides and everything in between. We just launched in February, so we are slowly building up our member base, and would love for you to join us. Whether you're interested in theorycrafting, or just looking for an awesome place to chill while you're not out killing bad guys on Nexus, come on over to nexuselites.com and sign up on our forums.

    While we are still small and growing, we plan on being the go-to site for character information as it pertains to end game content, and already have a few members working on making guides. Come check us out!

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