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WildStar Wednesday - Guilding the Space-Lily

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Zap-Robo, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Anlath

    Anlath UK/EU Community Manager for WildStar

    Jun 14, 2013
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    Brighton, UK
    So one thing that got changed in B eta, after that article had been checked and approved, was that we have since removed the Guild limit/upgrades you can see in the interface.

    Guilds will now just start at the maximum cap of 500 members. We know there are some very large guilds out there who may go over this, but we're looking into if that can be expanded any further at launch. No promises (as always) but just wanted to keep you folks updated!

    On a more personal note; in response to the concerns that people will only group with guild mates. Is that such an issue? Firstly, PUGS will always exist as not all guildies will be on, and not all will want to do the same content. Secondly, MMOs are social and whilst a pickup group out in the world is okay, it's very easy for the social side to end once one person logs off. A guild is much more persistent and helps forge great friendships as well.

    Anyway, enjooooy.
  2. Roadblock

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    May 9, 2013
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    So wait a second.
    Does the guild leader own the guild as happens in other games?
    Does he have full permissions to do anything with it or is it a management position with some limits enforced by the game?

    This looks like it would be very open to exploiting player groups, least of which is provide an incentive to create guilds and tax them to trick other players into paying your sub.

    Make a guild, get 5% off everyone's loot, buy CREDD, play for free? (as in at 0 personal cost, be it money or time spent)
    You'd need just 20 players to make you 100% of what you could loot in a month at comparable activity levels and the cap is at 500.
    Sounds like a scammer's paradise, even more so a gold-seller's wet dream.
  3. Ianpact

    Ianpact Cupcake-About-Town

    May 29, 2013
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    When joining a Guild, is it by account or character? If by character and assuming they invite all toons of that player to the guild, doesn't that mean that a guild can only have about 83* players?

    *500 (cap of guild)
    divided by 6 (last # I saw reported for # of toons allowed per account)
    83.333(repeating) accounts

    • How are guilds formed?
    • Can anyone make a guild or does it require a charter of several people?
    • What, if any, conditions must be met before forming a guild?
    • How will Renown play into this?
    • What features will they have?
    • Will there be guild housing/halls?
    • How many ranks are available for use?
    • Can there be multiple guild leaders/masters/owners of a single guild?
    • Will there be items only acquirable through guilds?
    • How much bank space will they have?
    • Will they require upgrading, such as more bank space, larger membership allowance, or opening of tiered/gated features?
    • Will there be guild challenges?
    • Guild achievements have been mentioned, what impact will they have on the guild?
    • Will achievements be a cosmetic representation simply showing what has been accomplished therefore giving bragging rights or will they give rewards/bonuses/perks making them a possible bane of post launch guilds?
    • Will achievements be "Achievements":cool: or just a "checklist":( to show what there is to do in the game?
    • Will there be server/realm/world and whole game announcements for truly great achievements?
    • Should guild housing be implemented, will guilds be able to display their "achievements", boss heads, PvP trophies, donated Legendaries, ect., ect? Perhaps even with interact-able notes.

    Side Note Question: Will guilds be able to use Circles to form alliances or will the player cap on Circles be smaller or equal to that of guilds?
  4. Girlfriend

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    Jan 23, 2014
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    I cant wait to create a guild I just hope that the holomarks are unique enough :) I cant be seen with the same holomark as another guild ! how treacherous !

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