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World of Warcraft, kinda sorta

Discussion in 'Gaming Arena' started by Brotoi, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Brotoi

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    Wooster, Ohio
    So one of the bartenders at my local pub is a WoW PvP fanatic. Me, not fond of either one. Still, nobody has shown up in CoH (but I'm having a blast playing anyway), so I figure, why not. I'm in the process of downloading and upgrading and all that marlarky, but once it's complete I guess I'll play WoW for a wee bit and see if I can still own kiddies five levels above me without breaking a sweat. Might be a challenge since I haven't done any PvP in almost five years.

    Look for Brotoi Firehand on Skullcrusher. Don't know what I'll make yet. Maybe a female sorcerer, just to keep things interesting (in which case, she'll be Prielle Firehand). Alliance or Horde...decisions! Decisions!

    Mind you, I'd be pleased as punch to get a beta invite and forgo both WoW and CoH! (hint! hint!)

    (Edit: 1/22/12, Bah, naming convention in WoW is more limited than I remembered and the interface less intuitive. I'm switching to an RP server for now with a simple name, like "Brotoi". Gotta relearn everything over again.)

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