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WildStar Wednesday - The Esper Returns!

Discussion in 'WildStar News' started by Ico, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Ziren

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    Oct 28, 2013
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    LuleƄ, Sweden
    Have to say Carbine.... healing looks like alot of fun but somhow it looks confusing. Like from other mmorps's where u can see you friends Health go from 50% to 100% and you actually see how mutch your heals landed. I dunno but it was hard to see who was healed and how mutch the espers healing spells actually healed. You now a big number on how mutch Health Points each heal gave. Something you might wan't to Think about.

    Apart from that it looks like a fun class but the animation is really lacking. Why does Everything have to be blue? Is it suppose to be cool? Or is it to increase the performance? Or was it just lazyness from the art-guy? :p
  2. Habanero

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    Apr 25, 2013
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    Watched the stream a couple times.
    Prior to watching it, I was really hyped to play an ESPer. After watching, not so much.

    Honestly I don't understand the design decisions for the ESPer.
    The two basic abilites (no CD, builds psi pts.) are either a 25m range stationary cast (1.25 sec) or a melee cast with sh*t damage. I don't get it. Adding to that some PBAoE with 10m range (Blade Dance) and no defensive advantage. All that with a light-armor-class??
    The stream was an excellent example of how not-to-play a light-armor-caster. Even played by the class-developer himself. I won't go into detail here as the flaws in gameplay are pretty obvious. Not considering that he stood in telegraphs _constantly_ but the damage he dealt was only a fraction of what he suffered in pretty much every fight.
    Designing a light-armor-class as a _stationary_ caster or _melee-caster_ (with no defenses) is just beyond me.
    CCs? very limited, due to LAS and long cooldowns -> not very viable in fast paced action-combat.
    The supposed-to-be-awesome Phantasmal Armor? 45sec CD. Absorbtion of one (maybe two) hits? Jade was fighting a normal run of the mill mob (even 1 level below) and he got hit 2-3 times with 2k damage... yes he died -.- It was a fight he had chosen and started even.
    All that in a stream to show off a class? C'mon!

    It's no wonder that the spellslinger is by far the most played class in beta right now (as the devs stated). The class design is just suited for the kind of gameplay WildStar offers (which is awesome, don't get me wrong.)

    I really do hope that they will consider a redesign of some basic abilities, as I really would like to like the ESPer.

    I'm glad that it's still beta and the devs are listening. (I'm honest, no irony here).
  3. Mordakai

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    Nov 11, 2013
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    I fear the Esper is going to be outclassed in healing by the Medic, and outclassed in DPS by the Spellslinger.

    I'm really not sure what niche Esper will fill.

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